A Nice Couple Next Door – Part 2

Vanessa then moved away and around me to sit at my back. She lifted my shirt off of me, breaking Keith’s claim on my mouth and allowing me a chance to take in a lungful of air.

I cried out as I felt her kiss the base of my neck on the right side. Keith used that opportunity to renew his claim. She lightly bit my neck as she pressed herself against me, her hard nipples pressing into my back as her hands came around to embrace my breasts.

Keith pulled away and just watched as his wife kissed and bit my neck and roughly played with my breasts. “How long has it been since you’ve seen a cock?” She asked as her mouth came up to my right ear, sensuously brushing her lips against it as she spoke. Her teeth nipped at my earlobe as she pinched both nipples at the same time and I let out a yelp. “Tell him Angelique, tell him you want to see his massive dick.”

“I do…I want to see your big dick.” I said hesitantly, as much from the shudders that Vanessa’s hands and mouth were sending through my frame as from nervousness at seeing a man for the first time in over four years.

Keith didn’t try to put on a show, he stripped quickly and then stood completely unashamed before my waiting eyes. A light dusting of salt and pepper hair on his well toned chest and stomach, thin hips, his cock bobbed proudly in the air. Keith was the opposite of his wife, completely clean shaven from the waist down.

Apparently Vanessa wasn’t lying about wanting cock because the moment the buckle of his pants hit the ground she let go of me and climbed off the bed. Keith pulled his taut wife to him and they kissed briefly but passionately, then Vanessa slowly went down on her knees and his thick cock disappeared behind her ruby lips. She worked him with precision, one second just the tip was in her mouth, then her nose was against his pelvis and I heard her gag as he entered her throat. Keith rested his left hand on top of her head, not demanding so much as just adjusting the pace.

Watching this husband and wife enjoy each other was so hot, I hadn’t even noticed that I slid a hand inside my shorts and had begun touching myself. I was just mesmerized by Vanessa as she rose up and dove down on her man, riding with her mouth the way I imagined she did with her pussy. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and her mouth widened in a smile.

“Don’t be shy, let us see what you’re doing.” Keith said.

I looked up to see his eyes were glued to where my hand disappeared behind my remaining item of clothing. I brought my hand out and quickly discarded my shorts. I sat on the edge of their bed, spread my legs wide, and began playing with my bald pussy as they watched me while Vanessa sucked her man. It was so hot playing with myself while watching his cock appear and disappear like a magic trick, I was moaning my pleasure in no time.

“She sounds close Vanessa. See if you can send her over the edge.”

That sexy older woman pulled herself off of her husband’s cock and he helped her to her feet. I fanned my clit even faster as I got a look at her lithe frame as she turned towards me. From where her hair cascaded down her shoulders, those amazing red lips, small tear drop breasts with thick nipples, her flat belly leading down to all that thick hair at her mound, every inch of her just pure perfection. She walked to the edge of the bed, between my legs, her eyes locked with mine as I masturbated to her.

“Would you like me to do that for you?” She asked in this sensuous voice. I needed her so badly right then. There was no conscious decision, one second I’m there propped up on my left hand with my right hand working me to orgasm, the next thing I know I’ve pulled her to me and spun her around onto the bed. I mounted her quickly, getting my clit buried in her forest till I was pressed down on her pubic bone and began riding her furiously. I kissed her lips and pinched those sexy nipples. She seemed to be stunned at first but recovered quickly, arching her hips upward to increase my contact with her. The way her hair swirled around my most sensitive parts as I rode her, her sparkling eyes driving me onward as our tongues danced together, it was all just as I had hoped it would be. I rose up, my back arching as my head flew back and I shouted at the ceiling as my body finally released me to this amazing orgasm.

I was still trembling and crying out incoherently when Vanessa reached up and grabbed my breasts roughly and used them to spin me down onto the bed. She mounted me now and humped against me as she began her rough play of my tits. She squeezed them till I thought they would burst, kiss then bit all down my cleavage, lift and stretch them up by my nipples, swat them from side to side and then suck my nipples so hard I thought they might come off. I had never had anyone play this roughly with my breasts and I reveled in the painful pleasure. Every slap of her hand or nip with her teeth seemed to have a direct line down to my core. My first orgasm of the night had barely passed and here I was quickly approaching my second.

“What do you need Angelique?”

“Fingers!” I gasped. The nails of her right hand stopped digging into my left breast and instead I felt them part my lower lips. I cried out as I felt them force me open.

“You’ve got such a tight little pussy! It feels like you are going to squeeze me right out. Just relax my little angel, let Vanessa take care of you. I’m going to give you your heart’s desire. You want me to do that for you? You want me to just take care of your luscious body for you?”

I couldn’t even answer as she pistoned what felt like three fingers in and out of me. I just groaned and shook my head yes over and over again as her fingers began grazing my hidden gem as they fucked me. She bent her head down and roughly claimed my right nipple in her mouth as she kept up her fingering and my whole world melted in vibrant color.

When I came back to myself Vanessa was curled up against me on my right, holding my head to her chest so I could hear her heartbeat as she slowly stroked her fingers through my hair. I moved my head slightly to gently suck on the nipple that had been by my chin.

“Mmm…look who came back to us. Did you enjoy your little cat nap?” I just nodded my head, enjoying this erotic yet maternal closeness I felt with her.

“That’s good, because Keith has been very patient. He’s been lusting after you since you and your girlfriend moved in. You’d come over and he’d get worked up into such a frenzy that the minute you left the apartment he’d just claim me wherever I was. You’ve been the best marital aid this girl could ask for. Then I told him about what you said last night.”

My mind tried to work back to that but I got distracted as Keith now got onto the bed and gently spread my legs apart. His touch was much more gentle than I expected and I gasped in shock and delight as I realized he was doing the same thing to me I had done to his wife when I first came in.

“None of that was in the cards for me, so it means so much that I get to do this here with you.”

My brain tried to tell me that I missed something but my body was too busy with this man who was eating me out so well I’d almost think I was with a woman. The slightest shudder, the gentlest sigh or light moan and he’d adapt to match my needs. No wonder Vanessa had such a great smile all the time. I closed my eyes and just let myself bask in this moment of this wonderful couple worshipping my body.

“Are you ready to become a mother?”

That phrase brought me back to reality just as Keith drew himself up and over me. Vanessa reached down between my legs and spread me wide with her fingers as Keith gave me my first real dick in what seemed like an eternity.

My mind was a whirl of emotions, I couldn’t believe I was with a man, the warmth of a living member filling me down there where only plastic and fingers had been was such a change that my whole body broke out in shivers. The pressure I felt as he drove in deeper and deeper I felt in my gut and I just kept making these shocked noises till finally his thighs connected with mine and his balls slapped against my ass.

Wait, had she said mother?

“Vee, she is just so incredibly tight! It’s like being with a virgin. She’s squeezing me so hard I don’t know how long I can last!” He said as he began to slowly withdraw till only his head was still inside, then he slid back in, faster this time.

“Don’t worry about holding out Keith, she wants that load! Make her belly swell with that big cock baby! Give it to her good! I want her screaming your name as she conceives!”

His pace increased more and more, driven on by his wife and his biological need to cum as deep as possible. The long thrusts were out, instead he was in me to the hilt. His hands on my hips as he pulled back just enough to crash back in with these hard and quick thrusts that sent waves of pleasure through me as it sent ripples through my flesh. My breasts moved back and forth wildly till Vanessa grabbed my right one and held it still as she bit and sucked my erect nipple.

“Fuck me Keith! I need that hard cock! I need…” my mind stopped working as the import of what was happening fully hit me. We weren’t just fucking, this hot couple was going to breed me.

“I can’t wait till I can drink from these magnificent tits! That’s been one fetish Keith and I have had we’ve never been able to indulge. But you won’t deny us will you Angelique? Do you want a big family? Cause now that Keith is balls deep in your sweet little pussy I don’t think he wants to leave. I don’t want you to leave. I want you here, in this bed eating my pussy and draining his cock. Your body will get so sexy with our babies growing in you. Tell us that’s what you want!”

I couldn’t speak, not while her hands roamed my body as she spoke her fantasies till they became my own. Instead something primal in me just took over. I rose up and grabbed Keith by the neck and pulled him down to me, driving my tongue into his mouth as my legs crossed over his ass and I pulled him tighter into me. My nails dug trails along his back and I rocked myself into him furiously. We moaned into each other as my legs drove me hard onto his cock and then my nails raking his back pushed him back. The creak of the bed and the headboard crashing against the wall almost drowned out the shouts of encouragement we were getting from Vanessa.

Suddenly Keith’s whole body stiffened and he surged forward one final time. He cried out into my mouth as his balls tightened and he began shooting his load so deep into me. Vanessa shrieked as well, for all the world sounding like watching her husband pump his seed into me was giving her an orgasm. My body ached, I was so fucking close, I wanted to join in with them but before I got there I felt Keith begin to relax. Not yet, I needed more! My body was in a white hot frenzy.

I spun around, keeping his cock and in my pussy till now I was on top. He was shocked as I drug my nails across his chest as I rose up and began grinding on his cock, letting my breasts bounce and sway in the air. He was slow to catch up but thankfully Vanessa wasn’t. She climbed around to sit behind me, I felt her hands roam my body, her nipples dig into my back as she ground against me. Finally one hand gripped my left breast hard, digging her nails in as her other hand found and rubbed against my hood.

Keith, despite being older, began stiffening inside me again. His wife grinding and caressing a twenty six year old babe who was furiously riding his shaft allowed him to find a second wind and soon his hands were on my hips, his fingers digging into my thighs so hard I knew I’d have bruises.

It felt like an eternity. Me there desperately on the cusp of orgasm, Vanessa holding her body to me as she shouted her encouragement and fanned my clit, Keith grunting beneath me as his body raced to fill me with a second load. Time stood still as we writhed together all the rest of the world falling away as the three of us melted into one being. It was physical and mystical, sacred and profane as we sweetly savaged each other. My vision clouded over with starlight as I felt a shout come up from my depths and reverberate through my whole body before ringing off the walls. Vanessa cried out with me, her voice harmonizing with mine in the first song women ever sang, then Keith’s voice joined ours with the baseline force of creation itself!

The next morning we all awoke together, still tangled up in each other, the bedroom heady with the scent of our passion. Nothing was said, nothing needed to be. We all belonged to each other now. Soon there would be a new one that belonged to all of us.




The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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