After An Nasty Divorce

After An Nasty Divorce (where I lost everything), I was offered to move in with a friend of mine from work. Living in their finished basement.


I had it to myself, and used to hang out watching tv, with them in the living room, till they went to bed. His wife used to walk around the house all the time, wearing skimpy clothes, both when her husband was around and when he wasn’t. She’d flirt with me, and mention things her and her husband would do. If I was doing dishes she’d brush up against my back with her big tits, even though there was plenty of room for her to pass by. She would occasionally come in and use the toilet while I was in the shower, bathroom in their house they had one of those clear shower curtains, I catch her looking at me, and she turn away as if she wasn’t.

One night he had to go into work early he was sleeping her and I were sitting up watching some cheesy horror movie I told her I was tired and I went downstairs to my room, and went to sleep. About 1:30ish in the morning after he left, she came downstairs butt naked she was on her knees next to the bed and I felt the sheep being lifted off of my pelvis. I sleep naked all the time I woke up to feel her mouth, on my cock with her tongue, swirling it around the head as she sucked on it. I gave a half-hearted protest but she put her hand on my mouth to shush me, as she did her thing showing me her oral skills. (Which were fantastic) as she fondled my balls. I could hear her fingering her sopping, wet pussy, as her mouth slid up, and down on my cock, and I can smell the sweet scent of her, which only made me harder. I was able to mumble I was about to cum, and she sucked harder, taking my cock in her throat, swallowing every drop of my load.
She got up and whispered sweet dreams in my ear and placed her wet sticky pussy cum coated finger on my lips.
That was the first time of many experiences we had together in the year I lived with them.


-TheBigBadWolf ( )