Brother And Sister Enter A Video Contest Part 5

Lainey took Casey’s hand and led him to where they both stood in front of their parents seated on the sofa. She held up the business card so that they could see it and asked, “What in the fuck is with you two? If you knew what was in the envelope, why all the damn drama?”

Her use of that type of language in front of her parents would be the first tell for Lainey. They would never allow her to speak like that, but they also wouldn’t have been involved somehow in a family incest website.

Rather than reprimanding Lainey, her parents scooted apart to sit on either side of the sofa, leaving a large gap in the center of it. Her father said, “Take a seat.”

Both siblings remained standing. Casey said, “Why threaten to kick us out of the house for not revealing something that you already knew? Why act like complete assholes?”

Their father, Evan Buckner spoke, “There are two reasons. Take a seat and we’ll explain.”

Casey tried to think of a way to surreptitiously adjust the growing erection that seeing the video had started while taking a seat on the sofa next to his mother. Lainey reluctantly sat between Casey and her father, relieved that she was wearing jeans to help hide the wet spot that she felt growing in her panties. They waited for one of their parents to begin explaining.

Eden said, “First of all, we both wanted to see the expression on your faces when you discovered the business card. We tried to coerce you into opening the envelope in front of us, but you disappointed us in that regard…”

Evan interrupted, “But, we were overjoyed with the results of the second reason. We wanted you two to recognize something that your mother and I have known almost since Casey’s birth. You two have a bond of solidarity that is so strong that even me and your mother can’t come between you. You faced the perceived adversity of being evicted from this house together. You stood together, regardless of the cost, and we’re proud of you.”

“Look,” Eden said, “Someday you will both find someone that you’ll want to partner with, hopefully for the rest of your lives. As much as you will undoubtedly love that person, they will never replace what you two have as brother and sister. It’s more than shared DNA. Think about it; all of your lives the two of you have existed almost as a single, unified entity in this family. There’s been me, your father, and then the two of you.”

Lainey considered what her mother and father had said. She had not been at all surprised when Casey had stood up for her earlier because they had been doing that for each other since they were infants. Their parents could never punish just one of them or the other would perform the exact same misdeed to warrant the same punishment. One would not do anything to succeed without ensuring that the other also succeeded beside them.

Sitting beside his sister, Casey was having similar thoughts. As he felt Lainey intertwining her fingers with his, he struggled to recall a single instance where brother or sister needing comforting, support, or encouragement had sought out one of their parents rather than their sibling. It simply had never happened. Lainey and he knew each other better than anyone else, and they had discovered that this knowledge had translated into their ability to sense and satisfy the physical desires of each other in ways that no one else could match.

Their father spoke, “Your mother and I never attempted to get in the way of your relationship as brother and sister because we both have siblings of our own and know firsthand the lifelong bond that exists only in these relationships…”

Eden took over, “We also realized that in our efforts to mold you both into morally responsible adults, we had inadvertently embedded some inhibitions into your psyches which might have prevented you from experiencing all the love that you deserve from each other. You are both adults and will be graduating from college in a few months, and it likely won’t be long after that before you start out on your separate lives outside of this home…”

“Wait,” Lainey said, “That’s why you two contrived the contest to get me and Casey to participate…”

‘The contest was real,” Evan explained. “It’s one of the regularly scheduled contests that our websites run each year. Your mother just decided to make you aware of it while you both still had an opportunity to consider participating in it together.”

“I’ve heard you talking with some of your friends.” Her mother explained. “I heard how you discussed your admiration for your brother’s physique, but I recognized more to your appraisals than mere physical attraction. The curiosity was there. The willingness was there. The spark was there. Your father and I just needed to stoke the embers, so to speak. The announcement about the contest within a birthday card to you started the ball rolling. Almost immediately after you received the card, we saw subtle changes in the way that you looked at Casey, especially when he was dressed only in his underwear. You started walking into your shared bathroom almost every time that you knew Casey was in there. Your body started reacting to his whether you realized it or not. Little things, like biting your lower lip when you looked at him, or you hugging him more frequently and for longer periods…”

Evan said, “That’s when we decided to provide the ideal opportunity by leaving you alone in the house for a weekend.”

Pointing at the image on the screen, Casey said, “You two seem perfectly okay with what you saw on the video, with me and Lainey having sex. Who are you two and what have you done with our parents?”

Evan laughed and then said, “Have you two ever wondered why every time my sister, your Aunt Sasha comes to visit, your mother seems to make herself scarce?”

Lainey said, “We just assumed that Mom and Aunt Sasha didn’t get along…”

“I adore Sasha,” Eden countered. “I use her visits with your father as an opportunity to go and spend time with your Uncle Adam, Aunt Kiera, or hopefully, both of them together. To answer Casey’s question, how could we not be okay with brother and sister having sex with each other when we have both been doing exactly that for decades.”

Casey asked in surprise, “Isn’t Uncle Adam gay?”

“No,” Eden said, “He is sort of bisexual. What I mean is that he prefers women for his physical relationships but men for his emotional relationships. He’ll have sex with a man, but he prefers a woman. It works for him somehow.”

Lainey asked, “So you and your brother have been having sex together for how long?”

Their mother’s face took on an almost wistful expression as she said, “Adam took my virginity the summer before I started college. Kiera and I were close, and still are, but there was always something between Adam and me that I couldn’t explain. He was always the one that I went to when I was sad, angry, or wanted to share my happiness with someone. That summer, he was home on leave from the Navy, and I did everything I could think of to seduce him. I needed him to know what he meant to me. I needed to show him my love. God, that first time with him formed the benchmark for me on what passion should involve. I wanted to break my skin. I craved more holes in my body for his cock to drive into; more places inside me for him to fill with his warm essence. I never wanted it to end.”

Lainey gasped at her mother’s words. They described her feelings with Casey more perfectly than she could have phrased them. She leaned into her brother, needing to express her desire to be physically closer to him right then.

“Your two probably aren’t interested in hearing about your parent’s sex life,” chuckled Evan, “But trust me when I tell you that we have a very fulfilling physical relationship. We also have always been totally honest with each other about our past exploits involving our siblings. There remains a mutual respect between us that allows for the occasional brother/sister interlude. We can’t object to you two having a physical relationship without being hypocrites.”

“You two are just full of secrets,” Casey said. “The next thing will probably be you telling us that Lainey and I are adopted…”

“Oh no,” Eden said with a grin. “You two are definitely the ‘fruit of our loins’. But, you’re right. We have kept you both sheltered from certain aspects of your father’s and my life…”

“And that includes E&E Enterprises,” Evan said. “What do you want to know?”

“Everything,” Lainey said. Casey nodded in agreement with his sister.

Evan began explaining, “It all began with your mother and I discussing sexual fantasies one night after making love. Our own fantasies seemed kind of boring, so out of curiosity, we got on the internet and started checking out what fantasies were popular with other people…”

Eden picked up the explanation, “Over the next few months we discovered that there were a lot of popular fantasies out there with no focus on the Worldwide Web. That gave us the idea to start some of our own…”

“Our first website, and still one of the most popular was ‘MILFHub-dot-com’, Evan said. “That led to ‘CUCKHub-dot-com’ followed by CHEATERSHub-dot-com, and so on. We vacillated for a couple of years about starting ‘ff-dot-com’ because its premise hits a little close to home, as you probably realize now…”

Their mother interrupted, “We thought that we might be tempted to participate with our own siblings at some point, but it turns out that brother/sister sex between people our age doesn’t hold much mass market appeal, so we felt confident enough to launch that website a couple of years ago.”

“How long have you two been doing this?” Lainey asked. “I mean how long has E&E Enterprises been in existence?”

“Yeah,” Casey said. “How could this not interfere with your jobs?”

Mother and father shared a look before Evan said, “We started E&E the summer that you two were at summer camp between your freshman and sophomore years of high school. By the end of that year, we were making enough money from the websites to quit our regular jobs and focus on E&E entirely.”

“Jesus,” Casey said, “You’ve been running E&E for over seven years and we knew nothing about it.”

Lainey looked at her father and said, “That explains why finances haven’t been the hot issue for you guys that they used to be. How much do these websites rake in?”

Evan shrugged and said, “It varies, but as an example, ‘ff-dot-com’ typically generates a solid six-figure income each quarter. It will probably be a bit more next quarter, due in large part to your video. You two hit the ball out of the park with that one.”

Eden added, “We didn’t know how you two would handle keeping your faces out of the video, so we had a team standing by to digitally blur them if necessary. But your idea with the masks was brilliant. Blurring your faces would have denied viewers the opportunity to see your eyes, and believe me, both of your eyes helped convey your true feelings for each other. There was no doubt that you were totally into each other, which won you thousands of fans.”

“How did you know it was us?” Lainey asked. “You were only supposed to receive a numbered video.”

Eden laughed and said, “You two could disguise yourselves but did you think that we wouldn’t recognize our own bedroom?”

“Well,” Casey said, “We really didn’t consider the possibility that our parents would be watching incest videos on some website.”

“Oh, we definitely watched it,” Eden gleefully said pointing to the screen. “And we’ll continue to watch it. You two are very beautiful and sexy performers who possess an obvious passion for one another. Your bodies meld together perfectly, and there is no hiding the chemistry between you. It is so easy to envision the dialogue in the captioning being the words of two lovers in the scenes you filmed. Your video is going to become an internet sensation in no time.”

Evan continued, “Your video is easily the most popular on the site. It is generating tons of new and renewed subscriptions every day.”

Casey smirked as he turned to Lainey and said, “What did I tell you? We get a one-time prize of $5,000 and the website makes a fortune off of our work…”

Both parents chuckled at their son’s comment. Evan said, “With other contest entries, that might be true, but you two are benefitting from the success of your video and all the other websites. Your mother and I draw a salary, just like the other employees of the company, but all of the profits go into a trust that the whole family owns equally. You two have a vested interest in the success of E&E since whatever is in the trust becomes accessible to each of you on your twenty-fifth birthday.”

Eden clicked a button on the remote mouse to end the video, and added, “There are limitations on how much any of us can withdraw from the trust without majority approval, but other than that, we could each live comfortably off the interest accrued each year.”

Lainey smiled and said, “So all that Casey and I have to do is sit back and let these websites rake in the money. We don’t have to take a role in E&E or anything? That doesn’t sound too difficult.”

When she saw Casey nodding in agreement, Eden asked, “Does that mean that the two of you are satisfied with what you experienced making the video and have no intention of furthering the exploration of a physical relationship between you?”

Brother and sister shared a brief look before Casey answered for the pair, “We haven’t discussed it, but knowing now that you too would be okay with it…”

“We’re definitely not done ‘exploring’ as you put it, Mom,” Lainey interjected.

Their mother smiled and said, “In that case, your father and I wanted to make a few suggestions…”

“Such as?” Casey asked.

“Such as making more videos,” Evan said. “You two were a hit. It would be in your best interest to build on your popularity with some additional videos, but we need to be careful not to over-saturate the website with you.”

“Right,” Eden agreed. “Maybe one video a month, tied to a scheduled contest would work. You just nailed the Valentine’s Day contest. How about creating something for our March contest?”

Lainey and Casey shared a confused expression. Evan saw it and said, “March 14th is the male counterpart to Valentine’s Day. It’s called ‘Steak and a Blowjob Day’…”

Lainey blushed and said, “Seriously, have either of been paying attention to our video? I can barely get my lips around the head of Casey’s… his penis. I love using my mouth on him, but I can’t do with him what most people would consider a real blowjob.”

Casey hugged her against his side and said, “Don’t worry, Sis. You do more for me than any girl ever has. I’m more than satisfied with how you handle things in that regard.”

Eden reached across Casey to take Lainey’s other hand and said, “If you want, I can teach you a few tricks to help you loosen up and relax your jaw muscles. With a little dedicated practice between now and the middle of March, I guarantee that I could teach you how to take most of Casey’s cock into our mouth. Trust me, he is bigger than his father, but the apple didn’t fall that far from the tree, if you catch my meaning.”

Lainey was enthusiastically nodding at her mom. The idea of being able to take more of Casey into her mouth had her so excited that she wanted to try any of her mom’s suggestions right then. Instead, she said, “If Casey thinks that I can do justice to giving him a real blowjob in time for the contest, then I’m in.”

“Excellent,” Eden said to Lainey. “Then tell me, Sweety, how prepared do you think my son would be for the contest in the following month? April 14th is Cake and Cunnilingus Day.”

Casey choked, but Lainey was laughing as she told her mom, “You might need to work on his baking skills, but other than that, he is well prepared for that contest.”

Eden joined her daughter in laughing before saying, “Good to know, because there is a contest in May that I might want to enter along with my son. Casey, would you consider making a video with me for the Mother’s Day contest?”

Casey’s eyes shot from Lainey’s to his father’s, whose eyebrows were raised in question. He seemed as interested in Casey’s reply as his wife. Evan asked, “Would you mind me watching?”

Casey studied his sister’s face, seeking some sort of guidance. She merely smiled at him before turning her attention to their father and asking, “Daddy, Father’s Day is in June, isn’t it?”

Evan Buckner was smiling broadly as he said, “Yes, Baby. It’s June 18th.”

Casey wanted to get Lainey out of there so they could discuss the revelations of the day in private. He stood suddenly and said, “If you’ll excuse us, I want to take my Valentine to dinner at La Parilla. Come on, Lainey.”

“That’s sweet,” Eden said. “We never go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. Your father prefers to dine at the ‘Y’.”

Lainey giggled as she stood to join her brother. She took his hand and whispered into Casey’s ear, “That’s where my Valentine will be eating his dessert tonight.”

As Casey was helping Lainey put on her coat, he asked, “Do you think that Mom and Dad were serious about making videos with us?”

Lainey leaned against her brother and lowered her hand to squeeze his cock through his pants. She said, “From the way that they looked watching our video, my guess would be that they were dead serious. I’d bet that they wouldn’t even care if there was film in the cameras.”

Casey was about to make a comment about the cameras being digital and not needing film when his sister’s meaning found the light of day in his head.

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