Best Mom in the Holler Part 3

“Adam has the learning and the experience,” I continued. “Instead, I’m going to let Adam demonstrate what he’s learned and you can follow his lead.”

Both of them smiled at my proposal.

“We’re going to need a woman for Adam to use for demonstration.” A pause to see if they anticipated where I was headed. “Fortunately, I’m a woman and I’m here so I’ll be Adam’s model. Agreed?” I asked.

If their smiles were any larger, they’d be cartoon caricatures.

I stood up and sat between Adam and Josh on the sofa. “Okay, Adam,” I said. “Where do we start?”

I don’t know if Adam had been listening earlier but he clearly didn’t expect me to toss the ball in his lap.

“Okay,” he stammered. “First a couple of facts and ground rules. Number one is that a woman’s body is a temple. Always show respect for her body. Don’t do anything that she doesn’t want you to do.”

“Nice start,” I thought.

“I get that but how do I know what she wants me to do and what she doesn’t?” asked Josh.

“Listen,” answered Adam. “Listen to what she says and the sounds she makes. Is she oohing and aahing or is she clenching her teeth? Learn her body language. Is she tense or relaxed? Let her lead. She’ll tell you to stop or move your hand if you’re venturing into territory she’s uncomfortable with.”

“Okay,” said Josh.

“Next,” continued Adam. “Be gentle. Don’t squeeze or mash her body in your enthusiasm to get to home plate. Use how you would like to have someone touch your body. For example, would you like to have someone squeeze and maul your testicles or would you like to have someone be gentle and careful with them? Then don’t squeeze and maul her breasts. She probably is just as sensitive as you are with your balls.”

“Good,” said Josh.

“Okay,” said Adam. “There will probably be some preliminary activity before we normally reach this point. Maybe conversation. Maybe holding hands or light touching. She might even take your hand and put it where she wants it to be. Assuming all that, I’m going to move directly to the critical moment. Agnes, is it alright with you if Josh and I touch your breasts?”

“That’s okay with me,” I responded. I relaxed waiting for the inevitable moment.

“Thanks,” said Adam. “Josh, look at Agnes’ breasts.” A pause for the idea to sink in. “Have you ever touched a woman’s breast?”

“No,” whispered Josh.

“Would you like to touch Agnes’ breast?”

“Yes,” Josh whispered again.

“How would you go about it?” asked Adam.

“I need to know if she wants me to,” answered Josh.

“She’s already given you permission. Go ahead.”

Josh tentatively put out a hand and moved it slowly toward my left breast. “Gently,” reminded Adam and he put a hand on my right breast. Josh caught up to Adam and put his hand on my left breast, gently. Something went “Bingo” in my head and ding, ding, ding in my body.

“Move your hand around. Slowly and gently. Feel the size and contour of her breast,” instructed Adam. He demonstrated on my other breast as he spoke.

“Move your hand under her breast. Hold it in your palm. Feel the weight of it,” continued Adam. “Move your thumb up and see if you can find her nipple,” continued Adam. Thumbs found both my nipples. My breasts were in heaven.

“Is her nipple hard or soft?” asked Adam. “If it’s hard she probably is enjoying your touch. Soft? Maybe not so much.”

“Nice,” commented Adam.

“Nice,” echoed Josh.

“Okay, you’ve been feeling her breast through her clothing. Would you like to feel her breast without her clothing?”

“I would,” whispered Josh.

“How would you go about it?” asked Adam.

“I guess I’d have to remove her shirt and bra,” said Josh.

“It’s not that easy,” commented Adam. “First you have to determine if she wants her blouse and bra removed.”

“How would I know?” asked Josh.

“Body language,” Adam said. “Is she relaxed or tense? Is she playing with the buttons on her blouse? If so, give her a moment to take off her own blouse. So, look at Agnes. Her head is back on the sofa and her eyes are closed. Does she look relaxed?”

“She does,” agreed Josh.

“Then try unbuttoning her blouse. Slowly and just one button.”

Josh undid the top button of my blouse. A second later, he undid another button. Too slowly for me but perfectly for Josh. When my blouse was half unbuttoned and Josh had an unobstructed view of my bra, Adam spoke up. “Don’t rush to get a look at her breasts,” he cautioned. “Take your time. Everything will be revealed in time. Time is on your side. Rushing could make her uncomfortable.”

“Not a prayer I’m going to be uncomfortable,” I thought.

Finally, my blouse was unbuttoned to my waist. Josh began to pull it from the waist of my skirt. I moved slightly to ease his task and leaned forward to help him remove it completely. I sat between Josh and Adam in my bra.

“Perfect,” complemented Adam.

Josh beamed.

“Now for her bra,” said Adam. “How would you go about removing her bra? I’ll give you a hint. Is she leaning her back tight against the sofa to make your task difficult or is she leaning forward with her shoulders relaxed?”

I moved to demonstrate what Adam was describing. Josh put his hand behind my back on the clasp of my bra.

“You should be able to unhook her bra with one hand. You might need two hands if you have difficulty with one hand,” offered Adam.

“Where did he learn that?” I thought.

Josh fumbled for a time, trying to unhook my bra with one hand and then with two. In frustration, I reached up behind my back and unhooked my bra myself.

“You’ll have to practice that some other time,” commented Adam.

With a little help from me, my bra landed on the coffee table. I sat back on the sofa and pushed my chest out. Adam put his hand back on my breast and Josh followed suit. Heaven moved on to paradise for my breasts.

“What’s next?” queried Adam. “Would you like to kiss her nipple?”

“God, yes,” whispered Josh.

“Maybe you should kiss her first,” Adam suggested.

Josh had that deer in the headlights look. His hand movements on my breast ceased, frozen with the thought of kissing me.

“It’s not that difficult,” suggested Adam. “I had the same thoughts. Keep your mouth closed and touch her lips with your lips gently. Watch how she tilts her head, inviting you to kiss her or not.”

Josh touched his lips against mine. His touch was gentle and his lips soft. When he moved back, breaking our kiss, I put a hand on the back of his head and brought him back for another kiss. This kiss was more firm, more intense. I opened my mouth slightly and touched his lips with my tongue. His lips opened and I touched my tongue to his teeth. Soon, his tongue was touching my teeth and then the roof of my mouth. I pulled back and the kiss ended. Josh looked out of breath. I know I was.

Adam looked lonely. I pulled him toward me and we shared a tongue lashing, tonsil seeking kiss. When we finished, Adam kissed my ear lobe, my shoulder and then the top of my chest. Josh followed Adam’s lead. Without hesitation, both of my breasts were being kissed and tongues were circling my erect nipples.

“I think we should move into the bedroom,” I suggested, the first thing I’d said since I sat on the sofa, passed the ball to Adam and gave them permission to touch my breasts.

Any good idea will be embraced by all. I followed the guys into the bedroom. We stood in a small circle alongside the bed. “I think you guys owe me something,” I said. When they didn’t immediately move, I made a gesture that indicated that I was half-naked and they were still dressed.

While Adam and Josh removed their shirts, I unzipped my skirt and let it fall on the floor. I kicked it aside and pushed off my shoes. I waited for the guys to catch up. When they noticed me standing next to them in just my panties, they took off their shoes and trousers. Adam wore his usual boxer shorts and Josh sported dark blue briefs. Their erections were obvious. I reached out and stroked both erections through their respective underwear. Adam stood firm and pushed his hips in my direction. Josh almost fainted. His legs weakened and he had to sit on the bed.

Pressing my advantage, I took his briefs on the sides and pulled them off. His erection stood proud. Too proud to ignore. I took the base of Josh’s erection in my right hand and put my mouth over the head of it. Adam crawled up on the bed next to Josh and whispered in his ear, “Breathe.”

Josh’s erection tasted wonderful and the slight emission seeping from the tip was the perfect condiment. I loved his cock and it wasn’t a surprise, as I sucked and rubbed his erection, that he came almost immediately. I sucked him dry and swallowed every drop.

It was a surprise that Josh’s erection didn’t deflate. It remained as hard as before he came. God, I love youth. Unwilling to ignore his erection, I quickly crawled up on his body, straddled his hips and impaled myself. Josh’s cock filled my vagina and I pushed down to consume every inch, every millimeter of its length. I knew I was skipping several chapters in the “How to make love to a woman” curriculum. Adam would just have to bring Josh up to speed later.

If Josh was surprised at my sudden fucking him, it wasn’t obvious. He grabbed my hips with both hands and pushed up hard and repeatedly, trying to disappear as much of his cock as he could inside me. I laid on his chest, pushing my hard nipples into his skin and kissed him, my tongue seeking his tonsils again.

Somehow, Adam ended up behind me. As I lay prone on Josh’s body, my ass was exposed to Adam and he took advantage of my position to kiss and lick my cheeks. His attention migrated to my rectum and the force of his tongue probing my sphincter sent an electric shock up my spine. “Do that again,” I suggested.

Adam did it again with the same result. I wiggled my ass in invitation to Adam. The movement also encouraged Josh and he doubled his efforts to probe my pussy. Adam was also encouraged and he pressed a wet finger against my ass. I pushed back, Adam pushed forward and his finger slipped into my ass. The sensation was incredibly erotic and I orgasmed, coating Josh with several ounces of slime.

Adam kept his finger in my ass. I could feel him pressing his finger against Josh’s cock as it reciprocated inside me. Then, Adam’s finger was gone. As sense of loss distracted me for a moment until I felt something else pressing against my rectum. It was larger than Adam’s finger. It could only be Adam’s erection. I knew exactly what he was planning. I didn’t know if I could manage his erection inside my ass but I was willing to give it a try hoping it wouldn’t hurt too much.

I encouraged Adam with addition wiggles of my ass and called out to him, “Do it.”

I felt Adam reach under my pussy and gather my effluent for lubrication. I sensed him spreading the hot slime on his cock and then I felt it push against my rectum. I pushed back. Adam pushed forward. His erection slid into my ass more easily than I thought possible.

It hurt but it was a delicious hurt. Something like the pain of an intense orgasm.

I was focused on the feeling of two cocks, synchronously stroking in and out of me and my orgasm took me by surprise. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of euphoria; joy without bounds and a body without muscle tone and barely able to breathe.

My orgasm couldn’t last forever and, as much as I tried to prolong the feeling, it slowly subsided to be replaced by the heat of Adam cuming in my ass. Whatever the connection was between the men, Adam’s release was followed almost immediately by Josh cuming in my pussy, his second orgasm in less than ten minutes.

I lost contact with both Adam and Josh as their erections dissipated and fell out of me. I lay on the bed, between the men, on the edge of consciousness. I had a sense of liquids seeping from my pussy and ass and Adam and Josh gently palming and kissing my breasts and nipples. Reality returned slowly. My body was still tingling from the attention of the two men. I pulled Adam toward me and kissed him furiously. “Thank you,” I said.

I rolled over on top of Josh and kissed him with the same fervor as I kissed Adam. “And a special thank you to you,” I said.

“I should thank you,” said Josh.

“No need,” I said. “You’re a natural. You’re going to get a lot of thank yous in the future.”

I looked at Adam. “We skipped a number of lessons with Josh,” I said.

“From what I saw,” responded Adam, “he doesn’t need them.”

The next hour was more of the same. Sharing my body with two appreciative men at the same time was exhilarating. But all good things have to come to an end. Josh left with a promise to return. Adam carried my supplies to the truck and I left him standing in the doorway of his apartment. He was different. He was a real man, no longer my child.

The schedule settled naturally. I saw Adam every other week. At his suggestion, Josh joined us once a month. Rodney made regular trips to town, with and without Billy, Chuck and Davey.

Six months later, Rodney had a stroke and died within minutes. The circumstances were unusual. He was naked, buried deep in the town whore at the time. The scandal dominated the news in the holler for weeks. Mostly centered on sympathy for me and the boys.

Rodney had a substantial military life insurance policy and, surprisingly, I was the beneficiary. The $2000 VA death benefit covered most of the cost of a simple holler funeral attended by me, his four boys, and two women, one of them the woman he died inside of.

I stayed in the house on the farm. Billy stepped up and took over the management duties. I took care to insure that Chuck and Davey got their father’s eighteenth birthday presents although I avoided Rodney’s first choice of presenters.

After Davey turned eighteen, I sold the farm. All the boys agreed with my decision. Billy really didn’t want to run the farm forever and everybody thought it was a good idea to move from the place with so many memories, most of them bad.

I invested the proceeds from the sale of the farm in a trust with me receiving a monthly income well above my needs and the four boys as the beneficiaries.

I moved to an upscale apartment in town and continued my schedule with Adam and Josh while entertaining an occasional visitor at home.

From the moment I heard of Rodney’s death, I’ve been looking for another person to share my golden years with. All four boys endorse my intent. I’m in no hurry. I’m only forty-eight and I have lots of time to get it right.

Recently, I met someone who intrigues me. I got incredible sexual vibrations the minute we met. We’re going on a real date tonight.

She’s picking me up at eight.