A Room with a View

I originally hadn’t wanted to move out here. I’ve lived my whole life in the city, raised in this small apartment with my folks. Everything I knew was there, all my friends, my school, everything within one block of our building. Then my Mom got this great job and at eighteen, my senior year in high school, I get whisked off to the suburbs.


Have you ever seen an American suburb? I mean really seen one? They are horrifying. All these houses just exact cookie cutter copies of each other. Occasionally you might get someone daring enough to paint their house a different shade of white but generally such rebellion is punished by the tribe. In my apartment I could step out my door and here voices in English, Spanish, Korean, Ukrainian, and others I never could place. Here it was just English and bad English. I wasn’t looking forward to anything this suburban life had to offer. Especially as we got the last box moved in and then the welcoming committee strode up. Everyone a clone of everyone else. All the men in sweater vests asking my Dad about his golf game. All the women in floral print dresses and large sun hats asking my Mom about kids and wanting to swap recipes. My Dad doesn’t play golf and my Mom doesn’t cook. Still they got off easy. I got the prep school bunch. I’m just hanging out in my beat up Ramones shirt and blue jeans while they are all proudly wearing their school clothing in the summer. Talking about how they vacationed in the Hamptons or the Keys or just got back from some cruise. I instantly hated all of them.

Except for one woman. Luckily she was our next door neighbor. She came up after the crowd had left, still unsure if they were going to vote us off the island or not. I hadn’t seen her come up, just heard her voice in the kitchen talking to my parents as I was setting up my room. Her voice was this smoky alto like Lauren Bacall, much different from what I had decided was the Stepford soprano of all the other women. I went to go meet this last neighbor and just stopped in the hallway. I saw her talking with my Mom and it is the only time I’ve felt my breath literally being taken away. She wasn’t in a floral print dress but just dressed like a normal person, t-shirt and jeans with a black windbreaker on. She had raven black hair that came down just past her shoulders, rich dark brown eyes and full pink lips. She was tall and casually fit. Her tight fitting shirt read “Instant Teacher, Just Add Coffee!” I made sure to read the shirt in case I needed an excuse for why I was staring at what was hidden behind it. She had these large, perfectly shaped breasts which prominently displayed the first two words printed on the shirt. There was just enough give to the V-neck shape of the collar to give a brief peek at the start of what must be some impressive cleavage. Then she turned away to say something to my Dad and my eyes fell to a well rounded but firm looking ass. I felt myself getting hard just watching her fidget as she stood in place, constantly shifting her weight from one leg to another.

“And here is our son Taylor finally emerging from his cave.” My Dad called out as he noticed me in the hallway. “Taylor, come say hello to Ms. Tandy.”

“Oh no, please, call me June.” She said as she turned to look at me. She gave me the once over as I stepped into the light and it was probably my imagination but I swore I saw the briefest look of attraction in her eyes before she turned on this thousand watt dimpled smile. It was love at first sight. I did my best to stumble through pleasantries. Then just leaned against the kitchen counter and listened as she talked with my parents. I learned she taught third grade at the local elementary school, was 34 and divorced and her eighteen year old daughter was off visiting her father for the summer. I did some quick math and don’t ask me why but knowing she was pregnant when she had been in high school turned me on even more.

She left after 9 that night and with all the moving we had done my parents went to bed early. I went and brushed my teeth and got ready for bed, but I couldn’t stop thinking about June. Her looks, that voice, she even smelled of lavender. I found myself in bed with a throbbing erection. I freed myself from my boxers and leaned over to get some lotion from the bottle I keep on my nightstand. I thought about being close to her as I got a grip on myself. Looking deep into her eyes as our lips met. Feeling her body press against mine. Her nipples hardening against my chest as I gripped her ass. Then she was down on her knees giving me this devilish grin before taking me into those wonderful pink lips. Her hair flapping wildly as I fuck her face. Then she’s down on all fours and I’m covering her, my cock thrusting deep into her pussy as she’s moaning my name while my hands are playing with her tits. Then she’s on her back looking up at me, her face lost in passion as I hear her beg me to cum in her pussy and I have to bite my bottom lip hard to keep from crying out as I feel myself swell one final time and then the exquisite pulsing as my balls tighten and shot after shot flies into her. I grab some tissue from the box on my nightstand and cleanup before drifting off to sleep.

I’m up early the next morning, I know Mom wants to get an early start on setting up the house so she can get to work on the yards. That’s her true passion, she’s so happy she has flower beds she can’t see straight. So I just soak in the quiet of my new room, thankful I’m the first one up. You know, the posters of my favorite bands would go pretty well in here and I have room for even more. The wall opposite my bed has a rather large window in it, which since my side of the house doesn’t face the yard seems a little weird. These houses are so close to each other you can practically stand between them and touch both at the same time. As I’m looking up through the window I notice a light suddenly shine through.

Curiosity getting the better of me I get up and walk to the window. It actually looks out into a window of the neighbor’s house. How weird is that? I can see a bed, dresser and chest of drawers and a full length mirror. All the furniture is of a rich dark wood. I like carpentry and these pieces look old, I’m admiring them so much I almost miss the figure step into the room. I turn to see who it is and then drop below my windowsill. Holy crap! That was June! I slowly stand up enough to look through the window again and she’s standing in the middle of her room with a towel wrapped around her hair and another wrapped around her body. The towel is a dark blue and damp, hugging her body tightly. It comes to just below her shoulder blades and stops just at mid-thigh, really showing off the curves of her hourglass body.

It’s her bedroom! My room has a direct view through the window into her bedroom! Part of me wonders why she’s not using the actual master bedroom but the rest of me is just thanking whatever gods may be for finally doing me a solid. She reaches up and unwraps the towel on her head, allowing those midnight locks of hair to cascade down onto her lightly tanned shoulders. She moved her hands through her hair a couple times till it sat just the way she wanted and then moved to her dresser. I could tell she was going through a top drawer but couldn’t make out what she was getting. Then she stood up and moved to the mirror.

As I watched I had instinctively dropped my shorts and started touching myself. Just lightly stroking my balls, occasionally bringing my hand up my half awakened cock. But as she walked to her mirror I realized that it was positioned perfectly for me to see her reflection. I swelled to my full length as she dropped the towel. I began pumping myself in earnest as I drank in the sight of her. The way her body went from her wide shoulders down to narrow at her waist only to flair out again into sexy hips and a succulent ass. She had a tramp stamp of a red rosette on a green vine that ran along her waist and then trailed down in a stylized arrowhead to the crack of her ass. I tore my gaze from her back to check her reflection, my hand a blur on my shaft, precum dripping from me so much I didn’t need any lotion. She had this wonderful smile as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes drinking in her sexy body with the same appreciation mine were. I looked down to her amazing breasts, round and full still without a hint of sag. The tanned skin gave way to this triangle swath of creamy white skin where the top of her bikini was when she tanned. Slightly puffy and pinkish areolas capped with a slightly pinker short but hard round nipples that just looked like they were begging to be sucked. Down this tanned, toned and firm stomach, just the slightest hint of stretch marks showing she had ever been pregnant before breaking into creamy skin again. She was completely hairless and I was held entranced by the way her skin darkened to a pinkish red at her labia and the fold of skin that was her prominent hood and inner lips. My view was obstructed as I saw her fingers slide down over herself. I looked up at her face to see her eyes closed and biting her bottom lip as she began rubbing herself vigorously. Her other hand was at her breast, pinching a hard nipple. Her whole body was rocking slightly as she was really getting into it. She then got into a wider stance and I couldn’t believe my eyes as the hand that was rubbing at her pussy moved down further and she sent two fingers deep into herself. Her eyes were still shut tight as she was lost in her fantasy world but her mouth was opened in what I guessed were a series of moans. Then her hand came back out and pinched hard at her hood and her head flew back as her whole body blushed and I swear I saw something shiny fly from her pussy.

When she came back to herself she looked happy and frustrated at the same time. She grabbed her discarded towel and bent over to wipe something off the floor. In my shock my hand had stopped moving but now that she was bent over before me I remembered what I had started. I was so wound up it only took three strokes before I came hard, shooting my load into the wall as I watched her amazing ass shake for me. I sank down to my knees before she stood back up. I think I’m going to like it here.

The day marches on, I think about our sexy milf neighbor the entire time as my parents discuss how best to approach the tasks today. If I had been paying more attention maybe I would have got out of some of it, but I couldn’t keep June out of my head. The sway of her ass when she had bent over, the bounce in her breasts, the face she made when she came. I imagined her making that face over me as we were in my bed and she’s riding my cock.

My reward for such thoughts was four trips to the hardware store and lugging around giant sacks of top soil and mulch. I couldn’t complain though, see there is only a chain link fence separating all the backyards from each other. So while I’m out there moving dirt, I can see June sunbathing on her lounger in this sexy red bikini. It has to be her favorite, the shape of that top matches her tan lines perfectly.

I have to force myself not to openly stare throughout the day as she reapplies her tanning oil. I wish my hands were hers feeling along her neck, rubbing her shoulders and down her arms. I spilled half a bag of mulch in the wrong spot when I caught her hand applying oil at her cleavage then her hand traveling over her smooth belly and down her legs. It was difficult working and being that hard but I didn’t have time to go any where to take care of my problem.

I quickly looked down and away as her phone rang. “What? YOU’RE HERE?” She stood up quickly and raced inside. Next I saw her she came out and this guy followed her. I couldn’t help the wave of jealousy that came over me at the sight of him. He towered over her and had a swimmer’s build. Thanks to his total lack of a shirt I could see his well defined muscles. She pushed him against the wall of her house and pulled his head down into a kiss that was so hot I could taste her tongue in my mouth. His hands roamed her back ad reached down further to play along the line of her bikini bottoms.

“You have no idea how much I needed you here right now.” She said in a sultry tone of voice when she finally came up for air.

“Yeah baby? What you need me to do for you?” He asked with this cocky tone of voice that made me hate him all the more.

“Well I can’t do my back on my own.” And with that she moved back to her lounger. I think he was as shocked as I was but I was delighted as he was dismayed. Then she sat down facing away from me and I furtively watched as she reached up to untie the strings of her top. Her hands caught the cups before they fell away and she laid down on her stomach. Note to self, sideboob much hotter in real life than on the internet.

He was the good boyfriend and came over and did as he was told. He turned it into a massage and I got to hear for real the moans I imagined earlier in the morning. They just sat and talked the entire afternoon, his hands playing over her supple skin as he talked about his job. As the sun started to dip below the horizon they made plans for dinner and dancing. They had just made it inside when my Mom came out and told me what a good job I had done and for me to shower, Dad said dinner would be ready soon.

That shower felt amazing, just the right amount of heat and plenty of water pressure to melt away the soreness in my muscles. Standing there with the water massaging me I imagined I was the one massaging her. How would she feel in my hands? Rubbing the tanning oil into her skin, working the knots out of her muscles as she gave those low moans. I’d have been more daring than her boyfriend. Peel down her bikini bottoms and run my hands over the cheeks of her sexy ass. Maybe give her a playful spank. I was so hard imagining what I would do with her. I started to reach down.

“Taylor, dinner’s ready! Hurry before it gets cold!” My Dad called through the bathroom door. I cursed under my breath and willed myself to think about math tests and documentaries till I could walk without bumping into things before I reached them.

We ate in a mostly comfortable silence. Occasionally my parents would say something but since we had all been home all day there wasn’t anything new to talk about. I cleaned my plate and was excused to go play video games. Before I realized it eleven o’clock had rolled around so I turned the game off and got ready for bed.

I was going to turn off the light in my room when movement out of the corner of my eye distracted me. June was back in her bedroom. I rushed to the window and got a good look at her in this black gauzy blouse that just came up over her right shoulder, leaving the other one completely bare. It hugged tightly just over her bust, not exposing any cleavage out of the top but made up for that by being see through. Even from here I could make out her breasts in her black strapless bra. She also had on this pleated red skirt that barely came down to her mid-thigh and I was practically drooling already. Fully clothed and yet almost nude, it should be a crime for a woman that sexy to dress that way. I’m sure people were tripping over themselves all day gawking at her as she passed by.

Then he came in. His shirt was already off and he pulled her into his arms, pressing her back against his chest as his hands roamed over her belly while he nuzzled and spoke into her right ear. She gave this amazingly lustful smile at whatever he had said and turned around and kissed him. The way she melted against him in the throws of that kiss was amazing. I really hoped I would find someone who would just put their whole body and soul into a kiss like that one day.

She pulled away from him but grabbed his hand in hers and pulled him around. I ducked down quickly as she was now facing the window. I waited a full ten seconds then slowly lifted my head up. The sight in the room next door almost made me cum in my shorts. She was sitting on top of her dresser, her legs spread apart as he knelt before her, his head pressed in close. Her eyes were closed tight and her head was thrown back with her mouth opened in what looked to be cries of pleasure. Her hands were up, running fingers through her hair, pulling the raven tresses as he was eating her pussy. His hands were playing along her legs. Reaching out as far as he could, almost to her ankles, he let his fingers run up her calves and then up her inner thighs to disappear from my sight blocked by his head, then back down to be repeated again.

I wished I could see exactly what his mouth and tongue were doing because the effect on June was amazing. She writhed atop the dresser, her eyes stayed tightly closed and her mouth opened. Occasionally her hands came down to grab at her big tits through her clothing, or to play in his hair and adjust his head slightly. For some reason that was so hot, this beautiful milf knowing what her body needed and directing him accordingly. I had to free myself from my shorts, watching her being eaten out by her boyfriend was just too much. I grabbed on and began stroking. There was already enough precum that I was soaked, no need for any lotion. Just the thought of what her sexy pussy must taste like! I was going to have to take it slow if I was going to last. Before I knew it she was breathing harder, her right hand on his head pushing him into her as she began bucking her hips into his face. Her left hand was sliding along the wall behind her, desperate for purchase as her mouth worked itself faster and faster till suddenly her whole body tensed and it looked as if this primal scream was torn from her soul.

If that’s what an orgasm looked like then it was no wonder my girlfriend had been fine with us breaking up. As soon as she recovered he stood up and she dropped down onto her feet and then sank to her knees. He moved to lean his right side on the dresser and I got to see her in profile as she tore down his pants and just attacked his throbbing erection. One moment it was there, the next her face was buried in his crotch, her face discolored and her eyes bulging but open and looking directly at him. I’d watched those eye contact blowjob videos online, always a great way to quickly get off. But none seemed to go at it like she did. Just imagining me being the lucky one there, her choking on my hard cock as she stares up at me. Then she began bobbing back and forth. Pulling away till he almost popped out and then diving back down till her chin touched his balls. Still not breaking eye contact. How much practice did a woman have to have to be that skilled a cocksucker?

I was close, the vision before me combined with the one in my head. This was the hottest night of my life. Apparently he didn’t want things to end that quickly cause he reached down and pulled her head off of him and helped her stand up. Once she was on her feet, he was a blur of action as he practically tore the clothes from her body. They hugged their nude forms to each other as they shared another passionate kiss. Next thing I knew she had jumped up and he caught her as her legs wrapped around his body. He stumbled a bit till his back rested against her chest of drawers. He lifted her up a bit and then slowly let her sink down on his hard cock.

How he kept from cumming as he was enveloped in what must be the best, tightest, and hottest pussy in the world I can’t understand. Yet there he was, with the sexiest woman alive bouncing herself against him. The muscles in her back flexed as she pulled herself up by his shoulders and then relaxed as she plunged down on him. Her hair flew about wildly as she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sheer animal lust of the moment. She leaned back and I could just see that his mouth was sucking on the nipple of her left breast. The skin of her ass was mottled as the fingers of his hands gripped her hard to hold her up and on him. It was mesmerizing watching that red rosette bounce around as she pounded herself against him

I guess he got tired though because he took three steps forward and dropped out of sight. I saw the headboard of the bed move away from the wall as their sudden weight moved the piece of furniture. My hand was a blur on my cock. It would all be over soon. Sure I wouldn’t get to see the end but damn I’d seen enough to last me a lifetime. I was fixing to turn away when I saw her rise up in profile. The rocking motion of her body told me she was riding him. I could just make out his hands on her breasts, kneading those perfect tits and pinching her hard nipples. She was so beautiful, her hair cascading behind her, her mouth open in cries I couldn’t hear or moving in what must be the sexiest dirty talk, driving him towards his release as she was closing in on her own. I was going to be there too! We were going to cum together.

I was desperate to hang on, trying my best to hold back till the moment I knew she came as well. Her head turned slightly and I was frozen as her eyes locked with mine. Oh no, she was looking right at me! Fortunately she couldn’t see what I was doing but just catching me at my window was bad enough. I thought about dropping out of sight but the damage was done.

Yet she didn’t shriek or drop down or try to hide herself. Instead she gave me this wry smile and then blew me a kiss. She turned back to look at her man and I could read the “Fuck me!” on her lips as her body began rocking in earnest. She would look down at him and then furtively threw the window at me to make sure I was still watching.

I lost it. Knowing she was getting off to me watching her, I came hard. I couldn’t contain the groan that came out of me as strand after strand shot out of me with every pulse of my cock till my balls were completely empty. She watched me cum the whole time and when I had finished she gave me the sexiest wink and then closed her eyes as her orgasm finally tore through her. I watched her face in pure bliss till she dropped out of sight. Leaving me in my room with the ghost of her smile in my mind.