Anal Revenge on the Class Bully

Sex education is always a difficult class, especially here at Good Missionary High School. Since the class is mandated by the state, the school made it exclusive to eighteen year old seniors in the hope that they would be good enough boys and girls to turn away from sin.

Yeah, not sure the school board has ever met their students. Word around town is to go to Good Missionary for a great lay. So every year is a struggle, but this year, this year I’ve had it!

It isn’t the pregnant girls in the back saying things like “Oh! So that’s how this happened” or the dumb guys drawing lewd art on the desks, or the couples volunteering to demonstrate for the class. No, all that is so common it doesn’t phase me any more. The problem is Jerry Tucker telling the class his explicit rape fantasies to the class during my lectures, and I’m the star of every one of them.

I like to think I’m an attractive gal, tall and thin, not much ass but I got legs for days. I keep my straight, mahogany colored hair long enough to touch the bottom of my shoulder blades so that I can tie it in braids or do it up or down in different styles. Lately I have been keeping it in a severe matronly bun. I like to wear short dresses with low necklines to show off my long legs and to emphasize my b cup east west breasts. So you could say I invite attention, and yeah, I enjoy the fact that these young men and some of the women go home and rub one out thinking about me writhing under them or riding on top of them with my small perky breasts bobbing around till they grab a hold of my puffy nipples and make me moan. That’s healthy. But Jerry talks about beating me, breaking me in front of the class, forcing himself on me as I beg him to stop, taking me over and over till I pass out in a pool of his cum. Every single time! Well today I was ready for him.

I’m at the marker board like normal, today we are going over human gestation. The pregnant girls are finally quiet, they are more interested in learning what is going on with their bodies than in making jokes. I’m writing the key words on the board and their definitions, everything is going great, maybe he won’t make a scene…

“So is that what is going on with you Ms. Higgs?”

I should have known it couldn’t last. “Mr. Tucker please be quiet, I will not tolerate your outbursts today.”

“Is this the thanks I get for letting you off your leash this morning? Or is it the hormone changes from the baby I put in you? Either way you need to watch that back talk or I’ll put you over my knee!”

“Mr. Tucker, please.”

“Shut your mouth or I’ll put another baby in you!”

That was it, I gave him all the chances I was going to today. You have to stand up to assholes in your life, you teach them that you won’t take any shit, that you are the big bad bitch and you destroy assholes. I capped the marker and set it down on the tray and walked around to lean back against the front of my desk. I crossed my arms over my chest and fixed him with my most withering stare. “Well then come up here.”

I said it matter of factly, the way I normally tell the class to turn in their papers. Tucker went apoplectic, I don’t think anyone had stood up to him before.

“What are you waiting for? Stand up, drop your pants, and show me what a big man you are. Bend me over this desk, take me in front of this whole class till I scream your name, fuck me so hard you paralyze me for life.”

He got out of his chair, his face red, angry that I was calling his bluff. “I’m going to make you eat those words!”

“Come on then! Drop your pants and do it! We are all waiting.”

He got this strange look on his face, pissed that I was calling his bluff but embarrassed to actually carry out his threat. I had no doubt that he would carry out his rape fantasy if we were ever alone, but in front of a room full of people was a different story.

“What is a matter? Little Jerry got stage fright? Or maybe you are just like every single man out there and are lying about the size of your penis. Is that the problem? I promise you Mr. Tucker, this is a safe space, we won’t mock your micro-penis.”

There was a snort from a guy at the back of the room, then a stifled laugh, then finally the whole class erupted into laughter. Jerry was seething. He kicked off his shoes and undid his belt. His teeth ground together so hard, the whole room could hear it. He was naked from the waist down, and his cock was already hard. It just kind of stuck out, bobbing in the air all red and angry, maybe he was six inches but I told him it looked like three inches anyway.

He shouted out that I was a bitch and ran toward me, hoping to fulfill his darkest desires. He was not expecting to run balls first into my right foot. The air rushed from his lungs and he fell to his knees, clutching his genitals. I stepped away from the desk and kicked him again and again. He blocked a couple of shots but perseverance over comes all obstacles. After about the seventh shot landed, his eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out.

“Someone come and help me with this guy.”

The class was eager to help, they all hated him, and like my Dad used to say, many hands makes short work. Mr. Tucker awoke to find himself face down on my desk, a bright red ball gag was in his mouth. Ropes secured tightly to the legs of my desk held his arms tightly in place out stretched before him while each of his ankles was tied to the other two legs. He struggled vainly against his bonds.

“You see class, there are various types of sex. Most of you here are familiar with vaginal. Some of you may have tried oral. But we are all in for a treat as Mr. Tucker here has decided to demonstrate anal for the class.” I say as I move around the desk to stand in front of him. I’m swaying a bit, just enjoying the sheer erotic thrill of power over this completely corrupt little troll of a man. I undo the buttons on the top of my dress and slowly roll the clothing off of my shoulders. I stop it just under my bust, letting him get an eyeful of my sexy cleavage in the pushup bra. I keep moving to music only I can hear as I put on my little tease for Jerry and the rest of the class. I have their rapt attention. I bend forward, letting my breasts hang, then roll myself back up to my full height letting the top of the dress fall down to my waist. His eyes follow from my bra, down the bare skin to my belly button. I turn away from him and put my arms behind my back and slowly undo my bra. I make a whole production out of it, my sexy display is making Jerry and several others moan. I look out into the crowd and all eyes are on me. I can make out hands in pants or down skirts, everyone getting excited.

I turn back around to face Jerry as I let the bra fall to the floor. My perky breasts fall down into place. I cup them in my hands, give them a couple soft squeezes, tweak my puff nipples a bit. Jerry is trying to roll his hips around as his penis tries to get hard but is jammed so hard against my desk it can’t straighten out. With my striptease, I think poor Jerry forgot what he is here for. It is time to remind him. I let the dress fall to the floor and then grab the eight inch dildo off the top of my filing cabinet and snap it into place on the leather harness I’m wearing. His eyes go wide with terror and I go up and pat his cheek, “Just relax and keep breathing you little bitch, this shouldn’t hurt too much.”

I walk around the front of the desk, enjoying the show I know I must be to the rest of the class. Tall and thin, my hair in a tight bun on the top of my head, perky breasts bobbing slightly as I strut with an eight inch erection. I almost cum thinking about it. “Now class, it is important that you prepare your partner for what is about to happen. A good, hard spanking really loosens things up.” I say as I pick up a yardstick and bring it down hard on his butt cheeks. I really go to town on him, enjoying as his ass goes from pasty white to a deep red. I find short and quick movements work best.

I stop when my arm gets tired and let the yardstick clatter to the ground. He’s whimpering around the gag. “Next you want to provide your partner with an ample amount of lubricant and work it into their ass and on your cock. Unfortunately I forgot to bring any today. Such is life.”

Jerry starts shaking against the desk and protesting loudly as I place the head of my dildo against his tight little opening. The whole class watches with bated breath as I force my way in. If it wasn’t for the ball gag you could hear him down the hall. He just looses it as the bulbous head finally pushes its way into his ass completely. It takes forever for me to finally work the whole eight inches into his ass.

“Yeah! Fuck that ass!” one of the students shouts out and then is picked up by another student till the whole room is filled with a chant of “Fuck that ass!”

I pull out till the head and then shove all the way back in. “You like that Mr. Tucker? Does the wannabe rapist like being forced down and fucked in the ass like the little bitch boy he is?” I say as I reach down and grab his balls, squeezing them hard in my hand, then raking them with my nails. He’s trembling and his muffled screams are music to my ears.

“Is my little bitch enjoying this?”

“He sure is! Look! He’s blowing his load all over the desk!” one of the student’s calls out.

I pull out and come around to take a look. Sure enough, he is lying in his own cumshot. I reach under him and collect some of the white goo, smear it on the head of my cock, then walk back around to shove it up his ass.

“That’s right, you take that sperm like the good little bitch you are!” I call out as I grip his waist and really pound him.

I’m close, but I need something more. I point to one of the guys, “Hey you, do you have a condom?” I ask. The big strapping guy just shakes his head yes. “Then get it on. This harness is open crotch and I need something in my pussy.

The eighteen year old man didn’t need to be told twice. He’s up and out of his seat and already has his dick out and the condom in place. I stop my thrusts so that he can get situated behind me.

“Take me fast and hard. You are fucking me into him so set a quick pace!”

The new guy wastes no time. I’m buried to the hilt in Jerry’s ass so every thrust into my pussy grinds into Jerry. This is what I needed, being fucked while fucking, it is the best experience on earth. New guy doesn’t last long but fortunately I don’t need him to. My orgasm hits me like a ton of bricks. I’m seeing stars as I bite my bottom lip to keep from screaming.

New guy withdraws as soon as he is finished and returns to his desk. It takes me a bit longer to recover but once my legs are stable under me, I pull out and look at the class room. Every pant or skirt I see has a wet spot. Glad they all enjoyed the show. I walk around to finally look at Mr. Tucker’s face. It is beat red and he’s got tears streaming from his eyes and snot bubbling from his nose.

I unhook the ball gag and help him get it out of his mouth. He is moving his jaw around, trying to get the muscles to relax. I grab him by the chin and look right into his eyes, “I trust you have learned your lesson and will behave in my classroom?”

“Yes, Ms. Higgs.” he says softly. I must say, I like the sound of that.