A father and his married daughter Part 4

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow dear and let you know how the flight went,” she called over her shoulder before disappearing from my view.

Walking Mandy over to her departure gate she said, “Now you will look after mom for me won’t you Gramps?”

“Hey you!” said Meg, “I am quite capable of looking after myself thank you very much.”

“Don’t you believe her Gramps. During this stay I’ve seen her languishing around the house looking despondent with nothing to do now that all the building has been completed.”

“I’m fine Mandy… please don’t make a fuss about nothing.”

As I hugged Mandy goodbye I said, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll keep a very close eye on your mother. If I have any concerns I’ll be in touch.”

“Thanks Gramps. You’re the best!” Mandy replied before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, then the same to her mother before walking off to catch her flight.

Meg and I stood watching Mandy until she was out of sight, then we both turned in unison and headed toward the car parks.

“Is what Mandy said true Meg? Have you been feeling down now that you have nothing to do?” I said concerned for her welfare.

“No Dad, I haven’t been down about that at all. It just Mandy overdramatising because she can see I have a lot more time on my hands now. It’s just not something she has been used to and therefore it seems foreign for her to see me like that I guess.”

“Ahh mmm, well… I’ll just have to keep a close eye on you then won’t I? Then I can truthfully dispel any concerns that Mandy may have,” I said as I put my arm around her waist and pulled her into me.

Meg also placed her arm around my waist and we walked silently back to the car park like that until we arrived at her Volvo.

“Hop in Dad. I can drive you to Derek’s SUV and you can follow me home. It’s pretty dark out in the country this late at night and if you aren’t familiar with the area it’s very easy to get lost.”

Some 15 minutes later we left the airport in tandem and were heading toward Main Street once again.

We’d only travelled about 10 minutes before Meg pulled over to the side of the road. As I stopped behind her she exited her vehicle and opened the passenger door on the SUV.

“Is everything okay Meg?”

“To tell you the truth Dad, I’m feeling very lightheaded, probably from all the wine I had at dinner. We have about another hour’s drive ahead of us but I don’t really want to risk it the way that I am feeling,” she stated, and then continued, “There’s a small motel further on, just off to the left as we leave the city limits. How do you feel about bunking down there for the night and we can finish the journey in the morning?”

Truth be known, I was feeling a little tipsy myself and so, without thinking it through further, readily agreed to Meg’s suggestion.

Sure enough, just as we left the city limits I spotted the small single story motel on the left some distance off the highway.

Meg pulled into the reservations area as I made my way to another parking area behind the office. First observation was that all the rooms may have been full anyway as they all had vehicles out the front.

It took me a little while to work out how to shut down and properly secure Derek’s SUV before, just as I had done so, Meg appeared at my side.

“I managed to get the last room available Dad. We are over there in room 8. It’s the one in darkness at the very end… and apparently… it’s the deluxe model, whatever that might be!” Meg emphasised and then laughed. “Here’s the key Dad. You leave your car here and I’ll move mine around the back while you open up.”

I took the key card from Meg and made my way across to room 8. As I entered I flicked on the light switch but left the door ajar for Meg. The décor was straight out of the 80’s but there were two queen beds with luxurious towels and robes stacked on the end and, what appeared to be, a number of very comfortable pillows.

Off to one side was a single door that led to an ensuite bathroom fitted out with a double vanity and large shower with the toilet to one end.

Not sure how the room could be described as the ‘deluxe’ model, but it appeared to be clean with upmarket linen.

Meg had arrived when I was inspecting the bathroom and, unbeknown to me, had grabbed a towel and robe on the way through.

“I got the first shower Dad just in case there’s limited hot water. So, unless you plan on joining me, can you close the door on the way out?”

I left Meg to have her shower while I went back to the room and chose which bed I would take, turning down the covers and selecting the pillows I would try, before turning on the tv and settling down to wait for Meg. That took about 15 minutes.

“Oh that shower is fantastic Dad! Nice and hot with lots of pressure. I didn’t want to get out!” said Meg as she came back through the door dressed in the robe and carrying the clothes she had been wearing.

“Well, I hope you have left some for me,” I said jokingly as I picked up my towel and robe on the way.

When I entered it was immediately clear that Meg had also washed out the undergarments she had been wearing that day. Draped over one end of the vanity were a natural coloured brassiere and a pair of very sheer white panties.

Like a thief in the night I silently walked across to inspect the garments knowing I was doing the wrong thing but not able to control the impulse. Both garments were still damp and I could clearly see the label on the brassiere. 34C.

“Is everything ok in there Dad?”

I literally jumped a mile as I heard Meg at the door, “All ok darling,” I responded quickly, “just thought I might wash out my underclothes as well.”

“Oh ok. There is a minibar so thought I might have a nightcap. How about you? Do you want a drink Dad?”

“What a great idea. I think I’ll have a scotch with ice if they have it… and a drop of water thanks Meg.”

I quickly undressed, washed out my underclothes, then jumped into the shower. When partway through soaping myself the ensuite door opened and Meg walked in, casually calling out that she needs a drop of water for my whiskey.

Suddenly, the shower door opens and Meg is standing there completely naked.

“I thought I might give you a hand to wash away the day Dad.”

Oh my god. Words fail me as I stand there just staring at my beautiful daughter with her hour-glass figure, my eyes immediately drawn to her breasts, which appeared to be larger than a 34C.

With maturity they were no longer pert but appeared soft with a slight droop, capped by very puffy dark pink areola with large hard nipples prominently displayed. It appeared that Meg was visibly in an aroused state.

I shifted my gaze further down, past the slight rounding of her belly to her neatly trimmed and close cropped pubic region. Her vulva hidden between thickened thighs clamped shut as one leg was crossed over the other.

I rapidly came to the realisation that Meg was no longer the baby girl that I remembered and lovingly referred to her as. She was a stunning woman, a mother, and a wife. I was looking at a mature and desirable woman that had desires and needs of her own.

“Dad? Are you ok Dad?”

It was those words that snapped me back to reality.

I lifted my gaze to Megs vibrant green eyes, noticing the smirk on her lips as I did so.

“Sorry… umm arghh… yes, sorry… I am ok Meg, just wasn’t expecting you to open the door.”

“Well Dad, would you like me to help?” she offered once again, her head tilted to one side as her eyes locked on my hardening cock.

I was hooked; I knew I was hooked, my lust now controlling any common sense I had left. In one last vain attempt I took a deep breath and uselessly stammered, “I… I’m… I’m really not sure that I’m ready for this Meg,” as I held out my hand and stepped to one side.

Meg smiled as she took my offered hand and entered the shower cubicle.

“Your body is telling me different Dad!” she said softly as she wrapped her arms around me in a gentle hug, her head turned to one side against my chest.

I returned her embrace as we stood there for some time letting the warm water cascade over our bodies. My head resting on top of hers as my hands slowly caressed along the length of her back.

My sexual desire was clearly apparent as my cock had become painfully hard, trapped between us and pulsing against Megs midriff where it remained fully engorged.

“I really really love you Meg,” I said to break the silence between us, “but what you have suggested is a very big step for us both. You are a very very beautiful woman that many men would love to pleasure. I can’t hide the fact that I find you extremely desirable,” then continued light-heartedly, “but I am scared that this is something we may not be able to come back from.”

Meg pulled away from my chest and looked directly at me, “I know it is a big step Daddy,” she responded, “and I love you too… and like you I also love my marriage, and Mom, and Mandy. I don’t want anything to happen that’s going to jeopardise any of it. I don’t want to have an affair to satisfy my sexual needs Dad, just as much as you don’t want to cheat on Mom to satisfy yours. Perhaps this won’t work for us, perhaps I will not satisfy your needs, perhaps it will affect our relationship in the future, but I would like to at least try… and know I am with someone who I love… and someone that loves me and will keep me safe.”

As she finished she pulled away and reached for the soap, “Now turn around so that I can soap your back first.”

Meg was slow and gentle as she washed me, never hesitating to lather the crevice of my arse and the back of my legs before she took the shower head from the wall and washed it all away. I was totally aroused. I could feel the love that Meg had for me through her gentle actions.

“Now turn around Dad. Time to wash the front.”

I did not cover up. My cock hard and proud as I turned to face Meg once again. This time she openly stared at my manhood. The source of her being. When she lifted her hands to wash the top of my shoulders she looked into my eyes, “Nobody has to ever know about whatever happens between us Dad,” she spoke softly.

Unexpectedly she stopped soaping and became serious, “I love you so much Dad. Standing here with you tonight, like this, as a man and a woman, I am so very sure that I want us to go further… to consummate that love with you. I want to be intimate with you Dad. I want to make love to you Dad. I want to feel your strength when we join as one.”

I didn’t know what to think. Meg was so brutally honest with how she felt and what she wanted between us that I felt an explosion of love for her. I lifted her chin so I could look at her, a tear appearing at the corner of one eye.

I never tried to stop her as she reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock. Her touch was so soft as she slowly caressed me.

“Meg,” I said weakly

“You do like me doing this Daddy don’t you?”

“Yes, Baby Girl I do. It’s been so long since I have been touched like this by anybody.”

Turning the shower off I said, “Let’s dry off and go to bed.”

With some urgency I towelled myself quickly as we returned to the main room. I pulled back the covers of the bed then spun around to look for Meg. She was just returning from the bathroom with a whisky in each hand. I studied her as she approached, the gentle sway of her hips causing her breasts to swing with each step.

“I think I’ll need this and more Meg,” I said as I took the offered glass.

“A toast,” she said as she raised her glass, “to hard decisions, to selfishness, to satisfaction, to us.”

As we clinked our glasses and drank deeply, I knew the hidden meaning behind the toast applied to both of us equally.

With glass in hand I moved to the bed and placed it on the side cabinet. Meg followed and placed hers alongside my own. I sat on the edge of the bed as Meg moved to embrace me, pulling my face to her chest.

Without thought I took a large nipple into my mouth as I gently stroked both of her breasts simultaneously. Then rolling each nub with my tongue I sucked gently as I feasted on each breast alternately.

“Ohhhh Daddy… that feels so good!” I could hear Meg murmur, then, “lay down Daddy, lay down on the bed.”

As Meg pulled back slightly her breast made an audible pop when it detached from my mouth. I turned and raised my legs onto the bed proper and slunk down onto the pillows. Parting my legs slightly, my cock was vertical, hard and proud.

“Please don’t stop this Daddy!” Meg says as she turns and raises her leg to stretch across and straddle my legs.

I get my first look at her pussy. It is plump and pink and, as she stretches, her labia parts showing just how wet she is. When she settles Meg scoots forward until our pelvis’ meet and her labia is divided either side of my cock. She then starts to slide back and forth, coating the entire length of my cock with her juices, before leaning over and placing one hand either side of my shoulder.

“I don’t want to wait any longer Dad, I need this now!”

With those words spoken Meg lifts herself up and grasps my partially circumcised cock, guiding it toward her love canal.

“Meg!” I say but get no further as she slowly impales herself onto me. I look down and see the head of my cock penetrate and slowly disappear into my daughter’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhh, Oh my god… Oh my god,” I kept repeating as the fire within her tunnel engulfed me.

I am overcome! The emotion of watching the purple head of my cock invade my daughters forbidden place, whilst knowing fully that my actions are taboo… that our actions are illegal… yet loving every single millimetre that my cock enters her.

When Meg raises herself slightly I can see her juices have coated my sheath before she sinks a little further onto me, then repeats the process twice more until I am fully within.

It has been so long since I have been inside a woman that I had forgotten how incredible it feels. Now that woman is also my daughter only adds another incredible taboo layer to that feeling.

“Ohhhh!” is all that I can say as I am overwhelmed with passion. I look up from the point of our union to Meg… she is watching me with eyes half closed and the hint of a small smile on her lips.

“Oh Dad,” she says softly, “you feel so perfect inside of me. Oh… My… God! I have missed the feeling of a hard cock so so much! And with you Daddy… I have never felt so full, never ever with any other man in my life.”

“Oh Meg,” I beg, “Please don’t move baby. It’s been so long for me… so long since I have felt anything like what you are doing to me right now… I will explode within seconds if you move… you will make me cum Baby Girl.”

Meg opened her eyes and looked directly at me, “Mmmmm… I will make you cum will I Daddy? Your Baby Girl can make you cum can she Daddy?” she said in a laughing teasing little girly voice, then raised herself slightly before sitting upon me again.

“OH!.. OH!… Oh Meg, please…,” But it was too late. Meg had taken me to the precipice then that one little stroke was just too far. I could feel the release building within me. Deep down in my prostate the pulsing of fluids started. I knew I would not last long and was only a few strokes away.

I needed to dominate and so I lifted myself up as I grabbed Meg around her torso, then flung her sideways so that she landed on the bed but on her back beneath me.

“Oh Dad!” she yelped in shock as her legs automatically wrapped around my abdomen, holding us together.

I was a man possessed. I was on the verge of spewing my seed into this woman. I placed my head over Megs shoulder onto the bed pillow as I simultaneously put my hands under Megs arse and lifted her pelvis to my cock… then uncontrollably started to fuck her hard and fast. I knew my time was short as I forcefully plunged my cock into her before pulling back and plunging myself into her once again.

There is no other way to describe it. The animal had been released within me and I wanted to mate with this woman hard and fast. As I grunted with each thrust I could hear Meg in my ear.







“AAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhh!” I yelled as I thrust deep within her, and held myself there, my cum spewing into the depths of my daughters cunt until finally I was exhausted.

I had nothing left to pump into her. I could feel my cock start to deflate as I released my grip on Megs arse.

I was breathing rapidly and heavily from the exertion of those two minutes! It was only as I started to become conscious of the sounds around me once again that I realised Meg was also breathing heavily beside me.

I placed my hands either side of her and lifted myself up, averting her eyes. “I’m sorry Baby Girl, I did try to warn you but I was just too far gone. I’m sorry I could not make it last longer for you.”

Meg did not respond immediately. I felt her hands softly either side of my face, guiding my head so that I had to look directly at her.

“It’s ok Dad,” she said softly, “We may not have lasted very long together, but I have never felt so much passion, and never felt so wanted, as you just made me feel.”

As I slowly extracted my cock from Meg she removed her legs from around my waist, allowing me to roll to one side and onto my back. We each stayed like that, staring at the ceiling and lost to our own thoughts until we regained our breath.

Meg was the first to speak.

“All I can say is, PHEW! I loved what just happened between us. I know that I should feel guilty about betraying my husband… but I don’t Dad. I know that I should feel guilty about betraying Mom… but I don’t. I know that I should feel bad about committing incest with my father… but I don’t. I don’t feel bad about anything Dad, I just feel elated.

I turned to look at Meg. Her face was glowing with green eyes once again staring directly at me.


“No don’t Dad! Don’t interrupt me please,” Meg persisted, “I don’t know whether you are feeling bad Dad. Because all the things I mentioned also apply to you. But I want you to know that I have no regrets. Absolutely none! You felt wonderful inside me Dad! I felt safe, I felt loved, I felt wanted, and most of all… your wonderful cock made me feel so full! Never have I felt so full.


“No please Dad! Don’t keep interrupting me! Anyway I just wanted to say that I love you Dad, I have no regrets, and I want us to continue… I want to fuck you Dad! And I want you to fuck me again! I want you to love me and to make love to me. I want to explore more with you if we can make it work for us Dad.”

I stayed silent, not knowing whether Meg had finished her confession.

“Well don’t just lay there! Say, something Dad!”

Exasperated… I take a deep breath.

“Baby Girl, I am going to fuck you so often… and in so many places… you are going to beg me to go back home!” I say as I pull her mouth to mine.

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