A Young Woman Bags Her Prey Part – 2

Carla eased herself onto the bed, straddling me; she reached down, taking my cock in her hand. She stroked me a few times, our eyes locked together. She lowered herself down as I cupped her ass. My dick felt like it was entering heaven. She didn’t take it all in at once.

Instead, she’d go down, then back up, lowering further herself with each movement.


I was glad I’d had those shots; otherwise, I would have blown my load right then. When she finally had me entirely in her, she started rocking up and down. She twisted, gyrated, and got me exactly where she wanted me; she went to town. Bobbing up and down as I watched her breasts jiggle.

I played with her breasts as best I could as she moved on top of me. When she leaned in to kiss me, I nearly lost it. Her breasts pressed into my chest while we lay kissing, tongues twisting together while saliva oozed from our lips. Her body under my hands felt smooth as I massaged her. Her moaning into my mouth as we kissed told me I still had some desire left in me.

She broke our kiss to sit back up, her hands pressed into my chest. She was close to her climaxing, and I hoped I could last for that. Her bobbing slowed, her body twisted as she found her spot. Focusing on that, she pressed down hard on me. Within a few seconds, she’d found what she was looking for. She came down on me one last time. Her head rolled back as she reached the pinnacle.

I held her hips, watching as her face showed how much she’d enjoyed the ride. After that moment, Carla continued moving on me, her motions much slower as I began releasing inside her. Her eyes focused on mine. Her smile grew as I filled her with warmness until she’d had enough. I was slowly losing what stiffness I had as she eased herself off to lay down next to me.

We cuddled and quietly talked about what had just happened. She’d lusted after me for years, she confessed. When I asked her again how she got so good at kissing, she was reluctant to tell me. She finally revealed, and I was shocked.

Carla tucked her face into the nape of my neck and began to whisper the story.

She and Megan, my daughter, were about sixteen. They had discovered boys a couple of years before, and Megan, being much less outgoing than Carla, had confided that she liked a boy in class but was afraid she wouldn’t know what to do if he tried to kiss her.

It took some convincing on Megan’s part to get Carla to ‘practice’ with her. Carla said that they both enjoyed it and it became a secret they shared. The practicing continued for a few weeks until the boy Megan was sweet on discovered another girl. Megan’s fascination with boys seemed to subside after that.

They did nothing for a few months. But, that’s when Carla blossomed. Megan developed as well, but not to the extent Carla did. After a while Carla kept catching Megan gazing at her boobs when they went swimming, gym class at school, and sleepovers. That summer, our softball team was at an out-of-town tournament. Carla and Megan roomed with two other girls in the hotel where were staying. Carla and Megan lay in the king-sized bed together, still wound up from the game.

The other two girls were fast asleep when Megan rolled over. Both Megan and Carla were in tee shirts and panties, staring at the ceiling, trying to get to sleep.

Megan snuggled close, her hand resting on Carla’s flat tummy when she whispered, “Can I touch your boobs?”

Carla, a little shocked, answered, “Why, you have boobs. Touch them.”

Megan replied, “Yours are so much bigger, please.”

Carla said she kept trying to talk Megan out of it, afraid they’d wake the other two girls who would tell the team they were lesbians. Finally, Carla broke down and let Megan touch her.

Megan slipped her hand under Carla’s tee to caress her breasts. At first, Carla was nervous, but then Megan began toying with Carla’s nipples. Megan asked Carla in a whisper how it felt. All Carla could do was moan as my daughter pinched, rolled, and played with Carla’s full breasts.

After a few minutes, Megan suggested Carla remover her tee. Carla sat up, making sure the other girls were sound asleep, then pulled the tee over her head, dropping it to the floor.

Megan kissed the nape of Carla’s neck when she laid back on the pillow, whispering, thank you.

Then she moved down the bed and started kissing and sucking Carla’s breasts. Carla kept silent as Megan licked, nursed, and teased her best friend’s breasts. It lasted quite a long time until Megan stopped to kiss Carla full on the lips. Carla was wound up, as was Megan. They made out for a long time until one of the girls in the other bed rolled over, making some noise.

That session started an affair between the two girls that lasted about six months. It ended when Megan found another girl who wanted kissing lessons and more. When Carla finished her tale, we lay in silence as I thought about what she’d confessed to me.

I lay there stunned. My little Megan was into girls. No wonder she never brought any guys home. I wasn’t going to say anything about it. It was her secret to share or not.

Carla waited a few minutes to let it all sink in, her fingers playing with my chest hairs.

Carla broke the silence when she whispered, “You okay? I know it’s a little shocking finding things out like that. She’s happy at college. She has a sweet girlfriend, and she’ll probably come out soon.”

I sighed, “Yes, it’s fine. Just unexpected. As is this, you minx.”

She giggled, “I knew what I wanted, and I wasn’t drunk. I drink more than that at school with the boys.”

Carla moved up and kissed me full on the lips. She felt good naked against me, legs entwined.

She reassured me that Brian would never know. I thanked her and made sure she knew I’d never tell. We lay there whispering and kissing until the room started to get chilly. Carla briefly left me to stoke the wood stove then came back to snuggle. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, knowing her dad wouldn’t show up until Tuesday since his meeting was in the early afternoon on Monday.

The following day I woke up feeling chilled. I covered my sleeping lover then went out to the main room to start the stove back up. Since we don’t have a shower, I grabbed the wipes we use to dry shower. I wiped off my dick in anticipation of more fun. I put on my boots and the sweats I’d left on the floor, grabbed my coat then went outside to pee. The air was still and frosty; the snow-filled trees made the scene look like a Christmas card. I grinned to myself, thinking Carla was the present I’d opened early.

I went back in, making sure the fire was going strong. I added another couple of wood chunks, brushed my teeth then slipped in next to my girl.

She woke, smacking me, “You’re freezing!”

Then giggled and snuggled next to me. I wrapped my arms around her, kissing the top of her head as she lay half on me. She stirred a bit then moved her hand down my body, between my legs, to tease my dick with her fingertips.

It didn’t take long for the blood to flow south, enlarging my anxious penis. Carla kissed my lips softly then ducked under the covers. Kissing her way down my torso, she ended up with her mouth encircling my now full erection. Her tongue rode up and down my shaft, varying intermittently with a head bob covering it. She sucked, kissed, teased, licked, and stroked me to her heart’s content. When she felt I was getting close, she’d slow down, just holding it. Then back to giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had.

She finally let me come, swallowing as much as she could. Carla took her time returning to my side. Kissing her way up my body, she paused briefly to linger on my chest. I finally had to tell her to kiss me, which made her smile.

When we finished kissing, she confessed the other guys she’d done that to didn’t want to kiss her after. I told her I loved kissing her. Then I turned her over onto her back then began sucking on those breasts. Carla squirmed as I licked and suckled. I tugged with my teeth on her nipples which got a verbal response.

She grinned, “Much better than Megan, Paul.”

I looked up, “I can stop, you know.”

She laughed, “If you do, I’ll tell daddy.”

All I could say was, “Bitch.”

I smiled, continuing my task. Her hands kept my head at her breasts until she’d had enough. With a gentle push from Carla, I began my journey to the promised land. My darling ex-wife used to enjoy me going down on her until one time she decided it was dirty. I loved making her squirm then fucking her to her orgasm.

This would be very different. Kissing my way down Carla’s flat tummy, I took the time to tease her navel with my tongue. I had her laughing until she couldn’t take anymore and she told me to get to business.

I shifted down, moving the blanket from me to her so she wouldn’t get cold. Carla opened her legs, her bare vagina looked so inviting, none of that pubic fluff to get in my teeth. I lapped, kissed, and lingered outside her hunny pot just enough the get her moaning. Then I slithered my tongue between her labia. I concentrated on the tip of it where I remembered a lady’s clit was. It was like riding a bike. I circled it, feeling it grow ever so slightly.

I stayed there, enjoying her moans and words while lifting her ass in the air for better access. The girl loved it. I don’t know what kinds of experiences she’s had but, she was honestly enjoying my work. I teased her as she teased me, taking her close then backing off. After multiple trips to the edge, she begged me to let her cum.

I did just that and focused on her clit. Soon she was bucking and rolling, clamping her legs on my head.

I slowed down, letting her ride my face until she finished. I moved back up, my face near hers, wondering if she’d kiss me. After calming down, she looked at me, cupped my face with her hands then kissed me for all it was worth.

That was just the beginning. We had all of Sunday to make love and fuck our brains out. Which we did. The girl was greedy, and I loved it. We agreed that this was the only time we’d do this. Neither one of us wanted to hurt our families, so we kept our secret hidden for the rest of our lives. We never hunted together again due to various reasons. Megan came out to us the following Spring escorted by her girlfriend, whose body resembled Carla’s except she was a redhead.

My ex-wife married some guy and moved to another state. Carla graduated with her biology degree and moved to Wyoming to pursue her wildlife biology career. Brian and I still own the cabin, but I’m selling my half to him and his family.

I have a girlfriend now, about ten years older than Carla. Life is good, and I’m happy.