A Brother Helps Is Sister Part -3

She was sure Vijay would go to his sister that night and she lay awake in bed, waiting for the slightest sound to indicate that that indeed was happening. She was acutely aware of the slightest sound. And sure enough she heard the softest of soft footsteps from Vijay.


She had hid herself behind a curtain and had a clear view of Vijay’s progress from his room to Shanthi.

After about a minute she walked to the door and leaned in and listened in horror and shock as the same soft noises emanated from inside.


This time Shanthi was ready. As Vijay entered the room, she rose from her bed and stood and turned towards him. Vijay was surprised at what had occurred to him. He was rock hard. His cock was excruciatingly, painfully erect inside his underpants under his lungi

Neither knew what to do. They were still, looking at each other in the light coming through the glass of the window from a single street lamp outside. Their eyes grew accustomed to the semi darkness.

Then she bent down and caught the hem of her nightie and lifted it over her head and threw it on the bed. She was completely naked!! Vijay could make out the hard, supple semi-circular roundness of her young tits and the dark areola, the outline of her thick, shiny thighs. She turned and lay back down on the bed, and put one arm over her eyes.

In one smooth motion, Vijay pushed down his lungi and his underwear came off with it. His turgid, thick member swayed and throbbed, and he could feel the coolness of the room on its shiny, heavy head.

He lay down softly next to her. She moved slightly away. And spread her legs and brought up her knees. Vijay rose and put himself between her. The outside of his thighs brushed the insides of her and both gasped at the contact.

He lifted his torso and held his cock with one hand, ready to place it on the line of her cunt, to probe and push, to find her hole and enter into her. But she put her palm on his flat stomach and stopped him.

Then she reached down and put her palm on the underside of his throbbing, hot, thick, heavy dick! He gasped at the contact, but realized that her fingers were still playing on his cock. She was grabbing his cock’s swollen head and was feeling it with her fingers. She moaned as she realized the length and girth of his penis. She felt the heat of his cock on her palm.

Vijay was beside himself. He could not control it anymore. He reached down between the tangle of arms and legs, putting his hands on her crotch. He expected her to be hairy down there. He had felt her pussy hair the last two times he fucked her. He remembered it well, as they had prickled him like a thousand needles. But now he felt only the smooth, hairless skin, the soft tissue on the sides of her cunt line and her thick pussy lips. She sighed, “ahhhh, aiyoooh,” and shook her head from side to side.

He took his hand away in surprise, and instinctively lowered himself on to her. She quickly grabbed his cock in her fist and expertly guided him into the entrance on her cunt. As his cock hit her nether lips, he felt a slickness, a wetness, cool and slippery and his cock entered her effortlessly, and her cunt lips covered and latched onto his smooth, taut cock head. She had lubricated herself with some oil or vaseline jelly, Vijay realized!! She expected him to come to her! She was ready and waiting.

He flopped onto her, softly. For the very first time his chest crushed hers but was cushioned by her two, soft, supple, firm tits. He jerked back and raised himself on his elbows. And he rode her.

He found himself grunting and groaning in pleasure. She heard him sigh as his rigid member entered and exited her pussy. He felt her go soft and relax, and she opened her thighs even wider and he sensed her palms on his hips, holding him lovingly, opening herself to him as he pleasured himself.

“Ah..anna..anna..ahh ahhhh! Nice.. do you..like…it..ahhhhhh! Don’t.. don’t.. You…don’t…have…to..finish..soooon…dooo…it..for..a..long…time…annnnna…ahhh..don’t finnish…ah..aiyo aiyo aiyo!!”

Vijay did not respond. He involuntarily dipped his head and sucked on one of her nipples. It was hard as stone. She gasped as his teeth clamped on to her and he bit her, softly at first, then harder and harder. He put his hand on her crotch and sought her clit and was rewarded when his fingers found her hard knob.

He fucked her like he did his wife – mouth latched on to a hard nipple, his hand on her clit, rubbing and teasing and his cock sliding smoothly in and out of her cunt. The moved his mouth from one tit to another. His cock felt long and hard and his thrusts were exquisitely long and pleasurable.

He did not want to stop! Sweat poured from his face onto her. Their bodies made wet, squelching sounds as they rammed into each other.. He rammed her hard, and she groaned in pleasure. They fucked in this position for a long, long time. She put her hands on his ass cheeks and signed with lust and pleasure as her fingers scratched his heavy, hard skin.

Her moans increased in frequency. He was afraid she was making too much noise.

“Shhh.. Shanth.. Thangachi (little sister).. Shhh! Quiet!!”

Her moans stopped, but she held her breath. For an unusually long time and suddenly she let go and shuddered under him. She grabbed his hips and bucked and shook. Once, and then once more and screamed softly, “Aiyoh..ahh, annn…annnnaaaaa! Aaaaahhhhhh!”

His little sister had an orgasm. With his cock still in her cunt!!

Vijay waited for a while until her breathing subsided. Then he rode her hard. Harder this time and she moaned softly in tune with his thrusts. And then his cock exploded. And he screamed softly as he flopped on her. He felt his cock contract and expand as it pumped his juice into her.

She felt streams of hot jism erupt from his cock and land somewhere in her womb. She held him till he finished. Then he quickly pulled out of her and lay down, painting and breathless. She was also breathing hard and her chest was pumping up and down.

And incredibly, as he watched her in the darkness, she put her hands between her thighs. He stared speechless as she seemed to rotate her hand on her pussy lips, and insert her fingers into her cunt. She was moaning and letting out gasps of pleasure.

His sister was masturbating! With him right next to her, just after they had fucked! Fuck!!

Then she was once again rocked by her second orgasm. And her body shook and buckled and she groaned uncontrollably as she clamped both her hands tightly on her crotch and held them in place with her thick, heavy thighs. As her orgasm subsided, she turned away from him, reached for her nightie and covered herself.


Just outside the door, Vijay’s mother was rooted to the spot with her mouth open and eyes wide, her heart beating widely and rapidly. She was flushed and trembling. Why? Why? Why? Why her kids? Aiyoh!! God! What if someone finds out?

She was scared. She flopped down on the for a little away from the door and held her head in her hands and sobbed quietly. Soon, she heard the noises she dreaded coming from the room.


The light from the street lamp coming through the glass panes of the windows was sufficient for Vijay to make out the shape of Shanthi’s body. He did not want to leave immediately. He watched her as she became quiet and silent, and incredibly got an erection. What the fuck? He asked himself.

He had no explanation for his subsequent actions. Without thinking he reached out and placed his hand on her ass cheek. Wow! So firm and smooth and round. With his other hand he nurtured his erect cock. He stroked her ass cheeks, squeezed them and ran his fingers up and down her ass crack.

She made to turn towards him, but her pushed her back on her stomach and mounted her. He placed his cock on her ass and rubbed it up and down. Fuck! So beautiful! The thick vein under his cock was distended and he was delirious with pleasure as he ran it up and down her ass.Fucking hell! I may come any moment now! he said to himself.

Bur Shanthi had other ideas. She pushed up against him from below, and surprised, Vijay let her position herself on her knees and spread her legs apart. Vijay did nit hesitate. He positioned himself between her legs, held on to her upraised ass cheeks. He crouched a bit and put his thick, erect penis at her crotch. She reached between her legs and held his penis. Her fingers once again played on the head of his cock as she gasped at the size and heat coming from it. There was the aroma of sex and the smell of semen and cunt juices emanating from their bodies and it was exhilarating! She pulled on his cock and he slipped into her. She was till slick and wet and warm as her cunt walls enclosed his cock on all sides.

“Aaahhh,” She whispered. “Ahhhh.. Nice..annnna…nice..do it..do it..for a long time..aahhhhhh, don’t finish soon…ahhhhh!”

Vijay had fucked his wife in this position almost every time they had sex. He loved looking at his wife’s asshole – deep, dark, puckered and black, with the skin surrounding it being slightly less dar, with her hair spread all over. He reveled at the sight each time and she didn’t mind if he put his finger on and in her asshole.

Will Shanthi like it if he did the same to her? He wanted to find out. He placed his hand on her ass crack and ran it down and located her hole and covered it with his thumb.

“Aaahhhh,” She whispered, surprised.

Viay immediately took his hand away, but she was quick to respond. “No,no..put..put..it there…yes…aahhhh,” she said as Vijay once again placed his thumb on her ass hole. She reached back and held his hand and pressed his thumb hard into her own asshole and he realized that she wanted him to penetrate her there with his fingers. He put his index finger on her hole and pushed it inside. It went in with some difficulty.

They fucked in this position for some time. The bed creaked insync with their motions. But they were oblivious to the noises, and were focussed on their act. After a while they placed themselves in the usual missionary position. She raised her legs and locked them around his hips. She clamped her hands on his ass cheeks. He latched onto her tits, and as he heard her gasp out in shock, he came quickly. She let out a contented sigh as he got off her and put on his clothes.


Their mother was in a daze. She somehow made it back to her bedroom and lay down, trembling with fear and shock, horrified at what she had heard and seen. Her own children!

Vijay was happily married. She had heard from her daughter-in-law that he kept her happy and satisfied – an euphemism for having a healthy, married, happy sex life. And Shanthi was married into a rich family and surely had a good sex life, seeing that Mahesh was a handsome, virile man.

Wait… wait.. just.. wait!!! Did her two children have sex to..to..get her pregnant?!! What! NO! How horrible! Was that their plan? Was Shanthi to have her brother’s child? Was Vijay going to father another child, this time with his sister? SO! That was their plan! This was how they were going to solve the problem! Shit!


As Shanthi had predicted, Mahesh arrived the next day and after a lot of chit-chat and small talk, he took Shanthi back home. There was no reason for Vijay and his family to stay now, so they too went back to their home in the big city.

Life returned to normal for most of them. But Vijay, Shanthi and their mother could not forget what had happened back home. Vijay relived those days over and over again. Oh! They ended so quickly. There was so much he wanted to do with Shanthi. His wife was a good cock sucker. He had trained her well. She was always willing to take him in her mouth. He desperately wanted to see if Shanthi would do the same. In the days right after his marriage, Vijay would go down on his wife, chew and eat out her pussy. But as he got to know her and hygiene habits she followed he stopped using his mouth on her. He had a feeling that Shanthi kept herself clean. That last day, the second time, he almost put his mouth on his sister’s cunt. Oh! Why did he not do that? Fuck! He may never get the chance again. But then again, you never know – he told himself.

About a month later the news that they all were waiting for arrived. Vijay was super elated at this. It worked! Shathi was pregnant! She can still live with Mahesh, they are saved!!

The best part was that no one was the wiser. It was a secret just between the two of them!!

But how was Vijay to know what transpired back home and the conversation that Shanthi and her mother had.


Mahesh’s family came down to Shanthi’s parent’s house with sweets and gifts to celebrate the news. Everyone was really happy and there was once again joy in the house.

But Shanthi could sense that her mother was not truly happy. She decided to stay back at her house that night and have a talk with her mother.

“What’s the matter, amma? Are you not happy for me? I can see you are not….”

“No. No,” her mother responded. “I am so happy. Yes. After all this time. What..er..how..er..when did you..you and Mahesh..you know..,” she trailed off.

“When did we what, amma? Are you asking when Mahesh and I..did…you know..slept.”

“Aiyoh!” Her mother exclaimed. “No, i mean..you..I..,” She stammered. Then she could not hold anything back. She had to ask. She had to know. “Oh! Shanthi..I..know..how could you.. I know..you and anna..you and Vijay…”

“AMMA!” Shanthi almost shouted, but she only hissed loudly. “What are you saying? What about anna and me?” Shanthi was filled with fear, but she hid it by shouting at her mother. Had her mother seen her and Vijay together? Did they make so much noise that she knew?!! Aiyoh! Oh my God!

Her mother did not say anything but the two women just stared at each other, each of them breathing hard, chest heaving, and red in the face. But the older woman won.

Shanthi body shook in terror and fear. Her eyes widened and she knew her mother knew. She almost fainted. Her head felt weak and she stumbled and almost fell down but she reached out and supported herself using a nearby chair.

‘Aiyoh, dear child! What have you both done? It is a sin, in the eyes of god. What..what will people say, society say, if they found out! What will the child look like..will it be normal..why…why..this is so disgusting…so bad and shamefu….”

But Shanthi did not let her complete her sentence. She looked up defiantly at her mother. And her mother shrank back, afraid, scared and knowing fully well what she was getting into.

“Nothing is wrong mother. Nothing! Everything will be fine. I know it. I feel it. And what god are you talking about? The god in front of whom you got me married to a man who cannot give me a child. Who can only fuck but not have enough to be a father? And society? What society? The society that allows him to discard me, throw me out like a piece of garbage? To hell with everybody! My child will be like my anna, my big brother. Strong and heavy and well built. Not puny, now scrawny like my husband or my father!! I will do it again! We will do it again. I am going to have ten sons with anna. You all will see. All of you can go to hell! Fuck..Fuck…Fuck..!”


The End