Aunt Became My Teacher And Lover Part 2

We went into her shower, and she had a telephone sprayer which allowed us to very gently soap and wash each other. I told her what I learned about hygiene of that area on a male, and how I was taught in school Phys Ed and how to clean it.

She showed me how to clean her pussy area, and to make sure you rinse out ALL the soap. That should have been obvious.

We dried each other off. Needless to say, I was hard, and she stayed a bit wet after repeatedly being dried down there. Ahem…..

She said “Let me go first and take you in my mouth. I have done this before with Hank, but he did not seem to appreciate it. After a few times, I learned to enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to cum in my mouth. Also, you can guide me as to your individual taste, no pun intended.”

She had me sit on the edge of the bed and got down on her knees between my legs. She took my already hard dick into her mouth, slowly, as this was her first time in years doing this.

I instantly went into pleasure mode, and she was watching my eyes while sucking me off. She had the whole thing in her mouth, and I just sank into ecstasy, moaned and started breathing rapidly.

She knew I was about to cum, and sped up her movements, and I shot ropes into her mouth. After she milked my dry, she let go of it, and she said, “Do you like that?”

I said “Yes”

“Better than what we did yesterday?”

“No, because I was not pleasing you at the same time.”

She got this big smile and said, “Look at it this way: It may be giving me pleasure by giving you pleasure.” I shook my head yes. “OK, your turn. Just do what I tell you to.”


She sat on the bed where I was and leaned back allowing access and at the same time, was able to watch me. She started me by kissing her lips, and working lower, then down to her tits, across her solid tummy to her pussy area.

I was instructed to first lick and suck the pussy lips, run my tongue in and out of the love tunnel, and down to the clit which she pointed out last time. She was purring and making squealing noises. After a few moments, she quickly placed a small pillow over her mouth, stiffened up, screamed, and shot some pussy juice out.

Not a spray, but a small stream. Her juices coated my face, so I decided to lick some up and taste it. Not bad, a bit salty, but not bad. She said “You just graduated eating pussy”

I said “Till, I enjoyed that a lot, especially because I brought pleasure to you.”

“Some girl is going to get a real prize husband someday with you.” I was all smiles, but must have looked like shit with her and my cum on my face from kissing her, but I was very happy at that point’

She said, “If you read that chapter, did you see the part on 69 where you do each other at the same time?” I shook head as yes.

“Well, it’s going to take a little while before you reload, so we can try that, if you like?”


We cleaned up a bit, she made lunch, and we ate naked, also a new experience. Afterwards, she said “let’s go back upstairs”.

When we got there, she said “Hank only went down on me once and said he did not like that. He wanted to only do missionary, so he was the “leader” and not me. Once I tried mounting him with me on top, called cowgirl, and he pushed me almost off the bed and said not to do that again. It was his attitude and the point about not wanting kids is why I divorced him.”

” I see. Then sex with both of you was almost mechanical?”

“Good choice of words.”

I asked, “so I am the opposite of him, attitude wise?”

“YES, and then some.”

She had me lay on the bed face up. She came over the side and placed her pussy over my mouth, and she moved around until my dick was at her mouth. It was a good fit as we were both about the same height. She said “Put your hands on my hips so you can guide me to wherever you feel comfortable. Then go for it and so will I.”

I guided her to me and tongued her tunnel and licked and sucked on her clit. I was rewarded with a small gush of fluid and lapped it up. I continued to suck/play/rub the clit using my tongue and hands.

I remembered the book saying something about a “G” spot inside, and right in back of the clit, so I explored for that spot with two fingers. I knew found it when she let out a muffled scream with my dick in her mouth and got a big gush of fluid. She stopped sucking and said “You read the book alright. Good job, stud.”

She went back to sucking and shortly, I came into her mouth this time, it felt like more came out. We both were licking up each other’s cum and slurping it in. That S O B Hank did not know what he had.

We went into the shower and cleaned each other up, kissing and grabbing as we went along. She said, “What did you tell your mom where you were going today?”

I said, “I was going to study for biology.” And she laughed very hard. She said “again, good choice of words. You are very fast on your feet”

I went home and mom asked, “Did you study for the upcoming biology class, OK?”


“But the semester did not start yet.”

I said (with a straight face) “I may want to get into that line of work and want to do extra well in that area.”

“I see”

Next time we got together we experimented with other positions like cowgirl (she loved it being ‘on top’), dog style, etc. The book did not discuss anal, however, in those days that was a position for gays.

Another time, my parents went out of town for a relatives wedding, so I spent the day at Tillie’s and brought her to my home and she spent the night. She cooked dinner and we just spent the night having sex (I mean making love).

We actually slept together in each other’s arms. In the morning, we cleaned up and washed the bed linens. One thing I learned— Masturbation does not keep you warm at night but sleeping with a woman does……

One day, she was making sounds like she was ready to date again. I said “Tillie, your wardrobe is of that of a 60 yr old granny prude. Those dresses you have, I think we both can fit in one.

Your hair is always in a bun when you are at work. Your outfits say to men: This one is not what I want. I want to go shopping with you and pick out some tasteful and modern clothes. We are going to re-invent you.”

She said, “you may be right.”

We went to the big department store and I picked out some outfits. She tried them on and looked 20 years younger. I said “You look great in them. Now, I want you to get a dressy dress, like something you can wear on a date or to a party” We found one which accented her curves without saying “slut” at the same time.

She said “I tell you what I want to do. I will tell your mom you moved my furniture around and helped me deep clean the carpet and I want to take you to dinner for your reward.”


“OK here are the rules. NO signs of affection, no sneaking feels, or anything which can alert anyone else. That goes for both of us.”

I said “OK”

She wore her new dress, and me, a suit. We went to a local steakhouse and had a good meal. She said, “Let’s go to my place and have a quick drink.” I shook yes.

When we got there, she gave us both a beer, and said “Well here we are. There’s something I want to discuss with you.”


“I think we both broke an original rule. That is: falling in love. I see how you look at me, and I do the same to you.”

“Yes, I sensed that”

“You have what may be puppy love’ or a crush on me because of what we did. I may have a crush on you because no other man treated me like you do, especially my ex. It’s more than sex; its being treated like a lady.’

“I agree, Tillie. That said, where shall we go from here.”

“I was afraid you would ask that. With what this town of prudes does, we cannot become a couple. I am twice your age. You also have 2 or 4 years of school left.”

“We could move to more progressive town and get married. I could get a job and do school at night, and with your bookkeeping background, you could find something until I graduate.”

“I thought of that, but remember, I cannot have kids.”

“That’s OK with me, it will give us more time together.”

“Let it be like it was and is, and later on we can make a decision.”

And I went home. I thought it over and still wanted to spend my life with her, however, I will take our relationship at any level she wants. I don’t want to lose a good thing.

We got together whenever we could, and for obvious reasons had to act like Aunt and nephew in public. She and my family knew a lot of people in town.

I did call the girl nerd who asked me for sex a while back. Being a girl nerd, she also had glasses, but not near as bad as mine. She dressed in baggy pants or dresses, hiding her body, and wore no makeup.

However, once I got her into a bedroom, and her clothes off, she had a nice body. We had a good relationship until she moved to an out-of-town college, on scholarship.

About 8 months later, Tillie told me that a guy at work was interested, and they had a date Saturday. I asked how this affected me, and she said we will play this one by ear. However, if it gets serious with him, she will stop with me and it will be resuming the aunt status, as in no touchy-feel and whatever.

She did get serious with him and they made a date for the wedding. She brought him over to our house to meet my family.

Talk about a strange situation: Here’s her new fiancé, and her old “flame” facing each other. Finally, I walked up to both of them, and said “She is our family friend, and as close as I could get to having an aunt. Treat her well. She’s a great woman.” and I shook his hand. He and my mother stared at me.

Mom said, “Is there something going on that I don’t know about?”

“Well, I was close to her because she’s your best friend. She had a hard life with Hank, and I want to see her being happy.”

Tillie turned to my dad and mom and said, “Your son has grown up.” They got quiet; the first time that I ever saw this.

The marriage lasted. I went on thru college and moved out of state. The “education” that she gave me was more than just sex; it gave me what I needed to be with woman… Confidence in myself.

I kept “the book” and used it later. After all, one test drives a car before you buy it, eh?