A chance encounter with a college kid

(All characters in this fictional story are of age and consenting.)

We were in my home office. Ethan, a neighborhood college kid, was my guide for updating and transferring everything to my new computer.

“Ethan, we’ve been at this for over two hours now, let’s take a break”. I stood, stretched my legs and adjusted my penis to relax out along my leg.

Ethan, observing my actions replied, “More like a Dick break I guess.” He made an obvious nod of his head toward my crotch. Following his nod, I could see the head and length of my penis was clearly outlined in my pants.

“Hmmm, I think it’s been far, far too long since seeing any real action. You’re a college guy, how is it working out for you. Got any good adventures to tell me about?”

“Me? God NO! Boring, boring, boring.” Ethan sighed, “Sorry. Almost, but…. Well…. I’m just too, I don’t know. Something.”

Ethan also stretched his leg out to arrange himself. His penis was obviously long and hard, which took extra adjusting.

Some quick calculating on my part convinced me to say, “So, you have never used that thing on anybody?”


“When I was your age I was super horny all the time. I bet you are too…… Well, I’m in the mood for ‘something’. I don’t know…. Let’s compare fantasies, compare dicks, stick it in a coffee grinder……Just SOMETHING. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”

Laughing nervously, Ethan said, “I’ll pass on the coffee grinder, but if you go first…?”

I unzipped my pants and brought it out. Hmmm, thick enough to stand ponderously on it’s own.

Ethan stood and did the same. His stood out HARD and straight. I stepped toward him and grasped his penis. Ethan inhaled loudly when I touched him. Gently pumping I nodded toward myself. He reached out and with a trembling hand, squeezed my hardening penis.

“Mmmm,” I murmured, “I forgot how nice it is when someone else holds it. Go ahead, check it out.”

Ethan was mesmerized by my massaging his rock hard penis and didn’t realize he had a death grip on my mine. My thoughts began moving a mile a minute. During these recent many dry, sexless weeks my horniness seemed constant. One long unsatisfied letch now came to me.

Ethan’s face was flushed. Absent mindedly exploring his penis I said, “Not quite so hard, and pump it some.” Returning to the present he said, “Uh, Oh god! Sorry!”

“I’m thinking about trying something we both will like. You ‘UP’ for that?”, giving his penis an extra squeeze.

Catching on to the last comment he laughed, “”O.K. Anything you want. Yes…. But I don’t… think I’m Gay.”

“Me either. That’s a lifestyle choice. Don’t want something steady, just have some fun with a friend.”

I let go of his penis which swung back up to full attention, then turned to the bottom left drawer of my desk and from the back pulled out a bottle of ‘Fresh and Slick’ lube.

“No Stay right there.” I sat back in my chair. “Hold out a finger.” Squeezing out a drop I told him to slide it around.

“Mmm, slippery.” He smirked.

With my left hand I made a small circle with my forefinger curled into my thumb and put ‘Fresh and Slick’ on it. Taking his rigid member with my right hand I rubbed the head of his penis around the circle on the left hand, stopping with it centered at the opening.

“It is fun to search for it a bit, but once centered, stop there.

Moving my left hand to match my words I continued, “Now push a bit. There see how that works. Not all at once. Now a little more. Maybe a squiggle will help and PUSH. THERE, SEE it popped in. That sensation will make your eyes roll up and your knee’s weak. HOLD THERE a bit. Wait for your partners O.K. I’ll need to adjust to how big you are. Then in about three careful pumps get it in as far as you can!.”

I squirted a generous line of ‘Smooth and Slick’ on Ethan’s penis.

“Here! Spread this. And don’t move.”

Turning to my desk, I pulled down my slacks and let them drop, then leaned on my elbows. Nothing more needed to be said. Ethan pressed his slippery purple head between my cheeks, slid it up and down and did just as instructed! God it was wonderful to feel a real cock! The head of his penis shouldered in easily and my sphincter closed around him. I moved back and forth slightly, enjoying the exciting sensation.

After some intentional delay I said, “O.K. son. Let’s have all of it.”

Ethan took my hips and in two firm movements ended up pressed tight against me. I grabbed his hips and held him tight against me.

“I better pull out.” Ethan said in a urgent voice, “I’m close to cumming.”

“NO! DEEPER!” I commanded as I forced his buttocks closer to me. He began involuntarily bumping and jerking. I felt his cock ripple and twich.

“Oh, my god, oh, oh, ghhaaa.”

He flooded me with several hot, thick, forceful blasts of cum. I was filled,…fulfilled, satisfied, honored, mounted and exhilarated.

Raising up I felt Ethan’s arms circled me, his hand felt for my penis, his was still deep in me.

In my ear he said, “I can do more. Should I?”

“Go for it kid!”

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