Bound, gagged and found by his best friend’s mom

Play Ball i

It poured outside and looked like the summer league baseball tournament would be postponed. Four of us were bored waiting and decided to play spies. Even after graduating from high school still played cowboys & Indians, cops & robbers, Army, and other games that involved ropes, gags and someone being captured.

As usual I was ganged up on. They soon stripped me down to my too tight white spandex brief. I was gagged with Mrs. Buxton’s well-worn leopard print panty girdle and two black spandex scarves wrapped over my lips! My three captors were aggressive, to my embarrassment my thick circumcised 9″ cock got rock hard as my smooth egg sized balls got as tight as a drum. It always made me feel gay when they got rough with me.

Two boys entered Justin’s bedroom soaking wet. They had over 100′ of cotton clothesline. They practically turned me into a mummy, with my hands beside my sides and rope tied from my upper thighs to my ankles. I could only meow incoherently as they outdid themselves. It took my three classmates more than hour to truss up my silky smooth 5’5″, smooth well-toned and tanned 127-pound! It a lot of willpower not to spurt boy juice in front of my tormenters.

“Hey!” A ballplayer called from outside! “We have ten minutes to get to the field!”

The boys quickly grabbed their gear. Both Charly and Justin assured me they would be back to untie me.

I could only nod in agreement as my full bladder ached for relief. I could only hope one of them returned on time.

It was humid and muggy as I struggled on the hardwood floor.

After an hour ticked by I soaked my spandex brief with warm amber pee as my full bowels rumbled for relief, it had been two days’ since my last BM.

Four hours later I was still bound, gagged and helpless. It rained for about ten minutes, which gave me hope. No one showed up.

The need to pee and poop overwhelmed me! I stared in the full sized mirror on the door and saw my cute face, I was 18-years-old, but looked like a little leaguer. My thick wavy golden-blonde hair was wet from sweat as my baby-blue eyes stared at myself and got super stiff. Bondage excited me.

I rode the floor and had an intense climax! I came so hard that I farted out a hot, smelly, almost ass splitting, solid, shiny golden-brown log slid between my tight balls and rear waistband of my underpants!

I soon expelled a four-grapefruit sized odorous poop bomb in my underpants. The hot, smelly huge lump felt good in my overstretched underpants! I had wood again!

The kitchen screen door slammed! Hope! I hoped it was Justin, since he would be more sympathetic. Charly would tease me and tell everyone that I shit myself. George was the star player so would not rescue me, so that was somewhat of a relief.

I panicked as I heard high heels ascend the stairs! Wilma Buxton, the 5’5″, centerfold gorgeous, 45-year-old, with doe shaped bright blue eyes, thick collar length curly platinum-blonde hair, a 130-pound hourglass figure and wore a 34GG cup bra, her black tank top, shiny red spandex leggings and black stiletto high heels would excite a dead man. I meowed with embarrassment as my huge penis throbbed!

“Well, you are still alive Terry.” She said as she opened the windows higher.

She did a doubletake as she looked at me and then out of a window. “Those bastards! She swore.

She knelt down and began to fumble with the knots. I was ready to burst as her well-manicured fingers slowly untied me. She didn’t bother to ungag me as she started with my ankles! When she got around my crotch I spurted like never before! She didn’t move her hands as my cock spilled semen in my soiled underpants! She ran a hand across my stinky poop pile, which aroused me.

She finally untied me after twenty minutes and then guided me to the upstairs bathroom. I removed the effective and sodden gag as she sat on the toilet ad pulled down my poop filled once snow white brief!.

I stepped into the tub and rinsed out my underpants.

Suddenly Wilma entered the tub, naked and excited. She washed the cute teenager with soap and a sea sponge. He soon got the message and washed her huge breasts and erect pinkish-brown silver dollar sized nipples!

“Are you ready for me?” Wilma asked as she held a ribbed condom!

He mounted her from behind and filled her tight cunt with his huge tool! She was tight and new how to ride him. This was the best sex he ever had! He made her climax!

She turned around and kissed and fondled the blonde teenager as she urinated against his huge flaccid member.

An hour later they sat in the living room and ate Chinese take-out and watched an old episode of Hunter where DeeDee McCall is bound and tape gagged.. Terry wore a red satin pair of short shorts that belonged to the buxom blonde while his clothes were washed. Wilma looked desirable in a red tank top and matching spandex volleyball shorts.

At 9:30 Charly and Justin returned to the scene of the crime. Wilma pulled them aside and scolded them.

The sleepover turned out to be uneventful until to morning.

Terry got up to pee early in the morning. He was greeted at the door by Wilma who looked stunning in her red spandex volleyball shorts and too-tight white tank top.

She held his cock while he peed and then sat on the toilet and played with his stiff cock as she grunted and peed in her stretchy shorts!

Terry came in her willing mouth as she pushed out a hot, odorous, semi-solid, shiny bronze torpedo gathered between her quaking pussy and wide upper bum crack!

She stood up and finished her smelly pliable seven-orange-sized lumpy fecal deposit!

“Your turn.” Wilma handed the cute blonde a sea sponge.

They stepped into the shower together.

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