A Turn I Never Saw Coming

This is a true story. I met Traci when I was a sophomore. She was friends with a group of girls I was fortunate enough to hang around. It was my first time deep deep deep into the friendzone. I didn’t know it was called that yet, because the term wasn’t invented yet.


I absolutely worshiped her roommate Stacy. She was more Woman than I could reasonably expect to be worthy of. She was so amazingly brash and vibrant. I worshiped Her as only a man who knew he would never have her. Purely, one could say chastely, even.

We all frequented the same bar for last call. Wherever everyone had been partying, they would make their way to the Blackstone. That is where Traci made her move. I was, as usual, unaccompanied and holding up a wall toward the back.There was a press of people moving through the aisle in front of me. And then there She was. Traci pressed me against the wall, there in the dark in the aisle.

“Hi” She said, “I was looking for you tonight” She smiled and leaned in to whisper in my ear, Her breath was intoxicating. I was trying to process what was happening because until this moment, Traci didn’t really talk to me. But here She was, grinding into me against the wall and surrounding me with Her scent (which i learned was Obsession) and kissing me deeply and passionately.

I couldn’t really make words at that point. I was so shocked and overwhelmed. I just went with it. “I’m glad you found me” was all I could think of. She smiled and said “Let’s get out of here Dave.”

We went to her car and She drove us to a 24-hour restaurant on the outskirts of town near the Holiday Inn. The hostess led us to a booth toward the back. We sat and I asked for a cup of coffee. I wasn’t hungry honestly. I was infinitely more interested in why this was happening.

Traci ordered some sort of appetizer that escapes my memory of that evening, and we settled into the booth, quietly smoking. I have always had a weakness for girls that performatively smoke. The Women who relish the act of smoking as much for its erotic effect as for any other reason. Traci was such a woman,

And She appreciated an admiring audience. She was also, apparently, an astute observer and took note of the effect She had on me. She never seemed to care before, but She decided to.

She knew the moment She pressed me against the wall and I believed that I could be useful/ entertaining.

She started gently inveigling me into Her world. She excused Herself to go to the bathroom and when She rejoined me, She slid into the booth next to me. The intimacy of the secluded booth was disarming. I am, by nature, a shy person. Traci smiled and began weaving Her spell.

She tells me She loves how good a listener I am and She needs someone who will understand to talk about what is going on in Her life. She tells me She has a secret. She paused, and seductively lit a cigarette, letting it rest gently between Her lips as She inhaled. She leaned back and blew the smoke skyward and said “I have to try and stop going out to the Holiday Inn.”

I sat there, slightly perplexed. Not knowing anything about where this conversation was heading but now obligated to keep whatever She would divulge private, because that is what a gentleman deep deep deep in the friendzone does.

She looked me in the eyes and told me She goes to the Holiday Inn to get picked up by black men. I tried to keep my face neutral, but I was shocked. She looked so sad, i could not resist Her when She started gently cuddling up to me with Her head on my shoulder

She kept going, confessing Her attraction to black men was something She was trying to resist but not succeeding. She liked the way they used Her, even if it scared Her a little and She liked the way it felt She liked telling me She fucked black men because She said i understood and it felt good to tell Her secret to someone She could trust.

That evening began a new routine. Traci would call me every Friday night and ask me where I was going to be so She could come too. I told Her and waited to see if She would come, knowing She would likely surrender to the pleasures of being fucked like a whore at the Holiday Inn and come find me at the Blackstone after to talk about how they fucked Her. I think it amused Her to think I would try and stop Her, which of course I never could. This went on for a while. Then She sprang the trap that was there all along.

“It doesn’t bother You that I let black men fuck me Dave?’ Of course I didn’t know what to say. She went on. “I came to You, hoping You would stop me. I can see now that wasn’t fair. It’s not right to ask..’

And then She got this little smirk on Her face and said ‘Oh black guys fucking me turns you on doesn’t it?” The bulge in my pants told Her the answer She already knew