A female landlord fucks her tenant

Back in the day 34 year old me had to move out of his old place. The reason for it: A very messy and painful breakup.

I and my former girlfriend couldn’t stand each other’s presence anymore. It was enough. She told me that I was the one moving out of our flat.

I gave in, but I asked her for some time. Time to find a new place to be. She was reasonable, very reasonable regarding the state our relationship was in. She gave me two months to find a new place to call home.

After our conversation was over I immediately turned on my computer to find a new, suitable, and affordable place for me and my belongings. My first impression was everything but a good one: Rents in my town were through the roof. But well, I had to find something. Because sharing the room with your ex-girlfriend is no fun at all.

The following days and weeks I contacted everyone — or their real estate agents — that were renting out a place that I could afford. No matter where it was in town. No matter if I liked the pictures of it or not. But I had no luck. The places were either total run down shit holes or I was too slow and they rented it out to anyone else.

But then, one day, I was lucky. More than just lucky. I visited a relatively recently renovated, perfectly sized and affordable place in a good neighborhood not too far away from work. The landlord herself — yes no real estate agent fees — an around 65 years old women showed me around the place. And damn it, she was a hot one. She gave me an instant boner. But I think I am drifting off. Needles to say, I immediately knew that I wanted the place.

My future landlord, she asked a lot of questions first. About me, about my private life and about nearly everything else. She was a curious one, or one that wanted to make sure, that I can pay rent. And that I don’t turn her flat into a crack house. In the end of the conversation, she offered me a rental contract. I signed it while she was sitting next to me. I found a new place to stay. An affordable one. In a good location. And without having to deal with any roommates at all.

A few weeks after I moved into my new place, all of a sudden, my phone rang. It was my landlord. She asked me if everything was okay with me and my new place. I told her that it was. And nope, I wasn’t lying at all. The place was next to perfect for me.

After the initial question she kept on talking. Some casual chit chat before she changed the subject. She asked me if I was good in using computers and the internet. I told her that I am. Then she told me that she currently had three empty flats that needed to be rented out. And that she didn’t want to use a real estate agent to do so. So she asked me, if I could help her with putting them online.

I told her that I would help her out. I didn’t even ask for something in return. Yes, you can have next to everything from me, when you just ask the right way. And well, being on good terms with your landlord, is always a good thing. And maybe I would get another chance to check her out, because she was a hot one. So we set up a meeting for the following day. It was a Saturday. She would come by to my place, to talk about the details.

The day after, around 9 o’clock in the morning, my doorbell rang. I opened up, and it was her, standing in front of me. She was dressed to impress. She gave me an immediate boner. Luckily the pants I was wearing on that day were good in hiding that kind of thing.

We said hello, then I asked her in. I offered her something to drink, but she declined. Then business talk set in. It was her taking over the lead: “I currently have three empty apartments in town. They all need to be rented out. And as we talked yesterday, I alone, I am not up to the task.”

Now it was my turn: “Have you got some picture of the places? Or do they need to be taken?”

I guess you all know the answer to that question: No, she had no pictures of her apartments ready. And yes, she figured out beforehand that I was into photography. She did that during our first conversation. When I was signing the rental contract. And she showed me the place for the first time. She clearly knew what she was doing. She later admitted that to me.

So I packed my camera gear then we left my place. We went towards her car. A very fancy, expensive looking car. Then we drove to the first place on her list. She was driving, I was riding shotgun. We were talking all the time. About this, about that. About her grown up children, about her divorced husband. And about her past: She worked hard for all she had. She was managing some rather large corporations for about 15 years. Until she retired the day she turned 60. Her main reason for doing so: There is more in life, than just work.

We visited two places in the morning. They were close to each other. And they were in a similar condition like mine, just a little bit off the grid. I took some pictures and I took some notes for a sales pitch. Then it was lunch time. She invited me into one of her favorite places in town. She was a regular in there. She knew the staff, and plenty of the other customers. And all of them gave me some curious views. I didn’t think much of it in the moment, but later I figured out why they did that: Who is the new one on her side?

After lunch, a very delicious lunch, we headed over to the third and last place. A more luxurious place. In the best part of town. I tried my best to capture it with my camera. And well, it got rented out pretty damn fast after I put it online. So I think I did an okay job.

After we were done, she came up with another question. She asked me, if I would like to take some pictures of her. Again, no need for me to think twice. I immediately said yes. Who would say no to take pictures of a good looking women?

So we drove to her place. She told me that it was big and good looking enough to give some nice background. And she was not lying. She had a gorgeous home. A place to impress. In the best part of town.

At her place, she offered me something to drink. I gladly accepted the offer. Then she guided me into the huge living room. There she told me to feel myself at home and then she left the room, to dress herself up, for me, to take some pictures of her.

I was walking through the living room. Finding angles, finding ways to set her in scene, finding some suitable backgrounds. And I found a lot of them. My brain was already filled with ideas.

Then she came back. My jaw was dropping to the ground when she entered the room. I had to fight to not drop my drink on the floor. She was looking that gorgeous. She was nothing but hot. Her long hair open, wearing some very fine lingerie and some high heels. I was rock hard within a few seconds. I was mesmerized. I had to remember myself to breath: In and out.

She slowly, but steadily came closer to me. Realizing what was going on with me put a huge smile on her face: “You really like what you see, don’t you?”

I tried to speak, but I failed horrible. So I nodded with my head.

“Have you really lost the ability to speak? Am I that good looking?”

Once more I nodded with my head.

Meanwhile she was close enough to touch me. She gently took my hand and led me over to the sofa. She signaled me to sit down. Then she placed herself as close to me as anyhow possible. Our bodies were touching.

A few seconds later kissing set in. A few gentle, maybe even shy kisses first. Then something else took over. Passionate kissing set in. My hands were exploring her body, hers did the same with mine.

It didn’t took long and my clothes were flying through the room. My raging hard dick was pointing towards her. A few moments later one of her hands were jerking me off. She for sure knew how to touch a dick. It felt nothing but awesome. While she was jerking me off, I was stripping her naked. Exposing her hot boobs and her tasty pussy. Interrupted by some passionate kisses.

Then it was my time to return the favor. I spread her legs and dug in. My tongue on her pussy, my fingers inside her. She tasted great. She began to moan out loud while I was getting down on her. I love pussy eating. I gave her her first orgasm that way.

Then she pulled me back up. She whispered in my ear: “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

No need to say that twice. I lubed up my raging hard boner and slid him inside her. Gentle. Slow in the beginning. It felt nothing but awesome. Then I went in harder. In and out. It felt even better. More and more tension was building up with every thrust. I fucked her missionary. We were sharing some passionate kisses all the time.

Moaning filled the room. Hers and mine. We both came closer to an orgasm with every thrust I gave her. Her fingernails were scratching my back. A turn-on for me. Then, finally, one last hard and deep thrust. And boom, two explosions went off in two bodies. We came together. Nothing but awesome.

After the grand finale, two sweaty bodies collapsed next to each other. Our bodies still were touching each other. We even looked each other in the eyes. What a great fuck. We took our time to regain ourselves. Then we kept on kissing, and cuddling for some time. Then we went to take a shower together. Straight into her huge, luxurious bathroom.

And yes, our fuck in the living room was just the first one of the night, but for now, the tale is over here. Maybe I’ll give you an update, maybe I’ll tell you more on another day.