A Small French Dress

That New Year, I had to get up in a garden, and I took a small French dress with me to The Palace of Agriculture. Fortunately, it did not take up much space in the dopozhnaya symka.

Honestly, I’ve never worn such a tight and tight-fitting napyad. Raised in a Pypitansko-Sovkovo family, I read jeans and a sweater for all his life. Maybe partly by the fact that I lacked some purely feminine deeds, flirtation, courage in clothes and depzosti in bed, Sasha came from me. Svetka, who lived with her skinned man in Papizh, called me “ameboid in the window.” She was the one who got me to do that dress. In the cockpit she, having smoothed out the last fold on me, and went to the east:

“You’re in it!” Kykolka! Babby! Patisia Kaas! Completely off!

And I took…

At first, it seemed to me that there was no more recent year in my life and it was not. In Kpasnodar I was brought to the anniversary of my naychny pykovodit, who was born 70 years ago as a birthday on New Year’s Eve. The company got the same – vetepany yupidicheskuyu nayki and their podpygi – God’s odyvanchiki. I was in my little French and white, in my little french. To the time of the toast, the nephew of the champion of Latvia appeared at the table – a tall blonde, the champion of Latvia in canoeing. He sat down with me and of course it started to go.

Guests went to the staircase, where an ashtray-tin was covered on an iron platform that made a move to the chepdak. As soon as I got up, the champion appeared on the table, he gave me a sigatety. We met — Ivap, Rita… We chatted about the use of tobacco for professionals. We went to the table. Then we got out again. Again, a secular, non-binding, though I watched his gaze burn his body through the dress. I forgot about the squabble of this veche.

Half an hour before the New Year’s Eve bells, Aivap again showed me with his eyes: “Let’s kick in?” Everyone else stayed with a goal. Ivap has opened up a non-baked reshetky.

– Do you want to look at the state of the world? He said, and we climbed out on the flat side of the residential tower.

I couldn’t even look around the magnificent night panopam under the southern stars as his sigaret flew into the hundred and the pyk fell on my shoulders. And instead of as usual to get out – in such slychay i always find whipping words – I hug him by the waist and catch his gaze, his gyba. A long-standing kiss… His strong pybtz lifts me up, I wrap my legs around his body, and… the lights of Krasnodap and the stars of the New Year’s sky swayed in love tremors…

If I had been told that I was able to surrender to the people I had just met, and even where – on the krysh, pospedi crowded gorod, I would consider it a vulgar sheitka, bed, finally. But that’s how it all came out. Dressed up in my little French dress, I picked up the gybas, and we, as if nothing had happened, went to tea, and it seems that no one noticed our short-lived departure. I’m in the yzhas from my antics. Is it me, mimosa-nedotoga, skomnitsa-silent, such vytvoril?! New, and in a quiet place are found…

A week has passed since I was on the spot, I went to Moscow and got stuck in a new lovely adventure. But in my thoughts I did not depjaly anything likavogo. With the santa barbapy, the lights went out in spite of me, and I was in two to my neighbor, engineering-elect, who twice beat me out in such situations. Sergey Chikolaevich willingly responded, took a Montep suitcase and squiggled with me. I complimented my french new. I didn’t figure out anything bigger. In the darkness, glowing with a background, he searched under the couch for a locked place. I sat there watching the work. Still don’t understand how we both ended up in the arms of a day? On the days I was self-giving – what a day I am! To seduce a married man, the father of two almost so many daughters – so primitive, so low… Of course, it was me who provoked him by putting him in a dark dress and even wearing such a frivolous dress. I went to the church and for a long time I petitioned the icon of my zastypnitsa.

In the sybboty I went with Nellie Ivanovna, who is in charge of our department, to visit the sick chief. He was lying in a “room”, in a separate room. Pered with the very exit of Helli Ivanovna remembered that she did not zakplyla quartipy, rushed to her Konkovo, and I rushed away alone, remembering that this visit would not end with a doppom for me – I was again wearing an evil dress. I even wanted to go with Nelli Ivanovna to Konkovo, but she said – go alone, or you will not sleep until you get up to the end…

Vladislav Pavlovich never gave a reason to think badly about himself. With all of our many companions, he was very close. And in the room alone with me, he was a gentleman. But I climbed into bed myself. It was necessary to be absolutely dishonesty in order to refuse such a claim in the hospital. He wasn’t… I just wondered what eyes Vladislav Pavlovich was going to look at me in the department, and I wanted to get into a big place…

I realized that something was wrong with me. I act all of them, I do not post of my own free will, but as if according to the program imposed on me. In the “Newspaper of Free Ads” I found what I was looking for: “I shoot the tests, the psychoanalysis according to Freud…” I prayed to God to be a woman, because I was recorded by a woman’s voice in the phone. Alas, I was greeted by a charming courteous brunet, who very attentively and subtly told me about all the circumstances of my life, including intimate, and then almost unconcealed put me in the office on the couch, and I surrendered to him in a rush of mad despair, taking revenge on myself, my imaginary pravadnost, my Soviet hypocrisy.

… With the veche, I was ready to get out of the balcony of my tenth floor. I hated and hated myself. The only thing that was true was the words of my psychoanalyst that my little French dress in the thrift store was to blame. It turns out that the clothes absorb not only the features of the figs that wore it, but also his energy, psycho-infolivnyu aypy. Fabric, especially natypalnaya – silk, shepst, cotton – has an increased “memory” to the biofield, it seems to be “magnetized” by our body and can then revive the information of the new owner of clothing, unwittingly affecting its behavior. Agni Yoga, nappimep, does not use things that were in his sock at all. They are followed by fire or special fire to stepet obpabotky to stepet obpaz former owner. I don’t know who wore the French dress before me, but the owner was a real nymphomaniac.

I took a look at my recent experience, so innocently and serenely hanging on the hangers in the gap. Isn’t it all their fault?! Oh no, it was too much to blame. A cunning subconscious mind was taking my guilt and responsibility for my post-dumps on a man of no one. Everyone I’ve seen another enchanted dress.

I didn’t wear it in a month. She walked in her usual suit – jeans, turtleneck. And no temptations, no temptations, no temptations. Then came the day of “natyp tests.” I put on my little fpantsyz chydo-yudo and went to Shepemetyevo-2 to get up Svetky, a pieltavshyu from Papizh vechepnym reysom. A “Leningradke” stopped a privateer in a beige “Volvo”. Oh my go! – Uncle, who sat behind the pyle, also needs to be in the aepopot, and he, following his inflamed look, is ready to pick me up for free – on the pyti after all. The driver is a year old. In the paspakh of the Pijon sopochka gleamed in the thick hair on the glydi massive “golda” – a gold chain. Of the “new pys”, what? I was almost guessing. Vadim, the name of my pre-precious benefactor, headed the venerable on the remonty inomapok. Things were going on, as it turned out in the list, neither shaky nor rolling, but still he could afford to spend time on Kippa and antalya, which I did not dare to dream of.

Chattering about this, he gave my too high knees those tenacious greedy glances that I had so often caught myself in this insidious ponyciz dress. I said that I would never succumb to the magic of my mouth. And when Vadim decided to take care of the new fireplace at the cottage, I refused. Vadim’s guest flew from Munich and we got up all over the place. She didn’t expect to see me in such a profitable company, but it was a hell that we wouldn’t be able to do it. In Moscow, we went to the four of us.

“Is that your thing?” She said to me. – What! You’re doing it!

I was a little squipped. Svetka began to spend her chap to Vadim’s pupil, also to the communist firmachy. Of course, we had to get a hang out at the cottage – Svetky was always drawn to new acquaintances, and I quietly ppoklinal and her, and my dress. I had to obey the general insistence – on the dacha!

And here’s the kippichny tepemok under the sprinkling zinc krysha. Total. Champagne. Myzykal centr. The last discs from Papizh. Dancing… Svetka was very happy with the new kavaler on the second floor. We stayed with Vadim together in the living room with a fireplace. The owner of the cottage was a fire. I knew that the inevitable was going to happen. As always, I couldn’t stand. And then, without waiting for the and sayings, I pulled off my little French dress in a rush of despair and threw it into the blazing fireplace. This trick led Vadim to the vostog. I don’t have to describe our frenzy with dancing fire…

While I was sleeping, Vadim went to Moscow and brought me a few dresses from Le Monty. He did me a week. He said he had really got a woman up. We got married. Since then, I’ve never worn any clothes.

Especially small French dresses.