A Nice Couple Next Door – Part 1

Ever woke up with a massive headache and horny as hell? That’s me this morning as I’m nursing last night’s hangover after waking up hearing my neighbors go at it.


Ten in the morning on a Sunday isn’t when I normally wake up but I went out with Vanessa last night and was feeling sorry for myself and got sloppy drunk. So really I was three things this morning, hungover, horny and embarrassed.

“That’s right baby! Slam me hard with that big cock! Fill my tight little pussy with every inch of…OH FUCK!” I hear through the wall as the headboard of their bed sounds like it will come through any minute. Vanessa certainly sounds like she’s enjoying herself. I was glad for her, even if it did highlight all my problems at the moment.

I slid out of bed, surprising myself at the sound of a stiletto heel hitting the floor. I didn’t even take off my shoes? Kicking them off now I made my way into my tiny bathroom, my head throbbing in time with the headboard knocking on my wall. I washed about four aspirin down with two handfuls of water from the sink. Looking myself in the mirror was a mistake, the frightful sad club girl staring back at me with her dyed raven black hair frizzed and sticking out at odd angles and a spider web of mascara all over her cheeks with smeared cherry red lipstick on her right cheek seemed to blame me for all of her troubles.

Turning on the shower as hot as I could get it, I shed what was supposed to have been the fun but casual red blouse that showed off my ample cleavage and the black skirt that hugged my hips just right. It had gone so wrong so quickly. Vanessa had been great, obviously putting up with me enough to get me safely home, even after what I did.

Not all my fault mind you, I was in a vulnerable state. My girlfriend and I had just broken up. We had hooked up in college, I had a boyfriend at the time but this girl was just so yummy! Tiny and taut, a contrast to myself at 5’10 with some really sexy curves. You can’t blame me, I dropped a guy who looked like Screech for a girl that looked like Veronica Mars! It was hot lesbian sex from then on for the next four years. And it was great but now that I’m twenty six and with a decent job, I was looking for the next phase of my life to start. A woman can do anything a man can do, I’m a firm believer in that, but a woman can’t get me pregnant. I brought it up with my girl. She wasn’t in the same ocean let alone the same boat. She said it was just my bisexuality talking, that I was too dick crazy to ever really be with a woman, and then she was gone.

Vanessa and her husband Keith had heard the whole thing, thin walls after all. They are a lovely couple who were so nice to us when we moved in. Vanessa is in her late forties and Keith had already hit 50. We actually bonded over the sounds that came through the walls. My girl was a screamer and after one particularly vocal night, we noticed Vanessa looking at us with blushed embarrassment the next day. I apologized for keeping them up, but she just smiled and said not to worry. Apparently listening to us had got Keith and her going and she thanked me for helping her get off! We became fast friends, this older woman taking care of me like a big sister.

Last night though as I was four glasses of wine into my appetizer I think I wrecked everything. Vanessa was so nice to me sitting there, just making idle chit-chat, not hounding me about my problems. She made everything so comfortable that between her and the wine I just kind of unloaded. I explained how I still loved my girl, I just wanted a baby too. It had been the only thing on my mind lately. I had told her that we could go through a sperm bank or that there were some good guys that we knew who might be willing to help me get pregnant. I should have stopped talking, cause the more I talked about it the more I forgot about the hurt and instead got hot thinking about fucking.

Now I’ve only been with a couple people in my life and, whether guy or gal, they were all my own age. But Vanessa is just something special. There she was in her red dress that hung loosely on her petite frame, billowy enough to be conservative but with the scooped neckline and large oval cutouts for the sleeveless look and the high slits up the sides it gave tempting glances of all it covered. Her chestnut brown hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail and the bright cherry lips of her smile and sparkling brown eyes stood out from her flawlessly tanned skin. She was just sitting there, this image of mature feminine perfection and I was so drunk and so horny and now completely unattached.

She didn’t look shocked or upset as I threw myself at her, promising that I could love her like no other and that I would just worship her taut body every day. Vanessa tried to stop me by reminding me that she was happily married to the man of her dreams and that she was sure I’d find someone who deserved me soon. I countered with I’d take Keith too. The man was quite the silver fox and that he could father my children. We could all be one big happy family. Vanessa wore an uneasy smile as she told me I was drunk, I got belligerent, we got a car, I made a move to kiss her, I woke up in my bed fully clothed and completely alone.

The pills and the hot water finally made the throbbing between my ears stop, but I was still horny and miserable. It was wrong but I knew I could take care of one problem and put off the other for a bit. I grabbed my favorite vibrator out of my dresser and slid naked and still damp under the massive comforter of my bed. Once I was nice and cozy I turned the vibrator on and slid it down my body as I listened to Keith and Vanessa still going at it. Her moans were loud but muffled, his groaning was low and deep as the vibrator moved down my right breast making my supple skin ripple deliciously before just barely touching my sensitive nipple. I gripped my left breast and began kneading it, biting my lower lip as a shiver of pleasure coursed down my spine.

My vibrator left my nipple and slowly meandered down my belly to my right thigh, pressing down hard into the tight muscle, as I heard Vanessa gasp in lungful’s of air. “I love sucking your hard cock!” She cried out between gasps. Then she thanked a whole pantheon of gods as whatever Keith did sounded like it was bringing her to the peak. I was so wet from listening to them that I decided to stop teasing myself and get down to the main event. The vibrations against my labia were exquisite and I couldn’t help but cry out myself.

“THAT’S IT! KEEP SUCKING MY CLIT! Don’t stop! Don’t you fucking stop! YES BABY!! I’MMM…” Her voice cut out but I could just imagine her squirming and seizing as her orgasm just overwhelmed her senses. I could almost feel her thighs squeeze my head as she gushes her warm juice into my waiting mouth.

“How was that? Do you think she could do better?”


“Is that what’s got into you? Your trying to prove you can fuck me better than the hottie next door? If I knew that I’d have told you all the times women have hit on me before. Though I admit, Angelique is probably the hottest one.”


“Don’t pretend you haven’t noticed! I see the subtle glances when you think I’m not looking. You like it when you see her come up the stairs in that sports bra, her big tits barely held in by that straining fabric trying to bounce their way to freedom. Or that juicy ass in those yoga pants when she came over last week. You thought I wouldn’t notice how you tear my clothes off the minute she’s gone, just pound me with the lust created by looking at another woman? Mmm…slide another finger in babe…trust me, I notice. I think she does too. Maybe that’s why she wanted you to father her baby.”

The vibrator fell out of my hand and was now just buzzing against the mattress. They were talking about me!

“Don’t think it hasn’t crossed my mind. It’s been so long since we played with someone else! If she would have been sober you may have seen me doing a victory walk into our apartment this morning. I doubt she feels that way about me when she’s got less than half a bottle of merlot in her. I’m so old and thin, honestly I’m surprised you’re still with me now that I’m just gristle on old bones.”

“What have I said about talking about yourself that way? You are the sexiest thing alive. Other women can be attractive and fun to play with but here…mmph…the way your tight little pussy grips my cock so perfectly, I’m home.”

They both stopped speaking and I just listened to their moans and cries as they made love to each other. Tears came unbidden as I heard their bodies try to echo the fusion their souls so obviously had.

“I want you to fuck me like you would her! Your hips clapping against her juicy ass, the force of your thrusts making her delicious breasts bounce wildly. I bet her young, fertile little pussy would grip you so tight! It would be so hot seeing you shoot into her, knowing her flat belly would swell out with your kid! I’ve never eaten a pregnant pussy before!”

Without thinking my hand was between my legs. The more she spoke about him fucking me, the harder their bed crashed into the wall, the faster I rubbed my clit. It was all I could do to keep from crying out as Vanessa kept going on about me in her fantasy. I had no idea that this sexy older woman I had a crush on also had dirty fantasies about me. She wanted me tied down with my mouth eating her pussy while Keith fucked me, or for Keith to blow his load in her and have me eat it out. Her fantasies painted pictures in my head that did far more than my hand.

“I’M CUMMING!! BURY YOUR COCK IN MY FUCKING CUNT!” She shrieked. The headboard crashed into the wall a final time and I heard Keith groan. Their voices sent me over the edge and I had to quickly roll over and bury my face in my pillow to keep my own shouts of pleasure from being heard. I was a quivering mess as my body slowly came down from it’s high. If only I was curled up with them right now, held securely in her arms, feeling his cock slowly shrink and withdraw from my vagina as he’d stroke my hair and I could just drift to sleep between this loving couple instead of cold and alone here in a bed that used to hold two.

I dozed in my depressed afterglow for what felt like hours. I felt sated but yearned for more, so amazingly giddy that this hot older couple returned my affection and yet down that my girl wasn’t the one here fucking me wild as we both listened to our neighbor’s dirty fantasy. Not wanting to wallow in bed all day I rolled out and put my hair up in a loose ponytail and just slid into a pair of shorts and threw on a tank top. I had just decided to start cleaning up the apartment when I heard their door open and close rapidly. You could hear Keith’s heavy work boots go down the stairs.

Not sure what came over me but I felt this need to go talk to Vanessa, no clue what I would say to her, but I needed her close in this very intimate and primal way. I nearly sprinted out my door. Both our apartments were small, but theirs lacked all the clutter that comes from two women in their twenties that still hit the club once a week. Vanessa was a great decorator and the whole place just seemed warm and inviting.

The door clicked shut as I stepped in, “Back already dear? Did you realize you forgot to eat your lunch? Come back in here, I’ve kept it nice and warm for you.”

I should have called out, let her know I was in her home, but for some reason I stayed quiet. I even stepped lighter as I walked to their bedroom. What I saw when I looked through the doorway was so hot that I couldn’t breathe. Vanessa was in bed wearing a red silk blindfold and absolutely nothing else. The sunlight came through the open window and shown down on her petite body, leaving nothing to the imagination. She lay slightly propped up by pillows with her arms spread wide, each one tied securely to either end of the headboard. She strained against her bonds as she heard me come into her room, her tiny breasts looking warm and inviting as they bounced slightly. My mouth watered as she showed off her silver dollar sized rose colored areolas, crowned by thick already hard nipples. With a struggle I continued looking down her sweet body, down her smooth stomach that showed no signs of ever having been bigger to her long and toned legs which were brought up into the air by silk cords as well. They were tied about her knees so she was splayed before me, each tanned leg a runway to the whiter meat of her thighs before eventually leading to my ultimate goal.

Vanessa’s pussy was covered in full and thick dark brown hair. It started at a line just below her waist to cover her entire pubic mound down to her hood doing its best to contain a prominent clit, then cascaded down either side of her vulva to completely frame it and even somewhat obscure her thick labia from view. The hair closest to her labia was still damp from where they had made love before, the whole room was a heady bouquet of the smell of their sex.

“I need you to eat your lunch baby, make sure to suck out the creamy filling.” She said in a low, seductive tone that sent chills down my spine. She pulled herself up by her restraints so she could present herself even more to me.

No, not me, she still thought I was Keith. I shouldn’t be in here seeing Vanessa this way, it doesn’t matter what I heard before, this is…just…wrong?

“Don’t make me beg, I need this so badly! That first orgasm just wasn’t enough. I need that hot mouth of yours to eat this pussy, suck out my creampie, and make me cum screaming! Please baby! Show me what those lips can do to me!”

This was so wrong but her pleading and her being naked and spread open for me, it was more temptation than I could take. I closed the distance and climbed up on the edge of the bed. With my left hand I pushed down on her pelvis till she gave up trying to hold herself off the bed and came back down. I let my fingers play and pet through that dense forest, careful to make sure my nails didn’t touch her skin. She cooed as I petted her or drew in a sharp breath as a finger would snag in a tangle of her wiry hair. I pressed down harder, massaging her skin against her own pelvis. She moaned and stretched as much as she was able.

“That feels so good dear! Oh yes! Press down hard there! OH! Fuck that feels amazing!”

With her encouragement I went on, leaning forward till my nose was pressed into her skin and breathed her in deep. Meanwhile my right hand came up and with my first two fingers I slowly traced an outline through the hair around her vulva. I started just above her hood, careful not to touch it, and then down to the right, around and up the left side. I repeated this over and over again all while still massaging and nuzzling her. Vanessa’s breathing came faster and her moans grew louder as my ministrations continued. I occasionally looked up and the way her face would scrunch up before a moan was just so cute.

She started to buck against my hands and face, “Please stop teasing! You got me so worked up! I love the way you touch and smell me but I need more!”

I stuck out my tongue and gave her clit a quick lick, she gave a short little gasp as my tongue made contact. Another lick, this one slightly longer and she moaned. I kept licking and she just kept making these sexy little noises of enjoyment, till finally I felt comfortable enough to lean forward and claim her whole hood in my mouth. I kissed it like I would my girlfriend, sucking her in, really letting my tongue get to work. At the same time I drove two fingers into her, pressing down on her pelvic floor as I slid in, then turning my hand up and caressing her g-spot on the withdraw. Her whole body moved toward me as much as possible, her arms and legs straining against her restraints as she tried to grab my head and clinch me between her thighs. The whole bed creaked as it held her in place. I moved my hand faster but kept my tongue going at a languid pace, swirling around her sensitive hood, then diving in to graze her clit.

“YES! Keep doing that! I’m gonna cum so hard! That load was so deep but I’m going to be pushing it out when you make me gush baby! You ready? You gonna be dirty and eat that creampie for me? FUCK!! Right there! KEEP…OH…” Then her voice was lost as her whole body seized. I withdrew my fingers and let her pop out of my mouth as I lowered to her entrance and drove my tongue into her pussy.

I’d been with a squirter once before in high school and I’d had a man cum in my mouth before, both very sexy oral experiences. Nothing compared to her writhing against my face as the remains of Keith’s cum rode the literal wave of her pleasure into my eager mouth. Sweet and salty, still a little thick, I drank it down with relish.

Her body slowly came down to relax on the bed with a contented sigh. I moved away from her and sat up, just drinking in the sight of her in her afterglow, a very satisfied smile on her face.

“I bet you’re hard as a rock again, come up here and I’ll drink you down. I don’t know where you learned those new tricks with your tongue or that hand thing but damn! Let’s see if I can’t do the same thing for that cock.”

Oh no! What the hell do I do now?

“Don’t make me wait baby. I want that hard shaft in my mouth, to lick all along you till you’re buried in my throat and my tongue is stroking your balls. Just claim the naughty mouth of your dirty little whore.”

I couldn’t move, my mind was going ninety to nothing but coming up empty.

“Are you okay? Why aren’t you saying anything? What’s a matter, my cat got your tongue?”

I slowly started to get up, maybe I could just sneak out of here. I’d just go back to my apartment and her and Keith could debate what happened when he got back.

“Leaving again? You sneak in here and now just going to sneak back out? I don’t even know what to say about that.”

Oh good, I just managed to give her a mind blowing orgasm and start a fight between her and her husband.

“It’s not very neighborly.” A deeper voice said from behind me. My head spun around to see Keith standing in the doorway, looking like a clean shaven Brawny man in his flannel shirt and jeans. I spun back around to see that Vanessa had her right hand free and had pulled the blindfold from her eyes. I expected to see a look of shock, but instead she had a pleased smile on her face as she poked her finger through a small slit in the blindfold.

“Someone’s been a naughty girl.” She said in a sultry tone.

I stammered and flailed for words as she quickly came away from her restraints and crawled across the bed to sit by me. She put the forefinger of her right hand against my lips and shushed me then replaced her finger with her lips.

That first kiss, with her husband watching us, I’ve never felt so scared or so aroused. I couldn’t move as this sexy older woman just claimed my mouth, her tongue sliding in and dominating all of me. Her hands came up to embrace my head, freeing my hair from its ponytail and pulling it as she kissed harder. Finally after it felt like she had tried to claim my throat she broke the kiss and I gasped for air.

“Damn Keith, you can taste both of us on her.”

“Really?” He asked and then closed the space between us. He reached out and grabbed my hair and roughly pulled me to him, slamming his mouth against mine. He didn’t kiss me so much as fuck my mouth with his tongue.

While he assaulted my mouth, I felt Vanessa lift up my shirt till my breasts were exposed to the open air. I flinched as she grazed the skin of my left breast with her nails. She started at the top where it just began to swell from my chest, all the way down to where my areola began. Then her nails were replaced by two fingers gripping my already erect nipple, squeezing it and pulling it till I moaned into Keith’s mouth, then her nails were back and traveled up my breast again.


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