Brother And Sister Enter A Video Contest Part 1

“Where are Mom and Dad?”

Lainey Buckner glanced up from her cell phone and smiled at her brother, Casey. “They are on their way to Gatlinburg. They rented a cabin for the weekend.”

Casey tossed his backpack onto one of the stools at the kitchen counter and headed for the refrigerator. “Cool,” he said. “We have the place to ourselves for a couple of days.”

“Don’t get any ideas,” Lainey warned. “Take a look at the weather forecast. It doesn’t look bad out there right now, but there’s a good chance that we’ll get almost an inch of snow here overnight, and you know what Georgia drivers are like when there is even a sprinkling of white stuff on the roads. Even if we did invite some people over, not many would want to venture out.”

Casey considered his sister’s warning and agreed that she was probably right. Although their home in Gainesville would be considered the far northern suburbs of the Atlanta metro area, it was in a different county with fewer resources available to salt or sand the roads if they got icy or snow-covered.

Lainey attended Brenau University, which was in downtown Gainesville, so she could likely find some of her friends and classmates close enough to not be bothered driving to their house for a party. Casey suspected that she wasn’t interested in doing so because she knew that most of his friends and classmates at Georgia Tech wouldn’t be willing to traverse the roads if the weather turned bad.

Lainey was the most selfless older sister any guy could have. She would never purposely partake in something that she couldn’t share with her brother. While technically his older sister, since she was born almost eleven months before Casey, they had grown up as virtual twins. Being born in the same calendar year, the siblings were considered “Irish Twins”, but most people thought that they were true paternal twins due to their similar features and closeness with one another.

Lainey surprised her brother when she once again seemed to be reading his mind. She turned on her stool to watch him studying the contents of the refrigerator and said, “I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have people over just because of the weather. I think that we need to spend time alone; just the two of us.”

Casey withdrew a bottle of water from the refrigerator and turned to face Lainey. “What do you mean? We see each other every day after classes. I know that I get home later than you, but there have been only a couple of times this semester that I haven’t been home in time to join you, Mom, and Dad for dinner.”

“The operative word, Smartass, is ‘alone’,” Lainey said with a smirk. “Since Mom and Dad have both started working from home when was the last time that you and I had the house to ourselves for more than a few hours at a time?”

“How about, like never,” Casey lamented. Although both siblings had proven that they were good, responsible teenagers and now young adults, their parents had never left them together overnight before this weekend. Their parents had always insisted that the brother and sister accompany them on weekend trips so the family could spend the time together. Now that Lainey had turned twenty-three, an age that Casey would match next November, it looked like their parents decided it was time to leave them alone at last.

The fact that both were also in the final semester of their last year of college, and typically had a lot of studying to get done on the weekends, may have also contributed to their parents deciding to leave them both home instead of making them drive to Gatlinburg with them. Lainey and her brother had always gotten along well, sharing things with each other without hesitation. They were not always as excited about sharing things with their parents. Tastes in music, movies, television shows, and even games were vastly different between the parents and the siblings. Being able to spend a weekend not having to consider their parents’ desires would be a welcome change.

“So, how much homework do you have this weekend?” Lainey asked.

Casey took a sip of water and said, “Not too much. I’ll need to remotely log onto the sandbox server in the robotics lab to troubleshoot some code that is causing my project to get hung in a loop cycle. It shouldn’t take me more than a couple of hours. How about you?”

“I’m good,” Lainey boasted proudly. “I could binge-watch the tournament to keep myself busy if necessary. I still haven’t seen anything but the first round.”

Casey was his sister’s biggest fan, so he understood where she was coming from with her comment. The NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament had been held in early December. As the Libero for the Brenau Golden Tigers, Lainey was too focused on their last games of the season and her semester finals to devote any time to watching the NCAA tournament. Lainey had received special recognition as the 2022 NAIA Northeast Region Defender of the Year for her all-star performance during her final season. She had registered 414 digs and was a defensive stalwart for the Brenau team the entire season. Lainey’s biggest honor was being named the AAC Libero of the Year to cap her outstanding college volleyball career.

“I was thinking about making enchiladas for dinner,” Lainey said. “What do you think?”

Casey liked Lainey’s cooking but didn’t want to burden her with cooking for just the two of them. He suggested, “We could go to La Parrilla if you want enchiladas. My treat. Or, we could order them as take-out and I could go pick them up.”

“We can’t order Margaritas to-go,” Lainey replied with a smile. “So, let’s go there, eat, and get back home before the weather turns ugly. You can drive since your car is probably still warm.”


“How were you able to squirrel away enough money to be able to treat us to eating out?” Lainey asked as they entered the foyer of their house after dinner. She had seen that their dinner tab, with drinks, had been over $75.

Casey shrugged and said, “The Google Play Store was pretty good to me over the holidays.”

“Ahhh,” Lainey said in understanding. Her brother had created a few Android games that were popular with kids between the ages of twelve and eighteen. One in particular, “Beet the Bully” was trending as a top seller the last time that Lainey had checked. She supposed that teenagers could relate to nerdy kids in the game pranking the school bullies with various scenarios that found the bad guys covered in beet juice or facing another humiliating malady.

Casey helped his sister take her coat off, and while hanging them up, asked, “On the subject of being able to afford things, how are Mom and Dad able to afford to go away to Gatlinburg for the weekend? They’ve got to be stretched pretty thin financially with our tuition and the higher costs of everything these days.”

“Let’s grab a couple of beers and go to my room,” Lainey suggested. “We can speculate on things in there.”

Casey nodded and said, “You go ahead. I’ll grab the beers and meet you there after I take my shoes off.

“Okay, get comfortable and I’ll do the same thing.”

Casey watched Lainey heading towards the hallway and smiled with pride at how beautiful his older sister was. It would be easy to describe her slim, athletic figure as the quintessential female college volleyball player’s body, but that’s exactly what it was. She was tall at five-foot-nine inches, with long, toned legs that rose to meet the shapeliest ass that Casey had ever seen. Her breasts were not huge, but they fit the frame of her body perfectly. His sister’s body had become the benchmark that Casey compared all other girls to.

Her body aside, Casey was proudest of Lainey’s beautiful face. Her eyes were such a light shade of blue that they often appeared silver. Her mouth was crafted by the gods as the definition of perfection. Her slender nose had the most subtle and delicate upturned tip that seemed to foretell Lainey’s playful nature.

As youngsters, their mother had gotten both siblings into modeling for local magazines and television commercials. The money from these activities had contributed to the tuition for their college educations, and it would probably have been much more if Lainey hadn’t refused to do any modeling without Casey by her side. While Lainey had grown more beautiful and statuesque as puberty approached, Casey’s body had become ganglier, and his complexion struggled with acne for several years, which made him unsuitable for most modeling assignments.

Diet and exercise associated with the various sports that Casey had played during high school had molded his body into its current buff physique and cleared his complexion to the point that he was once more viewed by people as equal in attractiveness to his sister. The modeling opportunities for both of them reappeared, but by that time, they were too involved in multiple extra-curricular activities to pursue anything more.

By the time Casey approached the open door to Lainey’s bedroom, he had changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants. The tile kitchen floor had been chilly on his bare feet, but the plush carpet in the hallway had warmed them back up. Holding a bottle of beer in each hand, he used the bottom of one bottle to tap on the doorframe of his sister’s bedroom.

Neither sibling had ever been overly modest around the other. There were a few times when changes to each of their bodies had made one of them more tentative about being seen by the other, such as when Casey’s pubic hair began to appear or Lainey had begun to develop her breasts, but these periods were always short-lived. They each still respected the other’s privacy though, which is what prompted Casey to announce his presence rather than simply walk into his sister’s bedroom.

Lainey was standing in front of the desk that held her laptop computer. She accepted the bottle of beer that Casey offered her and then returned her attention to her laptop. Casey saw that she had also changed her clothes. Lainey was wearing the UCLA women’s volleyball jersey that he had given her as a Christmas gift two years prior. It was azure blue, which Casey thought looked like a dark sky blue, with U-C-L-A emblazoned across the chest in sun gold lettering. There was a single sun gold stripe between two white stripes on each of the long sleeves. The bottom of the shirt came just below the waistband of Lainey’s white cotton panties. She had anklet socks on her feet.

“Why don’t you take a seat on the bed,” Lainey suggested. “I’ll be finished here in a second and then we can discuss finances.”

Assuming that the finances mentioned referred to his earlier comment about how their parents could suddenly afford little extras such as a weekend in Gatlinburg, Casey willingly took a seat and watch his sister. She had picked up her cell phone and was scrolling through various screens. She then set it on the desk and returned her focus to her laptop. After only a few seconds, she picked up the mouse and cell phone and carried them with her to set on the bed next to her brother. The forty-inch monitor that Lainey had connected to her laptop came to life, showing the homepage for her web browser.

Walking along the side of the bed and withdrawing something from under one of the pillows, Lainey then climbed onto the bed and sat next to her brother. Tucking her legs underneath her, she turned to an angle on the bed where she could see both Casey and the monitor on her desk. She handed the item retrieved from under her pillow to her brother. “Have you ever heard of ‘ff-dot-com’?” she asked.

Casey studied the birthday card that Lainey had handed him and said, “It doesn’t sound familiar. What is it?”

Lainey held up a hand and said, “Hang on a second. Let me connect my laptop to the hotspot I created on my cell phone and I’ll show you.”

Casey asked, “Why? Is there something wrong with the home Wi-Fi?”

Lainey grinned and said, “Subterfuge, dear brother. Subterfuge. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mom and Dad still had the parental controls and monitoring features for yours and my internet access in place. Using my cell phone hotspot to connect to the internet will bypass those if they’re still active.”

Casey didn’t question why Lainey felt the need to circumvent their parents’ ability to monitor which websites they visited. He trusted that his sister had her reasons. He watched on the monitor as Lainey quickly went into the network settings on her computer and switched the connection from the home Wi-Fi to the mobile hotspot created with her cell phone.

As she was entering a web address into the browser, Lainey began explaining, “That card was among a few others that I received last month for my birthday. As you can see, all it says is ‘Happy Birthday, Lainey’, and then lists that one website URL…”

Lainey indicated the monitor with a nod of her head, “ff-dot-com. Take a look.”

Casey turned his attention to the monitor and studied the words and images displayed on it. He finally asked, “Family Fornication? That’s what the ‘ff’ stands for?”

Lainey simply nodded as Casey continued reading aloud different areas of the website, “Sex with family members is the best sex… The family that fucks together, stays together… No one knows how to share better than brothers and sisters… Parents make the best teachers…”

“Hang on,” Lainey said. “This is the part I wanted you to see…”

She clicked on a link and a new page appeared on the monitor. Casey read it silently, with an occasional glance at his sister. When he finished, he almost laughed. Lainey had to be pranking him. Didn’t she?

Lainey saw Casey’s confused expression and explained, “You have your Google Store income to help you pay for things. I don’t have anything other than the meager allowance that Mom and Dad provide me for doing the housework and cooking. It isn’t enough to put aside anything for me to go to Myrtle Beach for Spring break. This is my senior year and my last chance, and I really want to go…”

“Your allowance is probably more than I take in from Google each month,” Casey countered. “This last deposit was more only because of the holiday sales. I want to go to Myrtle Beach for Spring break too, but I’m in the same boat as you are where being able to afford it is concerned.”

Lainey had a broad smile on her face as she said, “Then my idea might be of even greater interest to you…”

“What idea is that?”

“Read the URL on the card,” she told him, pointing at the screen. “It’s for that website.”

Casey did compare the URLs and saw that they matched. He then started reading the content of the page, “They’ll pay five thousand dollars for a one-hour video of a real-life brother and sister having sex?” was his astonished response. “Whoever sent you the card knows that you have a brother… me, but they probably got that from your Facebook profile or something. Are they suggesting that you and I have been having sex together and want us to send them a video?”

Lainey merely nodded and waited for Casey to read more of the details. He continued, “But, it’s a contest. Entries will be judged and on Valentine’s Day, they’ll only pick five winners for the prize. If you’re thinking of you and me entering… I mean, we would stand a good chance of having our faces blasted all over the internet performing illegal sexual acts, with no guarantee that we’ll be compensated. We could ruin our reputations, our career hopes, and probably get disowned by our family. For what? Plus, the deadline to submit a video is February 7th. That’s only four days from now.”

Lainey waited for Casey to cease his rant before explaining, “Yes, I think that you and I should enter, and don’t think that I haven’t considered every point that you raised.”

She jumped from the bed and went to her desk where she opened a drawer and retrieved something else. Resuming her spot on the bed next to Casey, she handed him one of the items and said, “Let’s start with our identities. Wearing these masquerade masks will do the trick to hide our identities. Neither of us has any tattoos or other distinguishable marks on our bodies, so by obscuring a portion of our faces, not even Mom and Dad will be able to recognize us.”

Casey examined the mask in his hands and said, “Put yours on. Let me see how well it disguises you.”

Lainey complied with her brother’s request. She was surprised by his next request when he said, “Nope, I’m still seeing you too clearly because of what you’re wearing. Get naked. Let me see you with nothing on but the mask.”

Lainey wouldn’t normally hesitate to let Casey see her naked. They saw each other sans clothing several times each week. Her problem now, was that ever since she had come up with the idea of her and Casey entering the contest by making a video of them having sex, she had been in a state of arousal unlike any she had experienced before.

Getting naked for him now so that he could judge the effectiveness of the mask in hiding her identity would be for the sole purpose of moving her idea to fruition, and she was concerned about her body betraying her desires for Casey. She had intended to present the idea to him as a simple business transaction. Would he realize what she herself had known for years? Would he realize that his sister had the hots for him so bad that it was his image in her head whenever she had sex with another guy?

Watching Lainey consider his request, Casey believed that he had been successful in calling his sister’s bluff. There was no way that she would purposely get naked in front of him in order to perpetuate this prank of hers.

His sister had another surprise in store for him.

In a test of her brother’s willingness to proceed with her idea, Lainey raised her arms above her head, and in slightly more than a whisper, said, “Go ahead. Undress me.”

“Okay,” Casey thought. Maybe asking her to get naked wasn’t the straw that would break this camel’s back. After all, being naked in front of him had never been a challenge for Lainey.

Until he could think of something else, Casey reached for the hem of Lainey’s shirt and lifted it over her head in one quick motion. Before the shirt had settled onto the floor where it had been tossed, Lainey was laying back on her bed and raising her hips to facilitate her brother’s removal of her panties. When he hesitated, she raised an eyebrow at him, forgetting the mask hid the gesture.

“You said that you wanted me naked,” she reminded him.

Casey stared at his topless sister, admiring her perfect, firm, B-cup breasts sitting proudly on her chest. He considered how many times he had seen Lainey’s breasts in the past. Why did they now hold a different significance for him?

Even this morning when they had passed each other in the shared, “Jack-and-Jill” bathroom located between their two bedrooms, she had been topless, but her breasts had been just another part of her body to him then, on a par with her arms or ears. Why did they now look like so much more to him, and why was his cock getting hard at the sight of them?

The idea of Lainey pranking him returned to his thoughts, as well as how he might flip things on her. Casey leaned toward his sister, reaching with both hands for the waistband of her panties, but he let his head continue leaning until his lips were directly over Lainey’s left nipple. As his fingers slid under the waistband, his lips closed around the erect nub at the peak of her breast and gently kissed it, brushing it lightly with his tongue at the same time.

Casey had been expecting his sister to jerk away from his advances, so, what was her hand doing on the back of his head, pulling his mouth tighter against her breast? Was that a moan? From Lainey?

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