Bisexual Riya and the Family

Hi, I am Riya from a big city, where the lockdown affected me a lot.

I am a bisexual girl, who can sex with both men and women too, and can have lesbian and dildo sex and anal.

We are three sisters my number is second.


First one is Priya, and the third one is Mia.

We are in a joint family. My father has 2 more big brothers, both have one girl and one boy.

And in the female section there are 3 aunty type ladies, including my mother.

Hot Beauty type girls, including me, were 5 and 4 boys. I have 2 brothers.

Nobody knew about my bisexuality until I was 22.

I was eager to watch porn films while I was alone; I like to watch lesbian porn but I also liked straight (male female fucking) too, but I was attracted to Lesbian and dildo fun with ladies.

We have a vast house in which one room is allotted for me and my elder sister, Priya.

We both sisters sleep semi nude (in bra panties). Many times I got attracted to my sister and tried on her, pressing her boobs that were smaller than mine.

I have a good pair of curvy and chubby boobs and chubby thighs.

Only my two aunts and I have big boobs in my family and others have lemon shaped boobs with no attraction including my mother, many times my father too sees my aunt’s boobs with lust.

I had sex with blood relatives more times than I can count only 7 female family members.

One night, when I was sleeping beside my sister Priya, after she slept, I opened porn videos on my phone and tried to finger my pussy, but I couldn’t satisfy myself.

I was watching videos one by one.

In one video I saw one girl directly start licking the pussy of another girl sleeping beside her and then another woke up and started enjoying.

I also wanted to take the risk, but I was worried.

First, I titillated her thighs, and after her no answer I got courage to get ahead.

I took my hand ahead on her pussy; she gave no response. So, I took my hand in her panty and started wheezing her clitoris. She enjoyed that, so I increased speed and she was getting much pleasure and moaning too.

I stood up and tried to remove her panty, before I removed her panties she woke up and said, “Riya, what are you doing? Why are you removing my panties? And why are you fingering me?”

I had no words to say.

Priya said, “Don’t worry, I know you watched porn videos, and you wanted to do the same.”

I was saying nothing and again she said, “You were doing a pleasurable thing I was enjoying. Can you continue it, I will tell no one about all this.”

I said “You also have to do with me otherwise it is only a demonstration of a pleasure that you can enjoy, if you can’t do with me you also get nothing.”

After this deal, I continued. I removed her panties, and I saw her beautiful pink pussy with cleaned hair.

I licked her pussy, and she was pushing my mouth into her pussy. She fell all her cum in my mouth and I licked all her stuff.

Then it’s her turn now she came on me and she was wild but hesitated.

She removed my bra and started pressing my boobs and licking my nipples too I was in heaven; she bites my nipples; I was moaning but enjoying too.

Now she removed my panties and we both are fully naked.

Priya firstly entered one middle finger in my pussy and it was tight as because it’s my first time, I had never touched it yet.

Priya was fucking me with her finger and then she took her finger out and licked it, then she started licking my pussy.

I was moaning and after such a wonderful mouth job by my sister I fell in her mouth and she drank all my cum and cleaned my body.

I said “You are great Priya, from where you learnt all these?”

She said “We both have the same teacher.”

I didn’t understand what she said; I was looking at her face.

She said “The phone and the internet and videos, you watch videos at night and sleep late. I wake up soon and watch, we both are sisters.”

She smiled.

We both enjoyed it again. From that day on, it was our daily program.

One night, before our program, my two cousins (uncle’s daughter) came to us and started talking to us.

We both were in bra panties and they were in shorts.

Suddenly, one of them opened her phone and showed us a video. After watching that video, our ass ripped, and we said nothing.

The video was a recording of our night programme.

Priya was so smart she said, “What do you want?”

(One’s name is meenu and other one is Tina)

(Meenu is my father’s elder brother’s daughter and Tina is the second one’s)

Meenu said “Nothing, we want to tell your father about this but I thought I should give you time to prepare yourself.”

Priya closed the door and came near meenu and held meenu’s widened legs, and got them up.

And then she removed her shorts inside so that she wore nothing until she was naked inside.

Meenu was laughing at this act and said, “Priya, I was testing you. Now fuck me, I want you to get us with you. Tina can’t do like you and Riya, please teach us.”

(These all were their plan to get with us to enjoy, Priya understood all that in starting)

I had no problem with  2 more players in my gang.

I removed Tina’s clothes, and she was too naked inside with no bra and panties inside.

I stretched her small cubicles with my mouth and gave them a great time, taking long mouth jobs.

Then we also enjoyed mouth job by them and we all slept naked in one bed.

It was too late in our night program that’s why it’s not possible to wake up early in the morning.

So, till 10am no one of us woke up so my aunt (meenu’s mother) started searching for meenu and Tina. She searched in their room and when she came near my room; she saw a scene from the window which created goosebumps.

We all are sleeping naked on each other in 69 positions.

My mother and both aunts had seen the scene and knocked on the door I was dressed in and left them all covered with a blanket.

My mom wakes up all Priya, meenu and Tina are naked standing in front of mom and aunties.

They were trying to cover their pussy, but unable to do so.

Mom asked, “What were you doing naked here?”

Meenu said, “We were doing sex, lesbian sex, would you anyone want to do? You can join us.”

Mom and aunts had teary eyes after they listened meenu.

Meenu told Tina to close the door.

Mom and aunties didn’t know what was happening.

Meenu said “You asked us what’s happening here, now see what’s happening here.”

But instead of doing anything with us, meenu and Tina held my mom and aunties and tried to undress them.

My mom slapped me on meenu’s cheek.

Meenu and Tina attacked my mom and tore down her clothes. My mom was only in her panties now (I forget to tell you that my mom doesn’t wear a bra).

Now Tina grabbed my mom and removed her panties and started licking her pussy.

My aunts understood the game or I think all this is their plan.

They fastly undressed themselves and meenu started licking her mom’s pussy and Tina was enjoying my mom’s pussy. My mom started cooperating with Tina, and Priya grabbed the other aunty, and then my mom dropped all his pussy juice into Tina’s mouth.

And Tina licked all the juice and then my mom saw me alone and started giving me a mouth job.

We all enjoyed a lot my mom gives blowjobs to all the girls and aunties given to each other.

After all this ended, they all left my room. My mother stayed here with my sister, Priya.

Priya was not satisfied with the scene that how can it’s all happened perfectly.

So my mom said “Your aunts many times they talk about sex, that their husbands are now gone old they can’t satisfy them, once they swapped but their husbands don’t know, but after swapping they too got nothing, they were not satisfied.”

Priya said, “What’s the connection between swapping and our scene?”

Mom said, “I think they started lesbian sex with each other and they want we don’t disturb them that’s why they did with us.”

Priya said, “Let them enjoy themselves.”

Priya: “Why don’t we get one step ahead of them?”

Mom asked “How?”

Priya: “If we started these ladies fucking, then why don’t we include the boys?”

Mom refused, but Priya was so intelligent she agreed.

Mom was too suffering from sex problems, because of mom has not had such an attraction dad don’t fuck her but mom says my dad is as much powerful that can satisfy two three ladies.

But he lost interest in my mom.

I said “Why don’t we start with our brothers, let them tell to fuck us.”

Priya agreed, and mom too.

Mom said “In starting in will fuck from all of them.”

Mom left.

At night we called our both brothers and as per our plan we both got fully naked.

When they came into our room, they were not as shocked as we thought.

We both widened our legs, our pink pussies are visible to them.

Priya said “Attack.”

Both of them removed their clothes and sat between us.

I asked “Why don’t you be shocked to see us seeing naked?”

They said “We had seen you all in the morning, your lesbian sex.”

I asked, “How did you know we called you for sex?”

They said “Mom told us, we fucked her before coming here, you can see her, she now can not sit or walk properly, we tore her ass.”

I said “Please think of us as virgin, please do it politely.”

They both roughly fucked us, and after listening to our screams, my aunties, meenu, and Tina came into our room. They were all shocked to see us.

We both sisters were getting fucked in doggy style and the white bedsheet had new red spots of our purity.

My mom came moaning from outside. She could not walk properly.

My aunties saw her and seen her teared ass, a wide open hole is visible in my mom’s back after fucking, she was virgin from ass.

My mom called my dad, too. He came and enjoyed my aunties in a separate room with my mom.

My aunties didn’t involve her sons in this game because they were satisfied now and whenever they get time, they get sex.


Thank you.

The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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