Brother And Sister Enter A Video Contest Part 3

Casey chuckled and said, “Well, we certainly accomplished that. What’s next on the agenda then?”

Lainey rolled over and began running her hand through the wisps of fine hair on Casey’s chest, lightly teasing his skin with her fingernails on occasion. “Like I said, tonight we need to rehearse, and as you pointed out, we need to become familiar with expressing more passion and intimacy between us. However, I think that we need to blend an obvious loving bond between us with something more brazen…”


“Yes, brazen. You know, naughty, raunchier, even more of a taboo,” Lainey explained.

“You’ve lost me,” Casey said.

Lainey got up from the bed and retrieved their unfinished beers from her desk. She handed Casey his, took a long drink from hers, set the bottle on the side table, and then crawled back to cuddle beside her brother.

She waited for him to take a drink before continuing, “We should spend this evening making love, and I mean really turn up the passion. There needs to be tons of kissing, fondling, teasing, and obvious desire in our actions. Treat me like the love of your life and I’ll do the same in response.”

Casey set his beer on the side table and realized that Lainey had just described his own fantasy with her words. Not making love with his sister necessarily, but having the luxury of time and circumstances that would allow him to finally appreciate the entirety of a girl’s body. To set his passion and desires free without concern over them both getting off before one or both had to be someplace else. The wild, frantic sexual experiences of a high school, and now college guy filled the primal urge to get his rocks off, but they had always left him disappointed from an emotional perspective. He realized that he wanted more than to simply ‘mate’ with someone, he wanted the opportunity to experience a deeper and more intimate coupling with someone special. Someone as special to him as Lainey had always been.

Sensing that Casey shared the same desires as herself, Lainey was anticipating Casey leaning over to plant a kiss on her lips. She moved to meet his lips with her own; snuggling closer against him, her hard nipples digging into his side as their bodies merged. Their lips parted simultaneously and their tongues began a fevered waltz to the rhythm of their combined heartbeats.

They moved with confidence and purpose, for the remainder of the evening as they patiently explored their partner and then alternately welcomed the exploration by the other. They both enjoyed the awakening of new sensations, both as the recipient and as the provider. Through mutual agreement, sister and brother acknowledge that bringing pleasure to one another was their greatest desire and nothing was off the table for either of them to suggest or try.

Lainey expressed her regret in not being able to fit more of Casey’s cock into her mouth because she felt that doing so would only heighten the pleasure that she experienced when she used her mouth on him. She shared her confidence that she would eventually experience an orgasm if she spent enough time with her mouth servicing his cock, the arousal from doing so was so intense for her.

Casey assured her that her blow jobs were better than anything that he had ever experienced and described how her unabashed desire for and devotion to his cock while she was servicing it more than made up for her inability to take more into her mouth. His bigger concern had been assuring Lainey that even though his cock might not fit comfortably into her mouth, they would not have the same problem with her pussy because he would take all the time necessary to prepare her.

It wasn’t until Casey had brought Lainey to a half dozen orgasms with his mouth and fingers, eventually squeezing four of his fingers inside her pussy as far as the last knuckles that they both felt that it was time to try getting his cock inside of her. When the head of his cock entered his sister for the first time, Casey wondered how he couldn’t have known that Lainey would be such a vocal lover. She kept urging him on with dirty words in an unfamiliar husky tone. And it was all genuinely Lainey. She wasn’t just spouting mindless phrases like some bored porn star.

He also got his first taste of the brazen acts that Lainey had mentioned. While he was trying to be gentle and slow with his movements, Lainey was anxiously humping her ass off of the bed, trying to speed the rate of his thrusts and getting him deeper inside of her with each one.

The heat of passion became obvious in her body movements and carried over into her words, “Fuck me… I’m your slut sister… Use me… Use all of me… Oh, yes, like that… Harder and deeper…”

Responding to his sister’s pleas, Casey flipped Lainey over onto her hands and knees and quickly shoved his cock back into her wet, fiery depths. He pounded her from behind as hard and as fast as he could and was soon rewarded with a breathy groan from Lainey, followed immediately by her back arching, forcing her ass back against Casey’s hips. A happy cry reverberated off the bedroom walls as Lainey crested over into her orgasm and her pussy muscles attempted to pull her brother completely inside of her spasming body.

Casey allowed Lainey to calm down and recover by rolling onto his side and spooning with her while maintaining the carnal connection between them. He barely moved inside of her as he listened to her soft cooing moans. As her motions slowly became more desperate and wanton, Casey rolled over further to place his sister on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. It only took them a few minutes to recognize this was going to become Lainey’s favorite position for the two of them.

They tried enough different positions that evening to substantiate that fact.


Lainey awoke initially confused with her surroundings. The most confusing aspect was the warm, erect cock nestled against her butt. The second was the strong, warm hand gently holding her right breast. Slowly opening her eyes, she gained a gradual recognition of familiar objects in Casey’s room. That’s when her memory of the previous evening flooded back.

She couldn’t remember how many times Casey had poured his cum inside of her vagina, but it had to have been at least five. Those loads, coupled with her own multiple eruptive orgasms had turned her bed into a swamp of debauchery that neither of them had wanted to deal with by the end of the evening, let alone sleep on it.

She lay silent in her brother’s bed, slowly taking stock of how her body felt. Her vagina no longer had the stretched and used feeling that she had felt when she had gone to bed last night. She didn’t know whether to be surprised that their excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures hadn’t left her aching or sore. Having no prior experience with prolonged sexual activities, especially with someone as well-endowed as Casey, Lainey had no frame of reference with which to compare how she felt this morning. How did she feel this morning, other than physically?

That was easy. Lainey felt cherished. That was the simplest way to describe it. With Casey holding her in his arms like this, she felt tiny, yet protected and loved. With his manhood pressed against her derriere, she felt like a woman desired by a man. How wonderful it would be to wake up every morning feeling this way. She wondered how Casey would feel when he awoke.

Another feeling suddenly entered her consciousness, and that was the need to pee. She removed Casey’s hand from her breast as gently as possible while she slowly moved to slide out from under the covers and off the bed. As she stood beside the bed and stretched, she was satisfied that she hadn’t disturbed her slumbering brother. Turning to study his sleeping shape, Lainey’s heart swelled with emotion.

Her brother was without a doubt, the best-looking guy that Lainey had ever known. Romance novels were written about men like Casey, whose looks made women swoon, panties to drop, and hearts to break. She could acknowledge and accept that she and Casey would never have the type of “romantic” love that non-siblings might enjoy, but she was no longer going to deny the “physical” love that they had begun to share last night. Its intensity had been beyond compare.

Lainey closed the adjoining door between the bathroom and Casey’s room before entering the toilet closet and closing that door as well. As she relived herself, she contemplated all the things that she and Casey shared on a daily basis. Why should sharing their newfound physical desire for each other be any different? She silently laughed at the idea of trying to make that argument to her parents. “Gee, Mom and Dad, Casey and I share a bathroom, a linen closet, a gaming console, and so much more, why can’t we start sharing a bed?”

Nope. They would have to sneak in opportunities to have sex or find someplace other than the house that they shared with their parents. Being left alone overnight like they had this weekend was a rarity and Laney didn’t expect similar opportunities to be presented to them very often. At least not as often as she knew that she would want to be alone with Casey from now on.

Lainey decided to forego taking a shower until Casey was awake so as not to possibly disturb his sleep. She smiled at the thought of how she had worn him out last night. His legs were definitely wobbly by the time they had crawled into his bed together to go to sleep. She did take the time to brush her teeth before leaving the bathroom and stepping into her own room.

“Holy fuck!” Her room reeked from the smell of sex. Lainey quickly threw a robe on and proceeded to strip the linens from her bed, wondering if washing them would be enough to remove the tell-tale scent from their hours of sexual bliss. As the fitted sheet was removed, Lainey realized that the mattress pad, with its inner lining might have kept the top mattress dry, it has absorbed the lion’s share of their combined sexual residue. Oh well, it too was washable.

She bundled all the soiled linens under one arm, put her laptop under the other, and headed downstairs. Getting a load of laundry started in the downstairs laundry room shouldn’t disturb Casey’s sleep, so she would do that before starting the coffee maker and deciding what to make her brother for breakfast. Lainey wanted him well-fed for their planned activities.

After starting the laundry and the coffee maker, Lainey set her laptop on the counter and sat in front of it. She started three lists; one for possible scenes in the video that she wanted to discuss with Casey, the second list for ideas on dialogue that she would convert to captioning, and the third list detailing ideas for how she and Casey could find ways to continue having sex regularly without their parents finding out.

Lainey had finished her ideas for scenes on the first list and was concentrating on ideas for the third list when Casey finally joined her. She was pleased to see that he was still naked as he took the stool next to hers and commandeered her cup of coffee.

“Hey,” Lainey half-heartedly objected. “Get your own.”

Casey simply stuck his tongue out at her and continued sipping from her cup. Lainey laughed and got up to get herself a fresh cup of coffee. She asked, “What would you like to eat for breakfast?”

“Are you on the menu?” Casey asked.

Lainey knew that he was joking, but that didn’t quell the sudden tsunami of butterflies that instantly appeared in her stomach. She returned to her stool and said, “Keep your carnal appetite in check for a little longer, dear brother. How about if I open a can of biscuits and put them in the oven for us? We can discuss our plans for today while they are baking.”

Glancing at Lainey’s laptop, Casey said, “You mean, ‘your plans for the day’, don’t you? I don’t expect that you have left me much room for input on whatever you have decided.”

Lainey pouted and said, “Of course you have input. I have some ideas, but yours are just as important as mine. I don’t expect you to just acquiesce to my ideas. That wouldn’t be fair.”

“Show me your ideas,” Casey told her. “I’ll look them over while you preheat the oven and get the biscuits ready to go in.”

Walking around the counter into the kitchen, Lainey pointed at her laptop and instructed, “Start with Scene One. I think that is the one that you’ll have issues with if any.”

All Casey had to do was read the description of the scene to understand Lainey’s comment.

SCENE ONE – Brother and Sister shower together: Brother is viewed entering one side of the bathroom that he shares with his sister. He is naked as he steps to the shower and turns on the water. Camera cuts to his sister walking naked into the bathroom from her side. Sister enters the shower and takes her brother’s hand, inviting him to join her. Scene continues as brother and sister sensually take turns washing each other. Scene ends with camera capturing each sibling departing the bathroom to their respective bedrooms.”

Casey glanced up from the laptop screen to see Lainey chewing on her bottom lip as she watched him. He said, “It sounds pretty tame. Can I ask a few questions?”

“Of course…”

“The first question is naturally related to protecting our identities. I think it would be stretching the tolerance of the viewers if we were to shower while wearing masks…”

Lainey interrupted him, “I agree. I didn’t put anything in the scene details that speaks to the camera positioning, but my goal would be to use your cell phone on the tripod positioned for each shot so that nothing shows above our shoulders. I think that showing the shared bathroom helps paint the picture that brother and sister live in close proximity to each other and are comfortable with their shared environment. What do you think?”

Casey considered Lainey’s explanation and said, “I like it. As long as our faces don’t show I think that your idea about the shower demonstrating a comfort in the shared environment works. In fact, I think that we might want to consider the first scene as you have it laid out, where the brother and sister basically cleanse each other in preparation for having sex, and then the last scene is of them cleaning the remnants of their sex from each other. Imagine a shot of you, for example, that shows my cum running down your thighs as you return to the shower…”

Lainey pointed to the laptop and said, “Oh, that sounds fucking hot. Go ahead and add it. Take a look at the other scenes and see what you come up with to improve them.”

Casey returned his attention to the laptop and began reading…

SCENE TWO – Brother and sister make out session: The scene takes place on living room couch where brother and sister begin a heavy make-out session, moving purposely through the ‘bases’ while remaining mostly clothed. Scene ends with the couple walking hand-in-hand from the living room.”

“What were you thinking of wearing for scene two,” Casey asked.

Lainey slid the pan with the biscuits into the preheated oven before turning around to answer, “I’m not sure. Do you think the scenes should be linear or would that matter?”

Casey shook his head and said, “I think the first scene in the shower lends itself to making the next scene pretty much whatever we want it to be. Where brother and sister making out on the living room couch is concerned, I think that we should once again emphasize their comfort with each other and their environment. We should be dressed as if we were lounging around watching TV or something when the urge strikes for us to start making out. You could be wearing one of your two-piece pajama outfits and I could be wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt.”

Lainey took a seat on the stool next to Casey and said, “I could actually see something like that happening now between us…”

Casey turned to face his sister and asked, “So you don’t want this video thing to be a ‘one-and-done’ for us?”

Lainey placed her arms around her brother’s neck and gently kissed his lips, “Oh, God, no. I am so fucking turned on by you and the thought of what you do to me that my only concern is that you’ll ruin me for other guys. We have to be careful and discreet, of course, but if we have an opportunity to do stuff without getting caught, I’m all yours, little brother.”

Taking one of Lainey’s hands and placing it on his rapidly hardening cock, Casey said, “And I’m all yours, big sister. You scratch itches that I didn’t even know that I had.”

Lainey gently stroked her brother’s shaft as she said, “Read the rest of the scenes but view them with this in mind; I got so turned on last night by surrendering myself to you that I think that we should incorporate that into our video. I don’t mean that I should be submissive to you, subservient, or dominated by you, but it should be made clear to the viewers, and hopefully to you, that when we’re having sex, you own my body and I would do anything you asked of me. In our day-to-day lives, we will always be equals, but where sex is concerned, you will be in charge and I will follow your lead.”

Removing his sister’s hand from his cock, Casey said, “That’s enough for now. I think I understand what you are saying, and I can agree that it might play well in the video for you to be viewed as my slut sister, but I can’t agree with you being reluctant to ever take the initiative or to tell me what you want.”

Lainey leaned down and licked a drop of pre-cum from her brother’s cock and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, neither of those will ever happen.”

“Good,” Casey said. “Now, it looks like scene three is positioned to be the apex of the video. Let me read what you have so far…”

SCENE THREE – Brother and Sister after the prom: Brother and sister return home together after their school prom. They resolve to make the night special for each other after their dates both turned out to be duds. Undressing each other from their formal wear, brother and sister teasingly arouse each other until they are naked. A brief session on mutual oral sex is followed in order by ‘cowgirl’, ‘reverse cowgirl’, ‘doggy’, and finishes with a creampie in ‘missionary’.

Lainey had returned to the kitchen to check on the biscuits. Casey waited for her to close the oven door before asking, “From the first scene to the middle of the third scene, my loving sister is doing things to get and keep me aroused, right?”

Lainey reviewed what she had written in her head and said, “That sounds right. Why?”

“It’s just that without some relief before we get to the actual fucking, I may not be able to hold out for very long. Your pussy just feels too good.”

The timer for the oven sounded and Lainey pushed the button to cancel it and then turned the oven off. Unbeknownst to Casey, while she was bent over pulling the baking sheet out of the oven, she released the knot holding her robe closed. When she turned back around to place the biscuits onto the cooling rack, the robe fell open, exposing her naked body to her brother.

She winked at him and said, “I’m not your ‘fluffer’ girl. Maybe you should go and jerk off before breakfast so you don’t come off as some one-minute wonder on a video that thousands of people will see.”

Grabbing a couple of biscuits and placing them on his plate, Casey shrugged at his sister and said, “Maybe I should insist that we include at least one scene featuring you losing your anal virginity to your brother.”

Lainey laughed and said, “You’re not getting that baseball bat-sized appendage anywhere near my ass, so you can get that thought completely out of your mind. Although, I did enjoy you playing with my butt hole with your finger last night, and your tongue felt really good there. I wouldn’t be opposed to some more experimenting like that.”

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