Becoming A Nudist Family – Part 1

Description: A family tries living a nudist lifestyle.




‘So what’s this about?’

I flopped down onto the couch as my parent’s stood expectantly in the middle of the room.

‘We’ll tell you when your sister gets here. Where is she anyway- oh!’

Molly burst into the room and took a seat on the opposite end of the couch, tucking her long hair behind her ears as she straightened her back and placed her knees together. She always was a pro at acting the perfect daughter around them, especially when the possibility of us having done something wrong hung in the air.

‘Okay, I guess we can start.’

My mum looked nervously at my dad. This was odd. Usually when we were in trouble they knew exactly what to launch into.

‘Well, I guess first of all we’d like to thank you for looking after the place while we were away. It doesn’t look like a bomb went off.’

Molly smiled smugly.

‘I made sure we stayed on top of the mess.’

My parents had been away at a five day retreat. Though it wasn’t a normal retreat, and not something I imagine many families would ever have to deal with.

‘We appreciate it. And the retreat was lovely. And… um, well we didn’t tell you before we left, but we wanted to try something different, so the place we went to was a… nudist retreat.’

We knew. We had looked up the name of the place. I mean a random five day retreat nowhere near a long weekend is either rehabilitation or something specific. We were just being responsible and showing out concern. Nothing more, of course.

But now it was my turn to show me acting skills.

‘Ooooooh… Really? Woooow! That’s, uh… different.’

Nailed it.

Molly shot me a glare before turning back to our parents.

‘I would never have imagined you two doing something like that.’

‘Gabriel suggested it, actually, and your father and I thought it might be fun to try.’

‘The yoga douche?! Ugh, I would have rathered this be some form of midlife crisis then an idea from him.’

Mum pouted.

‘We’re not that old, thank you very much, and I don’t see why you hate him so much. He’s lovely when you get to know him.’

‘Whatever. Well I’m happy you had a good time at your naked people resort, but if you’ll excuse me-‘

‘Hold on! We’re not finished yet.’

‘Hmm?’ Molly swayed on her toes, mid-step, before letting herself fall back onto the couch. ‘What is it?’

‘Well… this is difficult to ask, but your father and I, uh… Well we found that we really enjoyed it and we met some people there who do it at home…’

‘Whoa, what are you suggesting?’

Mum took a deep breath.

‘We want to become nudists at home, too. There’s something so liberating and natural about it. It feels so right to just be in my skin.’

‘Mum! Please! We don’t need to know everything!’

‘Fine. But we won’t be wearing clothes at home from now on, so you’ll have to get used to it.’

‘Are you serious?’ I spluttered. ‘This is insane.’

‘We’re very serious,’ Dad said, speaking for the first time. ‘And while I pay the bills, I set the dress code. Look, this is something your mother and I want to try. If it doesn’t stick, then we can go back to how things were.’

‘This isn’t like trying a vegan kick. It’ll be weird.’

‘Oh, come on. It’s just the human body. What are they teaching you in sex ed these days? It’s a beautiful thing. You just need to feel more comfortable in your own.’

Molly grinned at me smugly.

‘I think it’ll be fine. You can just stay in your room all day if you really can’t handle it.’

I couldn’t believe she was sucking up to them in a time like this.

‘Excellent,’ Mum cheered. ‘Well, we don’t have to be the only ones. If you both feel up to it, you can join us.’

‘What?!’ Molly and I echoed.

‘Uh, uh. You don’t have to say anything now. Think on it. We’ll start tomorrow morning. You have until then to decide. Trust me, try it and I’m sure you’ll come around to it in no time like we did.’

With that they exited the room, leaving us both speechless and Molly noticeably less smug.


There wasn’t anything to think over. Obviously my answer was no. I instead spent most of the night thinking about how I would survive the next few weeks until they grew tired of this and moved onto their next adventure.

As I laid down to sleep my mind was filled with thoughts of what would come. The awkwardness that was sure to ensue. The whiplash I would suffer when I found myself face to face with my naked dad. All the alternate ways though the house if I needed to avoid whatever room they were in.

And yet, I couldn’t help but think of some of the other sights that this would bring. I mean, I hadn’t really noticed that much, nor given much thought to it… In fact, most of this is based of comments my friends had made. But my mum wasn’t exactly lacking in the breast department. She was probably a DD cup, something which I guess ran strong in our family as Molly was at least a D cup. The thought of seeing those tomorrow was… kind of an exciting prospect. I mean, if one good thing was to come from this, then it all might be worth it.

And so I fell asleep nursing one of my least proud boners.

The next morning I stayed in bed for a while. I could hear my parents roaming around the house, but I couldn’t go out and face them. It would surely be too awkward.

However, in the end, my bladder betrayed me and I slunk from my bed to peak into the hallway. It was clear. I made it to the bathroom with no trouble and, one piss later, left feeling like I was one step closer to surviving the day.

Or not. I had forgotten how loud the toilet’s flush would be in my stealthy plan.

‘Blake? Are you finally up?’ Mum called from the kitchen.


‘I made breakfast if you’re hungry.’

I was. The smell of freshly cooked bacon wafted up to me. Was it worth it? I could just grab some cereal at… whatever time they left the kitchen and adjacent areas… probably sometime before lunch. Ah, and then there was lunch. And dinner. The more I thought about it, the less likely it seemed avoidable.

With a defeated sigh, I headed toward the kitchen.

‘Ah, there you are- Aw, you didn’t want to give it a try?’ She frowned at my pyjamas. ‘Don’t worry. Whenever you feel like joining us you can. Now, dig in.’

She spun around and carried a tray of toast over to the breakfast table. I, on the other hand, stood frozen. My mouth surely agape. It had only been a few seconds and I had already been treated to an eyeful of her naked breasts and ass. Her breasts had been even better than I had imagined last night. They were so full and round, wobbling freely with every little movement she made. Even now, as she leant across the table, they hung in magnificent form. Poking out from each was a thick, fat nub of a nipple. Far larger than I would have guessed. I suppose her bra hid most of their presence.

To my chagrin, I could feel myself getting hard at the sight. What’s wrong with me, I thought before sitting down at the table to hide it before it made a tent in my, thankfully, baggy pyjama pants.

I kept my eyes set firmly on the table before me as Mum turned and headed back to the kitchen counter. My life going forward would take the fortitude of a monk to survive.

‘Good morning!’ I heard my sister call as she entered the kitchen.

For a second I was relieved to see at least one other sane person, but that was short lived.

Molly stood in the entranceway to the kitchen as naked as the day she was born.

‘Oh sweetie! I’m so proud of you!’

Mum rushed over and pulled her into a hug. A naked hug. My naked mother and sister pressing their naked bodies against each other. DD cup breasts squishing into D cup breasts, all the supple side boob spilling out under their arms. Fuck! My boner is never going to go away!

‘Oh sweetie, you’re going to love this, I promise!’

‘Thanks, mum. It’s all a bit foreign at the moment.’

‘It shouldn’t be! You’re the exact same as you were yesterday, you just don’t have cloth draped over your body. If it will help you ease into it, you can go get your bathrobe and drape that over your shoulders.’

‘No… I think I’ll be fine. I’ve already come this far, you know. Oh! You’re shaven down there?’

Molly gazed down at mum’s crotch in surprise, prompting her to step back, giving me a full view of it. I hadn’t noticed when I came in, but she was right. Mum was completely bare down there. My eyes remained glued to it as they spoke. A small bit of inner labia stuck out between her quite large outer labia. Was it large? It seemed puffier than most porn I had seen. Was I just watching the wrong kind of porn? Was it just an age thing? Was it just a having had two kids thing? These were all question I shouldn’t be asking about my mother’s pussy.

‘Yes, your father and I did some… preparation, I guess, for the retreat.’

‘It looks good. Do you think I should shave too?’

She ran her fingers though a small tuft of blonde public hair. This was all too surreal. I was harder than I had ever been in my life. If I stood up I’d pierce a hole straight through the wooden table.

‘I think you’ll look fine no matter what you do. It’s your body. Feel comfortable in it however you like.’

At that moment the veranda door opened and my dad stepped inside with nothing but a newspaper.

‘Oh god!’ I groaned.

Thankfully, we live in a fairly private area. Trees surrounded the back of our property hiding it from the outside world. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about the neighbours seeing what my family was up to.

‘Ah, morning! It sure is refreshing out there,’ he chimed. ‘Molly! It’s good to see you’re embracing a new experience!’

Molly smiled sheepishly. It must be hard to be smug when you’re starkers in front of your family.

‘Ah, but it seems someone didn’t feel like joining in. You need to take a page out of your sister’s book, Blake.’

‘Leave him be, Harold,’ Mum said. ‘If he’s not comfortable with it we can’t force him.’

You’re right. But sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to experience something great.’ He put his paper down before taking a seat at the table. I made a mental note to never sit in that chair again. ‘There’s still time to join in if you want. It’s easier to blend in when everyone is taking the plunge at once.’

‘I’ll be fine.’

I couldn’t help but notice how Molly’s eyes seemed to linger on dad’s… uh… junk. I hoped that she was just observing that he was as shaven as mum was down there, but when she snapped out of it and spotted me looking at her, she looked as if she had been caught doing something she shouldn’t have.


I stuck to my guns over the next few days and remained clothed. To my surprise, I was beginning to get used to seeing everyone else naked. Well, to a degree, I suppose. All of my boners had been from either my sister or mother. Seeing them nude 24/7 was driving me crazy. Even the most mundane things looked erotic as hell. My sister lazing on the couch watching TV? You mean my sister laying with her breasts resting on the cushion while her pussy was so nearly exposed between her thighs. Mum making dinner? You mean mum bending over in many different places while cooking. She either was oblivious to how much everyone else could see her pussy poking through her legs as she placed dishes on the table or she was doing it intentionally.

Honestly, I was thankful that I was still wearing something to hide my growing boners. Many a time I had to excuse myself to my room to beat one off to what I had just seen. Every time not lasting more than a few seconds. My cock always felt burning to the touch with every nerve relishing in the feeling of my hand gripped around it. The veins on my cock stuck out fiercely, straining for relief. It was like I was breaking the record for how hard one man could get. It certainly felt that way.

I don’t think I was the only one affected either. I had never heard my parents having sex before, but they were louder than ever since they started going nude. Their room was down the other end of the hallway, but I could still hear mum moaning in pleasure almost nightly. That was not helping my urges during the day.

It was four days since the great strip down when I headed into the kitchen for breakfast without a shirt. The sight of my mum’s round ass greeted me as I stepped into the room. It was a sight I could never get sick of, no matter how much my mind told me I shouldn’t be enjoying it. Her legs were so shapely. Thick thighs leading up to her round hips. The skin looked so smooth and soft. In between her slightly parted legs I could just make out that small strand on inner labia hanging down, silhouetting her womanhood.

Thankfully, I managed to pull my eyes away just as she turned around. I couldn’t imagine how much trouble I’d be in if she caught me checking her out. In fact, I don’t know how I would even defend it to myself.

‘Ooo! Are you finally starting to test the waters of nudity?’ she asked.

Actually, it was just hot today. I had walked around the house without a shirt on before.

‘Um, not really…’

Her face fell.

‘Aw, that’s a shame. I was really hoping this would be something we as a whole family tried.’

I actually felt bad. It really seemed like I was letting her down on this.

‘Well, I mean… I’m not really against it, I just…’

A grin spread across her face.

‘You’re nervous? That’s fine. We all were at first. Your sister was terrified the first day, but she says she loves it now. It’s just getting past that first hurdle.’

‘Well, yeah, but…’

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to tell her no again, but this was just something I… well, I wasn’t really that uncomfortable with it. Like I had said, I had grown accustomed to the state of the house now. I didn’t really care what I wore. Half the time I just get around the house in my pyjamas all day. If anything, I’d be judged less if I was nude. The main thing, that I couldn’t bear to mention to my mother, was the fear of getting boners in front of my whole family.

‘Maybe you could try just getting around in your underwear. See how that feels. Like easing your way into a pool, one step at a time. You’re already taken the first step of taking off your shirt.’

‘Um, I guess, yeah…’

Why did I say yeah?! OF all the mumbling ‘er’ words of non-comital I could say, I said yeah.

‘Excellent! Just go at your own pace, sweetie. Make sure you’re comfortable with it. I’ll make you some breakfast.’

She went back to the toaster, leaving me standing there unsure of what was expected of me. Did I just agree to take my pants off now? Or did I have to take them off later, lest mum think I was lying to her. But if I took my pants off now she’d surely see the semi chub I was nursing. The semi chub I had gotten with only her in the room, and fuck, it was growing. My heart was racing a mile. All I could think of was how much desire I had for her ass and thighs when I stepped in here, and now I was going to take my pants off around that? To be in nothing but my underwear? So exposed in front of her body?

‘Um… I’ll be back in a sec.’

I dashed back to my room and shut the door behind me. My erection was straining against my pants now. I pulled them down and whipped out my cock, wasting no time in beating it furiously. God, I’d never felt this horny before. Lewd images filled my mind, the thought of strolling around the kitchen naked, erection held high as my mum watched me over her shoulder. How I would come up behind her and press myself into her ass, my cock slipping between her warm ass cheeks-


A spurt of cum shot out and landed on the carpet. Panic struck me as another spurt stained the carpet. I hadn’t grabbed any tissues for this.

‘Shit, shit, shit!’

With little time to think, I grabbed my underwear and pressed my cock into it. It felt like I was emptying everything I had into it. A good minute must have passed until my cock finally stopped pulsating.

I tried to catch my breath as I pulled the underwear away. A pool of thick white gunk sat in the middle of it. Large globs still lay on the carpet in front of me. There was nothing left to do, the underwear in my hand was now my cleaning rag. I knelt down and wiped the carpet until it was clean enough and my underwear was soaked in jizz.

Not wearing those again, I thought, throwing them into the corner of my room and walking over to my underwear drawer.

For some reason I hesitated. I was completely naked right now. The same as the rest of my family. Exactly what my mother wanted. Could I grit and bear it for at least the day? Hell, less than the day. I could stay in my room all day and just brave meals like this. Actually, that proposes an even easier idea. I could just try out being nude in my room and get dressed to go out for meals. Eventually, I’d feel better about staying nude. But was that really a solution? I was naked right now and felt fine. What was giving me anxiety was the thought of being naked in front of my family. That option seemed like it would only postpone that anxiety, not ease me into it. Maybe it was best to just dive right in, and honestly, I would probably have more control over my erections now after having just cum. I had stumbled into the perfect situation. I couldn’t let this just go.

I stood there deliberating for a while longer, my mind racing around in circles, only to be broken by the sound of mum calling me to breakfast.

‘Fuck it.’

I threw my pants to the corner of my room with the soiled underwear and headed toward the door.


My heart pounded in my chest as I stepped into the kitchen. Mum spotted me and her face instantly broke into a huge smile.

‘Congratulations! You finally did it!’

Before I could react she pulled me into a big hug. My mind nearly exploded with the overload of sensations. He large breasts pressed into my chest. Her nipples were hard and my cock rubbed somewhere against her thigh.

I felt a surge of panic once more. I had only cum a few minutes ago. Surely it hadn’t become completely soft yet. Would she notice? It still felt hot, she must feel that?

Despite having just masturbated, I could feel a rush of blood heading back down to it. I held my breath and focused all my energy of stopping it. I couldn’t get hard now.

I tried to pull me hips back and she released me.

‘I promise you’ll love this once you get past the initial shock of it. Now go on, you’re breakfast is getting cold.’

I hurried to the table and sat down, hiding my crotch beneath it. I gobbled down my toast, hoping to escape before anything else happened. The surreal nature of sitting here with my mum completely naked after that hug was making it impossible to clear my head and get back to a state where I felt in control of my erection.

Mum sat down opposite me, her breasts jiggling with her movement. I tried to keep my eyes off them, but they were so close. The feeling of them pressed up against me rung strong in my mind. They were so heavy and soft, and there was such a perfect gap in her cleavage. Images of my cock thrusting in between them clouded my mind. No matter how much I tried, my cock grew harder and harder until it began lifting off my lap.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! What was I going to do? What if dad walked in right now? Thankfully mum couldn’t see it under the table, but I was now out of toast with nothing to do.

I stared out the window while trying to focus all of my energy on getting it to go down.

‘If you’re still hungry you can make some more.’

I jumped at her words.

‘Uh, no I’m all right.’


She watched me suspiciously as I tried to stare out the window once more. If only I had my phone with me. I could surely find something to distract me. But a lack of pockets proved to be an issue.

Suddenly she leaned in and whispered.

‘Are you a bit excited down there?’

My shocked face must have said it all.

‘It’s okay. It’s a natural reaction. The men at the retreat would just excuse themselves if they started to… get a bit excited. Your father still deals with that, remember he had to the other night?’

I could remember dad getting up from the couch and leaving for a while. I didn’t even notice it was due to that. All I could remember from that night was that Molly had decided to lay on the floor rather than the couch to watch TV, giving me, and the others on the couch, a great view of her bare ass.

‘Oh… yeah,’ I stammered.

‘Just head to your room if you ever feel you can’t control it and cool off.’

‘Okay… yeah.’

My hands were barely able to cover my throbbing erection, but I made an attempt at modesty before leaving the table and heading to my room.


I had barely gone five minutes naked in front of my mother before flashing her my boner. And it didn’t get much better. The lack of clothes both gave me nowhere to hide even the slightest growth and made it feel even more erotic to get hard around equally naked women. Almost every time I was around my mum or sister I would eventually get hard. It was becoming such an inconvenience that I was considering going back to wearing clothes.

‘Oh, sweetie, don’t worry so much about it,’ my mum had said as I voiced this concern to her. ‘Don’t let your sister upset you, I really don’t mind if you get erect around us. It’s natural.’

Molly was always the first to complain if I got hard around her with shouts of perv! She seemed to love the power, though, as she began subtly teasing me when she knew she would get caught. Such as when she lay on the carpet in front of the couch, she would spread her legs in my direction, giving me a clear view of her pussy, and bounce her feet to make sure I couldn’t ignore her.

Mum did at least try to be as forgiving as she could to balance out Molly’s reactions.

One time when I was making lunch with her she bent over to grab a tray from the drawer, giving me a full view of her ass. Her pussy lips parted ever so slightly as she did, revealing more of her inner labia. It was only a little, yet it felt like I was looking into such an intimate spot of hers.

By the time she stood back up I was already at half-mast.

‘Oh, sorry sweetie,’ she said, looking down at my growing erection. ‘I sometimes forget how much I’m showing.’

I gave a flick of my head in the direction of my room.

‘Uh, I’ll just-‘

‘No, you don’t have to. It was my fault, and I’d rather not make lunch on my own now that I have someone ready to help. Maybe it’ll just go away as we work.’

Quite the opposite. It only got harder. There was something so exciting about the both of us being naked in the kitchen while I was hard as a rock. All of the anxieties melted away. I couldn’t get any more erect than already having an erection. In a way, I had nothing to worry about. Though, those anxieties were soon replaced with lewd thoughts of what I could do with this erection.

They weren’t helped by mum, either. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to pretend it wasn’t there, or was enjoying it as much as I was, but she had no apprehension getting close to me as my erect cock wobbled before me.

Even at one point she nudged past me with a late ‘beep beep’, causing my knob to rub up against her hip. It felt like I could have blown a load right there on her. It certainly didn’t take me long when I eventually made it back to my room to relieve myself.

That night mum’s moans were far louder than usual.


Soon a week had passed since I joined my family’s nudist lifestyle. Mum had been right that it was now second nature to me. I woke up naked, jumped straight out of bed and went to get breakfast without putting on a thing. Maybe there would be some delay if I had morning wood, but besides that I was definitely beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin.

One strange thing that I noticed we kept was to close the door when having a shower. It seemed odd given that we were as naked in there as we were out here, but it just felt right to allow ourselves the privacy to clean.

A knock came at my door followed by mum’s voice as I rolled out of bed.

‘Pull your sheets off, I’m doing a wash.’


I stripped my bed and pilled the sheets up in my arms only to then almost crash into Molly in the hallway.

‘Oh, sorry. Morning! Have you seen dad?’

‘Nope. I just woke up.’

‘Oh, okay.’

With that she hurried off down the hallway toward the kitchen.

I stepped into the laundry room only to stop in my tracks.

Mum was bent over the washing machine, fishing out the previous load of sheets. I once again found myself transfixed by her bent over figure. The round curve of her ass, the parting of her pussy lips, revealing a slight pink inside. I felt my lust rising and my cock growing once more. I didn’t care if she was my mum in this instance, I would have loved to step over and thrust deep into her. She just looked so good in that position.

She suddenly noticed me at the door.

‘Ah, thank you. You can drop them on the pile. I’ll get to them.’

I could have stealthily dropped the sheets while spinning around to leave, hiding my erection, but for some reason I stood my ground. I dropped the sheets where she told me, letting my hard cock spring free.

Mum stopped for a moment before going back to the sheets she had pulled out of the washing machine.

‘Morning wood?’

‘Um…’ I hesitated. Was I really going to say this? ‘No.’

She giggled.

‘I understand. Having two naked women around all the time must be hard for a teenage boy. Well, maybe I can help get your mind off it. Do you want to help with the laundry?’

‘Yeah okay.’

I wasn’t sure why I agreed. I hated doing chores. But for the moment all I could think of was getting more glimpses at her body.

‘Great.’ She picked up the basket of sheets and pushed it into my arms. ‘You can start by hanging these out for me.’

Slightly dejected, I headed out to the clothes line. There were always new senses to experience with my naked lifestyle. Namely that the knob of my erection was the right height to whack into the wash basket as I walked.

The first few times I had headed into the backyard in the buff I had felt that same old rush of anxiety at the prospect of someone seeing me somehow. Now, though, it was beginning to fade. It really was private back here, and honestly quite nice to feel the sun on every bit of my skin. I could see why dad so often came out here to read his morning paper on the deck chair.

My erection didn’t go away as I worked. Though, I was to blame for that. Usually I fought against the thoughts of mum’s body; pushing them away to try and return to clear, innocent thoughts that would pacify my over stimulated cock. Yet today I let myself explore those thoughts. Before all of this I had thought her breasts would be my biggest focus. And while they were still something that never failed to get me hard (the seemingly huge weight they held within that perfectly curved tear drop shape, yet still so soft and malleable as to jiggle with every little move of her body) it was in fact her ass that I found myself fantasizing about. Well, more than just her ass. Her entire rear area. How her pussy would peak through her legs as she bent over, framed perfectly by the crease of her ass cheeks.

Not to mention the uniqueness of how puffy her outer labia seemed to be. I felt like seeing it had ruined my porn viewing habits for future. I would always have to search for actresses with puffy pussies. I mean, Molly’s was pretty flat and smooth; supple little lips hidden away beneath her pubic hair. Mum’s just had… presence. Her sex demanded not to be ignored. A constant reminder of her sexuality mirrored by her large breasts. Every sexual part of her seemed to be emphasized. Even her ass and hips were enticingly round.

With the last sheet pegged, I headed back inside. Once again I was stopped in my tracks. Mum was bent over picking up sheets from where I had dumped mine. For a moment, my mind questioned why she was bending over from the hips rather than squatting down, or how both times I had entered the laundry from different doors, I had managed to find myself facing her ass; but only for a moment. It was hard to focus on much with that incredible view square in my vision once more. Yet her pussy looked different. Was it just the angle she was standing or did her lips open slightly more than last time. Was it just the light, or did it shimmer more as if she were wet? And surely it wasn’t my imagination that her puffy outer labia looked more swollen than usual.

She looked over her shoulder without standing back up.

‘All done?’

I swallowed the lump of spit forming in my throat.


She looked down at my erection with concern.

‘Oh sweetie, you’re still hard?’

‘Um, yeah, it’s okay, I’ll just-‘

She straightened up and stepped over to me.

‘You’re really struggling with this, aren’t you? I really want everyone to be comfortable with this, and that includes you not having to worry about this all the time.’

To emphasize her words, she tapped her finger against the tip of my cock. The slight touch alone caused me to grow even harder than I already was. A vein along my shaft bulged out at the sheer pressure of blood held within it.

‘Oh sweetie, are you making sure to take care of this and not just waiting for it to go down?’

‘Mum! I…’ wait, why was I so shy to talk about masturbation when I was already naked and erect in front of my mum. What did it matter? ‘Yeah.’


She stared down at my raging hard on which was pointing directly at her, already leaking pre cum.

‘There was something that helped your father out while we were at the resort, but you have to promise to keep this between us.’

My head was nodding before I could even process what she could be referring to. My heartbeat was like a drum in my ears.

She gave a look over her shoulder to the hallway before wrapping her hand around my shaft. I nearly came from the touch. Her hand was warm and firm. Her other arm wrapped around my hip and pulled me forward until we were both standing side by side in front of the sink. Her breast squished into my side as her hand began to work up and down my shaft.

‘Hang on,’ she said, repositioning herself so she was now standing facing my side. She continued to stroke me, faster than before. ‘That’s better.’

I was lost in sensation. From her new position, her breasts now bounced into me with every stroke. I was right to think that they were heavy. Every few strokes her breast would thud loudly into my side, causing her to slow her speed and pull her body back, only to sink back into my side as her focus returned to my cock. Fuck, my cock. My mother’s hand on my cock; jerking me off. This wasn’t a dream.

I felt something warm on my leg. A heat far warmer than her body pressed up against me. I looked down and saw her pussy, so close to my leg they were almost touching. I could feel the heat radiating from it. The promise of the warm, wet depths which lay inside. I watched with anticipation as her hips grew closer and closer, her pussy almost rubbing up against me.

My cock suddenly spasmed and a jet of cum shot from it, splashing against the metal basin. Again and again my cock convulsed, staining the sink with so much thick cum.

‘Good boy,’ she whispered. Her hand lazily stroked the last few drops out of me. Her fingers wrapping around the end of my knob with each stroke, not caring if her fingers became coated in my fresh cum. Her nipple poked into my arm, solid as a rock.

She finally released me and turned on the tap, washing away to gooey ropes from both the basin and her hand. She peered over her shoulder.

‘See, that did you a world of good. It’s going down.’

If only she knew I would most likely be hard again in a few minutes thinking of this.


I half expected things to become weird, but they didn’t. That night at dinner mum showed no signs of regret or awkwardness, or even that anything had even happened. When I caught her eye at dinner she just gave me a smile and kept eating.

That night was even harder to control myself than usual. It was only a few minutes into dinner before I was already hard under the table. The memory of mum’s breasts against me. The feel of her hand stroking me to orgasm.

As we had finished dinner Molly turned to me.

‘You’re awfully quiet tonight.’

Before I could do anything she ducked her head under the table only to re-emerge with a frown.

‘Oh my god, you little perv. Again?!’

‘Leave your brother be, Molly.’

‘But he’s hard again, mum!’

‘That’s just what happens with men, sweetie. You have to learn to get used to his body as much as he does yours.’

She stood up and took her plate over to the sink, seeming to thrust her ass out as she walked. Once she had placed her plate on the sink she turned back around, giving me a full view of her figure.

‘You can be excused if you’d like.’

I took the offer and left the kitchen, my boner swaying from side to side in front of me. I didn’t immediately beat off once I got to my room, hoping that I would soon hear a knock at the door and see mum enter, but she never came.

It wasn’t until the next day that something else happened. I woke up late and grabbed some breakfast after everyone had already left the kitchen. I spent most of the morning in my room, only emerging to grab a drink.

On my way to the kitchen I found mum vacuuming the lounge room. Once more I found myself stopping to admire. Her breasts bounced wildly with the movement. She noticed me and looked up.

Spurred on by thoughts of yesterday, I decided to spend some time with her. For once I was wishing myself to get hard in front of her.

‘Is it harder vacuuming naked like that?’

‘No.’ She grinned. ‘What? Do you think I always wore a bra when I vacuumed?’

God damn, that was all the mental image I needed. It was strange that I had become so accustomed to being naked that the thought of her not wearing a bra before all this was sexy. I mean, she was completely naked right now in front of me. No imagination necessary. Either way, both were enough for me to feel my cock begin to lengthen.

She looked down at my cock and bit her lip with a smile.

‘That didn’t take long. I think you have something to attend to.’

Here goes nothing.

‘I was actually hoping you could help me with it again.’

She kept her eyes fixated on my growing cock. Watching it as it grew longer and thicker.

‘Okay,’ she purred, stepping over and grabbing it. It swelled in her hand, pushing her grip further apart until it was fully hard.

‘Come over here.’

She led me by the cock over to the couch before guiding me down onto it. She dropped to her knees between my legs, slowly stroking my cock. Her breasts brushed against my legs. She knelt up and kissed the tip of my cock. Her breath cascading over it. Her rock hard nipples tickling my legs.

Before I knew what was happening, she lowered her head down, engulfing my cock with her mouth. I reached my hand out and grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing and kneading it. Finally, I was touching these. Groping at her huge breasts. They had looked so tantalizing over the last couple of days. Hell, they had looked good under her shirt for as long as I was old enough to notice them. My mum had the most amazing breasts I had ever seen, and I was finally playing with them while she sucked my cock.

Her head bobbed up and down, her tongue caressing my shaft as it filled up her mouth. My hand traced down the curve of her breast and found her nipple. I grabbed it and pinched it hard, matching the intensity of what I felt in my cock. She moaned in response, muffled by my cock, as her hand flew down between her legs.

My head fell back as she sucked harder, driving me closer to orgasm.

‘I’m going to cum.’

I expected her to pull my cock out, but instead she pushed her mouth down deeper onto my cock until I felt my knob pushing against the back of her throat. I couldn’t have held back if I tried. I plastered the back of her throat with cum. Rope after rope of thick sticky cum shot deep down her throat without even a flinch from her.

Finally, my orgasm subsided and she pulled my cock from her mouth. A long strand of spit still connected us as a dribble of cum leaked down her chin.

‘Oh fuck, mum! That was… fuck!’

I was out of breath and still too high on my orgasm to say anything right now.

‘I’m pleased to see I’m raising a strong, healthy young man. That was a lot of cum, sweetie.’ She scooped the cum up from her chin and sucked her finger clean. ‘It’s delicious, too.’

The sound of the veranda door closing brought us back to our senses.

‘Go!’ she mouthed to me.

I didn’t waste any time. I jumped up and dashed back to my room as mum furiously wiped her mouth clean.

As I closed the door to my room I could hear dad speaking in the lounge room.

‘You should take a break from this vacuuming and join me outside. It’s a beautiful day.’

I breathed a sigh of relief before turning away from the door. My breath caught in my chest as I found Molly laying on my bed. Under different circumstances, she would have looked extremely erotic. She lay on her side with her head propped up on one arm. One of her leg’s lay over the side of the bed, crossing over the other, highlighting the curve of her ass. Though her leg hid her pussy, I could still see the top of her blonde pubic hair peeking out. Her breasts spilled over each other as they rested on the bed. Though they weren’t as big as mum’s, they certainly still looked big.

‘Have fun?’ she asked with a devilish grin.

She sat up, her breasts bouncing, revealing a little more of her pubic hair as her body twisted. Oh how in this moment I wished she shaved like mum did. Then I might be able to see just a little more.

‘Huh?’ I said, playing dumb.

She giggled.

‘Here, let me remind you.’

She pretended to force a phantom cock into her mouth while making wet noises at the back of her throat.

‘Fuck off.’

She chose instead to add fake moans to her display. I could hear mum and dad’s footsteps echoing from the kitchen. What if they heard? Mum would know that I wasn’t doing anything just based on the timespan, but dad wouldn’t.


I tried to indicate for her to be quiet, but she didn’t react.

I don’t know why I thought pulling her hands away would stop her making noises with her mouth, but in that moment of panic it was all I could think of.

I lunged at her without thinking and suddenly found myself on top of her with both her wrists pinned to the bed around her.

It took a second for it to dawn on the both of us that rough housing was a lot more intimate when you were naked. Our two bodies were so close like this. Not a single piece of fabric between my cock and her pussy. Speaking of which, to make things even worse, my not-yet-deflated cock, probably still wet from mum’s spit and whatever cum it dragged from her mouth, rested against her inner thigh.

Her face changed in an instant from her mocking expression to anger.

‘Get off of me!’

I jumped back and let her get up.

‘Uh sorry. I didn’t mean to…’

She held up her hand.

‘Just… let’s not talk about it.’

To my surprise she strode to the door and exited without another word.


‘I think it’s about time we give this a rest.’

We all stared at dad with disbelief across the dinner table.

‘Huh, why?’

‘We’ve had our fun with this, but it’s time we let things go back to normal.’

‘But dad!’ Molly cried

‘No buts. I think it’s just best for us.’

‘But you seemed to so love reading your morning paper on the veranda like this,’ Mum chimed in.

‘I do, but I worry about how all this is effecting everyone.’

‘Darling, I already told you. It’s fine. You don’t have to worry.’

It dawned on me that they might be talking about me and my erections.

‘Yeah, I’m fine with it. I really don’t mind.’

With my free hand I pushed my erect cock down until I could cross my legs to hold it in place. I had been comparing mum and Molly’s breasts. Reminiscing about the feel of mum’s and wondering how Molly’s would feel given the slight difference in size. Not to mention thinking of my cum on mum’s mouth whenever I looked at her face. Plus the feel of her mouth wrapped around my cock, shoving it far down her throat. The feeling of cumming so deep down her throat. Looking at her neck and trying to work out how far down my cock went.

In fact, if there was one night when I was allowed to have a boner at dinner, it was tonight.

‘Please dad,’ Molly begged. ‘I don’t want to have to go back to wearing clothes.’

‘No, this is final. We’re ending this nudist stuff.’

He collected himself as he scanned around the table at our dejected faces.

‘Look, we can just do a trial if it means so much to you. A week with clothes and then we can decide what suits us best. Please, for my sake.’

Reluctantly, everyone agreed. I couldn’t help but notice that Molly seemed the saddest. She looked as if her heart had been broken. Or was it something else. Like guilt.

I pulled her into my room as we headed from the kitchen after dinner.

‘Wha- Hey! What?’

I closed the door behind us.

‘Did you tell dad?’

‘What? No!’


‘I swear! I didn’t tell him that mum gave you a fucking blowjob! Okay?! Why would I?’

A weight of building fear lifted off my shoulders.

‘So why did he do that then?’

Her eyes fell to the floor.

‘Like I’d know.’

She leant up against the wall.

‘I’m going to miss being naked. Mum and dad were right. It just feels natural after a while.’

‘Yeah, me too.’

She gave me a weak smile.

‘I’m sure I know what you’re going to miss most. But oh well. I suppose I won’t have to put up with your boners any more, hmm.

She gave my semi hard cock a flick with her finger, causing it to bounce.

‘And to think I just learned you weren’t getting them for me.’

With that she exited my room.


The next day was almost as surreal as the first day we began our nudist lifestyle. My pyjamas felt weird on my body. Where the shirt hung on my shoulders was as noticeable as if someone was permanently holding my shoulders. I had kind of cheated with my lower half, and only worn a pair of boxers, but even they felt tight around my hips. My cock felt constrained in them, as well. It needed to be free. I already missed the feeling of it swaying with my movement.

I entered the kitchen to find mum in a dress making herself a coffee.

‘Morning sweetie.’

I said morning back before sitting at the table next to Molly. She had the same idea as me, only wearing a tank top and panties.

She wriggled in her seat, pulling at her panties.

‘Mum, how much longer do we have to do this? It feels like my clothes are digging into my skin.’

‘Just try and put up with it, Molly. You’ll get used to them again.’


The veranda door opened and dad stepped inside with his paper.

‘Boy, it sure is heating up out there.’

He set his paper down and fanned his shirt out

‘Dad, are we finished with this yet?’

‘Oh come on, Molly. You haven’t even been up for an hour.’


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