Beth’s hard sex upon arriving

The distance makes seeing Beth hard. Both have good and secure careers, so it is hard for one of us to take a plunge and move. Our weekends together are usually at her house… I’m not complaining, since her city has more going on.

As I drive closer to her house, my stomach is filled with butterflies of excitement. I miss her a lot during our time away from each other. We do so many different interests, it is wonderful to be able to be with a beautiful woman, who likes to try new things. We enjoy trying anything for the sake of curiosity. Last time, we took a wine art class. We painted while we drank wine, and it was fun to see everybody’s work. So many different talent levels, and nobody made fun of each other’s artwork.

I arrive and walk up to her door, and ring the doorbell. As she answers the door, she stands partially behind it.

“Hi sexy! You are beautiful in my shirt!”

She is wearing one of my dress shirts I left her. Sleeves are folded up, top four buttons are unbuttoned. I love how she looks in my dress shirts. I find this look very sexy.

“Thank you. Come in. Do you mind if we just stay in tonight? I just showered and I would like to snuggle watching a movie.”

“Of course we can.” I grab her hand and pin her up against the wall, as I start kissing her lips, making my way down her neck. I whiff of her is intoxicating, she is wearing my favorite perfume.

Whispering in her ear, “Look you very beautiful and sexy. You smell delicious, and I’m going to taste every inch of your body.”

Beth lets out a guttural moan. My hands roam down to her ass, as we continue to kiss and our tongues intertwine. My hands are just below her ass, as I lift her up her legs wrap around me. Continuing to kiss I carry her over to the kitchen island and lay her on the island.

I fumble to undo my belt and remove my pants. Beth is laying there breathing deep, eyes closed, as her hand plays with her pussy. I enjoy watching her pleasing herself. Her legs are wide open, as she is on full display. I kiss her thigh, while my other hand slides up and down on her other thigh.

She opens her eyes, she gives me those fuck me eyes. I go down on her, enjoying the taste of her delicious nectar. Her moans are the affirmation of enjoyment, as my tongue dances over her lips and clit. Several minutes of me tasting her and teasing her was just what I missed the past couple weeks. I enjoy her orally, and she enjoys the oral attention.

“Oh God! I’m cumming!”, she screams, as her thighs clamp my head.

“Let it go Babe!” And she cums hard.

Gasping between words, “I need your hard cock in me now.”

“Ok, but I want you on all fours, in front of the fireplace.”, as I point into the living room.

Beth quickly replies, “What are you waiting for?” I hold my hand out, helping her off the kitchen island.

I take my pants off as I try to follow Beth, while watching her incredibly sexy body walking into the living room. Her ass looks great in jeans, but even better naked.

She stops and looks over her shoulder, “Here?” She gives a mischievous smirk, while removing the shirt.

Her naked body silhouettes the dancing flames. I shake my head yes. The darkness in the room was enhancing her glorious figure. I stand there stroking my hardness, looking in her eyes.

She drops to her knees and takes my cock in her mouth. Her oral skills are unbelievable. She looks up to me as she continues sucking me harder. She stops and turns around, then drops onto her hands. Showing me her open glistening lips. I stand there admiring the view she has given me, as I stroke my hardness once again.

I drop to my knees behind her. But I go down on my back underneath her wide open pussy.

“Oh!?!?!? I thought you were giving me your cock. Are you going to make me cum for a third time, without your hard cock?”

Without missing a beat, I start eating her again. She starts rubbing and bucking her pussy rhythmically over my face. My hands glide to tease each of her breasts. Her nipples are hard, and her chest is flushed from her arousal.

Her thighs are tightening around my ears, so I can’t hear what she is saying. She grabs my hair and pulls my face deeper into her pussy. Thrusting her hips all over my face. Her body tightens and she falls forward on to her hands, gasping from another orgasm.

Quickly I kneel behind her, sliding into her, while she is still feeling the effects from her orgasm.

Inside her, I pull her hips into me. Quickly building to a hard and fast rhythm. Drilling into her harder and harder.

“Pull my hair. Pull it! I want you to give it to me hard and treat me like your bad little bitch!”

At first I was taken back by her desire, but quickly I reply, “I will! You deserve a good hard pounding!”

I take her hair in my hand and pull it just as she demanded. Pounding her pussy from behind. The sound of our skin slapping together with every thrust, brings me closer to filling my thick, hot cum deep into her wet pussy.

I feel her muscles clamping harder around my shaft with each thrust. I tug her hair a little harder with each tug.

“Is this the way you want it? Hard and deep? Or do want it even harder?”

She quickly gasps, “Yes! Fill me with your cum. I want to fill your cock pulsate inside. I’m about to cum!”

I give her a final firm tug on her hair before letting go to grab her hips, and pull her into me. I keep pounding her harder and harder. I start to cum, as Beth’s pussy milks my cock on my last few deep thrusts. I let out a loud groan.

“Oh God! I missed your pussy milking me like this.”

Beth collapses to the ground, as she rolls on her back. Pointing her quivering lips towards me. She smiles at me. I watch as she spreads legs showing her red swollen, freshly pounded lips, and our juices slowly come out of her together.

“You need to pull my hair more often and give it to me hard like that. Look how swollen and red you made me.” Rubbing herself lightly.

My eyes move from watching her spasm, to her eyes, “You know I will. And the best part….we just started the weekend. I plan on pounding your naked body very hard this weekend. Pound you until your pussy is sore.”

“Lay down.”, she demands. I quickly lay on my back. She walks over to me, and she stands over my face and spreads her pussy. Some of our juices drops on my chest.

“This is a lovely view of you.”

I want you to lick out our juices.. I want to then kiss and taste us.” She lowers herself onto my eagerly waiting face. I quickly taste our intermingled juices. I’m enjoying spreading her pussy to help her juices drip out of her wetness.

She then bends down to kiss me all over my face. Tasting our essence on her lips.

“We taste great together.”, she replies while wiping some cum from her lips.

“Yes we do. Makes me want to fuck you again right now.”

Before I know it, she’s riding me. She’s riding me hard and deep. She has never ridden me this hard before. I slap her ass.

“Yes! Spank me hard again. Make me feel your hand.” I spank her ass very hard, and she yelps a bit. A little harder then I had meant too. But she has me worked up.

She grinds me deep into her, while grinding her clit on me.

“Make me cum. I want you make me cum.”, as she continues to rid me hard. Her body starts to thrash and buck.

My hands on her hips, I drive her down hard onto me. “You can fuck me like this all night.”, I reply between thrusts.

“I’m cumming.”, ask she cums and squirts over my hard cock.

“I will fuck you hard any way you want me. And I’m not responsible if I just grab you and start pounding your pussy, at any time this weekend.”

Mischievously she smirks, “Good. I missed you fucking me hard! I have had a hard week, and I plan on taking it out on your hard cock.”

And I know she will.

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