A Brother Helps Is Sister Part -2

Then she straightened and reached out to a pile of clothes next to her and shook out a white bra. With swift movements and practiced ease, she untied the petticoat from around her chest, dropped it a few inches onto her chest, and in a split second had her breasts covered by the front of her bra.


She set the clasp in front and pushed the bra around her body and put her arms through the straps and adjusted the cups with her upturned hands. All this within a couple of seconds. But not before Vijay had a wholesome glimpse of her supple, firm tits, topped with dark brown areola and coin sized nipples.

She placed one leg at a time on a nearby ledge and wiped it with the towel, exposing her upper thighs. Her next actions hit Vijay in the gut. She crouched and put the towel between her thighs and pushed it up her legs and wiped her crotch. Slowly, very slowly. Then she quickly moved her towel towards her rear and wiped up her ass crack. Vijay’s heart skipped a beat as he saw the dark cleft where the back of her thighs joined her ass cheek.

She reached out once again to the pile of clothes and picked out a bright red piece of cloth and shook it out. Vijay’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he realized it was her panties. He always wondered about what kinds of panties women he encountered wore. In his imagination he tried to match the type of female to the type of panties – full back, thong, hi-cut, plain cotton, satin, and the like. He always tried to get a sneak peak of a woman’s ass hoping for a glimpse of any panty line that was visible. But never in a million years would he have imagined looking up his little sister’s under garments. But now he watched as she bent down and stepped into her red panties and pulled it up her legs and thighs. The tops of her thick, shapely thighs stood out like two strong pillars, and her knees were well rounded and fleshy, as they appeared for a fraction of a second. Then she dropped her petticoat and placed a hand over her crotch and adjusted her panty from outside. She patted her ass cheeks, making sure her panty was well placed.

Her job done, she turned and walked into the house, completely oblivious of the pair of eyes that watched her every move.

Vijay was dumb struck at what he had just seen. He realized he was not aroused at all, but he knew for sure that the scenes that unfolded in front of his eyes were indelibly etched in his brain to be retrieved later.


Vijay somehow got through the evening. Some of his friends had come over and the time spent with them and at dinner had him thinking about other things. But at night, lying on the bed next to his wife, he got very aroused as he thought about the things that happened to him during the day. Images of his parents fucking, seeing his sister half naked – all this made him mad with lust. His wife had complained of a headache and had rejected his advances for sex. But now he had a raging erection and he removed his shorts and lay naked, fisting his cock. Man! He had to get a release. He had jacked off this morning so did not want to do it again at night.

He decided to fuck his wife in spite of her objections. He turned and slowly pulled up her nightie and moved his hands on her thighs to her crotch. His hands played on the tight front of her panties. He ran his finger up and down the length of her cunt line. She groaned in protest. But he took her hand and placed it on his thick, throbbing, hot cock and she involuntarily fisted and started jerking him off. He put his hand beneath her panties and slipped it off her legs as she protested loudly.

He parted her legs roughly and placed himself between her thighs. He reached to the small bedside table and opened a bottle of petroleum jelly and took out a small amount of it and spread it around her vagina and soon was able to insert his finger into her cunt. He started to finger fuck her and she reached down and tried to stop him. But he pushed her hand away, rose and in one smooth motion, placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed. The jelly helped, and his thick dick slipped into her easily. She screamed in protest, but not loudly. She turned away as he tried to kiss her.

Vijay did not care. He was focussed on his cock. So thick and hard and hot. Soon he was fucking her in rhythmically. Long, hard, smooth strokes. His penis was getting harder as he fucked, and he could see that in spite of her protests, his wife was creaming beautifully.

Suddenly once more, his brain was flooded with images of Shanthi, his sister, in her nakedness. He pictured the bright red panties, taut on her ass cheek and imagined the firm tightness of the cloth on her crotch and the line of her cunt pressing outward on the fabric. He recalled how after dinner she had gone back to her room and came back a few minutes later in her nightie. Did she still have her panties on? Was she naked and hairy without her undie? These images were soon replaced by those of his mother! Did she sleep in her sari or did she remove it and lie down just in her petticoat and blouse? He pictured his father slathering her heavy nipples with spit, fingering her hairy cunt and fucking her mouth. Vijay’s cock swelled even more!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! He could not handle it. He rode his wife hard, imagining himself fucking the other two women in his life. All notions of incest and taboo were banished from his mind. He was just a man lusting for two other women. Boy! Why had he never thought of them this way? It was so beautiful. It was obscene and forbidden and shameful. But his mind was oblivious to these social norms. He slammed down on the woman below him, plunging into her mercilessly and repeatedly. He heard his mother’s moans and his sisters grunts as he pummelled his wife.

He was rudely shaken from his reverie when he realized his wife was slapping his arms and face. He stopped and looked down at her. “You bastard,” she hissed. “What the fuck are you doing? You are hurting me you sonofabitch. Let go of my hair. Get off me! You will wake up the whole house with your fucking noised. Finish fast and get off me, you asshole!!”

Vijay quickly finished inside her. But his release did not satisfy him. Now he was even more angry and mad. Mad at his wife for not allowing him to fuck her properly. Mad at his brother-in-law for the way he treated his sister. Mad and his parents for enjoying themselves as if no one else was around. Mad at Shanthi, his little sister, for strutting her naked body in front of him.

He slept fitfully but woke up with another raging boner. He dared not wake his wife from her beauty sleep. So once again he palmed his cock and began masturbating. He had a million thoughts in his mind, trying to see how the matter of his sister’s life could be solved. How he could salvage some of his family’s pride. But he was still absentmindedly masturbating, stroking his dick, images of his naked mother and sister also floating in and out.

Suddenly, out of the blue, in a microsecond, a thought flashed into his mind. He became stiff, and his breathing stopped for a few moments. He could hear his heart beating loudly inside his chest.

That was it! What a brilliant idea it was. Yes! It was the solution to all their problems. Shanthi would get pregnant. Mahesh would take Shanthi back. Yes! The plan he hatched in his mind was so diabolically simple that he did not even consider the incestuous nature of what he was going to do. He would first do it and then make Shanthi see the sense in it. Yes. If anyone could convince her it would be he, her loving elder brother. She will object but then would ultimately see the beauty in Vijay’s plan. Fuck! Yeah!!


“Anna!! AIYOH!!! What?!! NO!! NO!! Do you even understand what you are suggesting? How.. how..can you think of doing this?! It’s..it’s disgusting..cheeeee..chi……how did you..I can’t believe we are talking about this! You are my brother..how can you think of doing this to me? What will happen….I mean..will it be normal..no..no.. NO, AIYOOOH!!!”

She moved away from him, wide eyes and scared and put her hands to protect herself from him as he approached her slowly.

“Thangachi (little sister), listen to me. This..this is not what I wanted. I have never..never..thought of you..you and me like this..but..but I do not see any other way. Mahesh will certainly disown you, believe me…”

But she cut him off. “No. He..he..loves me..he will not ditch me..he.. He…will.,” But she was not convincing.

“Shanthi, I heard they have already found a willing family. I tell you..he will marry again..your situation is..will be bad..we will support you…but..but.. There is no time..your dignity..our family’s dignity is at stake here..you understand? This is not something I wanted to do or thought I would be doing!”

“STOP IT!,” she almost screamed. But Vijay realized she was not loud. She certainly did not want their mother to hear the indecent, outrageous, crude, suggestion he was making.

He forced himself on her.

He clamped his hand on her mouth hard to shut her screams as he did it. Initially she was shocked into inaction. She was so horrified at what her loving big brother was doing to her that she couldn’t move. Then as she realized what was happening, as he started to penetrate her, she struggled mightily. She tried to bite his hand. She wailed, sobbed and groaned and twisted under him, but he was a bull of a man and had his way.

She knew she had no chance of fighting him off, she just resigned to the atrocious, obscene, incestuous, decadent, shaeful act being performed on her. She turned away. Tears flowed profusely down her cheeks. Never in a million years had she thought of this as the way to salvage her marriage. Never. Never had she imagined that she would be penetrated by any one other than Mahesh in her life!

He had his eyes closed all the while. It took him only about twenty strokes to finish. He felt no lust. No release. No pleasure. It was like one of the compulsory, forced masturbation sessions he did to relieve his stress sometimes. Both of them were still as he spewed his seed into her.

He still had his hand clamped on her mouth tightly after he finished. “Sorry.. Sorry.. Thangachi (little sister). I am sorry..so..” He sobbed, and flopped on her. “Aiyoh..what have I done.. amma..I am sorry!! There’s no other way! Please.. Please forgive me. Don’t.. don’t tell anyone. Aiyoo!”

She was disgusted with him and looked away and tried to push him off her. He pulled himself up and she moaned and cursed, “You fucking bastard! I hope you die soon! I hope you burn…your family will perish..you.. you asshole!! What have you done! I am your sister, you, you disgusting imbecile!”

But he realized that she still had not screamed out loud to draw attention to what he had done. He quickly dressed and was out of the room in a flash.

Vijay was in a trance as he changed his clothes and walked out of the house before his mother came out of her bath. He took a long walk around the town to calm himself and to clear his head. The realization of what he had done struck him like a blow to his stomach.

Oh God! What had he done? His own sister! Shit! All for what? He wasn’t even sure if it would be fruitful. He had forever spoiled his relationship with his sister. Something sacred, pure, sacrosanct. Fuck! He was sure she would have complained to their mother. How was he to face them? Fuck, again!

But she had not screamed or shouted at him as he walked out of the room, had she? No, she hadn’t. She cursed him and that was all. She was quiet while he explained the consequences and reasoning. She had also nodded as if she understood. So, maybe she would not complain. Perhaps she saw the benefit in what he did, they did, in spite of how horrible and disdainful and shameful it was.

What if nothing came of it? What if it was not enough to get her with a child? Would he have to do it again? Fucking hell, man! No. No, he could not do it again. Once was enough. If it worked then all was fine. If not, they’d all be back to square one.

Vijay entered his house, anxious and full of trepidation. But to his surprise, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Everyone was going about their business, as usual. He picked up the newspaper, looked at it and started chatting with his father, and playing with his son. He had butterflies in his stomach, and he almost fainted when he saw Shanthi come into the room with a tray of snacks and cups of steaming coffee.

“Hi, Anna! You are back,” she said, normally, as if nothing had happened. “Come have some snacks and hot coffee.” He didn’t dare look her in the eye. He quietly finished his coffee and snacks while the others chatted away merrily.

So, she hadn’t told anyone after all, though Vijay. She must have seen the sense in what he did. He avoided her as much as possible the rest of the evening and during dinner.

He and his father discussed some important family business after dinner while the women went to their respective rooms to sleep. It was very late when the men finished their discussion and as Vijay walked back to his room, a slight movement caught his eye. He turned in the direction of Shanthi’s room, and to his surprise and amazement, he saw her standing near the door of her darkened room. It was as if she was waiting for him! As he looked at her, she closed the door. But not all the way! She left the door slightly open and with a quick glance at him, she turned away.

“Fuck! What the hell,” thought Vijay.

That night too, sleep did not come easily to him. He slept in patches, fitfully. He kept thinking about Shanthi leaving her door open. Then, in the very wee hours of the morning, before even the bell at the nearby temple pealed and it was still very dark outside, he arose from his bed. He walked gingerly to the door as if he was making it to the bathroom outside, and quickly walked the few paces to Shanthi’s room and tried the door. It was still open!

He entered and closed and latched the door behind him, trying to be quiet. But the noise was loud enough in the room to wake Shanthi. She got up with a start, and even in the dark room Vijay could see that she realized who it was that got in.

She said, softly, “Oh!” and lay back on the bed. But she pulled up her petticoat up to her waist, raised her torso and pulled the clothes under her and bunched them up around her waist, spread her legs and turned her head away from Vijay.

He dropped his shorts. He had a thick erection by now. He wasn’t sure of the thoughts in his head that made him so full of lust for his own little sister. But here he was. In her room, with her lying half naked, exposing her privates to him and inviting him inside her.

Vijay lay down between her legs and she parted them even more. He held his thick member in his hand and guided it to her cunt. He did not want to touch any other part of her body. He poked around and in a moment the head of his dick had located her entrance. It felt slick there on his cock-head and he realized she had used some lubrication! Fuck! Automatically and involuntarily, he plunged down and his dick parted her warm outer lips and pushed aside her inner lips that were warm, slick and smooth and silky and he entered her and flopped on her. His pubic hair brushed against her hairy belly and pubes.

She gasped at his weight but did not turn towards him. She looked away as he started his strokes. This time he took a little longer. He stopped only once, and she turned towards him slightly to ask what the matter was. But he continued and without a break, he reached his climax. His cock erupted and they both felt streams of his cum rain down into her belly. Fuck! Vijay felt a little bit of pleasure and his cock ejaculated. He could not deny that. He was fucking his little sister! Her cunt was so tight, was it not? So different from his own wife. His sister’s body, so lithe and lively and tight and smooth. Wow!! He lay down on her, enjoying the sensation of his release.

But suddenly, with a start, he realized how wrong it would seem to her. Her brother enjoying fucking her. No! A voice shouted in his head, and he quickly got up and pulled himself out of her.

“Ahh…ayoh!” she let out a gasp as Vijay’s now flaccid penis slid from her cunt. Like before, he quickly dressed and walked out of the room. It was getting to dawn outside and a little of the light penetrated the house.

“Ay Vijay,” his mother’s voice called out to him from behind. He froze, mid-stride. His mother had seen him come out of Shanthi’s room!! Fuck!

“Eh.. eh.. Amma..eh.. What?” He said, turning towards her. Fortunately there was not much light for his mother to make out his dishevelled clothes.

“What? Why..is everything OK with Shanthi? Why are you in her roo..,” She didn’t finish as Shanthi had come out of her room by then.

“Aiyoh, amma, nothing happened. I couldn’t sleep. I was crying. Anna must have heard me and he came to see if I was OK.”

“Oh!” Their mother said, unconvincingly, looking at her and Vijay alternatively. “Ok. Ok. Do you want some coffee? It’s almost morning.”

Vijay let out a big sigh of relief as he walked back to his room. That was a very close shave, he said to himself. Next time they would be more careful.

Wait! Next time? Will there be a next time. Fuck!! Fuck!!


But what Vijay and Shanthi were not aware of was the fact that just a few minutes before he had entered Shanthi’s room, their mother, returning from the bathroom herself, had caught sight of him quietly opening the door to his sister’s room. Her interest piqued, she gingerly made way to Shanthi’s door, but try as she may, could not make out the sound of Shanthi crying, or the two of them talking.

What was going on? she wondered. She waited, still and silent, for a few minutes. She heard the sound of the bed creaking. A few more minutes passed, and she still stood there, her heart beating hard, her breath coming fast, thinking, imagining what might be going on in the room. She forced herself to not think the worst. She ran through the many reasons why her two darling children would be in a room together in the middle of the night with lights shut off.

Then she heard Shanthi moaning softly, and Vijay grunt twice. And after a minute, the sound of someone getting off the bed! She was aghast! What were her children doing? Were they in bed together? Why? No! No! Oh god, NO! That couldn’t be!! As she heard footsteps approaching the door from inside, she quickly moved away and hid in the darkness of the hallway, just in time to see Vijay coming out of the room stealthily.


The next day Vijay was in a trance. It was as if he was once again on a honeymoon. He couldn’t wait to get back home and fuck his..his..his..sister! Man, what had he become! He and Shanthi had committed incest! But it did not feel so wrong. In fact, it felt so good in the end. His release was great and her reaction was amazing also. He was sure she liked it, was certain she wanted more of it. She would get with child but there was no denying her getting some pleasure while at it.

But little did he realize that his mother had her suspicions.

She was filled with horror, imagining the shameful acts her two children had performed. She tried, but failed, to see any other reason why they would be in a room at night together. Why? What had forced them to do it? She was so sure they had slept with each other, lain on the same bed like man and women, that they had sex, they had fucked. There could be no other explanation for the noises and the moans that came out of their room. And the guilty expression on Vijay’s face. Shit! Shit!

She saw the glow on Shanthi’s face the next morning, and the fear and nervousness and anxiety on Vijay’s and her worst fears were confirmed. A mother always knew. She grappled with trying to get to the bottom of it. Would they continue doing such shameful acts. She would wait till the evening or night to find out.


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