Brother And Sister Enter A Video Contest Part 4

“We’ll see what we can do,” Casey told her. “What about the captioning? Have you decided what you want to include for each scene?”

“I’m glad you asked. I have some ideas for the first scene. Since that occurs primarily in a shower, viewers won’t be expecting much dialogue, but I will have brother and sister greeting each other as they each enter the bathroom. Scene two as we currently have it will also be light in dialogue, with mostly arousal-fueled moans taking place. I might just caption a few sections with something like “moans of passion are heard from the couple”. You know, similar to when television shows are captioned with “soft music is heard in the background”

“What about the third scene?” Casey asked as he started buttering his second biscuit.

“Good question,” Lainey said. “We’ll turn audio recording off on both cameras, but I want to position my cell phone to record anything that either of us says during scene three. We can ad-lib captioned dialogue when editing, but I don’t want to disregard real expressions uttered by either of us”

Casey nodded and said, “Your encouragement a few times last night was… how do I put this? ‘Inspirational’. Hearing you begging me to cum for you, or telling me to use you like a slut, drove me over the edge each time. Make certain that you get those types of expressions into your captioning.”

“You just keep your eyes on mine as much as possible,” said Lainey. “Seeing the desire and love in your eyes while you’re fucking me drives me absolutely wild. Are you almost ready to go start setting things up?”

Casey shoved the last of his biscuit into his mouth and nodded. Once he swallowed, he said, “I suppose that you want to start in our bathroom. I’ll go get my cell phone mounted on the tripod. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to go do a quick check of Mom and Dad’s room. It should be much easier to ‘sanitize” to eliminate any family photos or items that may identify us to the viewers. Yours and my room have too many school and personal items visible on the walls and shelves. When I’m done there, I’ll meet you in our bathroom to get the camera positioned where we need it.”

Casey stood and Lainey’s eyes fell immediately to his erect cock. It looked too good to resist. Without saying a word to her brother, she bunched the robe up around her waist and leaned over the stool next to his, and spread her legs. She glanced over her shoulder at him and said, “I suppose I could give you your Valentine’s Day present a little early. Maybe being your fluffer girl wouldn’t be so bad…”

Valentine’s Day

Casey pulled into the driveway and parked behind Lainey’s car. The garage door was closed, so he could not tell if their parents’ cars were there or not. He got out of his car and grabbed his book bag from the passenger seat. After closing and locking his door, he glanced at the mailbox along the curb, wondering if Lainey was able to get the mail before either Mom or Dad.

As he passed Lainey’s car, Casey almost collided with the driver’s side door as it opened right in front of his path.

“Jesus, Lainey, you almost took out my leg,” he complained.

Lainey rose from her car and said, “Oh, quit being so dramatic. I was nowhere near your leg. I’ve been waiting here to show you this…”

She held out her cell phone for Casey to take. He glanced at the screen and saw a text message to Lainey and him from their dad, “Come to our office as soon as you get home. Your mother and I need to talk to both of you.

Casey handed the cell phone back to Lainey, pulled his cell phone from his book bag, and turned it on. He had forgotten to turn it back on after his last class, which explained why he hadn’t yet received the same message as his sister. As soon as the phone booted, he received the message.

Glancing again at the mailbox, he asked his sister, “You didn’t beat them to the mail?”

“The box was empty when I got home,” Lainey explained. “Either we didn’t get any mail, or Mom and Dad got to it first.”

“Unless they heard us in the shower this morning,” Casey offered. “I warned that you are getting more exuberant with some of your cries and moans, not to mention your words of encouragement to me…”

Casey had bought a portable shower bench and snuck it into the house the week after they had shot the video. Brother and sister had made daily use of it to continue having sex once their parents had returned home. Lainey loved to ride her brother’s cock as he sat on the bench, thrusting up into her until they both came. It wasn’t her fault that Casey pounding his beautiful cock into her drove her wild and resulted in her vocal appreciation of the pleasure that he brought her.

Lainey shook her head and said, “No, if that was the case they would have said something to us this morning at breakfast.”

Casey considered this and said, “But the e-mail from the law office said that the confirmation would come from their office, right?”

They had both been excited last Friday when Lainey had received notification at the anonymous e-mail address set up for their video submission that their video had been the highest rated of the submissions and they were being awarded the $5,000 prize. They had already agreed to split the money if they won so that each would have enough to spend their spring break in Myrtle Beach. The confirmation letter that was supposed to be in the mail today purported to include a cashier’s check that could be deposited directly into a bank account of their choosing.

They had intended to get the mail today before their parents had a chance to see an envelope from some law office addressed to either of their children. They knew that even if their parents didn’t open the envelope, they would certainly have questions about it. Questions that their kids were now struggling to find answers for.

Brother and sister stood silent on the driveway, staring at each other, hoping that the other would suggest something. Their attention was so focused on each other that they didn’t hear the front door of the house open. Consequently, they were both startled when their father stepped out onto the porch and said in a not-too-welcoming tone, “Get in the office now!”

Lainey shrugged at Casey and closed the door to her car. She then led him into the house where they both deposited their book bags onto the bench in the foyer and removed their coats. They saw their father and mother standing in the double doorway to the large study that they had converted into their shared office space so that they could be together while both worked at their respective jobs from home.

Both parents stood with neutral expressions on their faces as their adult children approached. They wore the matching tracksuits that allowed everyone in the neighborhood to recognize them on their daily run. Casey and Lainey had teased that they wore the suits specifically so neighbors would stop them to chat and shorten the time that they spent actually running.

Whatever their parents did to stay youthful and healthy was working because they both looked ten to fifteen years younger than their true age in their late forties. The way that they were dressed implied that they had no plans to go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

Stepping aside to let Casey and Lainey enter the office, their father instructed, “Have a seat on the sofa, please.”

The large sofa in the office sat between the two executive desks that each parent used. It faced a 60-inch monitor that either parent could feed their computer screen to as an external display, or switch the source and use it as a large-screen television. Once the kids were seated, mother and father took seats at their respective desks. Their mother picked up an envelope and held it for everyone to see.

“Lainey, you received some mail today,” her mother said. She extended her arm to place the envelope within her daughter’s reach.

Lainey took the envelope and was relieved to find it unopened. She doubted that her parents would let her keep it unopened, though.

“Can you explain to us why the law firm of Grisham and Finch is writing to you?” her father, Evan asked. “Are you in some legal trouble?”

Casey thought his parents were being suspiciously calm about Lainey receiving a letter from a law firm. He didn’t know how to communicate to Lainey his suspicion that their parents knew more than they were revealing.

Lainey decided to play coy, and said, “I have never spoken to anyone at this law firm, so until I open the envelope, I won’t know what it is regarding.” She made to rise from the sofa and said, “May I go now?”

Her father extended a letter opener that he had retrieved from his desk and said, “Oh, I’m sure that we’re all curious about what’s in the envelope. Unless you have something to hide, go ahead and open it.”

Lainey didn’t accept the offered instrument. She looked at her father and said, “Do I have to get a post office box and have all my mail sent to it in order to receive the privacy and respect I deserve? Whatever is in this envelope it is intended for me. I will open it in my room and if I decide to share the contents, I will do so. If I decide not to share the contents, I expect you to respect that.”

Her mother responded, “Lainey, please hand me your keys to this house. We will expect you to vacate your room and take all of your possession with you by the end of the day. If we agree for that to mean midnight, you have just over seven hours. I’m sure that your brother will be willing to assist you with packing…”

“Wait a minute,” Casey interrupted. “You’re going to make Lainey move out due to her insistence on a little respect and privacy? Because, if that is your decision, I’ll be going with her.”

Their father shrugged and said, “That’s your choice, son. Just leave your keys here with Lainey’s when you leave.”

This was uncharacteristic behavior for their parents and Casey’s suspicions about the agenda for this family meeting were growing. He wanted to find a way to draw out the real motives for this hardline stance by their parents. He took Lainey’s hand in his, pulling her up to stand beside him as he rose.

Glancing over at his father, and then his mother, he said to Lainey, “Let’s go.”

Lainey let Casey lead her silently out of the office and up the stairs toward their rooms. They passed Casey’s room and entered Lainey’s room together, closing and locking the door behind them. Once alone, the two siblings fell into each other’s arms and embraced for all they were worth. Lainey eventually led Casey to the foot of her bed and urged him to sit. Sitting beside him, she studied the envelope in silence.

“How much money do you have saved up?” Casey asked after a few minutes.

Still focused on the envelope, Lainey softly said, “About $600. How about you?”

“About $1,300. If we can find a really cheap motel or something for a couple of weeks, my first check from Georgia Scientific should allow us to get a decent apartment to share…”

Lainey looked at Casey and said, “I thought that you didn’t start your job there until June, after graduation.”

“They have hinted that since I already have the required credits for graduation, I could start there early if I wanted. Now it looks like my earning $75,000 a year sooner rather than later would be the right choice for us.”

Lainey was shaking her head, “But that would eliminate you from consideration as the valedictorian for your class. I can’t believe that Mom and Dad would want you to do that.”

“Well, it didn’t seem to be a consideration for them a few minutes ago,” Casey scoffed. “The real bummer is that if I start working now, I won’t be able to accumulate enough vacation time before spring break. It looks like you’ll have to do Myrtle Beach without me.”

Lainey smacked his shoulder lovingly and said, “Fuck you! You know damn well that I would never go without you. If we move in together, I’ll spend spring break setting up our home and taking care of you.”

Pulling Lainey against his side, Casey kissed her on the forehead and said, “I’m sure you will. So, I guess that you should open the envelope that caused all this trouble…”

Tossing the envelope onto her brother’s lap, Lainey said, “You can open it. I’ve kinda lost interest.”

Casey tossed the envelope back into Lainey’s lap and said, “Oh, come on. Open it. We might need the money to live on if nothing else.”

Lainey sighed and slid a fingernail under the lip of the envelope flap. She slowly moved across the flap, separating the glued edge from the envelope’s body. Once it was completely opened, she pulled out a folded piece of paper. Upon unfolding the letter-size document, a check and a business card fell onto her lap. She ignored them both and began reading the letter.

“It’s pretty simple,” she explained to Casey. “I take the check to a bank and they can cash it or deposit the funds into any account I specify.”

“What’s with the card?” Casey asked.

Lainey shrugged and picked up the business card on her lap. She read it to herself and then to her brother, “Apparently, it’s the business card for the company that owns the website, E&E Enterprises. I don’t know why it was included. It’s not like we’re going to contact them directly or anything.”

From the way that Lainey was holding the card in her hands, she couldn’t see the back of it, but Casey could. He asked, “What’s written on the back of the card?”

As soon as Lainey turned the card around to read the back, her face went white. She gasped and dropped the card onto the bed beside them. Casey was confused by Lainey’s reaction and immediately picked the card up to read the back for himself.

“What the FUCK?” he exclaimed. “E&E Enterprises? Does that stand for Evan and Eden?”

Lainey was sitting and shaking as she looked at her brother. She said, “That’s her handwriting. You’ve got to recognize it.”

“Of course, I recognize it,” Casey groaned. “But why is she congratulating us and how did it get in with the letter from the law firm?”

“Not just her,” Lainey pointed out. “Him too. It says ‘Congratulations from Mom AND Dad’. What does this mean?”

Casey nodded and said, “Exactly! Congratulations for what, and what is this E&E Enterprises?”

“I have no idea,” Lainey admitted. “I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Do you think that we ought to go ask them?” Casey reluctantly asked.

“I have no fucking clue,” Lainey groaned. “If they knew what was in the envelope, why pull all that shit about kicking us out of the house because I wouldn’t open it in front of them?”

Casey thought back to the suspicions he had earlier that his parents were up to something. Could they have been pranking Lainey and him? But why? Then the realization of the situation struck like a kick in his balls.

“Holy Fuck!” he shouted. “Mom and Dad must know about the video!”

“They can’t,” Lainey reasoned. “We’re both still alive with all our limbs attached.”

Casey smirked and said, “Very funny. How could they not know? If our parents, Evan and Eden Buckner are the owners of E&E Enterprises and that is the company that owns the Family Fornication website, how could they not know about the video?”

Lainey put her hand on Casey’s arm and said, “Calm down. There has to be some explanation. Let’s go talk to them and see what they can tell us about all of this.”

Casey considered Lainey’s suggestion for a few seconds. He said, “Okay, but give me a second. I want to give you the Valentine’s present and card that I got for you first. I might not get a chance later.”

Lainey stood and said, “Okay but make it quick. I have a card for you too when you get back.”

While Casey went through the bathroom to reach his bedroom, Lainey opened the drawer on her desk and pulled out the red envelope containing the card that she had bought for her brother. Casey was back within seconds, presenting his sister with an envelope and a pink glass rose.

“Oh, Casey,” Lainey said while examining the flower. “It’s beautiful. It looks like those roses we saw at Stone Mountain. Is that where you got it?”

Casey simply nodded and handed Lainey the envelope with his Valentine’s card for her in it. Lainey handed Casey her card and then slowly opened and read what her brother had written for her “Lainey, having you by my side makes me feel special every day of the year. On Valentine’s Day, I just want to say thank you. I love you so much more than words can say. Love, Casey”

His words brought a tear to her eyes. Lainey doubted that any guy could ever give her a Valentine’s card that moved her as much as this one from her brother – from her lover. She threw her arms around him and hugged him as tightly as she could. “I love you, little brother.”

Casey whispered, “I love you too, big sister.”

Lainey released him so that he could read her card, “Casey, thank you for being there when I needed you the most. Thank you for helping me through all those challenging times in life. Thank you for being such a good friend no matter what I did, but most of all, thank you for being you. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. With love, Lainey”

Casey leaned down and placed his lips on his sister’s. The soft, tender, platonic kiss quickly became something far more passionate and hungry for both of them. Tongues danced as hands began to roam, finding any opening available to get under each other’s clothes and against bare skin. When Casey slowly lowered Lainey to her bed, awareness returned and they quickly disengaged from each other.

Casey ran a hand through his hair as he stood and said, “Maybe getting kicked out tonight wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I can think of worst things than sharing a bed with you on Valentine’s Day.”

Giggling, Lainey straightened her clothes and said, “My little brother is such a romantic. Come on, let’s go see what the parental units can tell us about what they actually know.”

They found their parents still in their office, snuggled together on the large sofa as they silently watched something on the 60-inch display. They were both so engrossed in what they were watching that they didn’t notice that they had visitors joining them.

Far enough into the room so that she could see what had her parents so spellbound, Lainey said to Casey, “That answers one question…”

Casey’s eyes were riveted to the image on the screen as his mother used a remote mouse to pause the video of himself and Lainey having sex. The scene was from about the midpoint of scene three, and showed Lainey riding his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. The frozen image on the screen showed a beautiful masked girl with an expression that could only be described as “lustful determination” on her face.

The captioning caught his eye, [SISTER: “I need it! Don’t deny your sister… Take my pussy… This is your pussy… Take it… Fill it with that huge cock of yours!”]

Casey could see signs of Lainey’s earlier orgasms running down the shaft of his cock in creamy rivulets and remembered how proud she was the instant that she had felt her pussy completely bottom out on his cock that day. She had screamed in joy and pleasure for several minutes.

He continued reading, [BROTHER: “Come on, Sis… Open up… Let my cock spread your pussy… You can take it… Just a little bit more and you’ll have it all…”]

Lainey studied the image and found it interesting that those words were on the screen. She had calculated after doing the captioning of the video that easily sixty percent of the captions read, [INDISTINGUISHABLE MOANS] or [LOUD CRIES OF PASSION]. The odds were that those words should have been on the screen at any given time.

Eden Buckner, their mother, broke the silence in the room when she spoke to her husband, “Look, Dear, our two children, ‘Dense’ and ‘Denser’, have joined us.”

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