A Woman Is Unable To Orgasm Until Christmas

“The holiday season is coming!”

Toby hung a wreath around Marley’s neck. Marley chuckled and stopped typing on her laptop. She looked at the front of the wreath around her neck.

“Mistletoe?” She said, looking up at Toby.


Toby smiled and leaned down. “Don’t mind if I do.”

He kissed her, enough that Marley forgot the task at hand. She took the wreath off and placed it beside her. “It’s Black Friday. We still have plenty of time to celebrate.”

“I have the Christmas lights out already.”

“Oh, lord,” Marley said, rolling her eyes. She turned and faced Toby. Toby wore a huge grin and not much else. Traipsing around in their apartment he only wore a pair of shorts, showing off the hard exercise work he did during COVID. She licked her lips. “You know, out of all the things my friends and family have said about dating a man fifteen years younger, you being so into this whole bloody Christmas season was not one of them.”

“That’s because,” Toby said, sliding next to her and sitting on her lap, “I only show off my real side to the ones I love.”

He kissed her forehead. Marley’s eyes rolled.

“Good, baby girl,” he whispered into her ear as Marley froze, every passing second dragging her down into her private trance. “You hear and obey?”


“Good. Then, it’s time for your daily holiday training. Listen closely, and obey.”



Marley stirred. She remembered the thick turtleneck she wore. Now, she felt naked. She looked down.


Tied up in Toby’s arms. He stroked her hair.

“You did it again.”


“Honey, I have work to do.”

“So did I.”

She chuckled and elbowed him in the ribs gently. “That’s not the kind of work I meant.”

“Look, I can’t help it. I go to one live show and meet this incredible British woman who is fucking hot and amazing. Then, I find out she is almost as kinky in the hypnosis world as I am. And every single time I put her under to train her, I can’t help myself.”

“Mmm, sounds like a lucky woman,” Marley said, smiling. Toby grinned as he looked at the crinkles around her eyes.

“She sure is. Then again, her Dom is just as lucky,” Toby said, kissing her neck.

“So, are you going to tell me what you are training me for?”

“For a holiday season you’ll never forget,” he whispered into her ear.



Marley felt it tugging on her mind. The night started off well enough. She told Toby she needed some time to finish her new paper. She snuck off into the office on the far side of the penthouse. She heard Toby let someone in, a friend. She let nothing distract her from her work.

And then, it began.

Slowly, at first. A little arousal. Then, some more. Soon, she found herself writing “I need cock” into her paper. She shut off the laptop.

“Bloody hell, what has he done,” she whispered to herself. She saw the first snowfall outside. He stopped “training” her days ago. This must be the first part of it, she thought.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not get the thought of cock, of sex out of her mind. It grew until she started to fondle herself right there on the seat. She licked her lips, knowing it would be only a minute or so until the last of her British stubbornness dissipated, and she fucked herself right there on the seat.


Something tugged in her mind. She tried to get it out of her head, but it grew. She got off her seat. Not feeling in control of her body, she stumbled to the door. Opened it. Wandered down the hall. She expected to hear Toby and her friend playing video games or something to that effect. She heard nothing.

It didn’t matter. She knew where to go. Where she had to go.

She opened the door to their bedroom. And gasped.

Toby stood to one side. There, sitting on the edge of the bed, staring into a mirror, was a man around Toby’s age. Early twenties. Naked as the day he was born, and almost as muscular as Toby.

“Wondering when you would get here, honey,” Toby said, his arms folded. He nodded to a chair. Marley walked and plopped herself down on the chair.

“Now, honey, I’ve been bursting at the seams waiting for this day,” Toby said, getting something from under the bed. He walked to her with his hands behind her back.

“What about him?” She asked. She heard her voice. If she thought she was under her own control, the tone of her voice disproved that.

“Him? Another sub. I’m making him stare into the mirror, into his own eyes, strengthening his own trance to me. Don’t worry, he consented. Now. For you.”

He produced an advent calendar. Even half-hypnotized, Marley chuckled.


“Day one.”

Without thinking, she took the calendar, opened the first day, and ate the chocolate. The taste of the cheap, sweet chocolate on her lips had a profound effect. As she ate, her body grew heavy. Her eyes went wide. As she swallowed, she found she could not move. The calendar fell to the floor.

“Excellent!” Toby said, clapping his hands. “Unable to resist coming here, unable to resist my commands on the calendar for the rest of the month. And each day’s instructions are deeply embedded in you. Perfect.”

He squatted down so she stared at him. “Merry Christmas, baby. Here’s your gift. No matter what you do, you will be unable to orgasm until Christmas day.”

She gasped.

“I know, your orgasm denial record is 20 days. Well, you’re going to beat that. I’ve been conditioning you month after month for this moment. You’ll obey it all, honey. And I’ll be right here helping you. Now. Tonight. I conditioned you so that the first chocolate froze you. So you would watch. Grow aroused. But be unable to touch yourself.”

He walked over to the man. Grabbed him by the chin and made him stare into Toby’s eyes. “And watch what, you ask? Well. Paul. Listen and obey. The more hypnotized you are the harder you become. The more hypnotized you are, the harder you become. Repeat.”

Marley watched as the young man spoke in slurred, soft tones. Repeating his words. She watched as his cock grew and grew between his legs, until it stood at full attention, hard and throbbing.

“Good boy,” Toby said, slipping off his shorts. His own cock looked ready for action. “Now, remember. You don’t cum until you feel my cum inside of your ass. And that orgasm will put you right to sleep.”

Toby leaned down and started to kiss Paul. Toby snapped his fingers and Paul grabbed Toby, passionately making out with him.

Marley whined. But could only watch. As her lover fucked another man, another hypnotized, submissive man.



“Ready for Christmas shopping then?”

Toby slapped Marley’s ass as he walked by. Marley groaned and shuddered in pleasure.


“Yes, honey?”

Marley turned and closed her purse. “Please.”

“Please, what?”

She looked at the ground. The throbbing between her legs needed attention. As the days wore on, that need became overwhelming. “Please, may I have an orgasm, sir.”

“Of course not! That’s for Christmas.”

“Toby, I can’t—I nearly fucked myself in my office yesterday.”

“Oh? Why didn’t you?”

“Because I could have been caught!”

“Sounds sexy.”


Toby walked to Marley and caressed the side of her face. “Do you want out of this? No judgment, no shame.”

Marley kissed his hand. “No, love. I’m just frustrated.”

“Then, next time jill off in the office.”

Marley bit her bottom lip.

“That bad, is it?”

“You have no idea. Every chocolate makes me more aroused. Masturbation is losing its appeal. The toys–“

“Well, it is almost Christmas. Maybe we get you new toys.”

Marley laughed. “We are going to get Christmas presents for the family.”

Toby shrugged. “Have it your way. But, I was prepared to buy my good girl a new toy to fuck herself with.”

Marley felt her mouth water. Felt her pussy throb to that thought.

“Okay! Okay!” Marley said, grabbing Toby’s arm and dragging him out of the apartment. Toby laughed.

The mall bustled with holiday cheer and holiday shoppers. Elbow to elbow, Marley and Toby fought their way inside. She knew they had to find the toy aisle. The electronics aisle. The beauty aisle.

“Looks lovely, doesn’t it?” Toby said as Marley looked through some jewelry.

“You know my Aunt. It has to be a certain silver,” Marley said, looking through bracelets.

“No, I mean that,” he said, whispering into her ear and pointing. She looked over to the small mirror on the table.

She saw her eyes.

“Throb, good girl,” Toby said, biting her earlobe with a dangerous whisper. “Throb for me.”

Marley clung to the edge of the table, dropping the bracelets. The sudden onslaught of arousal nearly knocked her to her ass. His powerful trigger made her pussy grow needy and wet.

“Not here, not bloody here,” she whispered back.

He clung to her, his hands felt even through her thick coat. “Throb, baby girl.”

“Nnnnn-uuuhhh,” she shook as her arousal made her cheeks flush. “C-can’t take more.”

“Stare at yourself, and throb,” he commanded.

She did so. Watched her helpless reflection turn into a needy whore. Her hand, shaking, started to crawl under her coat.

“Uh, uh, good girl,” Toby threatened. “Not here. You don’t want to get a ban from this store because you were caught fucking yourself.”

“Need–I need–“

“You need to collect yourself, and pick out the perfect bracelet,” Toby said, teasing her with a grab of her ass. “We have more presents to get.”

“Oh, god. You’re not going to do that for every one of these.”

“Every single one, good girl. Every one.”

Marley hated Toby. Hated that she loved this. Grinning, she found the right bracelet. She turned, trying to catch her breath.

“Okay, what’s next?”



“This is quite the party!”

Marley smiled as she saw Toby cheering with some of her coworkers. The banquet hall glowed golden as smiles, cheers, and well-dressed Professors and their spouses covered every inch.

Marley nodded as Toby came to her side. He kissed her on the cheek. “Your people are lovely.”

“They haven’t been out in almost two years. Trust me, we’re not usually this compelling.”

Toby laughed. His eyes caught a redhead sitting by herself at a table. “Say, is that the one you were talking about?”

Marley looked over. She nodded. “Cheryl, yes. Poor thing just broke it off with her boyfriend about six months ago. She was worried about coming tonight.”

Toby laughed. She swatted his arm. “Don’t tell me the champagne got to you already.”

He shook his head. “No. Just your word choice. She will be coming tonight. See, when you told me she was cute, I maybe initiated some conversations with her–“

“You bloody did not!” Marley said, gasping.

“I did. And not only does she think you are cute, but she also has kind of has a thing for being hypnotized.”

Marley held her breath.

“And controlled.”

Toby swigged the last of his champagne.

“By a woman.”

Marley’s eyes went wide.

“So, we agreed to a conditioning session. One night only. You walk over there. Say “Cheers, baby girl” and she’s yours to command. Orgasm command? ‘Happy Holidays’. Edge her arousal? ‘Been quite a year.’ One night. After that, you two will have to work out the rest on your own.”

Marley put down her glass, her hand shaking. “My god.”

“You don’t get to cum, of course. Your conditioning is too strong. But, the more fun you have with her, and she will tell me after, the better your chances on Christmas.”

“Toby, I cannot bloody well–“

“You can, and you will. If you ever want to orgasm again.”

With that, Toby walked away, laughing and talking to someone else.

Marley felt the blood in her ears. Cheryl turned and gave a polite smile. Like a moth drawn to the flame, she walked over to Cheryl.

“Cheryl, you don’t have to do any of this,” Marley said, sitting down beside Cheryl.

“Is that what you say to him?”

“Well, no, but that’s different–“

“Marley, you’re a good friend. And I’m far too shy to admit I want anything else. Plus, you were taken. So, I put it out of my mind. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that this whole thing doesn’t excite the fuck out of me,” Cheryl said, taking Marley’s hand. She placed it on her bare chest. “Feel my heartbeat. How excited I am.”

Marley’s throat went dry. She felt the warm, soft skin of the young woman with hope in her eyes. She felt a rush of power fill her body.

“Ch-cheers, baby girl,” Marley whispered.

Cheryl groaned. She slumped forward, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. Marley’s hand slipped down Cheryl’s dress. She quickly fished it out.

“What would you like, Mistress?”

The way she said it. The slurred voice. The soft tone. Just like Marley under trance.

Marley rubbed her thighs together. She licked her lips.

“You have a hotel room here?”

“Yes, Mistress. Thought it would be prudent.”

“Take me there. Now. Look awake.”

Cheryl raised her head, smiling. She looked normal. “Yes, Mistress.”

They got to their feet.

“Been quite a year.”

Cheryl gagged and fell into Marley’s arms. Her legs shook. “S-sorry, Mistress. I’m just really aroused at the thought of you using m-me.”

“Oh god. That makes two of us.”

Marley dragged Cheryl from the party, feeling Toby’s eyes on the back of her neck.



“Oh, god, I can’t take anymore. I can’t, I can’t.”

Marley writhed in bed. Toby held her and kissed her neck.

“You still have a chocolate to eat.”

“No, please, no. Every chocolate this week. Makes it unbearable. I haven’t even been able to leave the house. Every day. I masturbate until you condition me to sleep. And eat. And that’s it.”

“Hey, I shower you, as well.”

“While teasing me. Honey, I love you. I can’t. I can’t.”

“Remember the evening you had with Cheryl?”


“Yes. Remember.”

The flashes of the passionate night spent with Cheryl made her double up and clench her stomach.

“She wants you, you know. Keeps texting me. I’ve made plans for the two of you after the holidays.”


“One more day. One more piece of chocolate,” Toby said, leaning down and kissing her forehead. “Good girl.”

She slumped in place, her hypnosis easily overriding her soft mind.

“Eat the chocolate,” he said, placing the chocolate in her hand.

She did so. She groaned, her face twisting as another mental edge took control.

“Feeling good?”

“So, so good,” she whispered.

“You made it,” he said, kissing her on the forehead.

“It’s not Christmas yet,” she said, snapping out of trance.

“In my household, we open our presents on Christmas eve.”

He held her and stared her in the eyes.

“Merry Christmas, you beautiful woman.”

Her eyes went wide. A month of mental and physical torture and edging ended with that one sentence. Her body released the orgasm built up under hypnosis and control. Her mind snapped in the first few seconds, and she did not think for the next hour straight. The pleasure and ecstasy touched every nerve in her body. She squirted so hard it splashed Toby. Completely ruined the bed. She shook and convulsed. Gurgled and spasmed. He held her, caressing her and kissing her. Long after the minutes-long orgasm faded, he held her and kept her tethered to reality. Gave her water. Whispered the sweetest things in her head. She floated in a beautiful white light where nothing mattered. Her eyes open, drooling, she felt far away from her body.

As the weariness and heaviness brought her back down, as her eyes closed, she smiled.

He kissed her nose.

“Just wait until New Year’s.”