A Territory Has Been Captured

“Sahil has a fascination for breast milk,” my wife blurted out to me.

“Now baby,” she said, “for the first thing you wanted.” she said to Sahil.

He got up while divya laid down on the bed. He straddled her chest and scooted forward to offer his Cock on which my wife lapped up as a hungry puppy laps for food.

“You know what to do hubby,” my wife said to me, spreading her legs. She gathered yet another pillow to prop her head up. I knew what was about to happen but I didn’t believe that either of them had a desire for this.

Divya was lubricating profusely already as I pushed my tongue into her twat. Sahil lifted himself and pushed his penis into her mouth. She licked his knob; taking mostly all of his cock deep in her mouth in that position.

She was reacting to my actions as her pelvis started humping against my mouth. And finally, I found sahil lift his back to thrust into her mouth.

They were slow and delicate strokes but it was clear that my wife was able to handle it much better than I thought, she had absorbed his thrusts from many years. It was working; she grabbed my hair and shoved her pussy against my mouth, practically grinding her cunt against my lips.

Every ten or fifteen seconds, I would hear her gasping for breath and then again Sahil would plough her mouth. Her other reactions very much confirmed that she was intensely aroused by sucking him.

Her pussy was gushing with lubricating juices and it seemed that she could accommodate my entire hand in her pussy at that time. The whole episode may not have lasted more than five minutes but it was intense. And finally my wife craved his dick in front of me.

But before that she wanted me to taste her lover. She sneaked a peek at me and smiled whilst propped up on her elbows and urged me to kiss her. She forcefully kissed me.

In no time, she pushed me on my back and kissed me aggressively, pushing her hand into my pyjamas and stroking my small erect pecker. She was completely into it and showed no inhibitions as she aggressively pumped my penis within the confines of my pyjama.

It was an awkward sight as she kissed me aggressively and furiously stroked my penis. I was on the back in the same position she was a little while ago.

Sahil smiled watching me taste him from my wife’s mouth, he moved behind her and played with her tits. She was completely engrossed in the act and then sahil did the dastardly act by pushing his cock between our lips.

My eyes were shut so I didn’t immediately realize but found that divya was eagerly lapping it up while it was still between our lips. It may have been there only a few moments but it dented my ego significantly.

My wife showed no qualms as she continued sucking on his cock but now it was a few inches away from my mouth. She guided my hand to his testicles again and urged me slowly caress them because it increases sperm productivity.

His penis swelled to its original size in no time and I found her slobbering all over it, most of which landed on my mouth. She then leaned down and kissed me again.

My penis was having a tough time holding back, watching my wife suck her lover in front of me so I held her hand and urged her to stop before I could sputter in my underwear.

Sahil again pushed penis between our lips and this time she engulfed him completely in her throat. The base of his fat penis rested on my lips as she worshipped it to her hearts content. It was an utterly humiliating experience for me.

Finally, she kissed me once more before pushing me aside and said, “Hubby are you ready to guide him in?”

I nodded.

I sat up and looked at them cursorily, trying to evade eye contact with Sahil. She laid back in my earlier position and held my hand dearly looking at me.

Sahil was on the other side; she stroked his cock delicately but her eyes were set on me. She then pulled down my pyjamas with a little bit of effort and exposed my limp penis for the first time in front of sahil.

“Aren’t they very different?” she quipped.

“Yours is so hard baby,” she said, looking at him.

“And it can release your white brahmin seed multiple times,” she said, looking at him.

“hubby,” she said, slowly stroking my penis, “Sahil wants to knock up your wife ‘Mrs. Gupta’ for a while now.”

She pulled his cock towards her mouth as her tongue titillated his cock head.

She said looking at me with sultry eyes, “why don’t you prepare me while I prepare him for the night.”

Sahil closed his eyes as divya started pleasuring him by swallowing his cock and I moved to my position between her legs, she too responded soon after. It was a very short episode as Sahil quickly moved to his position between her legs.

He had propped up her butt with the help of pillow to allow for maximum friction with his strokes and lined up his penis at the entrance. I had moved to her side in my original position looking at the spectacle that was about to start.

“Ah, hubby,” she said, pulling me with my pecker.

“You ought to help him. This is no ordinary reason why he is mounting your wife, he’s going to mate with me, to breed me with his alpha seed.”

As I leaned forward reluctantly and held his penis between my thumb and index finger to guide it to the honey pot. She moved her hand from my pecker to my anus and probed it gently.

“Stroke it a little hubby,” she quipped,

She increased the pressure as I tried hesitantly to provide him some stimulation.

“You can do better than that,” he said and forced my hand to grasp his rock hard cock in my hand fully.

“Don’t worry – I won’t get any wrong ideas,” he assured. In about a minute his Cock raised and firmed up significantly and divya breached my sphincter muscles.

Finally, I lined up his Cock against her opening but Sahil was in no mood to push ahead yet. He waited there.

“Don’t just wait there buddy,” he gently urged, “your wife needs to be ready as well.”

“Rub it around the opening – women love that feeling.”

I had already sensed that divya was lubricating quite heavily and there was absolutely no need for that titillation but I did as requested and heard the familiar sounds from divya again. Within a few moments I found divya lifting her bum to bridge the gap and trying to pull sahil in her.

“Say it,” said Sahil as he teased her, pulling back in response to her urges.

“Come on baby,” she pleaded, her words shaky and her breath laboured.

“Don’t waste any time – make me yours – knock me up with your son.”

“You still haven’t said it,” he mockingly said.

She tentatively looked at me and I looked at her.

“Don’t make me do that,” she pleaded.

“You have to admit it,” he said pushing her. She hesitated and looked at me again. He wasn’t yielding and she was petrified to say what he wanted to hear from her. I knew he wanted her to plead to inseminate her but that she had already done that.

She finally nodded and bit her lip. Finally, Sahil pushed ever so lightly until the very tip of his penis went into the folds of her pussy.

She tugged onto my penis and called me to come near her. Although my attention was riveted to the main spectacle but divya’s eyes conveyed me that she needed me. As I trundled back to her she pulled me to her and I knew that she wanted me to lie next to her.

“Hold me hubby,” she said, as I lay down next to her.

“We are going to make a brahmin baby.” She groaned as Sahil thrust into her with mighty stroke. She started kissing him tenderly and within a few moments the magic was working.

“I am so proud of you,” she said in between, “for letting him impregnate your wife with superior stronger seed.” Her breathing was laboured already.

“I wish you had done this early,” she said, looking into my eyes. It was a question not a remark.

“How early?” I asked.

“From our first night, I wish our firstborn to be his son,” she said between her laboured breathing and grunts.

She had entered a trance like state that usually lasted a few fleeting moments during our session but here it just seemed that this was only the beginning. She once again moved her hand to my flaccid penis that lost erection.

Her mouth was open and she was in a delirious state where all her attention was focused on the feelings emanating from her pussy.

“Wish you had let him take me on our wedding night,” she added as she went down the rabbit hole. Now it was not a matter of titillation; it was an expression of her thoughts as they came. She was incapable of interfering due to the semi orgasmic state that she had entered.

Sahil gathered tempo and now her grunts became louder and were perfectly synchronized with his strokes.

“Fuck me baby,” she urged him, “Make me pregnant.” This was affecting my ability to procrastinate my ejaculation. By now she was feverishly enjoying the session. Her lips were glued to his and she was intensely kissing him.

Sahil had been ploughing her for well over twenty minutes now and she had perhaps touched her orgasm twice already but it just didn’t seem that he was anywhere near his orgasm. Again, as it seems his performance in bed has no match.

My wife was tiring off, covered in sweat she urged him to change positions.

“Take me from back, baby,” she exhaled, getting from her position.

“Let me taste it first,” she said, as Sahil stood up on the bed. She pulled him with her hands on his butt and sucked in his hard cock that was dripping with their juices.

She moved her hand to my pecker as I sat right next to her watching her bob her head on his penis trying to in vain to stuff that cock into her mouth. I played with her breasts staring at her lips that were muscling their way onto his cock.

She patted on his bum indicating that she was ready and let go of his penis and then in a sudden move turned to me and kissed me. It was wet and sloppy; she made me taste their combined juices again without any inhibition. Sahil asked her to get on all the fours.

“Ahhh yes, baby,” she said.

“I want my husband to know,” she said, “why it is you who is impregnating his wife and not him.”

“Apart from the duration he can last,” she added, “there is yet another thing that he excel at.” she said to me.

She adjusted the pillow and quickly lay astride it with her pelvis on top of it.

“Check it out hubby,” she said, “he not only can keep it inside in this position and make me cum in no time but he can also keeps Cumming inside me for multiple times.”

“My husbands slips out quite easily in a minute of his release,” she remarked to him mockingly.

And to my utter dismay the next ten minutes sahil fucked her for what seemed like a fuckathon.

Divya was completely crushed under his weight; he outweighed her by about 30 pounds like a proper bull. She screamed his name in ecstasy as each stroke of Sahil launched her into uncharted territory for me with his penis quite certainly knocking on her cervix.

And finally, she held onto his thigh as he ejaculated inside her while groaning loudly, releasing millions of his tiny swimmer sperms deep inside her, to hunt and mate with her egg.

He was lost in bliss but my wife gave me a smile as she received his seed looking satisfied beyond anything.

Sahil collapsed on top of her. His whole body resting on my wife. It just seemed as if a slender Arabian horse was bred by a hung white stallion.

As I had mentioned he was huge compared to my wife’s voluptuous frame he dwarfed her in girth as well as height. She patiently waited under him; in fact she urged him not to move. Having ensured that sufficient of his semen made it home, he rolled off her.

She requested me to find her pantie and then wearing it to protect his seed from coming out; she proceeded to clean his slimy penis of all the remnants. Sahil laid there gladly knowing she will take care of things without him uttering a single word.

“Now give your husband some fun,” he told her.

“but don’t make any noise.” he growled as he wants to drift off after his long session of inseminating my wife.

She quickly turned off the light and held my hand in the dark, she found my lips with her hand and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and transferred the slimy substance the mixture of her saliva and his cum into my mouth without hesitation.

She held to me lovingly while kissing me in a languid manner, making sure that I got a real taste for their juices.

She took about a minute or so and then whispered into my ear, “I am more than done for today.”

“But, I want you to eat me,” she added.

“Lap it up hubby, every single drop of his seed,” she added in her teasing voice.

“Show me that you are glad a real stud has fucked your wife!”

She motioned me to climb the bed and after I was settled in my position. She climbed after me and without any further talk, she sit on my face and with a minor adjustment she lowered her pelvis right on top of me and then she smudged her pantie covered pussy on my mouth.

The slimy substance had permeated through her pantie and by now the strong pungent odour didn’t unnerve me. I parted my lips and she slid aside the gusset of her pantie to let it all drop into my mouth.

It was very thick and didn’t easily drool into my mouth, i had to lap my tongue deep in her cunt to pull out sahil’s seed. It’s odour is so manly, i felt so aroused tasting their combined juices so deep inside her.

Divya pulled out my pecker that was so erected by licking her, she stroked it – within a couple of minutes I ejaculated in her hand. She made sure that I did it all inside my underwear, she doesn’t wanted a single drop on her hand. It was a mess but I was glad that my pending frustration had been relieved.

Divya finally lay aside me and lovingly whispered, “thank you.”

“He must be extremely pleased with you,” she continued.

“If only you had invited him to our bedroom on our wedding night, you wouldn’t have to suffer from this humiliation.”

“Is that the reason?” I blurted.

“Ssh…He’s sleeping ” she hushed me.

“Yes.” she breathed!

“He had been staking his alpha male claim,” she answered, “but you wasn’t quite ready back then.”

“Now he knows that you won’t challenge him ever,” she said, “on this front.”

“Don’t worry,” she assured, “this is a secret between us three. Good night hubby.

As she turned to him, moved in his embrace. She took his cock in hand and in a matter of seconds it was rising again. At that moment i know he will keep filling my wife the whole night.