After Two Lock-Downs

Story Line: Two friends rediscover fun together and with others.

I was waiting on the concourse of Piccadilly Train Station and getting more and more excited as the minutes passed. After two lock-downs, the country had now opened up.


The government’s much-heralded vaccination program appeared to be curbing the spread of Covid-19, or at least any infections appeared to be less severe than in the past. Normal life was gradually and slowly resuming.

For me, that meant I could once again meet up with my muse and occasional lover, Molly. My erotic writing had taken a hit with a lack of inspiration, ideas and a general lack of enthusiasm. I wasn’t the only one; many other writers on several websites had all complained of the same inertia and malaise over the last two years.

For me, I knew the cause of my lethargy. I’d not had sex for too long. That was going to change this weekend. Molly had agreed to come up to Manchester for a weekend of hot unrestrained no holds barred sex. She had been as desperate to get together as I was and had told me to arrange anything I wanted. Molly was up for anything. Well, that’s what she was going to get.

“Nikkie!” A high pitched squeal rang out, and there was Molly, looking stunning as always. The first thing you notice about her is her height. At five-foot-eleven-inches in her bare feet, she isn’t short. Then there is the sensational figure and thighs that would snap your back in two if she got them locked around you.

Molly is twenty-five years old, whilst I am older at forty, still in my prime, experienced and with no inhibitions. Sexually I’d tried most things. You could say I was try-sexual in my outlook. As I watched Molly rush up to me, my pussy flooded with desire.

We hugged and embraced and kissed one another on the cheeks, then I thought, “Fuck it,” and kissed Molly fully on the mouth, our tongues meeting and playing instantly. Molly kissed me back with all the intensity that I knew she possessed.

She’d had a rough time as a child, but a lucky break and her own determination and spirit had turned her life around.

Arm in arm, we sauntered down the concourse to the parking bay where my new car was parked. Pausing only to kiss one more time, I got Molly into the passenger seat and set off home to the north of Manchester.

Molly was babbling away in excitement, asking me what I had planned for her. That’s the thing with her; she likes to be my sex slave. I’m not into that type of thing, but humors her as she enjoys it. And my God does it make her hot. She is one of the best pussy eaters I’ve ever had the pleasure to have between my legs.

“Open your blouse; I want to see your tits, play with them,” I ordered. Molly giggled and did as she was told. Soon her blouse was fully open, and she scooped her tits out of her black push up bra. She squeezed them, then pinched her nipples; I don’t know who moaned the loudest. I was having trouble concentrating on my driving. Fortunately, the drive wasn’t very long, and soon we were pulling into the garage of my home. The automatic door, lowering silently behind us.

“What are you going to do with me?” Molly begged to know.

I got out of the car and led her into the lounge. “First, you’re going to lick my pussy, then I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to stand up or sit down for a week. And then the fun will begin. I’ve got a little surprise for you. Now for fuck’s sake, get your clothes off. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you naked, and those bloody photos only made it harder to bear.”

Molly was soon naked, as was I. I pushed her to her knees in front of me. She smiled up at me, knowing what was expected of her; we’d acted out this scene many times in the past.

Her tongue slipped from between her teeth and licked up my slit. There was no gentle, loving foreplay; this was going to be hard, passionate sex.

“God, I love the taste of you. God Nikkie, you’re so wet. You’re pussy’s dripping already.”

“So, what are you waiting for? Start drinking.” Molly did just that. Her tongue played up and down my slit, probing deeply and swirling around. I held her head pressed hard against me as I fucked myself against her face.

Within seconds I was cumming. An animalistic howl escaped my lips as I squirted

into Molly’s eager mouth. Now that is something I’d never done in the past. God, I must have been more frustrated and excited than I’d thought.

I pushed Molly away from me. She was panting; her head had been pressed so hard against me she must have been having trouble breathing.

Molly lay on her back and spread her legs wide, her large and fleshy pussy lips glistening, then she did what I wanted, parted them and pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. Working them in and out. I let her have her fun as I slid between her thighs.

Roughly slapping her hand away, I buried my face into her pussy. The smell and taste were exactly as I remembered them and what I wanted. My tongue licked up and down then licked against her clit. Molly jerked and spasmed, so I did it again.

I continued to lick on her pussy, using all my knowledge and skill to drive her higher and higher. When I sensed she was on the precipice of her orgasm, I eased her back down. I repeated tormenting her time and time again. I knew I was ‘edging’ her and delighted in the frustration it was causing.

Eventually, taking pity on her, I eased her clit between my lips and sucked on it, flicking the end with my tongue. That was the final trigger, as Molly exploded in a massive orgasm.

I wasn’t finished yet; this was only the beginning. As Molly lay slumped on the floor. I got ready for the next part.

When I was ready, I turned Molly onto all fours, facing away from me. Her head, which was hanging down, shot up and back as I slammed into her pussy with the ten-inch-long and thick strap-on I’d put on. I grasped her hips and pulled her back against me. I fucked her hard and fast from the off. My own excitement coming from the small protrusion on the inside of the harness as it rubbed on my clit.

I was hammering into her that hard her tits were bouncing around. Molly was screaming, alternately begging me to stop; she couldn’t take any more, the next to keep going, to fuck her harder.

I reached forward and snapped a nipple clamp on her right boob. Molly screamed and came. I could feel her pussy clenching and gripping the fake cock that was pounding her into her.

Her orgasm was intense and lasted for a long time. She was shaking and jerking until eventually, I eased the cock from her pussy and allowed her to collapse on the floor.

Molly didn’t know it, but that was only the start.

As she lay there gasping for breath and covered in sweat, I went for the surprise I’d promised her. Molly had thought it was the strap-on. No, that was only the hors-d’oeuvres. The main dish came in the shape of two six-foot-four inch tall young studs from my local rugby club with whom I have fun with occasionally.

These guys were young, fit and hung. They could fuck hard and fast and last all night. The two of them double teaming Molly would be fun to sit back and watch. So that’s what I did.

As I brought the two guys into the room, Molly was just recovering her senses, her eyes lit up, and the little minx licked her lips when she saw the boys. She had once revealed to me that a fantasy of hers was to be fucked by two men at once.

“On your knees,” I ordered her. Molly did as she was told as the boys stood before her, stroking their impressive appendages. As the guys stood at either side of Molly, she took hold of both cocks and sucked first one, then the other into her mouth, spending an equal amount of time on each. The cocks were so big she could only manage to get half of them into her mouth.

Molly was slurping her lips up and down the shafts, coating each one with her saliva. The boys by now were roughly groping her tits, squeezing and pinching them. Pulling and twisting on her nipples.

Molly decides to concentrate on the thinner of the two cocks, really going to town on it. Using her lips and tongue. Ronnie didn’t last long under Molly’s expert assault, and without warning her, fired his cum into her mouth. Holding the back of her head to stop her from pulling away. He didn’t release her until he’d finished cumming and Molly had swallowed every drop of his cum.

As Ronnie flopped limply from Molly’s mouth, he smiled at her. Ronnie would soon be ready for more action; he never takes long to recover. Now it was his partner in crime’s turn to take centre stage.

Carl pushed Molly down so that she was on her back, spread her legs wide and admired her pussy, turning to me saying. “Nikkie, she’s even better looking than you told us. God, that pussy looks so juicy.”

“Well, stop waiting and do what I brought you here for. Fuck it into oblivion.” Carl grinned as he positioned his cock at the entrance of Molly’s pussy and pushed in, not stopping until his whole length was buried deep inside the hot wet pussy. Carl got hold of Molly’s legs in his hands and pulled them up so that they were alongside his neck. Then he began to fuck her. In and out his cock went, as it ploughed into Molly, who was begging him to fuck her harder and faster.

Carl fucked Molly remorselessly using deep hard, fast, powerful thrusts, the power coming for his large bum. After about five minutes, his intensity was diminishing, and he was slowing down. Carl pulled his still hard cock from Molly making her groan with frustration.

She wasn’t frustrated for long, as Ronnie took his place and fucked Molly just as hard and long. Carl moved to Molly’s head and fed her his cock. Molly closed her soft lips around the shaft and sucked, taking as much of him in her mouth and down her throat as she could manage.

So it continued, the boys switching off on pounding Molly’s pussy; as soon as they flagged, they pulled out and rested by getting a blow job.

Molly had lost count of the number of times she’d cum, but it was plenty. She’d never been fucked as hard or as long in the past. But more was still to come for her.

Carl once again positioned Molly onto all fours and knelt behind her. Molly felt something cold and wet shoot onto her bum, then a finger pushed into her arsehole. Carl was lubing her up. She’d not done anal that often, and these two were very big. Suddenly, Molly was afraid, very afraid; but she knew that I was in the room, and I wouldn’t let things get too far out of hand. She didn’t know it; I had no intention of interfering.

Carl worked the lube into Molly arse, then without asking, placed his cock at the entrance to her anal star and eased inside. He was surprisingly gentle and took his time, allowing Molly plenty of time to get used to things. When he sensed she was ready, he started gently moving in and out. Pulling back further with each stroke, then pushing back in until his balls were slapping into Molly’s pussy.

“God, this is fucking great. Molly, your arse is so tight.” Molly was unable to reply. She was concentrating on trying to stay relaxed, even though her arse was on fire.

After a few minutes, Carl eased himself from Molly, but the boys weren’t finished yet. Even after two hours of constant fucking of the young beauty.

Carl cleaned his cock, then lay on his back and got Molly to straddle him as he slid his cock into her pussy. He played with her tits as they hung down, sucking on them, chewing on her tender nipples. Ronnie took up position behind Molly, and without hesitating, pushed his cock into her bum. Molly groaned at the intrusion but pressed back on him as he started to move in and out. Carl took up the same rhythm as Ronnie, as they both fucked her at the same time. One second her arse and pussy felt full to bursting, the next empty as both monster cocks pulled out.

Building to a climax, both boys steadily increased their pace until they lost rhythm together. Molly was being fucked hard and fast. She tried to respond to each cock that was pleasuring her by pushing back on it, but the boy’s rhythm was so disjointed by now she couldn’t meet both together.

Her arse was on fire, and her pussy was being pounded like never before. God, this was hot, she realised with relish. She glanced to the side and saw that I was sitting back with a devilish grin on my face, my legs wide open, playing with myself with two vibrators. One looked very thick and long and was pushed to the hilt inside me. While I played a smaller pencil type on my clit.

Noticing that Molly was looking at me, I mouthed, “Love you.”

At that exact moment, Carl exploded in Molly’s pussy, flooding it. Ronnie increased the pace of his fucking of her arse as his friend slipped his dripping cock from Molly’s ravaged cunt. Molly managed to control herself enough to use her anal muscles to grip his cock even tighter, causing him to cum in her arse; filling it to the bowles with his hot, thick cum.

Carl stood in front of Molly and ensured she cleaned his cock off with her mouth, while Ronnie grabbed a handful of her long hair and used that to wipe his cock clean.

Molly was still shuddering from the last orgasm that ripped through her when I beckoned her over, slipped the vibrator from my pussy, and presented it to Molly’s lips so that she had to clean that as well. Molly later told me that my pussy juices tasted tangy yet sweet as she licked them from the dildo. When the dildo was cleaned to my satisfaction, I pressed Molly’s face into my cunt again. A cunt that was hot and was dripping in anticipation for the licking it was going to get.

“Told you I had a surprise for you, didn’t I?”

Molly could only try and nod her head as she licked me to an earth-shattering climax. I came hard and coated the younger girl’s face.

The rest of the weekend played out in a similar vein, although with a succession of different men, not always two at a time. Molly could hardly walk by the time came for her to board her train back to London.