A father and his married daughter Part 3

Deciding that I needed to test the water further I got up to put my plate in the dishwasher and, as I was passing, I bent down and whispered softly in Meg’s ear, “I’m not sure I fully understand what you are suggesting Baby Girl…”

“I’m sure you do Dad,” Meg immediately responded, “but let’s just leave things as they are eh? I’m not sure we can talk about this anymore just at the moment.”

I could tell from the tone of her response that she was hurt. She continued, “Anyway, I’ll go and check to see how long before the others are ready to go. Do you want to get tidied up yourself Dad before we head off? All going well we could leave in an hour if that suits?”

“That sounds perfect Meg. I’ll be ready.”

As I had my shower earlier it wasn’t going to take me too long so I settled on a shave, a change of clothes and a tidy up.

As I was deciding what to wear my mind was constantly thinking about the conversation with Meg. I stripped off my gym clothes in the process and, as I freed my semi hard cock from its confines, I gave it a few long strokes. I love having a hard cock. Sometimes I would get up in the morning and stroke myself to hardness just to indulge the feeling. I didn’t necessarily want to jerk off. Maybe it’s a control or power thing. I don’t care really, I just love the feeling of being hard.

I eventually made my way back to the main house in time to help load the luggage into Meg’s Volvo. Unfortunately the trunk area was filled quickly so it was necessary to store the remaining cases in the rear passenger compartment behind the driver’s seat.

“Well we certainly not all going to be able to get in the car,” I said, “I’ll say my goodbye’s here and you three can go without me.”

Well that announcement prompted protests from all three, including Julie who said, “No dear, we are all going to dinner tonight and goodness knows how long it will be before we see Mandy again!”

“Yes Gramps! You just have to come with us. Dad will be expecting you too!”

“There’s something else Dad. I forgot to mention that Derek was hoping you could drive his car back here. He doesn’t like to leave it at the airport long term parking so it was an ideal opportunity for you to bring it back.”

“There you go,” Julie said, “we’ll just have to sort something so you can come along.”

“Well how about if Mandy drove the car Dad,” Meg said, “and then I could squeeze into the back seat between you and the luggage. It’s less than an hour trip into the village and we could stop there for a short break before heading out to the airport to meet Derek.

“No Mom!” said Mandy, “I can sit in the back with Gramps and you can drive.”

“Or I could sit in the back with Mandy,” Julie added.

“That won’t work. You are both nicely dressed for your trip and squeezing in there will only mess up your lovely clothing. No! I have made the decision and that’ll be the end of the discussion,” said Meg firmly. “C’mon, let’s get going.”

Until that time it had not consciously registered that Meg had also changed her clothing. I should have realised she would because we were all going out to dinner. It finally dawned on me that she had changed from her sports gear into a burnt orange knee length cotton summer skirt with a white button up blouse. Although her clothing was plain, with her summer tan and dirty blonde hair she looked spectacular.

There were no further arguments as Mandy and Julie settled into the car while Meg went back to secure the house properly.

I waited patiently beside the rear passenger door and after about 10 minutes Meg reappeared. I watched her every movement as she walked toward the car with a white linen jacket over one arm. That knowing smirk had returned to her face as she watched me watching her.

Before I opened the rear door for her she said quietly, “You have to stop looking at me that way Dad,…others may notice,” then to no one in particular as she got in the rear, “sorry about the delay but I just thought I would grab a jacket in case it got a bit cooler tonight.”

Meg scooted across the seat and, after securing the seatbelt, attempted to get herself comfortable. I could clearly see she was pressed hard up against the suitcases that were piled on the seat next to her. Following Meg into the rear cabin I asked Julie to put her seat as far forward as she could to free up as much leg room as possible. Once inside, I tried unsuccessfully to get my seatbelt secured.

“Here let me do that for you Dad,” Meg said and took the latch from me. I held my arms up so that she could get the latch inserted properly.

“There you go, all safe and sound,” she said when it finally clicked home.

“If you’re all set we’ll be going then,” said Mandy as she put the car into drive and powered away.

Meg was squashed between the cases and my ribs, giving her no option but to lean into me but also on a slight angle facing toward me.

“You can’t hold your arms up there for the whole trip Dad. Here, put one in your lap and the other around my shoulder. We can cuddle up in the back seat, he he!”

“Oh don’t encourage him Meg,” said Julie, “he’s always complaining I don’t give him enough cuddles!”

“Is that right Dad?” Meg said inquisitively with one eyebrow raised, “Well I don’t get enough cuddles with you anymore either,” and with that she grasped my hand and pulled it down onto her shoulder and held it there. Her other hand she left resting on my thigh.

I must admit it felt rather nice to legitimately have an excuse to be pressed up against Meg like that, and with Julie’s full knowledge.

After about 10 minutes Meg began slowly rubbing her hand along the length of my thigh, then back again. Her movement was slow and would likely not have been noticeable to Mandy or Julie seated in the front. It was, however, very noticeable and very erotic to me. The thought of my own daughter rubbing my thigh in this manner was causing my cock to harden… again! Meg must have felt my clothing tighten as something triggered her to stop and look down at my crotch. Simultaneously I also looked down and could clearly see my hardened manhood outlined along the length of my pant leg.

Meg looked back at me, her bottom lip between her teeth. We stared at each other for a short time before I felt Meg shift her hand from the top of my leg to the inside, and then run it back toward my crotch.

Although all of my senses were heightened, I cannot adequately describe how it felt to have my daughter touch me so intimately and so inappropriately. I jumped and gasped audibly as Meg’s pressure increased when she squeezed my cock harder. I could not handle it any further and with my free hand pushed hers away forcefully. I leant closer to her.

“Stop that Meg!” I whispered, “You are being very naughty. It’s not right what you are doing!”

Whispering her reply Meg said, “I’m so sorry Dad. It’s just that it’s been so long since I physically felt a hard dick. You know the problems that Derek has and, well, when I saw your nice sized dick just there, and so hard, I couldn’t help myself. I just had to touch it.”

“Well that still doesn’t make it right!” I scolded, “I am your father for goodness sake. It’s just not appropriate for you to do that and you should know better.”

“Oh come on Dad! It’s not like you didn’t enjoy it either. What made you so hard to begin with? Was it me? Do I make you horny? Does your daughter make you horny Dad?”

I was stunned at Meg’s response. I didn’t know what to say. Deep down I knew she was right of course. She did make me horny. I loved what she did to me. Like Meg, it had been so very long since I had been touched like that. Julie did not do that to me any longer and here was a young desirable woman who wanted to.

I was so conflicted. My heart was racing. My breathing rapid. Adrenalin racing through my veins. Yet my cock was still hard.

Meg looked up at me. Her eyes darting between mine and my mouth. She then reached across to my other leg and placed her hand on top of mine and guided me toward her. With her other hand she lifted her skirt slightly so she could place my hand on her leg. When she had done so she pulled her skirt down to cover me. Meg was giving implied permission to feel her as she had done with me.

“What are you two up to back there?” said Julie, “It’s gone awfully quiet!”

Meg and I both jumped, startled by the sudden question. I automatically pulled my hand from underneath Meg’s skirt back onto my knee.

“Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know,” I countered, “Nah!… we were both almost asleep actually. Thanks for the wakeup call,” I laughed.

“Mandy,” said Meg, “can you drop me off at the beautician? Its on the way and I’ll take the opportunity to get a few things done – then I can meet your dad after work and come out to the airport with him. We’ll catch up with you guys later for dinner.”

“No problem Mom. Hey Grandma, do you want to do some shopping before we head out? We’ll have a bit of time up our sleeve. What do you say?”

“That sounds like a grand idea Mandy,” said Julie turning to me, “Are you ok with that dear?”

“Yeah sure,” I said, “You probably won’t get much of a chance to go shopping with your granddaughter again so you may as well take this opportunity.”

“But what will you do Dad?”

As the car came to a stop I said “I’ll be ok Meg. I can manage to fill a few hours wandering the streets myself.”

“Here you go Mom,” said Mandy.

“Thanks honey,” said Meg, “Have fun shopping you two… and don’t forget to pick up Dad before you go out to the airport,” she continued with a short laugh.

I exited the car to make room for Meg to get out. As I was holding the door open Meg scooted across and swivelled her legs out, causing her skirt to ride up and flash her pure white panties for a millisecond before she stood up next to me.

“You be careful Dad. Do you have your phone with you?”

“Yes Meg… don’t be such a worrywart. I can look after myself these days. I’m a big boy now you know!”

Meg then looked directly at my crotch and quietly said, “Yes Dad, I do know.”

She then stood on her tiptoes and kissed me quickly directly on the lips before striding off toward her appointment.

The shopping mall was only a few blocks further south directly along Main Street. Mandy parked on the rooftop car park and we all agreed to meet back at the car in about 3 hours. I had spotted the Jeep dealer back along Main Street so took the opportunity to head back and arrange an appointment to have my car serviced.

I made an appointment for the following week then continued to wander in and out of a few other businesses before heading back to a café near the mall. Once I ordered my usual long black I took a seat in a booth away from the ‘coffee moms” and their kids.

No sooner had I sat down than my phone rang. It was Meg.

“Hey Baby Girl. Could you not get your appointment?”

“Yes Dad, I’m all finished. I could get in immediately and it only took about 45 minutes. What are you up to?”

“I’ve just been wandering around. Stopped for a rest at a café at the minute.”

“Well I could do with a coffee as well. Whereabouts are you?”

I told Meg the name of the café. She said she was just around the corner and she would be there in 5 minutes.

Sure enough, a short time later Meg arrived and placed her order at the counter. As I look at her standing there I feel immensely proud of what she has accomplished, and the woman that she has become. She is certainly very attractive and the orange skirt and white top makes her even more so. She walks toward me, coffee in hand, with a huge smile and sparkling eyes.

“Heya handsome,” she says as she sits in the booth across from me.

“Hey Baby Girl. Sounds like you were lucky with your appointment. What are your plans now?”

“Mmmmm, I’m not sure,” she says coyly while resting her chin in her hand and looking deeply into my eyes, “Do you have something in mind Dad? Something we could do together perhaps?”

I would have to be really thick to miss the intent behind her words. Embarrassed, I look down at the table top. I needed to sort this out with Meg and now was the opportune time.


“Yes Dad.”

“I want to speak to you about what’s been happening since your mother and I arrived here… to stay.”

“What’s been happening between you and mom, Dad?” Meg replied, tilting her head to one side and raising an eyebrow.

She wasn’t making this easy for me. “No, not between your mother and me, between you and me. I’m talking about the flirting, the innuendo’s, the inappropriate touching. Hell… you know exactly what I mean Meg!”

Meg just looked at me with a stunned look. Not saying a word for what seemed like 5 minutes but was probably only a few seconds.

Tears started to well up in her eyes before, in a weak voice, she said, “I’m so sorry Dad. I’m just so sorry. I don’t know what has come over me. With Derek being the way he is, I was feeling unwanted, and old, and undesirable… oh lots of things. I really can’t explain it. And you have shown me love and affection. You have certainly shown that you desired me Dad, and I have loved feeling alive again. I loved feeling wanted and desired again.”

My heart broke immediately. I hated seeing Meg so upset. “Well, yes I am sorry for that behaviour Meg. Sometimes we men cannot control ourselves when we see a beautiful woman… even my daughter, but I am your father Meg. You can’t have thought for one minute that anything could happen between us.”

“Actually Dad…, I did think something could happen between us… I still do.”

I sat back in my seat and let out a deep sigh.

“You are still an attractive man Dad. You look after yourself… and you have proven to me on more than one occasion that everything still works,” she said with a bit of humour. Then, leaning forward said quietly, “I meant what I said earlier Dad. It’s been a long time since I have felt a hard penis. A very very long time and I really miss it. Oh, I know that I could go out and find someone else to satisfy that need. But strange as it might seem Dad, I don’t want to have an affair. I don’t want to go behind Derek’s back. He’s a good man. He loves us all and provides well. It would be really unfair on him.”

“What, so you thought that having sex with your father is an appropriate alternative?”

“I never said that I was going to have sex with you Dad. I just loved the feel of your hard cock in my hand. I never thought past that really… and Dad, I know it’s not appropriate for me to say this again, but you really do have a nice package.”

I gazed directly at Meg as she spoke, then, I couldn’t help myself, I burst out laughing. Meg was initially taken aback before she also joined in. We both just laughed and laughed until we had tears running down our cheeks.

Finally, I responded, “Well, thank you for saying so Baby Girl. I am quite proud of ‘my package’ too… although, as I recently found out, you are well aware it doesn’t get used much these days either.”

That sent us off in another round of laughter before Meg came around to my side and sat beside me. Then is a serious voice said, “Thanks for being so understanding Dad. It’s always been so much easier for me to talk to you than to Mom. I just don’t think she gets me like you do.”

“Oh don’t be so harsh on your mother Meg. She loves you so very much. It would hurt her tremendously to hear you speak like that. Here…, give your old man a hug.”

With that I leant toward Meg. She placed her arms around my neck as I placed mine around her torso and pulled her into me.

“I love you Baby Girl.”

“And I love you too Dad.”

Meg then hit me with a bombshell. “Dad?” she said mouse like, “Just what you said before. Would you have considered having a sexual relationship with me?”

I pushed her away and sat staring…

“Just thinking about it further. We both have these needs Dad. We are not unattractive people and we both love each other and our families.”

I was at a crossroad. What did I really want? No, its not right. Is it? Ohhh, I didn’t know. Then Meg continued.

“Oh,… I’m sorry… perhaps you don’t desire me… Oh god, what was I thinking?”

I finally found my voice. “Meg, don’t say things like that. You are a very desirable woman. Lots of men would kill to be in the position I am at the moment… you asking such a question.”

We both sat quietly in the booth, lost to our own thoughts. I was conflicted. Hell, there is no doubt that Meg is a sexually desirable woman, but she is my daughter. My thoughts continually went around and around. Good thoughts. Bad thoughts. Sexual desire. Legal and society boundaries.

“Meg, I am so very flattered that you think enough of me to want to do something like that with me…”

“But,” Meg interjected.

“But… can you give me a bit more time to think about it further? This is a huge step for us. My god, I’ve never thought about our relationship in that way before…”

“Sure Dad,” she said with what appeared to be a relieved smile, then, “Is an hour enough?”

I giggled at her joke as she dropped her hand onto my lap. This time I did not try to stop her. I knew the way she was thinking. I knew how she was feeling and the desires she had. God knows she had expressed her wishes enough.

I was overwhelmed with sexual emotions when her hand again found my hardening cock. Without thinking it through further I placed my hand on Megs leg and ran it up underneath her skirt. Meg opened her legs wider to accommodate my actions, providing me with full access to her private place.

“Yes Dad,” she said almost breathlessly, urgently, “please please touch me.”

I couldn’t do it. As tempted as I was, my hand continued to slowly rub back and forth along the inside of Meg’s thigh but I couldn’t find the courage to go further.

Suddenly… my phone erupted into JJ Cale’s Cocaine ringtone. Startled, we both physically jumped at the intrusion, simultaneously pulling our hands back. I looked at the screen. It was Julie.

“Hiya Jules,” I answered, “How’s the shopping going?”

Julie told me that they had both finished their shopping, were heading back to the car, and wanted to know how far away I was. I told her that I was heading back that way now and arranged to meet them both at the car in about 15 minutes.

As I hung up Meg was exiting the booth and collecting her bags.

I looked up expecting her to say something… I didn’t know what… but something.

Her complexion was blushed and she could not return my gaze, her eyes seemingly darting around the room then toward the exit.

“Well, I had better head back to Derek’s office anyway Dad. He’ll be expecting me soon.”

I moved to give her a departing hug, kissing her on the cheek as I did so. I then held her to me and whispered, “Thank you Baby Girl. Thank you for thinking so much of me that you want to share your love with me… ahhh, intimately.”

Meg pulled back and raised her eyes to mine.

“Oh don’t overthink it Dad,” she responded in a serious manner, “I also want to use your cock for my own satisfaction!”

With that she turned on her heels and walked out of the café.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was a bit of a blur for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about the conversations with Meg, our sexual admissions and the intimacies that we shared.

It was only a short time after we arrived at the airport and found the restaurant that Meg and Derek arrived.

I felt very sheepish around Derek and avoided any direct conversation with him. Meg was acting like nothing had happened. She continued to laugh and joke with Julie and Mandy as usual, however I did notice her glance toward me every so often.

There was plenty of food and a moderate amount of wine consumed then, before I knew it, the dinner was over and we were saying our goodbyes to Derek and Julie at the departure gate. Julie gave me a hug and a kiss before excitedly grabbing Derek and heading to the security gate.

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