Becoming A Nudist Family – Part 2

Description: A family tries living a nudist lifestyle.


‘And I’m already sick of this.’


‘Well tough, young lady.’




She pushed her chair back and stood up.


‘I’m going to my room where I can take off these stupid clothes.’


‘Just make sure you put them on before you come back out here,’ dad called after her.


I chose to follow Molly’s lead and retreat to my room for most of the day where I could be naked. To think, just a few weeks ago I was keeping to my room so that I could stay clothed away from a naked family.

Sometime around the afternoon I heard a knock at my door. I scrambled to grab my pants before I heard Molly’s voice at the door.

‘It’s me.’

She opened the door and stepped inside before I could answer. She was wearing a loose dress, and judging by outline of her nipples poking through, not much on underneath.

‘Hey! Don’t just barge in!’

‘Why. What could you be doing that would shock me? I’ve seen you walking around with a hard on and you getting a blowjob. Masturbation isn’t that much different.’

She grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it off over her head in one swift motion. She threw it onto the floor and flopped down onto my bed.

‘Oh my god, that feels so much better!’

‘Wait, saw me getting a blowjob? I thought you just heard it.’

She giggled.

‘From how into it you and mum were, I probably could have stood at the door for the whole thing without being seen.’

‘What do you want?’

She sat up to face me.

‘What do you think we can do to convince dad to let us go nude again?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Come on, dude! I can’t take this anymore! We need to think of something!’

‘We won’t know how to fix it if we don’t know why he changed his mind.’

‘Hmm… okay. But is there anything we can go on for now?’

‘I don’t know.’

I wracked my brains about it. I was suffering as much as Molly was. What else could have happened on that day to change his mind?


‘What?’ Molly asked.

‘Uh… do you think he saw me and mum?’

Molly thought about it before shaking her head.

‘I doubt it. I would have seen him when I was there. Plus he came inside after you were done. I think you’re in the clear.’

I didn’t feel as convinced as she did. Maybe he saw some of my cum on mum. Or maybe she admitted it to him. And if that was the case would there ever be a chance to change dad’s mind? He knew how much I got boners around mum and Molly when we were nude.

Molly stood up, grabbed her dress and threw it over her head.

‘I’m going to try talking to dad. Wish me luck.’

‘Yeah, good luck,’ I muttered as she stepped outside.


Whatever Molly tried didn’t seem to work. We still had a dress code by the next day. Though, unlike I had thought, it didn’t seem to stop interesting things from happening.

Mum and I were watching TV in the lounge room that afternoon. Molly had been there too, but she eventually retreated to her room. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she left so that she could strip down to cool down. The afternoon was far too hot for clothes.

Mum seemed to be feeling it as much as I was. She fidgeted around, trying to fan out her dress, before finally sitting up and reaching behind her. A snap and some contortion to get the straps off later and she pulled her bra out from under her dress.

‘It’s too hot for that. My boobs feel like they’re sweating,’ she said when she spotted me watching.

She settled back onto the couch, but I couldn’t focus on the TV anymore. Her nipples were rock hard and making little tents in the front of her dress. All the memories of her giving me a blowjob right here on this couch stuck out in my mind. The feel of those nipples in between my fingers.

Once again, I felt myself growing hard at the thought. I had opted to wear boxers again due to the heat, and they left little to the imagination as my cock began to rise in them.

She noticed immediately, shooting me a knowing smile. Without a word she shuffled closer and her hand snaked into my boxers. Her fingers locked around my shaft and she pulled it up until my boxers fell down around it. She gave a quick look over her shoulder with a youthful grin on her face before leaning forward and taking me in her mouth.

Her sucking immediately made me as hard as I could get. Her lips danced over the glans of my knob bringing a soft moan to my lips. Her hand flew to my face and pressed a finger against my lips.

‘Shhhhh,’ she hushed as the tip of my cock left her mouth. Keeping both her finger on my lips and her gaze locked with mine, she lowered her head and licked from the base of my shaft to the tip.

The sound of footsteps in the hallway caused both of our eyes to widen with panic. Mum sat upright, waving her hand for me to cover up. I stuffed my cock under the waistband of my boxers and pulled my shirt down over it, further covering it with my arm. For once clothes came in handy.

Mum wiped her mouth before grabbing her bra and hiding it behind a cushion just in time.

Dad poked his head into the lounge room.

‘I’m just heading down to the shops. Do we need anything?’

‘Um… no, I think we’re good,’ mum answered.

‘Okay, I’ll see you in a bit.’

With that he left. We both sat frozen as we listened to his footsteps head to the door. It wasn’t until we heard the car start that mum’s hand returned to my boxers. Her fingers delicately danced across the still rock hard tip of my cock as we waited.

Only once the sound of the car had faded down the street did she lean back over. My cock was soon in her mouth as she sucked twice as hard and twice as fast. As her head bobbed on my crotch, I reached down and grabbed a handful of her dress around her ass, pulling it up.

She knew what I wanted and let my cock fall from her mouth. She hooked her fingers under her panties and pulled them off. With them out of the way, she crawled back over to me with her ass high. As her mouth found my cock again, I reached behind her, feeling the soft flesh of her ass, my fingers tracing down the curve of it toward the centre.

The soft folds of her pussy met my fingers. As warm and wet as it had been that day in the laundry. I ran my fingers up and down it, feeling her inner labia between my fingers. My fingers exploring deeper and deeper with each pass until one finally slipped inside.

Her muffled moans spurred me on, my fingers exploring deeper into her. Though soon I found it hard to keep a rhythm with them. Every twitch of my cock sent shivers through my body, down to the very tips of my fingers. The nerves in my cock were on edge, being delighted by my mum’s intense sucking. I barely had time to warn her before the first spurt shot out of me. Once again, she shoved her mouth down over my cock so that I shot straight down her throat. God! It felt even more amazing then last time.

As my cock slowed, she pulled it out a little bit so that she could still suck and lick up every last drop from the tip before letting it fall from her mouth.

She sat back up, pulling her dress back down under her.

‘As good as last time.’

‘Yeah,’ I said, still reeling from how good that felt.

‘I think almost getting caught made it even better.’

Of all the things to think of at a time like this, the conversation with Molly sprung into my mind.

‘Dad doesn’t know, does he? I mean about last time?’

‘No. Why would he?’

‘Oh, uh, I was just wondering, you know, if that was why he wanted us to stop being nude.’

‘Oh.’ She gave a small laugh. ‘No. No. It’s nothing to do with us. Don’t worry about it.’


I thought about what she had said for the rest of the afternoon. It had nothing to do with us. That really limited what I could do to convince dad to change his mind. All I knew for sure was that it definitely wasn’t due to the blowjob. That was at least one clue. I would have to tell Molly. Maybe she had spoken to dad and had at least found out the reason.

I got dressed again and opened the door to my bedroom. As I did, dad walked past, heading for the kitchen. I hesitated for a moment. Would it just be best for me to try talking to him? No. Not yet at least. Not until I was caught up to speed by Molly.

I headed down the hallway to her room and knocked.

‘Just a minute,’ she called from within.

I recalled the other day and a grin spread across my face.

‘What? Would seeing you masturbate be so bad?’ I said as I opened the door.

She froze like a deer in headlights as I stepped in. I couldn’t see what she was so shocked about. She was naked, but that was usual.

My eyes fell down her body and I suddenly spotted it. Her pubic hair was matted and from between her engorged pussy lips hung a strand of white cum, some of which had already dripped onto her inner thigh.


‘Get out!’

I didn’t need to be told twice.


‘So no one objects?’ Dad asked over dinner the next night. ‘Everyone’s fine with going back to nudity?’

‘Oh, yes please!’ Mum cheered.


Molly pulled her shirt over her head and threw it onto the floor.

‘Hey! Don’t just throw your clothes anywhere!’

‘It’s fine, mum. I’ll pick them up when I go back to my room.’

She stood up and pulled her pants down, kicking them aside.

‘Oh my god, that feels so much better! Thank you daddy.’

‘I’ll take that as a yes then,’ Dad said going back to his meal. ‘Actually, you have the right idea Molly.’

He, too, stood up and pulled his clothes off, followed by mum and me. It felt so good to finally be free, my cock and balls no longer squished into my pants. And it felt good to finally see mum and Molly naked once more. I had missed sitting around the dinner table with them like this.


Over the next few days things fell back to normal, with a few minor differences. Molly was less hostile when I got a boner around her. Whether due to me seeing her after she fucked dad or because, as she saw it, I was mostly getting hard due to mum, I didn’t know. But it was nice.

As for my interactions with mum, they only increased. Being able to see her pussy, ass and tits on a regular basis gave me no end to satiate my lust. And now even upon seeing me begin to get hard, she’d either jerk me off right there, or find somewhere private for us.

One day, when I went to the kitchen to grab a drink I spotted Molly out on the veranda, bouncing up and down on dad’s cock. Obviously I knew they had done it at least once, but I didn’t know they had continued. Blood flowed down to my cock at the sight. Molly’s breasts looked great bouncing up and down like that. Her tight body so small compared to dad’s.

In a state of lust filled haze, I turned away and headed back down the hallway. I could hear the flapping of sheets coming from my parent’s room. Mum must be making the bed.

She looked up as I stepped inside.

‘Hey sweetie. Someone looks excited. Just give me a sec to finish this and we can have some fun.’

I stood waiting, watching her bend over to tuck the sheets in. He breasts jiggled beneath her, so full and soft. I couldn’t wait to play with them. She came around to my side of the bed and bent over to tuck the sheets in. Her ass stuck out right in my direction. Her puffy pussy lips peeked through her thighs. So warm and inviting. Framed by the round ass.

I found myself walking over to her without thinking. I placed my hands on her hips, pulling her into me. She gasped as my cock rubbed between her ass cheeks.

‘What are you thinking of doing?’ She grinned devilishly back at me, not moving an inch from her position.

I grabbed my cock and directed it straight at her pussy. I barely needed to push it in, I sunk straight into her warm depths. She was already wet.

‘Mmm, yes baby. That feels good,’ she moaned.

I pulled out until I could see the glans of my knob at the edge of her lips before thrusting back in. It felt so good to be in her. Her ass pressed against my hips. Her legs caressing against mine.

I started to pick up a pace, thrusting harder. Our bodies slapped together in fervent lust. A primal drive pushing me to fuck her as hard as I could. To empty my balls deep into her. Deep into my mother.

As my thrusting became harder she collapsed forward onto the bed. He breasts spilling out underneath her weight. Her feet barely touching the ground as I continued to thrust faster into her.

The room filled with the sounds of squelching as air escaped from her pussy around my thrusts. Her hand reached behind her and pressed against my stomach.

‘Slow down, sweetie. I don’t want you cumming too quickly. I want this to last. Here…’

She wriggled forward until my cock slipped out of her, then rolled onto her back, spreading her legs for me to get in between.

‘Come here,’ she purred.

I got up on top of her and positioned my cock back at her pussy. Once more I sunk into her with ease. I grabbed one of her breasts and sucked on it as I resumed my thrusting. Her fingers ran through my hair, her nails digging in when I found the right spot. She was beginning to moan quite loudly now.

‘Yes! Right there, sweetie. Yes! Fuck mummy just like that!’

Her legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me in deeper. Her hips met my thrusts with need. Her free hand pinched at her unsucked nipple until I felt her pussy clamp down around my cock to a chorus of her cries.

The feeling was too much for me to withstand. My cock erupted into her, splashing the insides of her pussy with thick creamy cum, filling her womb with my seed.

‘Yes! Cum in mummy, sweetie, cum in mummy!’

We both collapsed into each other’s arm as we came down from our orgasms. Her fingers still slowly tracing through my hair.

My cock finally plopped out of her and I rolled over to lay beside her.

‘I think I’m going to have to change the sheets again,’ she whispered to me.

I sat up and looked between her legs. There was a slowly forming pool of cum leaking out of her pussy onto the bed. Her inner thighs were a mess too.

‘Shall I help you?’

‘Mmm, that would be lovely. Your father and Molly should be finishing up soon and I’d hate for him to see the mess we made of the bed.’

‘Wait, you know about dad and Molly?’

‘Mhmm. Why do you think your father wanted to go back to wearing clothes? Things were beginning to get hot between them and he was unsure of what he wanted. I told him he should go for it, but he didn’t listen. At first, that is.’

‘You wanted him to?’

She grinned.

‘Why not. We both have two very beautiful children. You’re handsome and with a cock that rivals your father’s. And Molly I swear is the spitting image of me at that age. It’s almost funny that he ended up fucking her while the clothes rule was in effect. He put us all through that for nothing.’

‘So if dad knows, then we don’t have to try and hide it?’

She leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek.

‘No, you can fuck me whenever you want from now on. We have nothing to hide.’


Two months had passed since we started our nudist family lifestyle. We had never gone back again after the first reintroduction of clothes. We were far too happy getting around in nothing at all. It especially made it easier to have sex. With my mother’s pussy so open and inviting all the time, I found it hard not to just walk up and put it in there all the time. Though, I had a feeling she would have liked that. The precarious way she bent over around me all the time was far too tempting for her to just be oblivious to it.

Molly was the first to do communal sex. It was something mum and I had discussed, but always opted to retreat to a private room before getting down to it. However, one night while we were watching a movie, Molly chose to sit on dad’s lap for it. About half an hour into the movie, the wet sounds of sex gave away what they were up to. From then on it became a staple of our lives. Not as common as private sex, but something we did in the moment if lustful thoughts struck too quickly to waste time finding another room.

Our lives had taken an interesting turn from where we were a few months ago, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I woke one morning to the feeling of someone playing with my cock.

‘Morning!’ a voice chimmed.

I blinked my eyes until thinks came into focus, only to find Molly crawling over me.

‘If you didn’t wake up soon I was going to get impatient.’

She positioned her hips over my cock and lowered herself down onto it. It was too early to grasp everything that was happening, so I just let my eyes roll back as her tight pussy enveloped every inch of my cock.

‘Ah, that’s it,’ she moaned as I bottomed out inside her, before beginning to gyrate her hips on me. I held her hips tightly as she rode me. Her hand grabbed at her breast as she arched her back, her eyes closed and her mouth open in ecstasy.

Just as I felt I was getting close, we both heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Before I could protest, Molly jumped off my cock and stood beside the bed.

The door opened and mum stepped in.

‘Oh, Molly. I didn’t expect to find you here.’

‘Well, I was going to come give him a surprise wakeup call, but the perv was just sleeping like that, with his morning wood sticking right out. Probably dreaming about you.’

‘Oh don’t tease him so much. You know what they say: morning wood is the only ingredient you need to wake a man up with a smile.’

Molly snorted.

‘In his dreams, maybe.

With that she dashed from the room, only giving me a sneaky wink when she was out of sight of mum.

Mum sat down on the end of the bed and stroked her hand over my cock.

‘That does look very tempting though.’

‘You’re more than welcome to join me.’

‘Maybe I will. But in return you have to help with the washing.’

‘Won’t I just slow you down helping?’

She planted a kiss on the tip of my cock.

‘That’s what I’m counting on.’


The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.