A Brother Helps Is Sister Part -1

Vijay came with his family to stay at his parents’ house in the smallish town outside the city of Madurai in South India where he grew up. His father had requested him to help in the repairs being made to the house, and Vijay, along with his wife and three year old son, soon settled in the ancestral home.


Another outlandish fantasy. Trying my hand on an incest story now. Includes one non-consensual sex act. The start is slow but the sex is sudden. Please ignore specifics related to place and time. Some grammatical errors may have crept in as that area is not the author’s forte. Again, beware of incest and a forced sex act.


Repairs to the house was just a ruse used by his parents to have Vijay come home and handle the matter of his younger sister first-hand.

“Fuck!” Thought Vijay. “This again! When will it stop? I had told them it was a mistake getting Shanthi married to that sonofabitch Mahesh. Is that why they asked me to come here? Fuck!!!”

But little did Vijay know that this would be a very momentous visit for him.


Vijay and Mahesh had gone to the same school and government Technical College together. But they were not friends. They acknowledged each other with casual hellos and goodbyes, but nothing more than that. Vijay decided to pursue work up north and Mahesh took up his father’s lucrative paper mill business. While Vijay struggled to maintain his middle class status, Mahesh was destined to be rich and affluent. But Vijay had an uncanny sense that Mahesh was a sly character and did not let on to everything.

Vijay got married at twenty-five, and within a couple of years, had produced a son, and had planned on having another child in a year or two.

While Vijay was busy with his life in the big city and planning for his family’s future, back at his home town, Mahesh was busy as well. He had smooth-talked his way into Vijay’s house, gained the parents’ confidence and somehow convinced Vijay’s sister that he was in love with her.

So before Vijay could realize what was happening, the marriage of his little sister (he still considered her little as she was about eight years younger to him) and that asshole Mahesh was fixed. His objections were too late. And that stupid Shanthi! What had she said? Anna (Big brother)! I love Mahesh! He is a good man! etc etc and all that crap!!” And his father and Mother? Blinded by the fact that Mahesh was rich and in the false belief that he would pull them up in society, they married off their girl to him. How vain! How fucking naive!”

How could he tell them about what he knew about Mahesh? Oh! The stories he could tell. How could he talk to his sister about Mahesh’s habits and character? His boasting of his exploits at the whorehouses in the neighboring towns, of his family’s riches and political powers, about how he could make anyone in the town do anything for him and the like. All his objections fell on deaf ears.

For a while after the marriage though, it seemed that Mahesh was indeed a changed man. Vijay could see that his little sister was truly happy. She was enjoying the life Mahesh had given her and her in-laws treated her like their own daughter (though they had three of their own).

But all this soured quickly when they realized that Shanthi and Mahesh were unable to produce an offspring after about a year of marriage. And as was usual, the blame fell on Shanthi. She was deemed barren. And Mahesh’s family had resorted to threatening her with divorce. Vijay had visited and talked with Mahesh each time the crisis reared its head and each time he convinced Mahesh to give it some more time.

So now, the mood at home was despondent. His sister’s husband, Mahesh, was once again threatening to send her back home.


Needless to say, all this weighed on Vijay’s mind. He had taken to jogging while in Chennai and the next day on waking up he decided to go for an early morning run around the park to clear his mind. But try as he may, the matter of his sister weighed heavily on his mind and he decided to cut his run short and come home.

He opened the door to his parent’s house and walked in. As expected, the house was quiet, it being very early in the morning. He had walked a few paces when he heard a soft moan. Then, after a few seconds, he heard another moan. This time it was a little more drawn out and long.

Even in his preoccupied state of mind he realized that this was no ordinary sound. It was not a moan of someone in pain or distress. It was definitely by a woman or girl. It was a sound of pleasure.

He waited for a few seconds more. The same moan. At regular intervals. It was natural, sensual, sexy, passionate, intense. Female! Someone was in the throes of pleasure! And that someone was close at hand.

It was from someone in a state of bliss. It was sexual!!

Who could it be? His wife was in the room on the other side of the house, sleeping with their child. The only other female in this house was..was…was..his mother!! What the fuck?!

The sound was definitely coming from his parents’ room. Without thinking, Vijay inched closer to the door. The moans now were replaced by a distinctive, soft ‘thwack, thwack’ repetitive sound, like that of two bodies slamming into each other. Vijay could also make out the creaking sound from a bed and mattress. A man’s soft grunts accompanied the low moans of the woman.

His parents were fucking!

Vijay was stunned. He stood still outside the bedroom door listening to the passionate sounds coming from inside. He must have spent about a minute taking everything in, imagining what might be going on inside the room. But in that one minute, thousands of threads of thoughts and a million images floated in his brain.

In all the years growing up in this house until he was out of college, he had never come across anything even close to this. How could that have been, he wondered. Yes, he had imagined then fucking girls and women, of all shapes and sizes and ages. Those that came to their house and also those he encountered outside. Some known, some unknown. Mothers, sisters, aunts of friends. How it would be to fuck them or even how they would be fucked by their husbands, boyfriends, partners. But he hadn’t imagined his parents having sex. Even if the thought of his parents engaged in sexual intercourse came into his minds, he had quickly banished such thoughts consciously.

But that was then. And this was now. He had had sex with whores and girlfriends before his marriage. But since then he had been a faithful husband. But hadn’t he done dirty deeds with his wife? Hadn’t he asked her to do filthy, obscene acts on him? Take him in her mouth, lick him in all possible places, allow him to finish on every part of her body. All these acts seemed natural to the two of them, then and now. Acts between a man and a woman, husband and wife, behind closed doors.

That’s what his parents were to him now. Not the pure and simple and religious mother, or the hardworking, loving father. He saw them just as man and woman, doing the things that came naturally. Acts that every couple did possibly. Was that so wrong?

Vijay got aroused. His dick swelled painfully inside his pants on hearing his mother’s soft, erotic moans and his father’s low, animal like grunts. He pictured his mother and father in the room, on their matress, the sexusl positions they might be using.

Was it plain missionary, with her legs spread wide and him between them, humping away? Or was she on top, facing him now, and then again facing away from him, allowing him to part her ass cheeks and view her dark asshole? Was she hairy down there? Did they engage in oral sex, did she give him a blowjob and have him lick her cunt?

God! Standing close to the door, Vijay freed his thick cock from the confines of his pants and felt the cool air of the room on it. His dick throbbed and pulsed and the foreskin rolled back and exposed the shiny, velvety, purple head. He fisted his cock in tune with the sounds of the room. Images of his parents floated into his mind.

She was lying face down on the bed and he was on top of her and rubbing his penis on her big, smooth asscheeks. He got up and knelt next to her ass and placed his hands on each of her cheeks and parted them and leered at her dark, hairy asshole. He tried to place his cock on her asshole but could not penetrate her anally.

He then turned her over and straddled her face and offered her his thick penis. Vijay was sure his father’s cock was smaller and thinner than his own, as he himself had inherited most of his features from his mother’s side. His maternal uncles were built like bulls and Vijay was just like them with thick arms and legs and thighs. But his father was thin, unfit and misshapen. His legs were slim and bony, had a thick heavy belly and his skin stretched tight over it and his dick protruded from under, tiny but hard. His mother opened her mouth as she had done a thousand times before and accepted it, and his father then started thrusting up and down and grunting. Vijay could see her lips move smoothly over the small length of his dick.

After a while, he pulled himself out and got down off the bed and stood on its side and pulled her and placed her ass at the edge of the bed and lifted her legs so his penis could enter her cunt. He placed her feet on his shoulder, crouched and pushed forward and his dick entered her easily. With both their bellies heavy, thick and huge, this was the only position that suited them.

His mother’s pubic area was covered sparsely with hair and her dark, thick line of her vagina was clearly visible. As his father pushed and pulled in and out of her, some thick, white, creamy liquid secreted from her cunt. His father was now leaning over and had one of her nipples in her mouth and was slathering it with his spit and biting it, going from one tit to another.

He increased the pace of his thrusts and in the space of a few seconds became still as a board. He raised his feet and balanced himself on his toes, and his body shuddered once and he flopped on to her.

After another few seconds he got up and eased his cock, which was now limp and slimy, from her cunt, gathered his underwear and walked to the bathroom. His mother adjusted her clothes as she lay back on the baked, apparently going back to sleep. (She wore only a petticoat and blouse without an inner bra to bed. While fucking, she had unbottoned her blouse to offer her tits to him. She had loosened her petticoat and bunched it up around her waist to allow him access to her pussy.) Now she tightened her petticoat. And then she looked up at the bathroom door as if to see if it was closed. Then she pulled up her knees, reached down and held the hem of her petticoat and pulled it up, exposing her thick, smooth thighs. She reached between her thighs with one of her hands, and began rotating it on her pubic area. After a while she thrust a finger into her cunt and pushed it in and out of herself vigorously. Her hand was a blur as it pistoned in and out of her. Her other hand was massaging her tits.

His mother was masturbating! She obviously had not reached her orgasn with him. How could she have? The fucker lasted only two minutes max. Fuck! She was satisfying herself with her hands.

Within a minute, she reached her limit. She did not make any sound as she squirmed, twisted and turned on the bed in the throes of her pleasure and climax. She clamped her thighs together, crushing her hand that was between them and became rigid for a few seconds. Then she relaxed her thighs and let out a big sigh. And got off the bed and gathered her sari and started putting it on.

Vijay was rudely shaken from his reverie. There was no sound coming from the room! They had finished! What if his mother came out and saw him? He was standing in the hallway, next to their room, with is cock exposed, thick and hard in his fist. Fuck!

Vijay turned and quickly put his turgid member into his pants and tip-toed back into his room. He went to the bathroom and once again lowered his pants to release his cock. It was still as rigid as a flag pole. Ready and veins and angled up from his flat abdomen.

What was he doing? He was jerking off to imagined images of his parents fucking!! He had heard sounds of people having sex before in the many whorehouses he visisted. He had on occasion also seen others engaged in various sex acts. But somehow what he encountered that day was different. Would it have been different if it were two other people? Maybe not. Was it the fact that it was his mother and father that excited and aroused him? He couldn’t say. All he knew then was he wanted a release. And he jerked off until he ejaculated. Streams of white, heavy, creamy cum spurted from his cock onto the wash basin and during the seconds it lasted, images of his parents, naked and in various positions filled his mind. His release was mind boggling. He hadn’t had such a rush in a long time. In fact, he hadn’t masturbated like this in a while, always having his wife nearby ready to be fucked.

He walked out of his bedroom, acting normally. He saw his mother in the kitchen and immediately felt uneasy. But he noticed his mother’s face, all flushed and shiny in the aftermath of a sexual tryst. She did not look at him directly as they made small talk, but Vijay could sense a smile playing on the side of her mouth, made even bigger as his father walked in. Was she still feeling his weight of him on her and his cock inside her, Vijay thought. Still weak in the knees and his cum seeping out of her? Fuck! His dick throbbed once again.

You could not call his mother a beauty. She was a normal, natural woman. She was not curvy, shapely or sexy. How could she excite his father? How could he be aroused by such an old, graying woman, Vijay thought. But then again, what did a man need in sex? A warm, willing cunt, ass, asshole, mouth and hands, tits, nipples. What was it his friends said? All pussies are the same in the dark. That’s all. Vijay was sure his father used his mother to the fullest, satisfying his lust and carnal desires, fantasizing about other women while he fucked. Just like he himself and all other men did.

Fuck! The images of his parents copulating in various positions played in his mind all through the morning. Every time he looked at his mother, he could not stop imagining her without her clothes on. Her thick thighs under the layers of her sari, her conventional white bra outlining her huge tits and showing through the material of her blouse, her exposed, thick belly and fleshy waist. He was sure she wore no panties under her sari. He could not hide his hard-on!


As they feared, Shathi came home right around lunch. Mahesh made good on his threat. The whole house was filled with gloom from the moment she entered. Thinking of the worst, both mother and daughter sobbed and wailed for a while. Vijay and his father were in shock, not knowing how to console the women. Vijay decided to visit Mahesh immediately and give him a piece of his mind.


“For some people these things take time, Mahesh,” Vijay tried to convince him, as he had done numerous times before, when he visited him that morning. “Give it another few months. Keep trying. Go to a doctor and get yourselves checked again. Maybe there’s something you can do.” Or “Mahesh, there are other options like artificial insemination, IVF etc..we can try all that…”

But there was no use questioning Mahesh’s manliness, of course. On a previous occasion, Mahesh boasted in private to Vijay about how he had fathered a child with a maid in their house and how his family had paid the maid’s family off to keep this quiet. So, no, there was nothing wrong with him. It was all Shanthi’s fault now. He blamed her for them being childless.

He said to Vijay, “How long can I wait, Vijay? Put yourself in my shoes. We have a family business to look after. I am next in line and my son would take over from me later on. What will happen if there is no one to continue my family line, eh?”

Vijay could only say, “Well, it could be a girl…”

“Well, that is OK as well. My grandmother on my father’s side did control the business for twenty years after my grandfather died. So it is fine. As long as I have somebody in the next generation. But.. but.. You understand that, don’t you? But you are a lucky man. You have a son.”

Vijay had no answer for this. Mahesh’s mother also intervened. “Vijay, son, don’t worry. We will take care of Shanthi even after..after…this. She will have enough money and property. She will not be a burden. Just..just agree.. And we can settle it. Think about it. Talk to your parents.”

But Vijay’s parents had Shanthi examined by innumerable doctors. There was no test that they did not perform. All came out positive. There was nothing wrong with her. But how could they convince Mahesh’s family?

From what his mother and father had told him, this time around Mahesh’ family was very serious. Time was running out and they really wanted Shanthi out of the way so Mahesh could get married and hopefully father many, many offspring, bringing riches and prosperity to their family.


Vijay was surprised to find the situation close to normal on returning home. Shanthi, his little sister, was in a better mood which was something of a consolation to all. He explained what had transpired at Mahesh’s house that morning and the conversation he had with Mahesh and his mother. Shanthi said, “Anna, don’t worry. Mahesh has done this many times before. He’s just listening to his mother. He is hot now. Within a few days he will cool down and come back and get me. We just need to be patient.” Her reaction and demeanor was a bright spot for them.

Just before lunch that day Vijay went upstairs to the small room where they kept some odds and ends. It was rarely used and so he spent some time cleaning and dusting and later on started examining some old furniture and some documents related to their property. He was taking a break and was looking out of the window when a movement below just to his right caught his eye.

A female figure had just stepped out of the house and into the warm sunlit area at the back. The area offered some privacy all around but was unshielded from above so Vijay had a clear view. She had just taken a bath, Vijay could see that right away by the clothes she had on, or rather, the clothes she did not have on. She had her petticoat tied high above her chest, covering her breasts and torso and the top half of her thighs leaving the lower portion of her smooth thighs and curvaceous calves exposed. She had a towel wrapped around her wet hair. Her arms were bare, and wet and the sun glistened off her shoulder and upper arms, and she sparkled in the reflection from the water droplets on her skin. She was still damp under her clothes and the back of her petticoat stuck to her buttocks, clearly outlining her two asscheeks. The sun was behind her and made her clothes even more transparent, accentuating and displaying each of her curves. It took Vijay just a couple of seconds to take all that in.

And it took him just another fraction of a second more to realize who it was – the woman was his little sister – Shanthi!

He couldn’t help himself. His mind was telling him to turn away, to wrench his eyes from the scene unfolding before him, but his body had other ideas. He stood rooted to the spot, gaping and shell-shocked, ogling at her!

And what she did next blew his mind!

She unwound the towel from her head and bent her body forward, flung her wet hair in front and twisted the towel on hair to squeeze out the water. As she did this, her petticoat tightened even further on her ass cheeks. And as she swung her body slightly this way and that, a line formed and unformed between her ass-cheeks, outlining them ever more so. Her petticoat rose at her rear and exposed the backs of her rounded, slick, wet thighs.


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