Anniversary Starts A New Adventure

My wife and I met in high school got married a year after graduation and been together ever since. 40 plus years, before the kids came along we had our adventures.

Going to a porn theater, sex in a pool at the apartments, breaking in the sauna.


We would fantasize about bringing someone else into our playtime but she could never get up the courage to say yes.

This year would be different for our 30th anniversary I rented a hotel room, made reservations at a 4 star restaurant, hired a limo to drive us around.

On the way to the restaurant we had a bottle of champagne in the limo along with some heavy necking, she was in quite the mood and as she was having her first orgasm on my fingers she told me to keep her panties.

We had a nice dinner with my hand caressing her inner thigh and closely shaved lips.

Our driver was waiting for us as we left the restaurant to take us back to our hotel he held the door for us and as my wife got in her dress rode up and he could see her swollen wet lips, he smiled winked at me and told me I was a lucky man.

On our drive back we passed a place advertising adult movie in private booths and a theater my wife told the driver to stop.

He pulled into the parking lot towards the back and parked the car. As we got out I told him he could either wait in the car or come into the building. He chose to wait in the car.

My wife clutched my arm tightly as we walked across the parking lot to the entrance. The usual men were outside smoking or simply waiting for a couple or single woman to arrive and they followed us in the door.

As we walked in there was an area with racks upon racks of dildos, strap ons, Fleshlight, paddles, floggers you name it this place sold it. The other side of the room had the magazine racks and DVD sales.

We walked up to the counter and asked for change for the booth, I handed the female clerk a fifty she gave me back 10 fives and we turned and went to the corner of the room where the hallway to the booths was.

As we cleared the entrance our eyes had to adjust to the dim lighting and we noticed men lurking in the passageway that led to the booths as we were passing them some of the guys made appreciative comments about my wife.

She would look at them as we passed with a confidence I had never seen in her before, she smiled at one in particular.

We got to a booth located in the middle of the line of booths and went in. On the inside was a plastic chair, a monitor and a box of tissues on a small shelf. The walls on each side had holes in them about waist high. She looked around smiling saw the holes and asked me what they were.

I told her they were glory holes. What is that she said. I told her that guys would stick their cocks through them to have the person on the other side suck them. She gave me a look of shock and said really? I said yes they do, she said what if another guy was on the other side?

and I told her some guys don’t care that a mouth is a mouth. She said oh. She then asked me to put money in the slot and let’s watch a movie.

I put 5 dollars in and the monitor started up, the channel was on gay porn and she shook her head no. I started to run through the channels looking at her to see what she wanted.

One channel was a gloryhole video and she said stop. She had me sit in the chair and she straddled my legs opening her legs as they lay outside mine.

Her skirt rode up almost to the top of her thighs and I could see her crotch with no panties on. Her lips were full and she was very wet. I scanned up her body and her nipples were hard and she was starting to breathe heavier her breasts rising and falling erotically.

She took my hand and placed it on her inner thigh she kept her hand on mine causing me to rub her inner thigh from her knee to her crotch moaning lightly as she watched the woman on the screen place two fingers in the hole in the wall she was facing and a big cock came through the hole.

As the woman got on her knees to face the cock on the screen my wife gasped and pressed my hand against her very wet hot pussy. I slid two fingers inside her and she looked at me her eyes half closed and clouded with lust.

She asked me does that really happen? I told her I didn’t know I had only seen it on movies but I thought so. She looked at the holes in the walls on either side of us and could see shadows moving on the other side of them.

Then she saw an eye and part of a face looking through the one on the left and thought she recognized the man she smiled at in the passage way. She shifted on my lap so she was facing the left side and opened her legs more and pushed my fingers deeper inside her.

I reached up with my other hand and started to fumble with the buttons of her blouse. She turned her head and kissed me her tongue plunging into my mouth dancing with mine.

When she broke the kiss she was panting and whispered I think he is watching us. I smiled and opened her blouse and told her to take it off along with the bra.

She stared at me then smiled a lusty grin and did so. I was pulling on her nipples while still fingering her. She leaned to my ear and said do you think he is hard? I said put your fingers to the hole and find out.

She hesitated then biting her lip she leaned forward and slid two fingers through the hole. She kept them there a second then gasped, I said what? She said they are sucking my fingers and she squeezed her legs together and came.

and She looked at me and I could see she wanted more, I told her to sit up straight. She did pulling her fingers out of the hole you could see they were shiny with spit. As she slipped her fingers back from the hole a cock followed them.

There she sat staring at the first cock she had seen that was not mine in 30 years. It was long hard thick and throbbing about 7 inches long and 2 inches around, she smiled and said wow it’s nice, yours is bigger and fatter but it is still nice.

I am 8 inches long and about 5 inches around.. She continues to stare at it licking her lips and looks at me back and forth for a couple of seconds I smile and nod my head.

She reaches out and touches it. She runs her fingers up and down it lightly almost like the flutter of a butterflies wing caressing this cock that is throbbing on our side of the hole. Without thinking she leans forward to get a closer look.

The cock twitches as it feels her hot breath waft over it, she smiles and leans closer as she sees a drop of precum form at the tip she flicks her tongue out and flicks it across the top collecting the drop for a taste she moans as her tongue retreats into her mouth savoring the taste of only the second cock she has ever touched.

She slides to her knees and opens her mouth to swallow this new cock as deep as she can. When her nose presses against the wall she moans in excitement at the feel of having a strange hard throbbing cock in her mouth.

and She pulled back and looked at me to see how I was feeling I smiled and nodded, she reached out and grabbed my hand and placed it under her skirt. I knew she wanted me to continue finger fucking her as she sucked the cock sticking out of the.

As my fingers slid into her and my thumb pressed her clit she started to bob her head on the cock. Rocking back and forth fucking the cock with her mouth and my fingers with her pussy she was moaning constantly after a few minutes someone knocked on the wall and I told her he is going to cum, to let her know to pull off as she has only let me cum in her mouth a few times during our married life.

She just sucked harder and raised one hand to squeeze the balls that were also sticking through the wall and started to vigorously fuck my fingers. She gave out a long moan matched by one coming through the wall and as she started to swallow her pussy clamped down on my fingers refusing to let them go as she started to squirt on the floor and my shoes.

When the cock started to go soft she leaned back from the wall and sat in my lap again having finally released my fingers once her orgasm finished. She kissed me and I started to play with her breasts again I could taste her friend on her tongue but didn’t care as this was one of the most exciting times in our married life.

She could feel my hard cock against her ass and wiggled on it causing me to moan. She broke our kiss leaned back and smiled. I asked are you ok she smiled and said I never thought it could be like that, I was so horny seeing his cock and having you touch me I couldn’t help myself.

I am so glad you were here as I could never do anything like this without you. I love you and she kissed me again.

I asked her if she wanted to suck another cock through the wall and she said no maybe another time. I want to take care of you now but there isn’t much room in here.

and I said no there isn’t we can wait till we get back to the hotel. She smiled and said no you need relief now that way you can go all night at the hotel. I said what do you propose?

She looked down then after a moment looked up at me and said well what is the theater like?

If you want part 2 let me know…



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