A dream I had one night

I remember it was dark. She came into the room and the light from the hall illuminated her honey blonde hair. She reached down and grabbed my hand from the edge of the covers and pulled. She wrapped a second smooth hand around mine and pulled again.

“Mr Washington, I’m here to save you.” I knew her voice. So young and fresh. She was almost twenty but had the naivety of a child. She was more than ready for love but had never known it.

She pulled insistently. She was strong for her size but her size was no match for mine. I started to shift as she leaned back.

I pulled and rolled and suddenly she fell back onto me. My other arm wrapped around her and I whispered harshly in her ear. “All you have to do is say stop.”

She struggled against me but said nothing. I bit her ear and she fought harder. So innocent and tender. Why was she here. What did she want with an old man like me.

Her hands let go of mine and went for the hand and arm holding her close.

My freed hand went down to her waist and started on the belt securing her blue jeans. I bit her neck. I tasted salt. Was it sweat or blood? I didn’t know or care. I started to suck.

She was pulling at my encircling hand while the other was starting to pull down here pants.

“I came to save you.” She insisted.

My mouth let go of her neck. “Save me from what? You knew this would happen if you came here. You wanted me to want to do this.”

My tongue probed her ear and my teeth locked down on her unpierced earlobe. Even at twenty she seemed so young and fresh. He pants were down to her knees and her hands were still struggling with the arm around her torso.

I hooked my thumb into my pajama pants and index finder into her full cotton panties. A quick pull and my rapidly hardening cock was nestled between her butt cheeks. She thrashed and tried to pull away.

I held her closer while my other than moved up. I slid under her plaid shirt and then the t-shirt and finally the tank top.

He pelvis moved away from mine, my cock missing the heat of her ass.

My wrapping arm slid down her torso to her unclothed, but fluffy mound. I pulled her hard against me and felt the tip of my cock emerge from her wool forest. She moved away from my hand grinding against my pelvis. I grabbed my cock head and pressed it against her fur holding our lower bodies together. I felt her hot wet slit slide along the top of my dick as I held her close to me. It was wet and slick. I almost came from the motion but I felt the primal desire to be inside of her.

I kept sliding my other hand up until it caught her bra which I yanked over he tits. They came out firm and a bit larger than I had expected. The coy clothing was not just for modesty but to hide a figure that was more than just womanly. It was a paragon of fertility. An ancient goddess to be worshiped.

My fingers felt her large and tightening nipples. Was it fear, excitement or just being released from the bra. She was struggling but silent.

“A word will end this.” I whisper in her ear. I hoped she would stop me. I deserved less than her and she deserved so much more than me.

She said nothing as my hand holding my cock head worked between her lower lips. I was spreading open her pussy and pulling the long cunt hairs out of the way as my dick slowly eased in. When I am sure that I am cleanly in I push hard and bury myself, ignoring her protesting hymen.

“I came to save you.” She wimpered.

I pulled back a bit and then slid fully in. It was like a hot wet fist was gripping my dick. I felt like I was longer and harder than I have ever been. My hands moved up to her shoulders. I pushed her down onto my dick arching my back compressing her to bury my cock in deeper. I eased the compression and felt her back off of me a quarter inch.

I needed to be inside her completely. I pushed hard. Willing the flesh between us to compress, willing my dick to stretch. I pulled back hoping to force my self in deeper. Joining our flesh into one was the only urge. I slammed myself home feeling an extra bit of connection.

The need drove me to pull back again and thrust harder. Her hands moved down to where we were joined and she started to rub herself. I didn’t care as my need was to fill her. She could enjoy it or not even notice it but I needed to be one flesh with her. I needed to give my perhaps one last chance at procreation into her fertile womb.

She stopped fighting my thrusts and started to push back. Her legs opened wide and I finally had my full length deep inside her.

I exploded into her pulling her body down on to mine. I twisted my hips as my cum shot out into her. Her hands were moving quickly and I felt her already tight pussy contract around mine, milking the last bits of cum out.

“I came here to save you.” She whispered.

“You did,” I said kissing her neck.

I woke up and it was still dark and I was alone. I heard a car pull out of the driveway.

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