Amy wanted to watch me get a happy ending massage Part -2

Shu told Amy to roll onto her back now, with the butt plug staying in place. Amy opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile, noticing that Suni was rubbing my legs right up and massaging my oily dick as she returned back down my legs.

I had turned over from my front as Shu was playing with Amy’s bum. Just then, shop Amy quietly walked into the room, and softly asked if we are happy with the service.

I said yes as Amy smiled and closed her eyes to enjoy what was about to happen, Shu grabbed another hot towel that shop Amy had brought in. Shu wiped down Amy’s boob’s, down her body and with another warm towel wiped between Amy’s legs.

I guess they didn’t know we’d had a shower before we came. Shu then commenced Amy’s front massage, oiling up her hands and parting Amy’s legs. Amy’s pussy was in full view and was waiting hopefully, while her nipples were erect and gorgeous.

Shop Amy came over, put her arm on Amy’s leg, leaned down and kissed Amy’s pussy. I thought I saw a shiver go through Amy’s body as she opened her eyes to see who it was. She watched as shop Amy came over to me and kissed my dick, then said, enjoy, and left the girls to continue. The customer service from the boss is excellent.

Shu started massaging Amy’s shoulders, stretching them back, opening up her chest and related muscles. Then she started gently massaging Amy’s boob’s, brushing her hands across her nipples that were constantly popping out from under her hands as they moved across, they grew bigger, harder and darker.

Shu noticed, leaned down, kissed Amy’s nipples and sucked each one for a while. Amy let out a nice cute enjoyable noise as she reached up and held Shu’s arm, as Shu sucked.

Shu then slowly worked her massage down Amy’s side and across her belly until she got to her neat furry mound. Amy’s legs were still apart as if welcoming anybody to enjoy.

I had a vivid thought, that someone would come in now and fuck her while Shu massaged. Under my insistence Amy had got a cute bikini wax during the week so her mound was not so bushy as to get tangled in the oil. It looked cute and sexy.

Shu left Amy’s mound after some pressure massaging and bypassed her pussy to work on her legs and feet, one at a time. I bet her pussy was thinking it would be next.

Eventually, Shu finished her legs, the half hour minimum massage was up. Even though we had agreed what massage Amy would get she was not sure how it would happen or how she would feel, but she was very excited now. Shu would be able to do almost anything to her.

That’s what I love about Amy, she’ll just let me do almost whatever I want, she loves the attention. The bum hole massage was not Amy’s suggestion, that was mine when I made the booking, but I could tell Amy thoroughly enjoyed it.

The butt plug was not my idea either, but I could also tell that Amy enjoyed that as well. Shu obviously had the experience to know it would be okay and was very gentle and patient. The butt plug was still enjoying Amy’s bum now, or was it that Amy was enjoying the butt plug, I’ll ask later.

Amy knew it was time for something different, she was probably nervous, but was also probably very excited at the same time, not knowing how this will turn out.

Shu whispered to Amy, then moved Amy down toward the bottom of the bed, lifted her feet up onto the bed and opened them out. Shu leaned forward and kissed Amy’s pussy several times.

This I needed to watch. I sat up more, ignoring my massage and watched as Shu used her finger to collect some of Amy’s juice that was dribbling out of her pussy.

She leaned in and parted Amy’s pussy lips with her tongue, then slid her finger along the groove, massaging the soft inner pick flesh, then slowly slid her finger all the way inside.

After several nice slow strokes in and out of Amy’s pussy, Shu leaned closer, kissed Amy’s pussy again then started to lick it.

Suni had finished my massage as well but she knew I wanted to watch so she just slowly held and stroked my dick occasionally from behind, rubbing my dick juice over it, to keep it interested while she rubbed her oily tits up and down my back as well, while she also watched Shu lick Amy’s pussy, which was more interesting to us both.

When Shu’s tongue touched Amy’s pussy, Amy’s head went back, she closed her eyes and her mouth opened slightly, that’s when I know Amy is enjoying it. Shu moved her tongue slowly up and down Amy’s wet groove between her swollen dark lips, licking deep into her soft pink inner pussy.

Shu reached under and slowly pulled the butt plug out over the wider part, leaving the smaller part inside Amy, then slowly, while licking Amy’s pussy, moved it in and out.

If there was any minor pain, it was offset by the pleasure of her pussy being licked by Shu, and having something moving in and out of her relaxed bum at the same time. Amy moaned from the pleasurable pain of the combined action.

I whispered to Suni “would you like to kiss my wife’s nipples please”. Suni looked at me then my dick, so I said it’s okay you can come back after. Okay she said with a smile and quietly moved over to Amy, and put her hand on her shoulder to let her know she was there.

Amy did not open her eyes, she knew. Suni leaned down and kissed Amy’s nipples, then began to suck on one as Shu continued to lick her pussy and gently bum fuck her with the thinner part of the butt plug. Amy moaned even louder. She was so horny now. Amy badly wanted all of it, this was not going to stop without her having one beautiful wild screaming cum.

Although she tried to hold back and enjoy this experience as long as she could, she slowly started to make her cum body movements as she was nearing her orgasm. Her hand came up onto Shu’s hair, her head lifted slightly, her tummy tightened and then suddenly her body spasmed as she cum wildly and loudly.

Shu gently removed the butt plug, kissed her pussy once more and put the towel across Amy’s tummy. Suni stopped sucking her nipples, gave Amy a little quick kiss on the mouth and left her boobs showing as Amy lay back down, eyes closed, head to the side, legs still slightly apart, to rest and savour that fantastic experience she’d just had with two women.

I wanted to kiss her so much at that moment, but Suni had other ideas about my aching dribbling dick.

As Amy rested, and Suni started to rub my cock, I noticed Shu reaching under the table. As she stood back up, I could see that she was strapping a dildo to herself. Wow, I did not order this but I was not going to stop it. It was an average size cock, and Shu was rubbing it with lubricant.

Suni realized what was going on and lowered Amy’s table a little, to the right height. Amy opened her eyes, not knowing what was going on. Shu reached under Amy’s knees and pulled her gently to the end of the table and opened Amy’s legs again. Amy then saw what Shu’s intentions were.

Amy didn’t know what to do or say, she just laid there and let Shu take control, but trusted her. Amy leaned up on her elbows and watched as Shu put the tip of the oiled-up dildo to her already slippery pussy. Shu looked at Amy for a second, for approval, and did not get a rejection. Taking that as acceptance, she continued.

I had gotten off my bed at this stage, I wanted to see this. I put my hand on Amy’s hand as Shu with her hands using Amy’s knees leaned forward.

The dildo glided effortlessly all the way into Amy. Amy gasped, shuddered, laid back, closed her eyes and allowed Shu to fuck her with the dildo. Shu was gentle and obviously experienced with dildos. After a minute or so of silky-smooth fucking, Shu used her finger to play with Amy’s clit.

Amy responded very well, with soft moans, and slight thrusts, making sure she was going to enjoy this new experience. And while squeezing my hand she soon had another massive explosive orgasm. Amy had just been girl fucked with a dildo for the first time.

That was an amazing surprise for both of us and one I would like to see again. We’ll need to talk about that later.

After Amy had cum for the second time, she must have realised that I had not finished, she rolled her head toward me, and opened her eyes just in time to watch Suni lower her lips over my dick and take almost the whole length into her mouth, as she brushed her hair to one side.

She raised her head up, making sure to keep my dick in her mouth, then lowered herself again, sucking with changing pressure and depth. Suni kept going as Amy reached across to hold my hand as she watched my dick disappear in and out of Suni’s mouth.

Suni’s tongue was also working its magic on my dick. Her mouth was warm and tightly wrapped around my cock. Not long after, Suni could feel I was about to cum, so she took her mouth away and replaced it with her oily hand without losing a stroke.

As I cum, Suni leaned over my dick and made it squirt cum all over her tits and nipples. Then she massaged the cum across her boobs. I was done, watching Amy enjoy her experiences and me having a blow job, had worn me out.

That night we talked about it of course. Amy really enjoyed the whole experience, and surprisingly, the small butt plug. She said although it was slightly painful but bearable in the beginning, leaving it inside her was actually quite a nice feeling while other things were happening.

She even enjoyed the small part of the butt plug being moved in and out of her bum while Shu was licking her pussy and said when Suni started sucking her nipples as well, the overall pleasure doubled. She loved it.

“What about the dildo fuck, did you enjoy that.”

“Yes, I did, that was a nice surprise, thank you. But the feeling was not as nice as your dick.”

“I did not organise the dildo, that was a big surprise to me as well, but it was fantastic to see a lady fucking you, very different,” I replied.

“Oh wow, I thought you had organised it,” Amy said, “It was okay, but your dick is better.” Amy kissed me.

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to cum again. It was worth it just to watch.”

“I did enjoy it, but I think it was more the fact I was being girl fucked, and the fact it was the first time I’ve had a dildo, and with you watching. I thought you organised it so I was also thinking how much I love you for arranging all this for me. But even so, the feeling was not the same as your nice warm dick and with you at the end of it. Anyway, how was yours?”

“Well,” I said, “the massage was a bit of a waste because I was too busy enjoying and concentrating on you most of the time, which was really what I wanted to do anyway, it was fantastic to watch. But the blow job was nice and you holding my hand while it was happening was so cute.”

“Actually, when Suni started sucking your dick, I actually wanted to do it, but I also wanted to watch her do it.” I kissed her. “Would you do it again,” she asked.

“Well for $300, it was a nice experience, different, but really, your blow job is even better because it’s you, and I could buy a lot of butt plugs for that much.” Amy laughed. “But I did enjoy watching, especially while Shu was playing with your bum, being so patient and then inserting the butt plug, OMG that was so sexy to watch and I didn’t order that either. Would you do all that again,” I asked.

“Like you, it was good, but your licking is also the best, you make me so horny, I cum so quick, but in future I would like to try with a butt plug again, occasionally.” We kissed, and she said, “maybe with a bit more practice, we could increase the butt plug size and occasionally enjoy anal sex a bit more, if I enjoy it.”

“Okay, definitely,” I wasn’t going to argue, “I’ll get a set tomorrow.”

Amy laughed, “your so cute and funny.”

The next day on the way to the nursery, we bought a butt plug set, small, medium and large. Soft pink in colour. The large one, which I doubt we’ll ever use, had a removable tiny pencil vibrator inside it.

An option that can be used with the butt plug or as a purse size vibrator that can be used when we are out, such as at the movies, having a quiet coffee, a quick visit to a car park or watching TV. We already had the typical bottom draw vibrator. So, the options are unlimited, well my thoughts about it were.

A threesome or foursome with me and our toys.

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