A Smokey Affair

Lawrence shivered as he fumbled with his keys, barely managing to fit them into the slot and turn the lock, given how his hands shook from the cold.


Lawrence shivered as he fumbled with his keys, barely managing to fit them into the slot and turn the lock, given how his hands shook from the cold. With his teeth chattering harshly, he pushed open the heavy door to his apartment. As soon as he set foot inside, he was hit with a wave of warmth, and the smell of pasta. Rubbing his hands together to try and regain feeling in them, Lawrence kicked off his boots and wandered further into the apartment.

Making his way into the living room, he finally found the source of the smell. His (frankly) scantily clad roommate, Marissa, was standing in front of the stove, stirring whatever was cooking in the pan she had out. Letting his eyes wander across the counter, he saw two plates of still-steaming pasta, the pot she’d used to make it, a bong, and a few other utensils. After a moment, Lawrence took a double-take at the glass bong on the counter, a sigh escaping his mouth as his lips parted to scold the blonde woman. However, before he could, Marissa peeked over her shoulder, doing a double-take of her own before fully turning around with a large smile.

“Lawri! You’re home!” She cheered, closing her reddened green eyes. “I’m almost done with dinner, if you wanna sit and tell me about your day?” Instantly, a blush spread across Lawrence’s cheeks at the nickname, making him forget about some of the cold, though he nonetheless covered his embarrassment with a forced sigh as he sat down. He wouldn’t dare turn down Marissa’s cooking, especially not after he’d been serving slop for the past eight hours.

While Lawrence had sat down, intending to tell his baked roommate about all the annoyances he’d faced earlier, he found himself slightly distracted by her swaying hips. Of course, it didn’t help that the woman was dressed in nothing but black panties and a loose white tank-top. He also couldn’t help but think about the bulge he’d seen when she was facing him, but he quickly shook that from his head, focusing on trying to formulate words.

“Well, I guess I can… It’s never all that interesting though. Just taking orders and handing out ‘food’ to people that complain about prices I have no control over.” Lawrence mumbled, using his fingers as air quotes around the word food, something that earned a giggle from Marissa even though she wasn’t looking.

“I still like hearing about it even if you think it’s boring, dude.” Marissa hummed, turning back with the plates in her hand and setting them on the table as she reached back to grab the pan full of sauce she’d made. “I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t interested.” The second part sounded more like she was talking to herself, which wasn’t too unlikely seeing as she had probably been smoking for the past hour or so.

Glancing at the shivering boy as she scraped the white sauce she’d made over both of their meals, Marissa raised an eyebrow, speaking as she set the empty pan in the sink. “Is it cold out or something?” she asked, pulling her chair out to sit across from her roommate, who nodded his head.

“It’s freezing out, and it also snowed.” The revelation made Marissa’s eyes widen, although she couldn’t speak as her lips were working to suck in the mouthful of noodles she’d taken.

Despite the surprise, Marissa managed to avoid choking, swallowing before speaking. “Wait, really?! It’s so early in the season! It doesn’t snow until, like, November, usually.”

Lawrence nodded his head to the blonde’s question, reaching back to pull out the binder holding back his shaggy brown hair. With his hair freed, Lawrence began to eat the food Marissa had made for them, suppressing the slight urge to moan at the taste. Marissa’s cooking was always a level above what anyone else could hope to accomplish, and it was one of the two reasons he put up with her habit of getting stoned every evening. Heat returned to Lawrence’s cheeks at that thought… specifically regarding the other reason he was okay with Marissa’s non-life-threatening addiction. However, before his mind could delve deeper into the subject, he was shaken back into reality by Marissa pushing her chair back and standing up.

“You good there Lawri? You’re staring at my tits more than usual.” She laughed, cupping her chest for a moment before grabbing her empty plate and bringing it to the sink. Of course, her teasing earned a blush from Lawrence, who stammered out an excuse before he was shushed. “Relax dude, I was just teasing. Finish up your food and come sit with me; I’m at the end of the game I’m playing, and I want you to watch.” Marissa’s smile was surprisingly dazzling considering she was high off her ass, but seeing as it was an everyday thing, it made a bit of sense that she could be so together.

“Sure, lemme just change out of my work clothes first.” Lawrence returned a small smile of his own as he began to finish up his meal.


After setting his clean plate in the sink, Lawrence made his way to his room, passing Marissa on the couch, who was clutching her bong close as she scrolled through her phone. The scene made Lawrence smirk, and he shook his head as he passed by her (significantly) messier room before stepping into his own. Pulling off his work shirt and jeans, Lawrence glanced at himself in the mirror, his hand unconsciously lowering to squeeze one of his plush thighs while the other slid up to his girlish hips. He’d always been a little self-conscious of his figure, thinking that he was too feminine with his slim waist and wide hips. Even his shoulders were slightly narrow, and he’d been mistaken as a woman quite a few times in his life. Before he could dwell on it, however, he heard Marissa call to him from the couch.

“Come on Lawri! It’s not as fun smoking alone.” She whined, making a grin tug at Lawrence’s lips as he threw on a t-shirt and shorts. Leaving his room, the brunette made his way to the couch and flopped down beside Marissa, sighing as his body finally relaxed.

“Yesss.” Marissa hissed, leaning into him as she picked up her controller and turned on the console.

With such close proximity, Lawrence picked up the faint smell of pot coming off of Marissa, a smell he was all too familiar with, seeing as he lived with the stoner to end all stoners. What surprised him, though, was that he didn’t find it entirely unpleasant, at least not when it was mixed with Marissa’s shampoo. For a time, the two stayed as they were; Lawrence was fine with the contact, and Marissa didn’t seem all that aware of herself being practically in his lap. However, as Marissa shifted against Lawrence’s side continuously, the strap of her tank-top slowly slipped lower and lower, something Lawrence became aware of as he leaned against the armrest of the couch, watching Marissa die once again to the same boss. Trying to keep his eyes on the screen became harder and harder as Marissa shifted upwards, pulling the strap down until the top rolled down as well, showing off almost the entirety of Marissa’s left breast.

Sucking in a quick breath, Lawrence stiffened up slightly, before clearing his throat. “Marissa, uh, your, um, shirt is…” He trailed off as she looked up at him, causing her to slowly look down at herself. After a few moments, Marissa pushed herself into an upright position, sitting back against the other arm of the couch with a relaxed smile.

“What’s wrong, Lawri? It’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” She chuckled, her eyes half-lidded as her hand lazily patted her lap. The action made Lawrence’s eyes widen slightly. Of course, they’d fooled around before, but Marissa usually wasn’t so brazen. Although, something about the way she looked at him (and the bulge in her panties that had begun to steadily grow) urged him forward until he couldn’t resist.

Slowly beginning to move, Lawrence avoided eye contact as he crawled across the couch until he was straddling Marissa’s hips, making the woman giggle and place a hand on his hip while the other rested behind her head. While Marissa’s smile was wide as she admired the boy in her lap, her expression shifted as she glanced up and saw the apprehensive look on Lawrence’s face. Instantly feeling like she’d forced him into the situation, Marissa sat up and took Lawrence’s hands in her own, getting him to look at her.

“Hey, Lawri… If you’re not in the mood or you don’t want to, like, be intimate, just say something. I won’t be disappointed or anything, promise. We’re fuck buddies, but the ‘buddies’ come first, got it? You’re my friend, and I want you to be comfy.” Marissa smiled, sliding her hand up to Lawrence’s shoulder to give it a reassuring squeeze. The contact made Lawrence’s brown eyes trail away from the forgotten game still being displayed on the TV and meet Marissa’s gaze. He couldn’t deny that he wanted to do something with her: she was smoking hot, and her laid-back attitude was something Lawrence admired, but, for some reason, he felt apprehensive. Although, her words lessened that apprehension. After a moment of his silence, Marissa spoke up again.

“I can tell you’re stressed. Do you want a hit? I can give you one and just let you chill on the couch. Maybe you want me to make you something?” She offered, grabbing the bong from the coffee table before taking a lighter from her bust. Lawrence was surprised for a moment, but, gazing at the bong, he eventually caved.

“Sure, I don’t work tomorrow, so I guess it’s fine.” Lawrence’s response earned a smile from Marissa, who gleefully held the bong up for her roommate, although she didn’t simply hand it to him. Waiting for Lawrence to be ready, Marissa clicked the lighter on and found herself smirking as the gurgling of water filled their little bubble. As it dragged on, though, she raised her eyebrows and cut off the rip, putting the bong aside to stop her roomie from taking more than his (mostly) virgin lungs could handle.

Almost instantly, Lawrence began to feel the effects, his body relaxing as his brain focused on the fuzzy feelings instead of the stresses of his life. Gazing at his roommate, whose lap he was still seated in, an idea came to Lawrence’s mind, making him snicker. The noise prompted Marissa to say something, but, as soon as she opened her mouth, her lips were captured in a heated kiss. A muffled sound of surprise escaped the girl before she melted into the kiss, hands trailing back down to Lawrence’s hips.

As the kiss dragged on, Marissa began to moan quietly, the sound escaping their lips between small gaps, as well as puffs of smoke as Lawrence shared his rip. Breaking off the kiss, Marissa panted slightly, watching as smoke rose from both of their mouths.

“Holy shit… that was, that was so fucking hot.” She breathed, her hips shifting slightly, the small movement grinding her now stiffened rod against Lawrence’s inner thigh. Without pausing for more breath, Marissa leaned in to claim another kiss, shamelessly grinding up against Lawrence as their lips meshed together. Eventually, Lawrence pulled away, nearly gasping for breath as he eyed the strands of spit still connecting their lips.

For a time, the two of them stayed as they were, breath hot and heavy as their gazes remained fixated on one another. Lawrence could feel the hard-on beneath him, pressing against his thigh as his cock twitched in his shorts. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind any longer, he wanted her. Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, Lawrence silently pulled it off and threw it over the back of the couch, prompting Marissa to smile and sit up. Wrapping her arms around her roommate, Marissa brought her lips to his chest, kissing it softly as she ran her nails along his back. Hearing the breathy moans that escaped the boy above her, Marissa chuckled softly, purposefully trailing her kisses closer to his nipples. As Marissa got closer and closer to the sensitive buds, Lawrence whined and ground his hips against the girl, his hands clutching her shoulders as he hung his head.

“Marissa…” he husked, eyes closed as he tried to fight the numerous moans that begged to escape his lips. Sliding his hands into Marissa’s hair, he finally let another moan slip as she gently caught his nipple between her teeth.

Feeling Lawrence’s hands in her hair made Marissa smirk, and she pulled away from his chest with a quiet pop, her lips leaving his nipple slick with her saliva. Looking up at the boy in her lap, Marissa offered a grin as she gently gripped his hips, pushing him back until he tipped backward, falling onto the couch. Sucking in a quick breath, Lawrence watched as Marissa shifted onto her knees, pulling her shirt over her head before crawling forward to grab the waistband of Lawrence’s shorts. Making direct eye contact, Marissa giggled as she pulled down Lawrence’s shorts, revealing his soft, pale thighs.

Dropping the piece of clothing to the side, Marissa slipped herself between his legs, running her hands up along his body until she cupped his cheeks to guide him into a kiss. Letting one hand wander downwards as she claimed his lips as her own, the stoner slipped her thumb into the band of her panties, pulling down the front until her cock sprung free, bumping against Lawrence’s. The boy gasped at the contact, his face heating up as he broke away from the kiss to look up at the woman that was now above him. Running her hand over Lawrence’s cheek, Marissa seemed to be in her own world as she absentmindedly gyrated her hips against the boy.

“God, you’re so fucking pretty, Lawri,” she cooed, brushing hair out of his face as she gently took hold of one of his thighs. Humming in thought to herself, Marissa hoisted Lawrence’s leg up over her shoulder, kissing his calf without hesitation as she angled her hips to prod his tight hole with the head of her cock. Of course, the small touch made him gasp once again, his shaft jumping slightly. Bringing his hand up to cover a portion of his blushing face, Lawrence shook his head slightly, trying to deny what Marissa had said. Snorting at the spectacle, Marissa brought her hand to her mouth to suck on two of her fingers, making a show of it as she opened her mouth for Lawrence to see her slick tongue curl around the digits. Pulling the now-dripping fingers from her mouth, Marissa gave her rigid length a few strokes before pressing the pads of her fingers against Lawrence’s hole.

“Hmm, you areeee,” Marissa teased, easing her fingers into Lawrence’s backdoor to lube him up. “And don’t try to deny it, or I might just have to ‘forget’ exactly how you like to be fucked.” The light-hearted threat made Lawrence’s heart begin to pump, his cock stiffening further as he bit into his hand to endure the slow-paced fingering he was receiving. Leaning over him, Marissa admired his flexibility for a moment before getting her lips right next to his ear. “Say it. Tell me you’re the prettiest girl you know. That you want my cock.” Lawrence closed his eyes at the teasing, his skin flushing slightly as he felt Marissa’s fingers find his prostate.

When Lawrence didn’t immediately respond, Marissa seemed to get impatient and withdrew her fingers before pressing the blunt tip of her cock against his pucker, applying just enough pressure to tease him with the idea of taking her cock. Pressing herself tightly against her roommate, Marissa chuckled softly, nipping at Lawrence’s ear as she squished her bust against his chest, feeling his racing heartbeat. While his eyes remained screwed shut, Lawrence clutched at the couch with one hand and Marissa’s back with the other as she bore down on him, her cock easing his hole open over and over, but refusing to go further. Feeling his will begin to give, Lawrence buried his face in Marissa’s neck as he spoke.

“I… I’m your girl, Marissa. I’m your pretty fucktoy that loves your cock.” He whispered, making Marissa pull back with a smirk.

“My fucktoy, huh? I’m not sure I’m in the market for one of those… But something like a girlfriend? Would you be interested in that position?” Marissa teased. Knowing Lawrence was riled up, she wanted to get more of a reaction from him. What she didn’t expect, however, was for a distinctly genuine look of embarrassment to cross Lawrence’s face as he turned his head to avoid looking at her, making her eyes widen slightly. Before she could say anything though, Lawrence’s lips parted.

“I… I’d be okay with that… with being your girlfriend.” That hadn’t sounded like pillow talk to Marissa. Even with her brain shrouded in smoke, she realized that he had meant that. Despite her initially shocked expression, Marissa slowly smiled down at her roomie, cupping his cheek to make him look at her.

“Well, I suppose I’m not single anymore, then.” She purred, not giving Lawri a chance to respond before she eased herself into his tight rear. Letting out a shaky moan, Marissa let her eyes close as she felt Lawri’s warmth wrap her length. Sinking her fingers into her girlfriend’s thigh, Marissa captured Lawri’s hand, lacing their fingers as she pinned the girl’s hand beside her head. “Fuck, you’re tight.” Marissa moaned, slowly pulling out of Lawri’s sweltering hole, only to sink herself back into it a moment later. The movement made Lawri’s toes curl as she pulled Marissa closer, a soft moan escaping her lips as she tilted her head back. Taking advantage of her girlfriend’s position, Marissa began to kiss Lawri’s neck, biting occasionally to leave a series of deep purple marks across her skin.

As time wore on, the two began to sweat, breath growing ragged from the drawn-out exertion. Marissa hadn’t sped up her pace beyond her almost lazy movements, evenly thrusting in and out of her partner. The whole time they’d been together, though, Marissa had proved to be incredibly affectionate, kissing nearly every part of Lawri she could reach, as well as pressing against her as much as possible. Of course, it could have been the weed, but Lawri had a feeling that Marissa wouldn’t treat her any differently while sober. Panting as she pushed herself particularly deep into Lawri’s guts, Marissa let out an uncharacteristic whimpering moan, closing her eyes as she tensed up, before letting out a sigh as seemed to relax.

“Sorry, I had to stop for a second, I almost came.” She panted, her eyes looking slightly tired as she slipped a hand down between them to find her girlfriend’s cock. The words surprised Lawri, and if her mind wasn’t so clouded with lust, she might have found it endearing, but all she could think about was that she’d been so close to receiving a creampie, and she’d been cheated out of it. Wrapping her arms around the back of Marissa’s neck, Lawri leaned up to kiss her girlfriend, shamelessly slipping her tongue past the other girl’s lips, while her free leg hooked over Marissa’s hip.

“Please, cum inside me Marissa, I wa- I need it,” she panted, kissing Marissa’s jawline as she took the blonde off guard. Marissa didn’t expect Lawri to be so forward. The combination of her girlfriend’s words, the leg pulling her deeper, and the adoring kisses being given to her jaw made it so Marissa couldn’t hope to last. Gritting her teeth, Marissa gripped her girlfriend’s thigh as she planted her hand beside her head, clenching her eyes shut as she began to finally increase her pace. The once lazy pace had begun to speed up, with Marissa’s cock sliding in and out of Lawri’s hole and squishing her prostate with each pass, which made for a mind-melting sensation when combined with the earlier rip Lawri had taken from the bong. Feeling her groin begin to tighten, Marissa caught her lip between her teeth as she groaned, burying her cock as deep in Lawri’s guts as she could, a shaky breath escaping her as all the tension building in her suddenly uncoiled, letting her load spill out into her girlfriend’s depths.

Feeling Marissa’s cock twitch inside her, Lawri knew what was coming, and in preparation, she held her breath, only to gasp as the first simmering rope of jizz spattered her insides. Lawri bucked her hips beneath Marissa’s weight as she writhed in pleasure. The rhythmic pulsing of Marissa’s cock inside of her was just enough to send her over the edge, and she felt her cock jump and throb from a prostate-induced orgasm. Despite the intense pleasure, not a single drop escaped Lawri’s cock, something neither of them noticed even as Marissa collapsed onto her girlfriend, breathing heavily as she tried to catch her breath.

The two laid there for a time, a pile of sweaty, satisfied flesh as they tried to recover from their respective orgasms, basking in each other’s touch. Marissa was the first to regain strength in her limbs, prompting her to shift her weight, slipping her length out of Lawri’s hole as she rolled the both of them onto their side. With the movement, Lawri seemed to come back to reality, her eyes shifting to Marissa with a tired smile. Without hesitation, Lawri leaned forward to kiss her partner, looping her arm under the blonde’s and around her back to pull herself closer, before tucking her face into Marissa’s chest. Within what felt like seconds, Marissa heard the slightest of snores come from her bust, evidence that Lawri must have fallen asleep. A faint smile found its way to Marissa’s face at the revelation, and she propped her arm up to act as a makeshift pillow as she buried her nose in Lawri’s hair.

“Guess I’ll just ask you about our first date tomorrow.” Marissa chuckled to herself, closing her eyes and listening to the faint buzzing of the TV as she drifted off to sleep.


Author’s Note: Hello, obligatory first story note here. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that reads this, and that feedback of any kind is very much appreciated!

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