A sister cheers up her brother Part -1

This is a quiet story with. long buildup to a little sex at the end. The siblings are over 18 but sexually a bit inexperienced. My apologies if I didn’t get the Irish usage correct. I try to write about people who could be real, rather than unlikely sexual athletes. I hope you enjoy it.

Saoirse and Conan

“Bro, what’s wrong?” Saoirse asked. She was worried about her brother.

Conan didn’t want to respond. He rolled his eyes and said, “Never mind.”

“C’mon, Conan, you’ve been moping for weeks! Talk to me!”

After more serious cajoling in this vein, he finally responded.

“I’m never going to have a relationship with a woman! All I get is rejection and mocking.”

Saoirse took his hand and squeezed it affectionately.

“I’m sorry! Who was it?”

After a sour kind of pause and another eye-roll, Conan said, “Oh, it was Sheila. Sheila and her band of bitches.” He took a drink of Guinness and added, “I asked her out to the concert–I’ve even got tickets–and she laughed! She laughed at me, and said, ‘No way, Jose!’ Then she went back over to her herd and then they all laughed at me.” He took another sip, and said, “I’m going to be a monk! Or I’ll just kill myself. That’s the second crash-and-burn in a week. Shit!”

“So it’s Sheila, is it? Well, I know she’s hot, but if you’d asked me, I’d have told you: she is a feckin’ bitch, so she is, and she leads those other cows around like sheep–!”

They both laughed when they realized what she’d just said.

“But Bro, I’m sorry! That hurts! And I’m sure you were dreamin’ about havin’ a scrum with her later, as well.” Saoirse squeezed his hand. “Well, that sucks, it does, but I’d not waste any more energy than you must on her and her herd. I think any girl ought to be eager to hook up with you.”

“Ah, g’wan outta that!” Conan replied. “It’s not worked out yet!”

“Yes, and there’s nothin’ left fer ya but the old-folks home. Or the monastery!” Saoirse teased him. “Sure now, if you weren’t my brother I’d–” she clamped a hand over her mouth.

“You’d what?” Conan asked, perking up a bit.

“Never mind, la.” She stood up from the divan and made a show of checking the time on her phone. “I’m almost late! I’ll see you tomorrow.” And with that she was gone.

The week went along, and Saoirse noticed that Conan seemed as gloomy as ever. Both of them were in their second year at the university, being fraternal twins, and had grown up being very close. Saoirse had selected a pre-medical track for her major, and Conan was waffling between music and business; therefore they didn’t see each other in classes, but they sometimes met for a pint or an espresso in town after their daily grind was over. But this week, Conan didn’t make an appearance and didn’t text, and Saoirse scarcely saw him at their shared flat, either. So she was worried about him, and began to think seriously about what she might do to help him out.

On top of that, she admitted to herself, she had become aware that she was actually attracted to him. She’d always liked him, and they shared a good deal of honesty and affection. But there were things about him that took her beyond mere sibling affection. Things like his smile and his laugh, the twinkle in his eyes when he was having fun with her or his mates. And he’d grown into a kind of hunk, she thought, blushing to herself over her latte at the coffee shop. Just enough muscle to be interesting, slim hips, and, she blushed again, a nice butt as well. It seemed as if he might have a pretty good package, she reminded herself, then chided herself for even thinking that way. She knew that any Cailin ought to be turned on, even more than she admitted she was. But especially now, he was moping around, just going through the paces at school without opening up the way he usually did.

As she mused about her brother, she allowed herself to wonder if she could tease him a bit and get him to flirt with her, or express interest in her as a female of the species. Not that she would allow things to go too far, mind you; just to perk him up a bit until he got over that feckin’ Sheila and her feckin’ friends.

When she got home later, Conan was in an even deeper funk, and she sat him down and looked sternly at him.

“All right, Conan, spill. What’s going on?”

Conan huffed and looked down at his legs as he sat on the divan. “The concert is in two days, and I still haven’t got a date, that’s all!”

“Wait! The U2 concert in Cork? You’ve got tickets?”

“Yes, and I told you that last week, so I did! But what good are they if I can’t find someone to take?”

“Oh, grand!” Saoirse exclaimed. “I’d give a lot to go to that concert! Let me be your date!”

Conan reared back.

“I can’t take my own sister! G’wan!”

“And why not? And who in feckin’ Cork would know I’m your feckin’ sister?” She asked. “I’ll even hold your hand. Why, now, I’ll even kiss you if you want! Just don’t be after feelin’ me up in front of everyone!”

“That’s gas!” Conan cried, laughing. “Takin’ my sister to see U2!” He gave a scoffing laugh.

“What’s gas?” Saoirse bristled. “Yer ashamed to be seen with me, then?”

Taken aback, Conan said, “No, no, I’m coddin’ ya.”

Conan was silent for a moment, looking at his sister with a wide-eyed look on his face.

“Well, then, it’s a go. We’ll train down so we don’t have to park, and we’ll be after leavin’ on the one-o’clock. I know you want to go, and ‘struth, I’ll have to fight off the boyos. You’re hotter than any of the girls I’ve asked.”

Saoirse jumped up and into Conan’s lap, exclaiming, “Oh, I’m so happy! Thank you, Conan! Thank you!” She stopped, and looked him in the eye as she placed her hands on his shoulders. “Sure now, you meant what you said?”

“About taking you?” He asked. “Of course. You’re going, and that’s it.”

She lowered her gaze and bit her lip before saying, “No, what you said about me being hot?”

“Saoirse, you’re so hot I wish you weren’t my sister, so I do.”

She jumped up, clapping her hands and giggling happily.

“Oh, g’wan, you needn’t say that!” She looked down at him with a twinkle in her eye. “And you’re pretty grand yourself, Bro. But now we’ve got some shopping to do.”

And with that, she dragged her brother out and into the car, and she drove them into the city center and even paid to park, barely containing her excitement. And she had an idea how she might perk up her still-dispirited brother.

The first stop on their list produced a couple of nice tops and some tights, and Conan suffered through waiting for her as she tried them on. When she exited the changing room each time, she did enlist his advice; the fact that both tops showed a little cleavage got his attention. Not too much cleavage, now, but just a hint, and she made a point of bending down to give her brother an affectionate peck on the cheek which allowed him, if he was looking, a view that was a good deal more interesting.

As she took the bag from the clerk and bade her goodbye as they headed out the door, she turned to Conan and said, “Next, some lacy unmentionables!”

“Ack!” He exclaimed. “Look now, you don’t want me there?”

She laughed. “It’s okay, Bro, I won’t be long, and if I want advice I’ll need a man’s perspective. Though don’t be getting’ ideas!”

But she had ideas of her own that might get a rise out of her brother. She certainly felt a little tingle herself, down where it counted.

In the shop, she found a couple of bras and panties, and a teddy while she was at it, then led Conan by the hand and placed him in a chair in front of the changing room. He grumbled but waited obediently as he heard the rustling of clothes behind the door.

Before too long Saoirse peeked her head out the door of the changing room to see if the coast was clear. Then, taking a big gulp of air to settle her nerves, she opened the door so Conan could see her standing there. She was wearing the nearly transparent teddy, in a mauve tone that went well with her darker complexion. Not quite having the nerve to expose too much, she had on a matching low-cut bra and high-cut panties, both of which were quite visible under the teddy. Even though her heart was pounding, she smiled in a flirty way at her brother and watched him gasp in surprise and rear back in the chair.

“Saoirse!” He uttered a rasping whisper. “What are ya doin’? Oh, my God!”

His sister giggled nervously. “You like, Conan?”

His eyes glued to his nearly naked sister, Conan jumped up and closed the door to the little room.

“Yer daft, Saoirse! Put your clothes on and let’s go! What are ya thinkin’?”

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