A father and his married daughter Part 2

“I’m sorry, but I am off to bed,” I announced, “I’m really tired after the driving and the hospitality, and really need to get some shut eye.”

Everyone said their good nights, and as I headed back out to the old barn I could still hear the discussion about who would accompany Derek.

I was exhausted when I got back to the room but was determined to make use of the hot tub before going to bed. I couldn’t be bothered looking for my swimwear so just stripped off and climbed in. As I moved toward the back edge, the view of the mountains with the moonlight was spectacular. I found the seat and set all of the blowers going however before long I found the water just too hot so turned them off again and just set my mind adrift.

I must have dozed as before too long I could hear what sounded like to tinkle of glasses coming from the bedroom. I stood up to get out of the tub just as Meg put her head around the corner. I was caught out and just stood there frozen as she came to an abrupt stop at the tubs edge. Neither of us spoke. I noticed that she had changed out of her day clothes and was now dressed in her nightwear. Well almost nightwear really as she wore a very short nightgown that clung to her womanly curves and ended with a pair of very fit and tanned legs. It was clear that she was not wearing a bra either, her two large nipples prominently displayed.

As I was devouring the sight of Meg she was equally taking in my nakedness until she halted on my slowly hardening cock. For years I have keep myself totally free of pubic hair, mainly through waxing, and so everything was clearly on display to Meg before I managed a half-hearted attempt to cover up.

“I’m sorry I disturbed you Dad,” she said before quickly turning away and walking back into the bedroom, shortly to return and handing me a large bath towel, “Here you go, I’ll wait for you inside.”

As I took the towel Meg looked me squarely in the eyes, smiled, then abruptly turned and left.

I was mortified! The adrenalin rushing through my veins was causing light-headedness and rapid breathing. With my free hand I scooped up some of the spa water and splashed my face while trying to slow my breathing down again.

Eventually I moved to the side of the tub and, stepping out, I wrapped the towel around my midriff. When it was secure I took a couple of deep breaths and walked back into the bedroom.

Meg was standing beside one of the bedside cabinets and as I entered she said, “Again I’m sorry about that Dad. All of the others went to bed shortly after you left. I thought you might still be awake so I grabbed a bottle of champagne so we could have a drink and then…”

I took another deep breath and, feeling more relaxed, I interrupted, “Don’t apologise Meg, it was an accident, and it is so nice of you to think about your old man anyway. C’mon, let’s have that drink now.”

As Meg poured two glasses I continued, “Anyway, I should be apologising to you for exposing you to such a sight. No daughter should see her father like that! – How about you bring the bottle and we head back outside? It’s such a lovely night and the view is wonderful.”

Meg agreed so we headed out to the deck, each sitting at either end of the daybed with our feet on the coffee table. The conversation again flowed easily between us as more champagne was consumed. It didn’t take too long before the bottle was emptied and Meg suggested that she obtain another from the gym refrigerator.

“I’m sorry baby girl; I really need to get some more sleep. It’s been a long day for me and I’m beat. Can we do this another time?”

“Sure Dad. Thanks again for coming to stay,” she said, “I’ve missed you guys so much and it gets a bit lonely out here at times. I’m really really glad that you’re here. Anyway, I’ll go and let you get to bed. Goodnight Dad.”

“Goodnight honey, sleep tight.”

At the top of the stairs she paused, then turned, “Hey, do I get another chance to outdo my daughters kiss? I think it’s only fair Dad… I didn’t know I was being judged last time!”

I gave a soft giggle, “Yeah sure. You know I’ll never refuse your affection, he he.”

I met Meg half way and, as she put her arms around my neck, I once again lifted her up. It was when she looked directly into my eyes I realised she was still only in her nightgown and I still only had the towel wrapped around me. There was only a thin piece of material between my hands and Megs butt.

Meg looked at my lips as she moved to kiss me. When we touched I could feel the softness of her skin before her tongue started to caress my lips. I could feel her push harder forcing my lips open to accept her. Our tongues stroked each other slowly as our lips continued to caress the other. For some minutes we continued before each pulling apart simultaneously, both of us breathing rapidly.

“Wow!” I gulped, “winner winner!”

“Mmmmm, that was very enjoyable Dad. I haven’t been kissed like that for many many years.”

“Yes… well… thank you baby girl… but I’m sure that’s not the case,” I mumbled, “anyway… best say good night eh?”

I released my hands so Meg could slither back to the floor. In doing so she dislodged the knot holding my towel and it came apart. I tried unsuccessfully to grab it before it hit the floor however I was once again left standing naked.

Meg backed off towards the stairway giggling like a child as I retrieved the towel and made myself presentable once again. “Oh God!” I said horrified.

Meg took a couple of stairs, stopped, and looked back across the bannister. “Well clearly dinosaurs are not extinct Dad,” she said smiling, “that’s quite the package you have there!” she continued before making her way down the stairs and back to the main house.

My mouth hanging open I was left lost for words, completely dumbfounded and confused. I didn’t know what to think. My behaviour, or reactions really, were completely inappropriate. There was no doubt that I enjoyed the kiss we shared, and my hardened cock was proof of that, but Meg was also my daughter. My own kin. Yet she is also a woman. A very desirable middle aged woman. A very desirable middle aged woman who willingly participated knowing I was her father. And what about her departing comment? Surely she shouldn’t be expressing that sort of comment about my package? Why would she even be looking at me in that way? Confused thoughts continued going around in my mind as I turned out the lights, collapsed on top of the bed, pulled the covers up, and drifted off into a fitful sleep.


When morning came I felt physically and mentally exhausted. As I took my morning shower I had the water turned down as cold as I could stand it in an attempt to clear my head. I felt better afterwards but still couldn’t get the evening with Meg out of my mind. After dressing I headed over to the main house for a light breakfast before a gym session.

“Well, he finally managed to get out of bed!” Julie said as I entered then sidled up to me and whispered, “Come back outside so I can have a quiet word darling?”

Outside Julie walked a short distance away then turned and said, “Do you remember last night we were all talking about Derek going away for a week for work and who would go with him?”

“Yeah… Meg didn’t want to go because we had just arrived. But then I went to bed before anything was sorted. Is she going now?” I asked.

“No,” Julie responded, “I am… or I would like to if you don’t have a problem with it. Derek offered me the opportunity after you left… and I said I would really love to go. What do you say darling? Are you ok with that?”

“What about Meg? How does she feel about you going after having just arrived to visit her?”

“Oh she said its fine. In fact she was pushing for me to go as there may not be another opportunity for a free trip on Derek’s company. Well…, what do you think darling? It’s only for a week.”

I really didn’t give it much thought. I wasn’t going to stop Julie experiencing something new. And she was right. The opportunity may not ever arise again.

“Of course I am ok with it Jules. You go away and have a fantastic time,” I said surprisingly happy.

“Thank you darling,” she said giving me a peck on the cheek, “I’ll let the others know.”

I didn’t follow Julie inside immediately, preferring to just take in the morning air and try and clear my head. A short time later I heard the door open, “Are you coming in for breakfast Dad?”

“Sure am baby girl,” then, turning around I jokingly continued, “Are you ok with your mother taking off with your husband for a week?”

I watched Meg as she came down the stairs then along the pathway toward me. She was dressed in her morning exercise clothes of mauve coloured lycra shorts with a white lycra sports top and loose fitting tee shirt. What her jeans had hidden yesterday was clearly on display as the lighter colour lycra proved to be very revealing. Meg was showing me every curve, crevice, and movement of her body as she walked. Her eyes never left my face as she closed the distance between us. Unfortunately I cannot say the same. My eyes darted everywhere as I took in every aspect of my beautiful daughter until she stopped in front of me.

Quietly she said, “Well I am very confident there will be no hanky panky Dad so I am more than happy for them to go. Hell I wouldn’t be concerned if they even shared sleeping arrangements.”

I was taken aback at this, “Why would you say such a thing Meg? What prompted such a view about your own mother and husband?”

Still in a hushed voice Meg admitted, “Mom has told me about her medical issues Dad. We discussed them on the telephone a few months ago when I raised Derek’s… umm… ahhh.”

“Raised Derek’s what Meg?” I prompted.

“Ahhh… well it’s like this Dad; I raised Derek’s erectile dysfunction with her because I was hoping she could give me some insight about how to continue being happily married without sex. At the time I didn’t know that Mom had issues of her own and – well – from our conversation it seems that you’re still fully functional Dad while your son-in-law is not.” Then with a giggle she cheekily said, “Something that you also well and truly proved to me last night!”

I was embarrassed and dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. How could Julie discuss our sex life with our daughter? Why hadn’t she said anything to me? And what about Derek? Surely he is too young to suffer from ED. I was trying to process everything but just stood frozen to the spot… my mind in turmoil, mouth open, and unable to speak.

“Oh come on Dad! It’s not like you don’t know that women talk about everything with each other. Mothers and daughters especially. Anyway, now we both know that nothing will happen between them so everyone’s virtue is safe.”

“If anything, they should be worried,” Meg continued, “after all, they are going off and leaving two unfulfilled partners alone in the middle of nowhere!”

Shaking my foggy head the full impact of what she just said never sunk in as, I asked insistently, “What do you mean alone Meg? Mandy will be still be here wont she?”

“No Dad. She’s heading off this afternoon back to university. Don’t you remember? We spoke about it last night when there was discussion about who could go with Derek!”

I must admit I didn’t remember any such discussion, but then again I was very tired and probably didn’t take in half of what was discussed.

As Meg turned away she said, “C’mon Dad, time to get some breakfast.”

My feet felt like lead as I trudged after Meg back up the rear stairs into the kitchen.

“Are you ok dear?” said Julie as I came through the doorway.

As I took a seat at the table I responded, “Of course Jules. I just indulged in a few extra minutes to capture the natural beauty before coming back in.”

“That’s good then. I am just off to empty and repack my case for the trip tomorrow. No point in taking everything when I can leave a lot of it here,” and with that Julie headed off towards her room.

“Speaking of which,” Meg interjected, “I am just about to head up to the hill trail for my morning run. Did you want to come with me Dad? You’ll be amazed just how beautiful and serene the high country is. There are a couple of very private lakes and waterfalls that are exquisite. I promise that you won’t want to leave when you see them.”

I turned in my chair and looked at Meg. I don’t know where I found the courage but I just allowed my eyes to wander over her as she spoke. I took in the womanly curves that she wore so well. The swell of her breasts fighting against the confines of a tight sports bra. Her wonderfully toned legs likely cultivated through many hours of arduous exercise in the gym. The plump and distinct V between her thighs provoked an immediate mental response – no camel toe there – I wonder if she has a full bush?

My right hand had drifted to my sport shorts to make room for my hardening cock. It was not a conscious movement but one borne out of necessity when I started to feel uncomfortable. Until that time I had not realised the sensual impact Meg had on my own body.

Finally I stared directly into those beautiful green eyes that were waiting expectantly for my answer. Normally I would slink away after being caught ogling a woman in such a manner. And this wasn’t any woman. This was my daughter which made me even more of a grub. But no, I was feeling defiant. The events of the morning and the untold secrets had me pissed off.

In a silent challenge I allowed my gaze to once again roam, “Actually baby girl… I don’t think I will come with you. I’m getting older and I don’t think my heart could handle more beauty than what I have already seen today.”

Meg looked directly at me for a short time before moving toward the door. As she passed by she said in barely a whisper, “Don’t you think it’s inappropriate for a father to look at his married daughter in that way Dad?”

“Ahhh yes… well I guess it is Meg,” I said in an equally quiet voice. Then taking a short breath I continued, “Unless, of course, the daughter wishes that her daddy look at her that way… you say inappropriately but I could equally say, with appreciation, with pride and love, or maybe even…”

I don’t know if Meg expected such a response. I left the remainder of the sentence unsaid as she came to an abrupt stop and slowly turned to look down at me.

“What about you Meg? Do you think it wrong of me to gawk at my married daughter that way?”

She never got to answer the question as in the same instant Mandy came bounding into the kitchen.

“Good morning everyone! Hey Mom, are you off for your run? Can I come with you?”

“Of course you can dear,” Meg responded immediately, “I had asked your grandpa but he declined my invitation. It seems he has another matter to take care of.”

I had no idea what Meg was referring to until I noticed she was looking directly down at my crotch, the outline of my hard cock clearly visible to her. I could feel the rising red of my embarrassment as I moved my chair closer to the table’s top, my predicament no longer exposed.

“Aww… c’mon Gramps, won’t you please come with us!” Mandy implored.

“Sorry Mandy, I can’t just at the moment. Your Mom is correct, there is something that I have to take care of… but you run along, I’m sure there will be other times we can all go together.”

With a smirk clearly evident Meg said, “C’mon then, let’s be off.”

Mandy was first out the door all-the-while still objecting that I wasn’t going. Meg followed and was about to close the door behind her when she turned and said, “In answer to your earlier question Dad, my point of view is that: – I am very flattered by your attention… see you later, love you lots Dad.”

“Love you too baby girl,” I responded spontaneously.

And with that she was gone.

I never moved from the chair as my mind continually went over the events and conversations with Meg since our arrival. The innuendo’s and subtle come-on’s, the conversation in my bedroom last night and most recently in the kitchen, and the acknowledgement of medical conditions effecting our respective spouses.

It was not long before my serenity was broken as both Mandy and Meg returned. About 2 miles up the trail Meg had received a call on her cell from Derek informing her that the trip was brought forward urgently and he was flying out that night. He asked Meg to finalise his packing and bring his suitcase to the airport when she dropped Mandy off and he would meet them there with Julie.

They both took off in respective directions while I made my way down to Julie’s room to give her the updated travel plans. Luckily she had completed her packing anyway and was excited when I told her that she would be leaving in a few hours.

“Oh that’s fantastic,” she said, “but I must hurry and have a shower now then get myself ready for the trip,” and off she went to the bathroom.

My stomach was starting to growl from having no breakfast so I made my way back to the kitchen and raided the fridge to cook myself an omelette. I was standing at the hot plates waiting for the pan to heat when Meg came in with two large suitcases that she had obviously packed for Derek.

“Are you going to come to the airport with us Dad?” she asked.

“Do you think there is enough room Baby Girl? With those cases along with Mandy’s and your mother’s luggage, plus the three of you, I’m pretty sure your car is going to be well packed.”

“Yeah, perhaps you are probably right. There won’t be much room left after we get the cases in. As it is we will probably have to use most of the rear seat as well… but we could try.”

Meg headed off to check on Mandy then returned a short time later just as I successfully flipped the omelette in the pan.

“Oh well done old man! I didn’t know you could cook at all Dad. That smells wonderful!”

“Ha! That’ll be enough of that cheek from you! Your old man is still full of surprises!”

As I was plating up my breakfast Meg sidled up to me and put her arm through mine.

“You know Dad, I was just thinking… after the others have flown out perhaps you and I could stay overnight in the city. Unbeknown to the others we could just book into a hotel… we don’t have to tell anyone… it could be our little secret eh? What do you think?”

Mandy had her head cocked to one side, her eyes held mine as she waited for an answer. This is the first time that Mandy had been overtly suggestive about spending some alone time with me. Could she be flirting… and is that all it was? I was hesitant but equally excited by her idea. It may be just innocent fun and therefore I had to be extremely tentative thinking it could be anything else.

I needed time to process what was happening between me and Meg, or at least what I thought may be happening. Physically my old cock seemed to have developed a mind of its own… or found some additional hormones! There were so many questions that needed answers so I decided to take the very safe approach.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea Meg? I’m not sure we should keep secrets like that from Julie and Derek. After all… keeping it secret takes away the innocence of a father and daughter spending some time together does it not? And I am sure you agree that it would be innocent Meg.”

“And from a practical perspective, how would we sneak our own luggage into the car for an overnight stay? It would be a bit obvious when we unloaded at the airport that there were two additional cases. I think that might be a bit of a giveaway Meg,” I said light-heartedly.

“Mmmm… I never thought that far ahead Dad. I guess you’re right… unless of course we just didn’t take any luggage with us…” she said, leaving the question hanging.

Without saying another word I finished eating my breakfast then grabbed a coffee from the percolator. Inside I was starting to feel guilty and ashamed about the way I was feeling now that the animal had been aroused within me. Then there are the other innocents in the family and the hurt and repercussions that may occur.

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