Morning At Mom’s Place

Growing up, my mother was my best friend. She was a hippie, during the high years of hippies, in the land famous for hippies. That probably told you everything about her. And she was everything one would expect from a hippie–that’s what her friends told me–but she put her hippie years on pause when she got pregnant with me at sixteen. Yes, I said ‘pause’, and not ‘stop’.


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Mum And Son Have A Life Changing Christmas Part -1

It was the 23rd of December; Jack was looking out of his lounge window, there was a heavy snow shower falling, everywhere was white. Mum was driving down this afternoon to spend Christmas and New Year with Jack. They had spent Christmas together last year; mum had only stayed three nights. However, she had enjoyed it so much that she wanted to spend longer this Christmas.


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Man Becomes A Fuck-bunny

It was Christmas time. Matt got a gift card in the mail to come to “Good Girl’s Spa”. It was their grand opening. Matt wanted to look nice for the office Christmas party so he decided to go. He realized that the “Good Girl’s Spa” was probably for women but a gift card was a gift card and he wasn’t going to waste it.


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Naughty At Christmas Party

I was feeling excited as my Joey and I walked up to the front door of the house. We had been invited to a Christmas party by our friends, James and Denise. But, it wasn’t just any old Christmas party, they were hosting a swingers party. We rang the doorbell and we were almost immediately greeted by Denise.


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Santa Cums At Party

Like the countless Friday afternoons of the past three semesters Wes arrived at Abby’s apartment at mid afternoon. As with almost every other time, nobody was home. After kicking off his work boots he headed to the fridge and retrieved a bottle of beer before returning to the living room, making himself comfortable, and turning on the TV.


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Horny Wife Returns Home

My name is Sophie, I’m a happily married mum of 2. I’m 28 years old and have kept myself in good shape with my morning gym classes after the daily school run. I’m 5,6″ tall, long blonde hair, and have a body that my husband still loves!


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