Brother And Sister Enter A Video Contest Part 2

Breaking his lips away from her nipple, Casey found that he had Lainey’s panties halfway down her thighs. He released his hold on them and sat upright once more.

He watched as his sister shuffled her legs to push her panties further down her thighs, past her knees, quickly over her calves, and off her feet. She then used her feet to push the anklet socks off. When she sat back up, Casey saw that her face and upper chest were noticeably pinker than a few minutes ago. She sat before him wearing nothing but the masquerade mask and a smile.

“Be objective now,” Lainey said, reveling in the way that Casey was hungrily eyeing her naked body. “Would anyone recognize me if I was wearing nothing but this mask?”

Casey continued to study his sister’s body, amazed at his previous lack of appreciation for just how damn beautiful and sexy her naked body was. Maybe the mask she was wearing allowed him to see her as someone other than the sister he had grown up with. Whatever it was, there was no denying that seeing her like this was turning him on in ways that he had never expected. The tent caused by his cock in his sweatpants made it too obvious to deny.

“I, uh,” Casey stammered. “I guess that your identity is concealed okay by the mask. Maybe you should wear your hair differently just to be safe.”

Lainey typically wore her hair in a ponytail, which is how it was at that time. She asked, “What would you recommend?”

Casey considered his sister’s question. From his own sexual experiences, Casey knew that he liked the tactile sensations that resulted when a girl’s hair fell across and caressed parts of his body. He also knew that from a practical standpoint, having a girl’s hair held off her face kept it out of the way when she was giving a blow job or in cowgirl positions. How in the hell could he recommend that Lainey wear her hair in a manner that facilitated any sexual acts between them?

He told her, “I don’t know. Whatever you feel comfortable with that is different from the way that you normally wear it.”

Lainey twisted her ponytail around a few times and then held the resulting knot of hair on top of her head with one hand and asked, “What do you think of this?”

Casey couldn’t see any way to reject the hairstyle that he had been envisioning for her only seconds before. He nodded and said, “That should work.”

She let the hair fall back into the ponytail and said, “Okay, so if you’re satisfied that I won’t be recognized, let’s focus on you.”

Without asking, Lainey grabbed the bottom of Casey’s t-shirt and began raising it. He instinctively raised his arms to allow her to remove it over his head. Tossing it onto the floor, she then instructed him to stand up at the foot of the bed. Kneeling on the floor in front of her brother, Lainey pulled his sweatpants down before Casey could object. She then crawled back onto the bed and waited for him to kick his feet free of the sweatpants and rejoin her.

Handing him his mask, Lainey grinned and said, “Even with the mask, I can see a potential problem where hiding your identity is concerned…”

Casey slipped the mask into position on his face and asked, “What’s that?”

Pointing at his still partially erect cock, Lainey said, “That, my dear brother is exactly the type of distinguishing body feature that I was hoping we could avoid. You have the most gorgeous dick I have ever seen, and I have no doubt that any girl that you have ever been with will recognize it and remember it fondly.”

Casey chuckled and finally began to believe that Lainey was serious about this whole idea of hers. His cock had told him that his body wasn’t opposed to the concept of seeking pleasure from his sister, and the thought of giving pleasure to Lainey was something that he would always strive to accomplish. He would do anything to make her happy.

The logical part of his “big” brain clicked in once more. He said, “Okay, I will admit that wearing these masks will make identifying us a challenge for everyone, but what about having to identify ourselves to the people who run the website? They’ll need to know who is submitting videos in order to get the required releases signed and issue payment to those that win.”

Lainey pointed to the monitor screen and said, “If you want to read them, I’ll click on the link for ‘terms’, but I’ve already poured over them three times and can tell you what they say. The online application and release form that I would fill out when submitting a video goes only to a law firm that maintains the applicant records in complete confidence from the owners of the website.

The videos are presented to the site as numbered entries and are totally anonymous. When they select the winning videos, they give those numbers to the law firm, along with cashier’s checks. The law firm will then make the notifications and arrange for payments of the prize money. There are even penalties mentioned should the site owners or the law firm ever divulge any identifying information on the contestants.”

Casey considered the explanation that Lainey provided and accepted that she had done her homework on the contest, at least where protecting their identity was concerned. He then reminded her of another of his concerns, “That still leaves the very big risk that we’ll submit a video and not win anything. The website would get free use of our images forever and we would get nothing in return.”

“Dearest Brother,” Lainey chided. “Have you ever known me to lose at anything that I wanted to win? I have spent hours watching the highest-rated brother/sister videos on the site. I have read all the comments from viewers and can tell you precisely what we need to do to win this contest. Admittedly, we will be entering with a handicap wearing the masks because viewers like to see full facial expressions during the videos, but over three-fourths of the most popular videos have the faces of the participants obscured, either with masks or digital blurring. If the rest of the action is hot enough, then we can overcome wearing the masks.”

“Define ‘hot enough’,” Casey countered.

He and Lainey had been sharing the details of their individual sexual exploits since they had each lost their virginity, frequently offering tips and advice from the perspective of the opposite gender. Both siblings knew that Casey had far more experience sexually than Lainey, due in large part to the fact that he attended a much larger and diverse university, with dozens of fraternities and sororities to facilitate hook-ups between classmates. While it offered co-educational programs, primarily in its graduate study areas, Brenau University remains a predominantly women’s college.

From what Lainey had shared with her brother, her sexual experiences had so far been of a ‘vanilla’, boy/girl variety with the guys being described as mostly inept in their knowledge of how to please a girl. She claimed to have had only one sexual encounter that lasted longer than five minutes, and that had been the only time that she had experienced sex anyplace other than the cramped backseat of a car. This knowledge made Casey wonder what his sister would consider “hot enough” for them to stand a chance in the contest.

The one thing about her sexual exploits that she hadn’t shared with Casey was the fact that it had been images and fantasies of her brother in her head every time she had done anything with another boy. It had been Casey’s hands fondling her breasts, his dick in her mouth, his erection penetrating her sex. Her brother was a fucking “Hunk” with a capital ‘H’ and she knew in her heart that he could bring her more sexual gratification than any ten other guys.

Lainey pulled the bedspread around her naked body and offered the other end to Casey. He draped it over his shoulders and waited for his sister to explain. Finally, she said, “I’ve had that card for three weeks, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching videos on ff-dot-com, as well as some other sites I found with similar content, and reading comments from viewers. There are a few things that stick out as tricks that we could employ to enhance our chances of winning…”

“Such as?” asked Casey.

“First,” Lainey said, “We need to appear really into each other, almost like lovers. Sex that appears ‘platonic’ to the viewers will not get scored favorably. I guess people into brother/sister incest want to see a true bond between the siblings. I watched some videos where it seemed like the characters were just serving as masturbation devices for the other person. We need to do better than that.”

Casey simply nodded in understanding. Lainey continued, “Next, we need to capture the action from different angles. It doesn’t have to be studio production quality since they are seeking amateurs, but simply using the webcam on a laptop is too limiting and disconnected from the action. If you set up your cell phone tripod and we use the camera on one of our phones in addition to my webcam, we could then splice together at least two angles. That would be a real enhancement over what most others will submit. We also need to do everything bareback, because even though I am on the pill, the thought of a brother impregnating his sister is huge for some viewers. The final thing that we can do to make our video stand out from others is to add captioning…”

Casey snorted and said, “Won’t what we’ll be doing kinda be self-explanatory?”

Lainey playfully slapped his arm and explained, “Viewers like to hear the sounds of the people while they are having sex, and the raunchier the talk, the better. There are a couple of issues with that, not the least of which is the prospect of someone recognizing one of our voices. Besides that, we won’t have professional microphones and the sounds will likely not be picked up clearly by either camera that we’ll be using. I recommend that we record without sound and then dub in instrumental music and captioned dialogue. Think about it, won’t it be easier for us to sit back watching the video, and type in the words that we think best fit the action rather than trying to focus on dialogue while actually doing the deed?”

“I don’t know,” Casey said. “It seems like a lot of work for us to get something ready to submit by Tuesday.”

“We only need an hour of video,” Lainey stated. “If we rehearse tonight, we can film several hours tomorrow, and then we can edit and add the music and captions on Sunday.”


Lainey didn’t verbally respond to her brother as she slithered past him to kneel on the plush carpet of her bedroom floor. Casey sat still as he watched his sister coyly wrap her right hand around his semi-hard erection. They both held their breath for a moment, as Lainey’s beautiful face hovered over the head of her brother’s cock.

When she leaned in to draw a long lick across it, tasting his pre-cum, she heard Casey sigh a long-exhaled breath full of arousal and excitement. Shifting slightly before lowering her head, Lainey took one long lick from the base of Casey’s cock all the way up to the crown. Casey failed in his attempt to stifle a satisfied groan.

Lainey smiled at her brother’s reaction. She moved in to lick his cock again, sliding both hands up and down the shaft while she settled her tongue and lips onto the head. Casey was amazed that with her claim of limited experience, Lainey was establishing a rhythm with her hands and mouth. She began to move quicker while watching the obvious pleasure on Casey’s face. What he could see of her eyes behind the mask bore into his soul.

Although blow jobs weren’t her favorite thing, and she had only done them a couple of times, there was something arousing about the control that bringing pleasure to her mate generated in Lainey. At that moment, she was more aroused than ever knowing that she had that same control over her own brother. She remembered a saying that she had heard other girls use to describe the pleasure of giving a blow job to certain guys, and she had to agree with it where Casey was concerned. She would willingly eat onion rings off his steel-hard shaft.

For a very brief moment, a pang of guilt popped into the back of Casey’s mind, as if he was taking advantage of his sister, but then his brain woke up to remind him that this was his sister’s idea. Sighing contently, he gave himself over to the pleasure being offered. Few girls were able to comfortably take his cock into their mouths due to its girth, but Lainey certainly wasn’t treating his cock like someone with limited experience.

The best way that Casey could describe her actions was to say that she was “adoring” his cock. The passion with which she licked his balls, stroked his shaft, and sucked on just the head was like nothing that he had experienced before. She would pause occasionally to rub his wet and rock-hard cock against her cheeks, along her jawline, down her neck, and even over her breasts and nipples, loving it with her entire body. Lainey was treating her brother’s cock as if it was her entire world at that moment.

Casey couldn’t stand it any longer. He needed to show the goddess who was his sister that her body and her pleasure were just as important to him as his was to her. He tossed the bedspread aside and lifted her onto the mattress beside him. Confused, Lainey continued stroking Casey’s cock as she searched his face for an explanation for his actions.

“I’m going to lay on my back,” Casey informed her. “Why don’t you lay on top of me?”

Lainey smiled broadly and asked in a hopeful tone, “Lay on top of you in a sixty-nine position?”

Without hesitation, as soon as her brother settled onto his back, Lainey positioned herself so that her hips were straddling Casey’s face. Since she had never experienced anyone performing oral sex on her, Lainey would trust Casey to fine-tune her position to place her sex where he wanted it. She would concentrate on fulfilling her fantasy of making her brother cum in her mouth.

Before Casey could place his hands on Lainey’s hips to shift her into a position for his mouth to reach her pussy, he felt the nectar of her arousal dripping onto first his chest, then his chin, and he hungrily brought his mouth up to capture any more drops before they were wasted. As his lips found her swollen pussy lips for the first time, Lainey instinctively pushed down towards the rapturous sensations invading her body. Soon, her pussy lips had enveloped her brother’s mouth and his nose was nestled in the crack of her ass. Lainey didn’t know what more to expect, but she knew without a doubt from the moment that his lips had touched her most intimate spot, that Casey would rock her world tonight, and hopefully for many more nights to come.

Before returning her mouth to Casey’s cock, Lainey spit on the head and began rubbing the spittle onto his shaft, coaxing him with the words that came to mind, “Oh, fuck! Are you going to feast on me, little brother? Are you going to suck and lap up my juices as I gush around your mouth? Are you going to gobble me up like I am going to do with you?”

She heard Casey mumbling his reply without moving his mouth away from her pussy. The vibrations created by him trying to speak sent waves of pleasure through Lainey and she felt the headwaters for the orgasmic river of a pending climax. She cupped his balls with one hand as the other increased its stroking rhythm on his shaft while her tongue and lips danced around the crown.

Casey was in a state of sensory nirvana. He could feel the most extraordinary stimulation of what must have been every nerve in his cock. He could hear the sounds of Lainey’s arousal in her gasps and moans. He could smell the sweet, yet musky scent of her feminine nectar just before he was able to taste it on his lips. He knew that the pending explosion of his climax was only seconds away and he had to warn Lainey.

He lifted her pussy from his lips long enough to exclaim, “Lainey, I’m about to cum!”

Lainey hadn’t needed the warning. She had been paying attention to Casey’s body, in particular the sudden tightening of his balls and slight pulsing that had begun in his erect shaft. She clamped her lips around the head of his cock as her strokes and caresses of his shaft and balls intensified. She had to match Casey’s sudden upward lunges in order to maintain her lips around the head of his cock without allowing so much of it into her mouth that her jaw risked being dislocated.

The instant that she felt the first missile of Casey’s cum hit the back of her throat, Lainey’s body betrayed her. No matter how much she wanted to fully appreciate the pleasure that she was giving her brother, she couldn’t deny the instinctive reaction of her own body to the sudden shock of her first orgasm from oral sex. Her body responded on its own by rocking her pussy back and forth over the magical mouth of her brother while she refused to relinquish the pulsating cock head in her mouth. Brother and sister each rode the waves of their orgasmic highs while drawing the most out of the other at the same time.

When Lainey finally collapsed onto her brother, they were both silent for several minutes. Casey lifted Lainey and positioned her to lie next to him on the bed. He was in complete disbelief at what had just happened. Had his sister really just given him a blowjob, and had he just cum in her mouth? Had Lainey just taken every single drop down her throat without hesitation? He rose onto his elbows and studied his sister’s sated body.

Lainey absolutely glowed. From her fluttering closed eyes to the crooked smile on her lips, her expression told the tale of a very satisfied young woman. Glancing farther down her body, Casey watched her slightly heaving chest, saw her hard nipples, her still quivering stomach, and her spread legs. She had a dark tuft of hair above her pussy. It was neatly trimmed down to prevent an obvious pooch from being seen in her volleyball shorts. Her brother could see the obvious wetness in her crotch reflecting the ceiling fan lights; and further below, the puffy pink of her pussy was just barely peeking out from between her legs.

“Now that that’s out of the way…”

Casey returned his eyes to Lainey’s face and watched as she scooted up on the bed to recline against a pillow and the headboard. He scooted up to join her on an adjacent pillow. “What do you mean,” he asked her.

“The tension is broken,” Lainey explained. “Now we can discuss plans for the video more comfortably. The ‘deed has been done’, so to speak. The awkwardness is over. We can get down to enjoying the experience of having sex with each other and letting that enjoyment come across in the video.”

Casey took his mask off, tossed it onto the side table, and then reached over and removed Laney’s mask. It had become slightly askew, with her ponytail partially stuck in the elastic band, but he finally got it off her head without pulling her hair.

After placing it on the table next to his, he took Lainey’s hand in his and said, “I’m not sure that we’re as ready as you think.”

“Why not?”

Casey searched for and considered his words before responding, “Don’t take this the wrong way, because nothing has ever felt as good or as right as what we just did. I admit that the taboo aspects of us being brother and sister did contribute to the experience, but it was still all rather impersonal. There wasn’t a lot of intimacy involved. No serenity was associated with it. Do you know what I mean?”

Lainey thought for a few seconds and then nodded, “I understand. I enjoyed it too, but it certainly isn’t what I think we need in the video in order for us to have a chance at winning. No one watching what we just did would come away considering us lovers or even siblings with a close bond between us. However, that wasn’t the purpose of what we did. The purpose was for us to prove that we could give and receive sexual pleasure from each other without freaking out.”

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