A Fuck Fest Of Foursome

Jonah couldn’t believe his luck. The path he was walking winded down the hill at the back of his house and stretched around to the right coming close to the edge of a steep drop.

It was here that he heard them, a mixture of laughing and groaning and yelping. Jonah couldn’t quite make out what was happening at first.

The dark of the night and the branches of trees obscured his view of the clearing ahead of him. He hoped it would be deserted down here. Time with his thoughts was what he needed, but that plan was out the window as he could make out three shapes dancing in the darkness on the cliff edge.

Kids, he thought at first, but as he moved closer he noticed they were women. He took several steps forwards being careful not to get noticed. He had to blink a few times to clear his vision and his heart skipped a beat.

The women were half naked, three of them, all dancing and writhing in the dim moonlight. One had red hair, another blonde, and the third had jet black hair.

They all wore what looked like a skirt that just about went down past their upper thighs, and they were sweating. He could see the moisture glistening off their chests as they writhed and convoluted under the stars.

Jonah pulled his coat close as wind whipped at him. He took another step forwards, and crack! His foot crunched on a tree branch. The dancing stopped instantly. Jonah blinked, there was a rush of wind around him and the three girls appeared in front of him, smiling with white teeth.

“Look Alexandra,” the blonde pointed. “A peeper!”

“I wasn’t looking, I just came down for a walk,” Jonah exclaimed and held his hands up in protest. “I’m sorry, I’ll leave.”

He turned to go, but a hand touched him on the shoulder, stopping him dead.

“Don’t go my child,” Alexandra grinned. “Come join us?”

Jonah shook his head. “I couldn’t possibly, I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

The black haired girl with white skin put her hand on his other shoulder and leaned in close, “we insist,” she whispered in his ear, sending a shiver down Jonah’s spine.

Jonah regarded the three of them for a second. They were all slim, toned and tight. Their breasts looked smooth and perfect

The red head had freckles on her face, the blonde had blood red, full lips, and the black haired girl had piercing blue eyes.

The three of them led him out into the clearing right up the path to the edge of the cliff. Somehow the wind had stopped whipping at him and it was warm, as if the sun were beating down on them.

“Start the fire Lina,” Alexandra gestured to the floor.

Lina leant down and clicked her fingers. A fire roared upwards, casting convoluted shadows across the floor and up the trees.

“How did you do that?” Jonah gasped.

“The fire is the first thing I learnt as a child,” Lina said as she stood up and planted herself next to the black haired girl. All three of them were now stood in front of him, eyeing him up with hungry expressions on their faces.

“I am Alexandra, this is Lina, and Riley. We are sisters. I’m the oldest,” the red head gestured to both her sisters. “Now, did you like what you saw back there?”

“I was only there for a second,” Jonah said.

“We don’t care how long you were there. We asked if you liked it,” Riley said.

Jonah paused moment, then nodded.

“Of course he did girls, look at us. We look like perfection. What man wouldn’t want to be inside us?” Lina laughed.

“Inside you?”

“Why yes,” Alexandra cocked her head to one side as she spoke. “Why else did you think we asked you to join us?”

Jonah looked at the three of them, and felt himself go instantly hard.

“Oh look,” Lina pointed at his cock. “He is ready.”

“Almost lina, be patient,” Alexandra said and got down onto her knees. She unhooked his trousers with long slender fingers popping his cock out into the open air.

“Oh wow,” Riley gasped and got on her knees also. “This is going to be fun, he is huge.”

Jonah was huge, and harder than he had ever felt himself. Alexandra gently wrapped a hand around his cock and tugged, sending sparks up his entire body. Riley moved behind him and pulled his trousers to the floor, then joined her sister in front of him. It was Lina who had the first taste of him.

She took his entire shaft deep into her throat in one quick motion. Her mouth was a delicious mixture of moist warmth. She slid her lips up and down him several times and let out a loud groan before alexandra pushed her off.

“Save some for me,” she purred and the red head sunk his cock into her mouth, sucking hard this time, harder than Lina.

Riley grabbed him next, instead of eating him whole, she licked the tip of him, then ran her tounge down the side of his shaft, before sucking every inch of him between her lips.

Jonah stood in a dazed mixture of pleasure and confusion. How had this happened? The fire crackled and danced behind them as the three girls started to get vicious with each other. Within minutes they were shoving and pushing each other out of the way fighting for his cock in their mouths.

Riley shoved Lina, then took him to the back of her throat, two pumps of her head and Alexandra was on him, sucking quick and fast now, then Riley, shoved her aside and gripped the base of his cock with one hand, pumped a few times then slid him deep inside her mouth.

This went on for several minutes. He was amazed he even lasted that long, but he could feel himself getting harder and harder and his cock began to twitch and jerk as they sucked him over and over. “I’m going to cum,” Jonah groaned.

The three girls groaned in unison and they sucked him harder. One of them was massaging his balls, the other was sliding her lips up and down him, the third had a soft hand pumping the base of his cock.

“Cum for us,” Alexandra hissed and he couldn’t hold it back anymore. His cock exploded outwards. Riley was the one who got it. The other two back off as she slid her lips up and down draining every bit of him into the back of her throat.

She groaned and let out a little giggle as his hot, sticky load burst forth and covered the back of her throat in warm white liquid. She slowed, teasing every drop from him, then gasped as she released him from inside her mouth.

Jonah knees felt weak and he dropped to them. He had never cum so hard in his life and his dick was throbbing. Miraculously he was still hard. Harder than he’d ever been.

“Riley, trust you to get it first,” Lina pushed her. “Can I taste?” And they kissed for a few seconds wrapping their tongues around each other.

“Mmm, he tastes good,” Lina growled when they parted.

Alexandra was next. She Riley around the face and shoved her tongue into her mouth. “That he does.” She groaned.

The three girls looked at him now, hungrier than ever.

“Are you ready for the main course?” Riley asked. “I want him first!”

“That’s not fair. You got the first load,” Alexandra snapped. “I will go first! Lina you can take his face, Riley, his fingers.”

Riley pouted for a second then shrugged and pushed Jonah backwards. The three girls stripped his clothes with a few quick tugs then Alexandra clambered up on top of him. She had removed her skirt, and was now completely naked. Jonah noticed she shaved down there, all three of them did and were completely smooth.

“Are you ready?” Alexandra whispered sweetly to him.

Jonah nodded. Her pussy lips were hovering just inches above his rock hard cock. The girl was so wet she was dripping juice all over him. Her fiery red hair dangled and brushed his chest.

Riley gripped his right hand, and pulled it down to her clit. “Rub it,” she gasped as he started to rub her gently.

Alexandra laughed, then sat down, hard. She took him all the way inside, every inch. She was warm and wet and tight as hell around his shaft. It was as if she was sucking him dry.

She began to grind on him, then between the grinds she would lift up slightly then slam herself back down onto him with a yelp. Jonah gripped her breasts, tugged at them. They were soft but firm and danced in front of him as she started to grind and bounce harder.

Lina stepped over him and knelt down. Her pussy lips hovered above his mouth and he started to lock her sweetness.

The three girls groaned together.

“Wow your so big,” Alexandra panted between bounces.

“His tongue is good,” Lina gasped. Jonah flicked her clit with his tongue as hard as he could causing her to cry out.

“He rubs my pussy like a champion,” Riley growled as Jonah kept his fingers moving as fast as he could on her clit.

Within minutes the three girls were in a frenzy. Alexandra was bouncing on his cock, sliding herself up and down his shaft as hard as she could and panting hard. Lina started to squeal, and pushed herself down onto his mouth as he licked her pussy. Riley was circling her hips, she had given up with her clit and had inserted four of his fingers inside her. She was breathing hard and fast.

“Oh God your gonna make me cum!” Alexandra screamed.

“I’m nearly there too,” Lina moaned.

“Yesssssss,” Riley hissed.

A few seconds passed, or a few minutes, Jonah couldn’t tell. He was in a state of pure exstacy and could think of nothing other than the three girls fucking him. He reached up and pinched a nipple, he wasn’t sure who’s it was, but one of them let out a yelp, he assumed it was Alexandra as she started to move faster and harder.

All three girls groaned in unison. “I’m cumming!” They all squealed together and all three of them started jerking and twisting as the waves of pleasure pushed its way through their bodies.

“Oh God!” Lina screamed.

“Yesssss,” alexandra hissed.

“Mmmmm,” Riley moaned.

The three girls suddenly collapsed. Two of them on top of him, the third beside him. All of them were breathing hard and fast. Sweat gleaned off of their naked bodies.

“That was fun wasn’t it girls?” Lina whispered, then climbed off jonah. Alexandra groaned as she pulled his cock out of her and also stood up. Riley followed suit and once again all three girl were stood staring at him.

“What’s next?” Riley asked.

“Let him choose?” Alexandra said and pointed at Jonah. “which one of us do you want to fuck next, cuz we ain’t done with you yet honey!”

Jonah looked at all three girls, but it was Lina who caught his eye. Her white skin and dark hair ignited something in him he could describe. She somehow knew, and stepped forwards.

“Who are you girls?” Jonah asked.

They looked at each other. “We are succubi. We live for sex, with men or women, or animals if we can find humans.” Alexandra answered.

Jonah sat up as Lina laid down on the floor. She smiled and spread her legs wide. Within seconds he was inside her, filling her with his cock as deep as it would go. She groaned, gently at first with her hands above her head.

“That’s it fuck her,” Alexandra hissed.

“Fuck her good,” Riley said.

And he did. He fucked her good and hard. Her groans quickly turned to panting and her panting turned to cries of pleasure.

“Yes you fuck me,” she grunted as Jonah slammed himself inside her now. Her legs started to twitch with every stroke of his cock. She gripped his butt cheeks, pushing him deep and deeper inside her. It was as if she couldn’t get him deep enough.

“Come on baby, harder,” Lina screamed. She began to writhe and convulse underneath him as his hard cock sunk deep inside her over and over again. “Don’t be afraid, You can go harder!!!”

He could, and he did. He was ravaging her now, shoving himself inside her as hard and fast as he could. His hand were gripping hers tightly pinning her to the ground. He felt her lips tighten around his shaft, sucking his cock hard and Lina opened her mouth wide to let out an ear piercing scream. Her whole body bucked and went rigid.

“Oh my god yesssss!!!” She was cumming, her pussy was throbbing around his cock and before he knew what was happening, Jonah exploded for the second time, filling her insides to the brim, but he kept pumping, he pushed through the urge to stop and kept fucking her as hard as he could until she was screaming and gasping for breath.

“Don’t stop fucking me!!!!” She squealed. “I’m gonna cum again!!!” And she did. She broke free of his grip and dug long nails into his back as she cried out with every stroke of his cock inside her. He slowed his strokes then, to a stop and pulled out of her with a grunt. Lina stayed on her back, gasping for air. Her breasts rose and fell quickly. She didn’t bother closing her legs as hot white liquid gushed from her pussy.

“Wow,” Alexandra and Riley both looked at each other.

“My god I’ve never cum so hard in my life,” Lina gasped. “Riley, you have to try his cock!”

Riley licked her lips hungrily and moved forwards. Jonahs dick still hadn’t gone down. What was happening to him? How was he still hard? Riley turned around and bent over on all fours.

“Think you can handle me as well?” Riley smiled and wiggled her pussy at him.

Jonah nodded. He didn’t question her, he just moved forwards and within seconds they were fucking. Jonah gripped her hips with his hands. He was pulling her onto his cock as he drove his hips forwards. Riley was tight as well, just as tight as the other two. Her lips hugged his cock from all sides and she felt glorious.

“That’s it fuck me!!” Riley squealed. “Fuck that pussy hard as you can!”

He moved faster, and harder, burying himself deep inside her wet hole. She started to grunt with every pump of his cock inside her. Something washed over him in that moment, he pumping started to get furious and wild. He wanted to destroy her with his cock, he wanted to fuck her so hard she couldn’t walk for a while.

“Yes that’s it, take me to heaven,” Riley screamed. “Oh God your doing it, keep going. Keep fucking that tight pussy.”

He kept fucking her. She was getting louder and louder as he buried himself into her cunt. He gripped her hair, and pulled causing her to moan out in pleasure lifting her body up and back towards him. He took on hand and reached around, gripping her soft breast then shoved her forwards again and smacked her butt with every thrust of himself into her.

“I’m, going, to, cum,” she cried out between gasps for air. “Make me cumm pleasseee!” She begged as he fucked her from behind harder and harder.

“I’m cumming!!!” She tensed up as she exploded on his cock. Her pussy tightened and her back arched and she too let out an earsplitting scream into the night as her body tipped over the edge.

But Jonah wasn’t done, not by a long stretch. He kept pounding, as he body stiffened and twitch. She screamed now with every pump of his cock.

“Fuck me! Like you did Lina!!!” She gasped and grinned as she realised he wasn’t going to stop. “No mercy for me, just like you did for Lina!!”

“No mercy!” Jonah grunted and went harder still, putting all his strength into every thrust of his hips.

He felt her tighten again, and he was ready for it this time. As her pussy tightened, he pumped harder and harder, feeling himself ready to explode inside her.

“Fill me up baby,” she screamed. “Fill me up with that cock!”

And he released.

“Oh, oh, oh, god don’t stop!” Riley squealed and arched her back again as she too came all of her his dick. Her juices gushed out of her onto the floor.

Jonah slowed, pulled out of her quickly and lunged for Alexandra.

“Wow we really whipped him into a frenzy!” Lina laughed as the two girls now watched Alexandra get the full force of Jonah’s cock.

Jonah didn’t know what came over him. He just needed to be inside Alexandra. She was the last one he hadn’t filled with his seed and he planned on making it a good one. She was on her back, her legs were up in the air over his shoulders. She grinned as he fucked her. She was hungry too after all. She needed his cock and she got it.

“Fill me up baby!” She gasped. “Fuck my little cunt,” she moaned welcoming every stroke and within minutes she was gushing and squealing underneath him just like the other two had.

“That’s it don’t stop fucking me!!!!”