A sister cheers up her brother Part -2

But Conan DID like, very much. He’d always appreciated that his twin sister was very attractive, even beautiful–but he’d never seen her wearing so little. Well, he’d seen her in her swimsuits, so he had, but that’s different. Now he’d seen her in this lingerie, and he’d never not see her like that. The world was changing.

Saoirse didn’t push things any further, but was smiling to herself on their drive home. Her face was flushed, and she felt an exciting tingle right down to the roots of her dark brown hair. She began to wonder how far she could go in teasing her brother–and how far she really ought to go. She squirmed in the driver’s seat as she felt just a little wetness between her legs, yes, and a little bit of a tingle, as well.

The next day, the day before the concert, she wore one of her new tops, and made sure the cleavage between her breasts was amply visible. Saoirse was slender but with shapely hips and a nicely rounded butt, and her breasts were firm and nicely rounded in a way that was proportionate to her frame. Her dark brown hair and light brown skin lent themselves to brighter clothing than she usually wore, so this day she wore the bright blue top. She had plans for the next day, the concert day.

When the next day arrived, and they were about to board the train to Cork, she turned to Conan there on the station platform, grabbed him by the shoulders, and kissed him affectionately.

“There, now, that’s a ‘thank-you’ for taking me,” she said, smiling a bit flirtatiously as she turned back to step aboard. Conan looked a bit flabbergasted, and she smiled to herself, happy to keep him just a bit off-balance. For the concert, she was wearing a dark blue smock with three-quarter-length sleeves and a V-neck that, while modest, gave a hint of openness. The smock went well with a pair of denim-look tights and quirky open-toed sneakers, and Conan had trouble keeping his eyes off her.

The band opened with “Ahimsa” and rolled into Dylan’s “All along the watchtower”, and the crowd packed into a standing-room-only melee began to rock. Conan and Saoirse soon forgot to think about being on a sibling date, and were swaying along with the rest of the masses. In the course of the evening Conan was able to maneuver through the crowd with plastic glasses of Guinness, and it wasn’t long before the two of them were lost in the music.

When they begin playing “An Cat Dubh” and “Into the Heart”, Saoirse found herself leaning back into Conan, pressing up against his left side and resting her head on his shoulder as she swayed gently. Conan wrapped his left arm around her waist, and his sister gently clasped her left hand over his as it rested on her belt line.

She was pressing against her brother so that his left hip and leg were resting basically in between her buttocks, and it seemed very comfortable to both of them. Not knowing really why she did so, Saoirse began rolling her hips left to right in a rhythmic way. She began to be aware that when she went to the right, she felt the barrier of what must be the bulge of his package inside his jeans. Each time she rotated that way, she tried to guess if he was becoming aroused or not. Finally, blushing to herself in the dark and knowing that she shouldn’t, she lowered her right arm and laid her hand directly on that bulge, and squeezed gently.

“Saoirse! What?!” Conan exclaimed. Without answering, she turned her head and grinned, then moved her hand away. For several moments she kept swaying gently, enjoying the music. Glancing around, she saw that no one was paying any attention to them. There were several couples near them who were swaying, dancing, or even hopping up and down lightly, attention focused on the stage.

She noticed that Conan’s hand had shifted upwards, off her belt line, and was now under her smock, resting gently on the flesh of her belly. It felt very good. She suddenly knew another way to distract him from not having a “real” date with a “real” girlfriend, and wondered if he knew what she was wearing under the smock.

Turning to look at him as she rested in his gentle grasp, she lifted his left hand and placed it on her right breast, which was bare beneath her top. Conan gasped and tried to yank his hand away, but she clamped her own hand firmly over his and held it in place. The nipples of both breasts stiffened, and she sighed, then whispered as she looked solemnly at him, “Just enjoy it!”

Slowly, Conan relaxed his grip, and she giggled softly as he caught her nipple between his fingers and tweaked it. She heard him moan softly in her ear, and, in truth, she wanted to moan herself from the feeling of it.

As she brushed against Conan’s hip as she swayed, she couldn’t help but notice that the bulge in his pants was growing. So she did the natural thing and dropped her right arm again and found that which was growing; she squeezed it firmly.

Suddenly she realized that the alcohol she’d had was relaxing her inhibitions a bit too far. A panicky feeling came over her for a moment, and she pulled away, breaking physical contact. The look she gave Conan was sheepish and confused, and she saw that her brother was confused, as well. The rest of that number they stood far enough away from each other that they weren’t touching.

As the music ended, Saoirse turned to her brother and said, “Walk me to the toilet. I’ve got to pee!”

“Yes, and you should cool down, so you should!” Conan responded. Nonetheless he held her hand as he helped her make a way through the excited crowd. As they parted at the door to the ladies’, he asked, “What are you even thinkin’. Saoirse?”

“Shh!” She responded. “I don’t know, but I know it felt good, now didn’t it?” And she stepped into the line of women waiting to go in. Conan backed away with a confused grimace and turned and found the men’s.

In her toilet stall, Saoirse pulled her tights down and as she sat down she noticed how wet her tights were, right at the crotch. That wouldn’t do for the train home, she told herself, so as she drained her bladder she used a little toilet paper to dry up the wet spot as best as she could.

Back in the hall, they found a spot to stand together again, but both were feeling a bit nervous so for a song or two they stood like statues, not touching or swaying. Soon enough, though, Saoirse leaned back into Conan again and they relaxed, though they kept their hands to themselves this time.

The late train was jammed full of home-going concert attendees, but they managed to find seats side-by-side. It would be early morning when they arrived back home, so they, along with others, leaned against each other in the hopes they might be able to sleep. In truth, everyone in their car was too excited, and there was a babble of talk that washed over them as they sat silently, not looking at each other.

Finally, Saoirse sighed contentedly and, noting that no one was looking their way, she dropped her hand onto Conan’s thigh. As she rubbed it affectionately, her hand slipped down between his legs, and she was startled to find his erection resting against his inner leg. Conan looked at her sharply, but she gave him a little love pat and settled in to try to nap, leaving her hand where it was. She knew he wouldn’t be sleeping now.

And it was true that Conan slept not a wink on that ride, feeling his sister’s hand gently covering his erect cock as it lay hidden beneath his trouser leg. He spent his energy worrying about what she was up to, and wondering if she wanted to have sex with him, her own brother. And they were both virgins, so they were! At least, Conan was, and he was pretty sure Saoirse was as well. And what was he now thinking, dreaming about seeing his own sister naked before him, and dong those things that people sometimes do when they’re naked!

They stumbled from the train and found Saoirse’s car for the short trip home from the station. With Saoirse driving, she kept her hands to herself, and they were tired enough to be silent. Neither of them actually knew what to say about what they’d been up to.

At their shared flat, she let Conan use the bathroom first, and used the time to change into her new teddy. She wore no bra, but felt uncomfortable going without panties. So she wore her new thong, which in any case didn’t conceal much.

When it was her turn, Saoirse quickly brushed her teeth and combed her long, dark brown hair. Taking a couple of deep breaths, she exited the loo and turned to the door of her brother’s room. As she swung the door open, she heard the swish of bedclothes as Conan hurriedly covered himself.

“By God, Saoirse!…”

“Oh, God, Conan!…” They both spoke at the same time. Saoirse noticed that there was a tent in he bedding which Conan tried to conceal by raising his knees.

Silence reigned for a long moment as they stared at each other. Conan’s eyes were riveted to Saoirse, and she knew he wasn’t staring into her eyes.

“I–” she began. Her eyes dropped to the floor, then she looked him right in the eye.

“Look now,” she blurted. “I’m pretty horny, and I’m guessin’ you are too.” She took a deed breath and tried to give a sexy smile. “I think we ought to finish each other off and get some sleep, and I’m willin’ if you are.”

Conan stared at her with a stunned look on his face.

“I’m not after sayin’ we ought to, you know… fuck. Not that.” She rubbed her hands nervously on her bare thighs. “I want to… I want to touch you,” she said, and then spoke very rapidly. “I want you to touch me, too, Conan! That’s all I want! Oh, God, I’m so horny!”

With that, she threw her teddy over her shoulders and stood naked but for her thong panties before her twin brother.

Conan flipped back his blanket and said, “Come here, Saoirse.” He was naked, and he did indeed have a stiff woody, which he revealed more fully as he lowered his knee.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. “Do you want me to take this off, too?” She asked excitedly, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her thong and stepping out of it before he could respond. Conan’s eyes opened wider than they had been, and his hand found its way to his very healthy erection.

With that, Saoirse hurried over to sit on the edge of Conan’s bed, one leg tucked under her and one hand planted by her brother’s shoulder.

“Let me–let me touch it,” she requested. She reached out with her other hand and gently ran her finger along the ridge. She couldn’t help gasping at her first contact with an erect penis. “Ah, it’s hard! And soft, too. And it’s warm!”

Conan’s response was to moan softly and stiffen his legs. He dropped his arm and rubbed and squeezed his sister’s butt, which caused her to moan as well. She closed her fingers gently around the shaft of Conan’s cock, a little afraid she might hurt it. Conan’s hand continued caressing her butt, and he gradually extended his curiosity to slide his fingers under her thigh and inch closer to the heat he could feel emanating from her sex.

She gasped and wiggled as she felt his fingers in her pubic hair, and clasped his cock more firmly. Raising up off the bed, she shifted to face Conan and switched hands on his erection. This gave Conan better access, and his eyes led the way as his fingers now touched her labia. He found that she was very wet, and she gave a moaning shudder as a single finger parted those lips.

In a burst of passion propelled by the feelings between her legs, Saoirse began jacking Conan’s cock and leaned forward to kiss him. Conan’s hand found a breast as their lips met, and they traded tongues wildly. Conan had one hand caressing Saoirse’s breast and nipple while the other hand was teasing and exploring her vulva. Saoirse was pumping and squeezing Conan’s cock with one hand, and as she rested the other hand on his shoulder, her fingers encountered one of his nipples, which sent tingles directly from there to his cock.

Their passion was nearly exploding as they kissed and fondled each other, but it soon became obvious that they were in awkward positions. Conan scooted over on his bed and pulled Saoirse down so that she was lying on her back. Conan knelt beside her and licked one of her nipples as he slid his hand down her belly and rested it on her mons. Saoirse, meanwhile, resumed her jacking and twisting on Conan’s cock, finding a good pace that had him breathing heavily as he licked and kissed her breasts.

Saoirse began some heavy breathing herself, feeling an orgasm beginning inside. Conan’s finger slid in and out of her vagina, and then found her clitoris. She felt her orgasm beginning to burst, and when Conan flicked her nipple with his tongue and bit it gently, her climax burst in a kicking, bucking, overwhelming frenzy. Her eyes rolled back and she exhaled in a high-pitched wail, and thus didn’t get to see Conan’s reaction.

Between Saoirse’s hand on his cock, the visible and audible effects of her orgasm, and the very audacity of what they were doing, it was all too much for Conan. His own orgasm broke, and he couldn’t help crying out and jerking as his cock spat streams of cum on his sister’s belly and breasts. Some even shot over her onto the bed on her other side, so it did.

Saoirse’s climax went on much longer than Conan’s, and she kept his cock clamped in her hand as she slowly let herself come down. Conan knew enough to stop rubbing her clit, but kept his hand gently resting as it was, two fingers inside her as her orgasm ended.

Finally, Saoirse let go her hold, muttered something in Gaelic that Conan couldn’t hear, and opened her eyes, releasing a great sigh as she did.

“Oh, God, Conan!” She cried. “Oh, God! I’ve never had one that good before!” her face was flushed from her orgasm, so Conan didn’t know if she was also blushing. Realizing what she’d just said and not wanting her brother to think she was too wanton, she added, “I’ve only done it by myself, mind you! But it was the best ever!”

“Me, too, Saoirse, me, too,” Conan replied.

“We must never do this again, Conan!” She warned. “But oh, it was just what I needed.” Raising her head, Saoirse looked at the streams of white cum on her torso. Lifting a hand, she swiped a finger through one of the streams, rubbed the semen between her finger and thumb, then surprised Conan by licking her finger. “Not too bad,” she decided.

Following suit, Conan extracted his hand from Saoirse’s sex and licked his own fingers. “I think I like it, so I do,” he concluded.

Climbing off the bed, he left the room, and shortly returned with a warm, damp washcloth. Saoirse didn’t move as he gently wiped his cum off of his sister and dabbed at the spots on the sheets. By the time he returned again from the bathroom, she was snoring gently, lying completely bare before him in his bed. The sky outside was beginning to show the coming of dawn as he whispered, “I love you, Saoirse.” Shrugging, he crawled back under the covers to see if he could sleep.

Saoirse woke briefly, her eyes fluttered open to watch him settle in, and she also whispered, “I love you, Conan.” And despite what she’d said about never doing this again, she drifted back to sleep wondering happily what it might be like to have his tongue between her legs.

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