Amy wanted to watch me get a happy ending massage Part -1

On the way to get some plants for the garden, I pointed out and told her about the local massage parlor that provided extras, so I was told.

Amy asked, “what do you mean extras?”

“Well, if you quietly ask the girl for extra attention, they might do what you want for an extra charge, you know, a happy ending massage.”

“What’s a happy ending massage”

“It’s a massage with a happy ending, you know, an orgasm, blow your beans, flush the pipes, get your rocks off,” I replied.

“Oh, I see,” she said. She thought for a moment and said very seriously “I would actually like to watch you have one of those,” and gave me her naughty look.

I looked at her and said, “really, you’d like to see me get a hand job, or blow job or have sex with a massage lady?”

“Yes, I would,” she replied. “I would like to watch while it happens.”

“Wow,” I said. That’s all I could say at that moment so I put that thought aside for another day as we had now passed the place and the conversation changed to gardening, as we were on our way into the nursery.

A week later, on my way home from work on a Friday, I finally got the courage and went inside the massage parlour to discuss what sort of massages they actually will do if asked, and to see if the rumours I’ve heard were true, just out interest only of course. There was one bloke waiting on a couch and there was a hall with four closed doors off to the side of the counter, each with a different coloured door. I wondered what that might mean.

The lady at the counter, Asian, probably about 40, slim, nice long black hair and quite pretty, showed me the price list for the normal stuff; full body, neck and shoulders, feet etc, etc, half hour, 45 minutes, 1 hour and so on.

She said, “you pick any girl you want,” and pointed to the photos on the wall. I looked and saw a few nice Asian girls and one blonde European.

They were all attractive, in their own way, obviously different, but we all differ with our likes. Each photo, nine of them, had a coloured frame that matched the door colours, including the lady I was talking to. Her frame had all the colours. Ah I thought to myself, she would be the boss. But I had noticed a couple of the girls that caught my attention more than others.

“Okay thank you,” I said, then as I started to leave, and as if a casual last-minute thought, I quietly asked, “do you do any extra types of massage that are not on the list?”

She looked at me for a few seconds trying to decide if was serious and trustworthy, and said, “what type you mean,” pretending to not understand, maybe because of the other bloke still sitting there.

But just as I was about to respond, he was called by a skimpily clad slim Asian girl, with most of her body showing above her quite obvious almost bare pussy, her honey brown bum was basically bare in a G String, and he was taken to the room with the red door.

So nervously, I quietly said, “do you do any massages of a sexual nature,” and waited for her reply.

“Well,” she said quietly, leaning in close, looking around as if it was top secret, “for special customer we can do most other request, but of course it extra cost.”

“Okay good,” I said, “can you give me an example of what extras you can do.”

“What your request, you tell me and I tell you if okay,” she replied. She sounds like the boss lady alright. Now she has put me on the spot, I felt slightly more embarrassed but I was not going to walk away without finding out, it’s now a matter of principle.

“Well, do you do hand job, for the man.”

“On penis,” she asked.

“Yes,” I said quietly, thinking that was a funny question.

“Yes, we do this, extra $40 dollar, but you must have minimum half hour massage included, total maximum time 45 minutes.”

Okay understood ($80). I then asked, “do you also do blow job for the man.”

“Yes, this one $120 dollar, also 45 minutes including with minimum massage.”

Okay I thought, now we are getting somewhere, and it appears the rumours are true. So, I continued, “good, do the girls do full sex.”

“You mean with pussy, yes some do, this one $150 dollar, for 1 hour including with minimum massage,” then she leaned in closer and said in a low voice, “and if you like, some do anal for same price as pussy,……. yes, same price.”

This is getting interesting now, and my embarrassment has gone, it was like we were old mates now. Right, now we are getting to the real questions I wanted an answer to. “Do you also do sexual massage for ladies.”

“Yes, some of my girls like this, what you got in mind.”

“I’d like to arrange a happy pussy massage for my wife.” Wow, I’ve said it.

“Yes, we can do, we can make your wife cum, with finger or by licking, but licking extra, like blow job for man $120 dollar, maximum 45 minutes including with minimum massage, but 1 hour more better, $150. We can also include anal massage for man and lady if you like, already included in price, and we also use toy if you like.”

“Can you do a sexual massage for a couple in a room for two, so they can watch each other.”

“Yes, no problem we have very nice cosy room for that, not many customer ask for that one. Some, but not many, but yes okay, we have room, we can do that.” She seemed happy with my enquiries and asked, “what you like, I can give you price now and make booking. We also have voucher.”

I wasn’t really prepared for what they could do, so I said “okay thank you, let me think about it and I will come back tomorrow, will you be here.”

“Yes, my name is Amy, I be here, we open from 10am and close at 9pm.” Oh dear, that’s interesting, same name. My cousin mentioned there was an Amy here that he liked. But before I left, I asked which girls do the extra for men and who can make a lady happy. Amy came around from behind the counter to where the photos were on the wall. Hers was there, but she said, “I only do normal massage.” Hmmm I thought, that’s not what I heard, maybe she has her regular ‘extra’s’ customers.

She pointed to Shu and said, “this one like to do lady, she married but that okay she still like, she only start last week, no ladies for her yet at this place, but no problem for her.” She also pointed to Mandy but Shu looked nicer, and in the back of my mind I think Amy would be more relaxed with her for some reason.

Then she said, “this one here, Suni, real name Sun but she like Suni, she happy to do anything man or woman want, and she like anal,” she added in a low tone. “Suni very good, and also this one, Jade, she very much like to do extra for the man also.” But I decided that Shu and Suni looked more appealing for us.

“Thank you, Amy, let me think. I know which girls I will pick and I will come back tomorrow and tell you what I would like, and you can give me special price.”

“Okay,” she said, “I give you morning price,” she laughed, “what your name.” I told her and left.

It was hard to concentrate driving home, thinking about what Amy would like and what she’d enjoy and also what she might like to see happen to me. That night I gave Amy a quick massage and while I was playing with her bum, I mentioned that she would probably also enjoy another lady doing this to her. She agreed that it would be nice, if ever it would happen.

I kept talking about what another lady would do to her, like kiss her tits and suck her nipples and as I kissed her nipples the lady would get between her legs and suck her pussy lips and lick her to cum. She got more excited the more I said what would happen which led to sweet beautiful sex, and making her cum quickly by kissing her gorgeous juicy pussy.

We’d had a couple of threesomes already. A couple of sessions with a guy I met at a cricket match, and once with a guy from our old work. They both were happy to continue in the future whenever we wanted. But I do know she would like to have a female doing something to her, for the experience as well as for the excitement and so we had agreed to advertise in the near future for a couple, hopefully with a bi-wife, or just another lady who is bi-sexual.

Conveniently, the next day I said I needed to go to the hardware store, so I slipped into the massage place and shop Amy was there.

“Good morning, Mr,” she said cheerfully, “you know what you like now.”

“Yes, I do,” and so I told her.

“Okay that good choice.” she said, “that will be $300 dollar.” She wrote good notes in her book with my name against it; what I would like to happen on the day to each of us, and the names of the ladies I selected. I bought a voucher for two and booked for next Saturday week, afternoon, so one day soon I better get around to telling Amy.

Fortunately, the day of the telling came quicker than I thought, it was hard to hold back. Two nights ago, Amy had got a bit frisky, and so we started playing around on the lounge after the kids had gone to bed early.

I took her shorts off, well I almost ripped them off more like it, and she had her legs wide open and apart across mine, but with her knickers on still, teasing me, making me look at her cheeky hidden hot yummy pussy. I slid my hand up her top, ah ha, she’d taken her bra off, I felt her gorgeous nipples swell up and go hard as I moved my hand across her tit’s and I kissed her soft perfect delicious lips. The top came off very quickly.

I enthusiastically kissed and sucked her nipples as she held my head against her. I slid my hand down into her knickers, pushing gently on her mound as I went, my finger finding her wet spot.

With her knickers pulled off, and with her leaning back on the lounge, with me kneeling on the carpet and her feet resting on the coffee table, it wasn’t long before my mouth was covering and relishing her beautiful horny pussy, sucking and kissing her swollen dark lips, savoring her gorgeous tasty pussy juice as an entrée to eating her yummy cum cream which arrived soon after.

When it did, I sucked the cream off my fingers and slid my cock into her straight after and fucked her while I told her I had good news that would make her horny. After we had both cum, and resting against each other, my legs over hers, I mentioned I had a surprise. I’d bought a naughty massage voucher for two.

She sat up, smiling, very keen to know what I’d done. She remembered that day as we drove past and said, “I thought you’d forgotten all about it. Tell me, tell me.” She said anxiously, “What have you organised.” She was very eager to know.

Hmmm I thought, this could be better than I expected. So, I told her of my visit after work to find out what they do, and of course she wanted full details.

“Well, they do just about anything a man could want, depending on the girl at the shop.” So, I explained that they do hand jobs, blow jobs, full sex including anal if you wanted it, and probably other stuff which I didn’t ask about. And massage as well.

“That’s good for all you men,” she said, “so what did you book, I really want to see you do something, so I want to be there.”

“Exactly what would you like to see me do,” I asked.

“Maybe a hand job or blow job, I think I’d like to see some other lady do that to you.” Then suddenly she realised something. “Will they let me watch,” she asked, in case she would miss out watching if I had something done.

“Yes, they will,” I said.

“Good, because I don’t want you doing anything with another woman without me. I wouldn’t do that to you, you know that.” She kissed me.

“But they do more,” I said.

“What, tell me, tell me, like what.”

“They also do sex massages for ladies and couples.”

Amy’s eyes opened up, bright and sparkling, they suddenly looked excited and smiling. This time she did not say tell me, tell me. She just waited for me to tell her, breathing harder, as she grabbed my dick and started to play with it unconsciously, as if using it for support for what I was about to say.

“You didn’t hear me before, did you,” I said. She looked at me bewildered, so I continued. “I told you I bought you a voucher for two.”

“Oh, did you.” What I had said earlier didn’t sink in. But then she went a little quiet, thinking about what that meant, then all of a sudden it sunk in. She looked at me with a nervous but excited look, wanting to know the naughty details and what the booking is for.

I briefly told her what shop Amy told me. Wow she said, that could be different. I told her about the choice of ladies and who I would choose if we did something together.

“That’s okay I trust your choice, if we do it of course,” she belatedly added, knowing full well that she wanted to. Then suddenly it dawned on her. “But you bought a voucher already, that means you have paid already, that means we have to do something or……”

“Yes, I know, so I need to book,” I said, even though I already had.

“Oh, wow,” she said, “so, what will you book?”

“Let’s go to bed and talk about what you’d like.”

“Okay,” she said, “but you will have to lick my pussy again if I get horny.”

“Really, do I have to,” I replied, sad faced and trying to look upset. She laughed and hit me, she is so gorgeous, so cute, I love her so much.

We talked as I played with Amy’s pussy which got wetter and wider and hotter and hornier and juicier, so I licked her to cum again, this one was creamier than the one earlier. So nice, I love the way she cum’s. After she cum we finalised what I should book for both of us. Fortunately, it was pretty much like what I booked. I didn’t need to change anything I’d asked for. But, there was a little surprise that Amy was going to get, that shop Amy said she would arrange, without telling me what it was.

We arrived 10 minutes before 2pm, our appointment time and it was Shu and Suni’s start time on Saturdays, so they would be fresh, the reason I picked that time. Amy appeared nervous. Shop Amy met us and for the first time saw my Amy.

“Your wife beautiful,” she said to me as she looked Amy up and down.

Amy smiled and said, “thank you.”

She looked at Amy and said, “you want job here.” Amy looked startled. “Just joking,” shop Amy quickly said and added, “but yes you could.”

“Follow me,” shop Amy said, and took us into their double massage room, blue door, appropriate I thought, the colour of relaxation, imagination and sensitivity. The first thing I noticed was that the massage beds were not side by side, but slightly facing each other. Good girl Amy I thought, she took my hint. The room smelt really nice and was warm, romantic and cosy.

“Please take off your clothes and put there, lay on bed, and this is your body towel to cover yourself. Your girls be here soon,” shop Amy said, and as she left the room, “please enjoy very much.” We both started undressing. I was naked first and kissed Amy as I helped to remove her knickers. She can’t do it on her own.

So here she was, fully naked in a massage parlour about to have an erotic sensual massage by a lady. I quickly took advantage and kissed her nipples, I can’t control myself, they are so delicious.

Amy was about to get onto the bed as the girls came into the room. They looked sexy, hair down, some light make-up on, see through skimpy bra and panties, honey coloured skin glistening in the low moody light. They politely introduced themselves, and we ourselves.

Shu went to Amy, put her hand on her shoulder and said, “please laydown Amy, on your tummy.” Suni did the same to me. Our bums were covered with small towels. The girls proceeded to undress as we watched, until they were also completely naked.

Golden brown bodies, small pert tits, and neat trim furry pussies. They then got two small hot towels and wiped our backs, got two more, and wiped between our bum cheeks to make sure we were clean. That tickled a bit but it was a nice and warm sensation. I imagined Amy’s cute little bum hole quivering with excitement.

Soon we were both getting our backs massaged, by two sexy naked Asian ladies, both slim with oiled up golden skin and nice figures. I could see across and watch Amy. At one moment she opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled.

She was relaxed and enjoying the attention. After about 15 minutes of nice firm massage, they removed our towels, and started massaging our bums. At one stage I saw Shu pick up Amy’s hand and place it on Shu’s bum. Amy held her hand there, not quite knowing what she should do until Shu moved to open Amy’s legs apart, which was easy enough.

As Shu was on the other side of Amy, I could see Amy’s bum as Shu was massaging it, her hand sliding down her bum crack between her legs. As Suni noticed I was straining to watch, she quietly moved my bed where I could see between Amy’s legs better. Shop Amy must have told the girls exactly what I wanted.

Shu gently moved Amy’s legs even further apart. I watched as she used her finger to start gently massaging Amy’s cute tight little bum hole.

I noticed she had put extra lubricant on it. I was intrigued at what she was going to do as she continued moving her finger around it and across it, applying a little pressure every now and then. This was something I do occasionally, and I really enjoy it, but to watch someone else do it, wow.

Amy was completely relaxed, trusting Shu, no flinching of muscles or tightening of her bum, seemingly loving the attention. Amy would also be wondering what was going to happen next, this is not what she was expecting.

She would be thinking was this it, just a relaxing bum hole massage or will there be more. I could not concentrate on my massage even though Suni was massaging my legs and bum while I leaned on my elbows. Watching Shu with Amy’s bum was not to be missed, it was making me very excited.

It was getting a bit uncomfortable with something growing under me. I might need a dick massage very soon. Shu obviously does not mind doing this, she probably does not get many couples coming in for sexual massages, but she knows what she’s doing, and appears happy doing it. I noticed Suni watching as well, maybe learning a few things or, getting as excited as me or, wanting to join in.

Shu knew I was watching, and she was making sure she was giving me a clear view of Amy. After a few minutes of gentle massage, Shu began to apply a little more pressure, as she was circling Amy’s bum hole, still depressing it now and then.

Soon she was pushing her slim finger inside it, little by little, enough to keep Amy relaxed and able to enjoy it still. Shu was very patient and intended to make this as enjoyable for Amy as much as possible. Every now and then as her finger pushed deeper, I heard Amy give a nice little soft moan.

Soon Shu’s slim finger had opened Amy’s tight but now relaxed bum hole and was inside it up to her first knuckle, just for short periods of time, pushing in and out slowly. Amy was not refusing it, and seemed to be enjoying it, waiting for more.

Shu slowly increased her depth up to the second knuckle and this time after a couple of gentle short insertions, started to move her finger in and out more regularly and a little faster, applying more lubricant as well. Amy was now lifting her bum slightly, she was enjoying it, and moaning more, but they were good moans, I can tell.

After a little while, Shu with her other hand, retrieved three butt plugs from her little bag. She leaned over to Amy’s ear while she continued to gently bum fuck Amy with her long slim finger and whispered something. I couldn’t hear but I assumed it was something about inserting a butt plug. Whatever it was I assumed Amy had agreed.

I noticed there was a small, medium and large size. Shu grabbed the small one and put some lubricant on it. She slowly eased her finger out and added some lubricant to Amy’s bum. The butt plug had a tapered front for ease of entry, a wider centre part then coming back down to a medium size, about the same size as Shu’s finger, at the end. It was only about 6cm long.

She placed the butt plug at Amy’s bum hole and eased the tapered end in to about the thickness of her finger and withdrew. She did this a few times for Amy to become comfortable then slowly eased the wider part into her bum, getting past the tight bit, until the butt plug was fully inserted and Amy was relaxed with it. It did not vibrate, it was just there for pleasure, to feel and enjoy the sensation of having something inside.

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