A Laundry Room Hookup

It started with running late and having to go down and do laundry at 11PM on a Tuesday which was a first for me. Once there I encountered an incredibly beautiful neighbor who I really didn’t know.

I wasn’t sure but I was under the impression Gretchen lived with a guy, a lucky guy. Gretchen is a beautiful brunette 5-3 tall 115 pounds, full 34D tits and a great ass.

Well as we washed, dried and folded I wasn’t imagining that Gretchen was flirting with me which besides being flattering had my dick getting hard. So when she came up to me and grabbed my cock through my shorts and said, “What are the chances of me getting some of this Malcolm?”

I composed myself enough to reply, “It’s yours if you want to have it.”

With that Gretchen patted her hand on the washer so I dropped my shorts and briefs and jumped up and sat on top of a washing machine and Gretchen went down on me.

I was feeling so lucky to be scoring to any degree with a woman as hot as Gretchen I couldn’t honestly say if she was doing a masterful or miserable job of sucking my cock. But damn I was happy.

At some point in my blissful stupor Gretchen pulled back and asked, “Malcolm do you think it’s time we switched places and you did for me?”

Well that sounded only fair, and slightly more than fabulous so I replied, “But of course that would only be polite.”

Gretchen slipped off her shorts and thong as I got off the washer then I helped her out of her t-shirt and bra. Trying to remember to breathe as the perfection of her incredible boobs greeted me I grabbed her by her hips and lifted her onto the washer and got my first glimpse of her shaved pussy.

Not wanting to waste a second or to let Gretchen have second thoughts I dove right at her bald pussy. Not even taking time to snicker at the little pair of dice, snake eyes, tattoo just above her snatch.

After what seemed like a lifetime of licking Gretchen’s tasty snatch as she wiggled her tight little ass on the washing machine, she grabbed her shorts and took a condom from the pocket. Did I mention this was awesome?

Gretchen pulled my head from between her legs and showed me the condom before sliding off the washer onto the floor. After she deftly rolled the condom onto my dick Gretchen stood facing the washing machine, placed her hands on it to brace herself as I eased up behind her and slipped my cock into her sweet bald pussy.

I started slow not wanting it to be too obvious that I was excited but as my stiff dick made its’ way deeper into Gretchen’s soft tight pussy the sight of her firm round ass in front of me was just too much to take. I was soon smacking against that fabulous ass as I pumped every bit of my 7.5 inches in and out of her snatch.

Gretchen was moaning and rose up on her toes so it seemed she was enjoying herself. When I reached around to cup both of her fabulous tits with both hands she stiffened and moments later so did I as both of our bodies trembled. I pushed up keeping Gretchen on her toes as I came and just held her body tightly against mine because it felt so fuckin great.

When I finally let Gretchen down and pulled my cock out of her pussy I had to catch my breath just to keep my knees from buckling and stay on my feet.

Without much fanfare Gretchen turned and kissed me then slipped her clothes on and took her laundry out of the dryer. Another kiss and she said, “Next Tuesday night, Malcolm?”

Standing there with my head still spinning slightly and my dick dangling between my legs I responded, “Tuesday, sure.”

So three weeks into our Tuesday night laundry hookup Gretchen asked me if I’d do something special for her. Well idiot guy that I am I say ‘Sure’ and she says she wants me to fuck her small boyfriend in the ass while he fucks her. I guess he’ll do it for her and I’ve had some man love experience so we decide to go off schedule on Thursday evening in her apartment.

Linus is a cute guy, a bit on the small side, smaller than me anyway, with a six inch dick. So not wasting any time on formalities Gretchen sucks us both hard and with that not taking long Gretchen flops down on her back towards the head of the bed. Linus and I roll o condoms then he slides easily, as he no doubt has done before, between Gretchen’s legs and I kneel behind him.

Linus pokes the head of his cock into Gretchen’s pussy and pauses and I move up slightly behind him and poke the head of my boner into his ass. And it was game on. Gretchen squealed a bit as Linus pumped his dick in and out of her sweet snatch and I timed his motions to push my dick into his ass as he went forward.

With that timing worked out we were really having at it. It felt damn fine to be banging into Linus’ firm little ass which was plenty tight. He must have been enjoying the ride as he fucked Gretchen and she was humping her ass off the bed as the routine we were in had Linus’ and my combined weights pushing against her.

As I held Linus’ hips to keep my balance and him in front of me I guess we could have tried something else to be creative but knowing what a sweet feeling it was to fuck Gretchen’s awesome pussy I knew Linus didn’t need to try anything else. I was enjoying his tight ass so much that I did lean over his back and hug him around the chest.

Once I came I just stayed where I was and hugged Linus, running my hands across his chest. Finally he let out a loud groan and shot his load. I then let him fall forward on top of Gretchen who seemed more than happy with the performance she had arranged.

So after Linus and I came we tended to Gretchen, Linus going down on her while she and I kissed and I played with her fabulous tits. Well with that kind of inspiration it wasn’t all that long before we were both getting hard again and I figured it was my turn to fuck Gretchen while Linus did me, which was not only fair but whatever it took to fuck Gretchen.

I slid between Gretchen’s lovely thighs and that’s when another guy comes up next to Gretchen. Tyler is a bit taller and heavier than me but what I really notice is Gretchen reaching out to stroke his 8.5 inch cock. “Malcolm I’d like to introduce Tyler, he’s my big boyfriend.

Of course you’ve heard me call Linus my small boyfriend and if you’re interested and work out like you seem to be, you will be my middle boyfriend.”

Well this was a new development but this was also no time to be evaluating the future. As I got between Gretchen’s legs to fuck her I was sizing up the situation and I did appear to be in the middle in more ways than one.

So as Linus eased around behind me I realized I was up for being the middle position in one more way. But to be real, there was a hot wet pussy waiting for my stiff cock.

After a quick nod to acknowledge Tyler as he knelt on the bed near Gretchen’s head allowing her to take his stiff dick in her mouth I poked the head of my cock into Gretchen’s wet well fucked pussy and got to giving her the fuck we both wanted.

A minute or so into that Linus grabbed my hips and gave me the same treatment I provided him earlier as he began fucking my ass.

Once again Linus and I developed a good pace when I notice Tyler pull away from Gretchen’s oral treatment and move behind Linus. Gretchen was more than active planting her feet firmly on the bed and humping her ass up off the bed at me in concert with the pace Linus and I were working.

I’m not sure when exactly but the force behind me picked up some power when Tyler was pounding his 8.5 inches into Linus’ ass and we seemed to get into a well orchestrated 4 person activity. And I think everybody was having a great fucking time of it.

I’m really not sure who came first or last, I was concentrating on Gretchen more than Linus behind me or whatever was going on behind him. I held out for as long as I could with Gretchen and I could feel some action behind me before the three of us were finished and I was able to roll off of Gretchen after kissing her.

I was nearly spent, Linus must have been about done in having been pinched between Tyler and me for some time. Gretchen never seems to be totally out of steam so once there was an opening Tyler dove between her legs to eat that steaming snatch.

Well into the morning hours it was primarily the three of us fucking Gretchen who wanted it nonstop. Apparently I passed whatever test there was to be the middle boyfriend. Tyler, Linus and I each gave each other a hand, literally, getting hard while one of us was banging Gretchen.

As time went on I generally hooked up with Gretchen once a week, as did Linus and Tyler and once a week we all gang banged her and banged each other for her entertainment.

It is an odd arrangement to say the least but everybody is into it for now so it looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future.


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