A chance to meet an unusual couple

Many years ago I was in Germany visiting some clients and I was staying in a central hotel in Hamburg. I really didn’t fancy doing the Reeperbahn experience, so I sat and had an ice cold beer in the pub type bar in the lobby.

I started talking to a nice couple from Stuttgart who were visiting family locally. He was a nice chap, spoke perfect English, although my German is near fluent, and his wife was quiet, a largish lady, but sexy eyes and very friendly.

We were happy chatting and only had a couple of Warsteiner’s each and I checked my watch and said my farewells, to give them a chance to enjoy their evening alone. I went upstairs, dealt with a couple of emails, and started to get undressed.

There was a knock on the door, it was Jurgen and Karla — evidently they were opposite and they had a bottle of Schnapps in their hands- I opened the door and we sat on the couch in my suite.

Karla had loosened her blouse form her skirt, and undone a couple of buttons, when I returned she crossed her legs and it was clear she was wearing lace-topped stockings.

I was half dressed (shirt out, shoes and socks off), as I was about to take a shower, so I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I needed some thinking time. I pulled the shower door closed, and started my shower as the room steamed up.

And I felt a draft, rather and I realised someone had come in the bathroom. Hoping it was Karla, but actually it was Jurgen, He undid his flies and took a pee, whilst whistling to him. I glanced behind, quite honestly it was enormous- hard to tell but it was thick and even flaccid looked to be 10 inches maybe- I gazed at my 8.5 inch one and felt somewhat inadequate in the presence of cock royalty!

I continued my shower, I had some jersey shorts and a tee shirt which, once dry I put on and joined my new friends.

They were deep in the throws of passion, kissing, Jurgen’s hand was inside Karla’s blouse and her hand was stroking his cock through the confines of his woollen trousers.

Without looking up- Karla beckoned me over and patted the seat next to her, and continued kissing Jurgen.

She turned round and kissed me, suddenly and Jurgen smiled and shrugged. Karla took my hand and put it inside her blouse, in my view she was sporting a pair of 44 EE’s maybe bigger but the nipples were like corks, which is my weakness, I love big nipples.

She reached over and put her hand up my shorts, I wasn’t wearing anything underneath and her hand closed around my cock.

Karla stood up, removed her skirt, and blouse and stood in front of me in a black lacy basque, stockings and a smile. She lowered the front of her basque to give me my first site of those amazing tits.

She took her scarf off and blindfolded me, at the same time, knelt down and started to suck my cock. She was very good, and I went with the flow and relaxed.

I soon realised that she seemed to have two tongues, and shifted back in my seat. Jurgen had joined in and they were both sucking my cock. I hazard a guess that Jurgen was well trained, as his sucking was awesome.

He continued as Karla stood up and kissed me full on the lips, and manoeuvred her nipples into my waiting mouth one at a time. I suggested we slow down and retire to the comfort of my enormous bed, and I then removed the rest of my clothes, Jurgen did the same.

Karla went ahead and lay down on the bed and Jurgen and I actually kissed! That was another first for me. Karla opened her legs; she was totally shaved and put a finger inside her pussy. She then sucked it and put it in her arse. I knelt on the bead and dived into that wet inviting pussy, licking and sucking on her small clitoris. She shifted forward giving me a birds eye views of her arse, which I turned my attention too as I do love anything anal.

Meanwhile Jurgen was behind me, licking my hanging balls and perineum, his busy fingers were all over me.

Karla pulled my head away from her arse, and leaned forward to kiss me at exactly the same moment as Jurgen pushed his huge (but well lubricated) cock into my arse. I wasn’t entirely a virgin, I had met a woman once who used a strap on — and it felt good, but this was the first live cock I had taken, and it was a whopper, he withdrew, used his fingers to apply more lubrication and slowly pushed his cock inside me.

He moved in and out very slowly, for nearly ten minutes whilst I was tongue wrestling his wife, before she pushed my head down to her glistening pussy lips, where I focussed on giving her the climax she deserved.

I put one finger inside her arse, she squirmed and I replaced it with two, as I moved my fingers inside her, I licked her hot cunt, and Jurgen grunted loudly, bottomed out with a huge thrust and emptied his seed deep inside me coating and soothing my insides with his hot spunk. I continued to focus on her pussy, when she roared to a climax practically wrenching my head from my shoulders as she shuddered violently and squirted over my already wet face.

I lay face down on the bed recovering. Jurgen was licking my arse as his cum dribbled out, and then kissed his wife. I was still hard, and over stimulated as my prostate was buzzing like crazy whilst being pummelled.

and I rolled over to see Karla and Jurgen with their hands between each other’s legs as if I wasn’t there. I left them and went for a soak in the tub. I thought these Germans are very forward and kinky, but nothing prepared me for what happened during the rest of the evening.

I lay back in the huge bathtub, still hard as I hadn’t yet cum, when Karla came in and sat on the edge of the tub, open her legs, spread her lips and started to pee on me — I know this is something they like over there and I never thought it would appeal, however seeing this spectacle my softening cock reach it’s full 8.5 inches again very quickly!

Karla joined me in the tub; we showered each other off, and dried ourselves with huge white towels. I returned to the bedroom, and there was Jurgen, on all fours, wearing stockings, and suspenders and heels. Karla pushed me towards him, and lubed up my cock, guiding me into his arse. Although his cock was longer, mine was just as thick and it was tough getting it in first time.

Karla was at the end of the bed, her cunt facing Jurgen’s face and he was licking her arse and cunt in a crazy fashion. Within 3 or 4 minutes I had cum inside Jurgen, I don’t think I have ever cum so hard, but after the stimulation earlier I needed to unload! Seeing Jurgen grab a huge rubber fist and put it in his wife’s arsehole did it for me — she climaxed at the same time as me.

There wasn’t a lot of dialogue, we carried on kissing and touching, Karla played with her pussy and climaxed again as Jurgen and I watched, and Jurgen and I had our hands on each other’s cocks watching this.

I still wanted to fuck Karla, she hadn’t been fucked anywhere so far.

My wish was about to come true.

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